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Comments 3 546
Frenika Gamit
Frenika Gamit 10 days ago
09:20 Jungkook's spirit entered nessa... Nessa be like :- I know her face but I don't know her name...I 🤣🤣🤣
wvos ssa
wvos ssa 13 days ago
They had a boyfriend during this video ?
RANDOM!! 19 days ago
Nessa is amazing at French
Solveig Ruud Lindvig
I thought his favourite RUvidrs would be: Veronica Merrell Vanessa Merrell And Paul Merrel (Himself)
Josephine Month ago
You know what losing a challenges has taught me that one I just kind of stink sometimes but two I’ve learned what it means to humble and I I know in my heart who I truly am and in my heart and because I know who I am I’m still a winner and I just go back what I’ve said in years ago winners never lose -Vanessa merrell
Galaxies_360 Month ago
it's so weird to see Paul with a beard after i just watched a video where he didn't have it
Audrey Long
Audrey Long Month ago
OH… MY… GOD I am laughing so much because my dads favorite sports show is nascar and his favorite player is Jeff Gordon he wanted to name my brother that 😂😂😂
Jeff Otisi
Jeff Otisi Month ago
pomme de terre is french for potato
J.e Mariano
J.e Mariano Month ago
I have quite the bad memory too Nessa🥰😬i can't remember anything if it just happend once😅😬The only thing i could always remember is my emberassing moments😅😢🤣 and i love Nessa quote "WINNERS NEVER WIN"🤣
Lucia Teter
Lucia Teter 2 months ago
Vanessa missed 4 soooooo Paul lied to us just saying
Proud to be a Christian
God loves youuu
Katie Kendall
Katie Kendall 2 months ago
3:23 humm yes with how that’s spelled if it was in French and I translate it yes potato lake 😂
Ashley Montoya
Ashley Montoya 3 months ago
Zhareen Lance Ortega Garcia
desidiamond1💎 3 months ago
No it is a tie because Veronica got the bike one wrong
Vanilla Caramel
Vanilla Caramel 3 months ago
Oh my god he looks so weird with a beard tho 💀
Cassie Marie
Cassie Marie 3 months ago
Am i the only one who doesn’t think nascar is a sport 😂
tarneem manassa
tarneem manassa 3 months ago
Nessa explaining what she learned from losing challenges Me: is she ok😂😂😂
tarneem manassa
tarneem manassa 3 months ago
Roni telling to the camera that she doesn't really watch the dad jokes Me: doesn't he the one that edit the video 😂
Rana Bassam
Rana Bassam 4 months ago
I don’t blam nessa cuz I don’t remaber what ate yesterday
Seraat Fatima gaming channel
Both sisters are sweet and cute beautiful girl in the world
Leana 4 months ago
I don't know where the bell is to hit to get notified.
The Emma Show
The Emma Show 4 months ago
i loved this so much and i was trying to guess by myself and i only got 2 correct. Yall did great.
Lauren_charlotte 4 months ago
When Paul said I could tell you who the better twin is right now I thought he was gonna say tiger
TNT Hyatt’s
TNT Hyatt’s 5 months ago
This came up on my recommended 2 years late but I just wanted to say me and my family have a basenji!
Jessie Kensuni
Jessie Kensuni 5 months ago
its funny how nessa did speech of defeat 😂😂 boost my moodd!
Abigail Ella
Abigail Ella 5 months ago
yessss roni
Julie x Niall
Julie x Niall 6 months ago
It’s funny how “pomme de terre” means “potatoes” in french😂
Emma Hervey
Emma Hervey 6 months ago
this is the first time i have ever heard them call their dad father its always daddy
6 months ago
This was the first video i ever watched of them
Yuzuru Nishimiya
Yuzuru Nishimiya 6 months ago
"Winners never win" ~Vanessa Merrell
teatimes 6 months ago
‘’Pomme de terre’’ is a french word for potato
Tobi the man 👌🏽
Maddie B
Maddie B 7 months ago
Roni definitely comes across as the older sister 😂
Chloe does Challenges
Look how young Paul looks!!!
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 7 months ago
My name is Andrew Smith and you guys should do a challenge where you guys try and name the most Special Olympics sports from Fall to Summer. I also like your guys RUvid videos they make me laugh.
yasmin escandor
yasmin escandor 7 months ago
Who is watching this in 2021?
7 months ago
( 4:51 )people when they know a math question 😂
Margaret Frey
Margaret Frey 7 months ago
Roni and Paul: let’s be mean to Vanessa whenever she get one wrong Nessa:I don’t remember what it is Roni: Nessaaaaaaa. Roni and Nessa: they both get it wrong Paul: rOnI gEtS ThE pOiNt Nessa: *secretly cries on the inside* And whenever Roni gets one wrong the camera does this weird dramatic thing that is doesn’t do to Nessa so we can clearly see Favratison Even Roni and Paul are closer together that is so unfair to Nessa - And they kept rubbing it in her face whenever she lost so like if you agree
Eugene Warlop
Eugene Warlop 8 months ago
please make more videos with your dad, I love the chemistry in between you 3 , I didn't have that interaction with my father and really love to see videos with the 3 of you guys together :-)
NAOMI BLUMBERG 8 months ago
pore,pore nessa she does not have a great memory but....................(keep reading) I'm such the same person
VelMel Le Grande
VelMel Le Grande 9 months ago
You a dork... Me LAUGHING OUT TEARS and my mom thinking something happened to me.
Chuch3_ SwWp
Chuch3_ SwWp 9 months ago
😂Nessa’z Defeat Speech... Winnerz Never Win😂🤣...
Latest Trends W/Josie
i love you vids
Halle Hurst
Halle Hurst 9 months ago
MY NAME IS HALLE!! I think that’s so cool. In public I’ll say my name and I’ll say “ Halle like Halle Berry.” Btw I’m a huge fan!!!
Boop La
Boop La 10 months ago
“Dees are de feet”
teagan grace
teagan grace 10 months ago
You can definitly see the favorite one of course its roni
Navya Jacob
Navya Jacob 10 months ago
Where is your mother?
Martin Lalruatsanga
Martin Lalruatsanga 9 months ago
She is camera shy
Paige Marshall
Paige Marshall 10 months ago
Ok I love how the name of the lake he grew up on was “pomme de terre” in English that means potato 🥔 😂
BlackXBerry 8 months ago
He grew up in a potato😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
xx lovely xx
xx lovely xx 10 months ago
Don’t blame Nessa, she has bad memory!!!! I can totally relate to that, I always forget what I have for lunch like an hour after I eat it 💅
charlieandteddy_angel's for life
Roni is daddy's girl and Nessa is mom's girl
Molly Ellis
Molly Ellis 10 months ago
Molly Ellis
Molly Ellis 10 months ago
It's not nessa's fault that's she has bad memory and let's not forget that she had 45 minutes less to get to know her dad then roni did😂
Marly Domínguez
Marly Domínguez 10 months ago
Merrell twins you have towDad one that there that you're doing with the video with in the other one that have no hair
Kristelle Skye
Kristelle Skye 10 months ago
Just watching this now, so far I've learnt that I have bigger feet than Paul
Ashlee Hill
Ashlee Hill 10 months ago
Nessa: I’m loser Paul Merrell: you are not a loser Vanessa Roni: I’m a winner Thanks dad Nessa: I know her name she can’t remember Paul: it’s a simple question Vanessa Roni: I’m a winner for the challenge Nessa: I’m crying 😭 I didn’t win Paul: why you can’t remember her name Vanessa Roni: you are the best daddy Paul: thank you Veronica
Sushrut Prabhudesai
Sushrut Prabhudesai 10 months ago
Pomme de terre means potato in French😂😂😂
Tarannum Rizvi
Tarannum Rizvi 11 months ago
Also do it with your mom!! We wanna see her💕✨ thankyou loads of love from india !!❤️ Can i get a reply please??? @merreltwins ?
Sujatha Balanagasubramaniam
It was awkward but Nessa was just 1 point behind Roni
Paul: I'll tell the favorite sister Now also paul points at both Me: whaaaaa wich ones the favorite.
poopy Year ago
“these are de feet “ 😂😂😂
Hiba Nizami
Hiba Nizami Year ago
Rewatching this video cuz why not and I just realised that pomme de terres means potato in French (I learn French in school) so he grew up on potato lake 😂
Rayna’s Life
Your dad names a bicycle???
Love u r videos
PS4 Solutions
PS4 Solutions Year ago
hallo people
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Adawiya Unda Magandia
It's okay though, Roni only had 1 point ahead.. anyways congrats roni.. This is not my first time watching this
Raihana Jasmine Irbah
A. C
A. C Year ago
Pops' celeb crush is Halle Berry!? Man of the culture I see...
Pro Gaming Bruuh!
Pro Gaming Bruuh!
Wow 😳 Paul has a beard
Halle Reeder
Halle Reeder Year ago
My middle name was named after Jeff Gordon
Avery B
Avery B Year ago
Pomme de terre means potato in fresh. POTATO LAKE 😂
Anastasia Cristescu
Jesus saves🧡
Gabino Lopez
Gabino Lopez Year ago
I love nascar
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Year ago
That was hilarious. THANKS.
Divya Munagapati
What is their father's name...??
Yisel Solache
Yisel Solache Year ago
I love nessa’s closing❤️
sambavi s
sambavi s Year ago
why is one of the tags in the description at the end bacon man. im crying lmaoooo
babyvee marrell
Nessa has such a bad memory bc her dad dropped her as a baby on the sid of there couch
Dayleen Gonzalez
Poor nessa 💗
Eduardo Ríos
Eduardo Ríos Year ago
Hi twins I love your videos and your personality I wish I could meet you guys And hug you I bought your Murch
★ AdorbsxStar ★
Eduardo Ríos it is written merch not murch
Batool Jafri
Batool Jafri Year ago
They deserve more subscribers than they have
Raymond Acance
Nessa is so sad she doesnt remember stuff about her dad.. id feel the same way.. even if its just for fun cause i love my parents i should know everything haha she prolly feels the same way
small doggo
small doggo Year ago
The scores were wrong the whole time aha
*shocked noises* THIS WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY- *silently freaks out*
Cynthia Vargas
potato lake
Kayla Year ago
no one absolutely no one Roni: "i GoT iT!" "I Got IT!!!!" "I GOTT ITT"
FARAH Saleem
FARAH Saleem Year ago
Pomme de Terre is French.for potato
IIelysianII Year ago
If my daughter looks like one of these twins I would call myself lucky and blessed
Lulama Mvelase
Love you guys ❤️
Katelyn Year ago
Roni and Nessa: ...a very special guest, well not that special
Nia Singh
Nia Singh Year ago
Pomme de terre means potato in french
Riz Year ago
My handwriting is similar to Roni😂😂
Dougal Pollux
Dougal Pollux Year ago
Nessa: Do you know what losing challenges has taught me? That one: I just kinda stink sometimes. But two, I’ve learned what it means to be humble. And I- I know in my heart to I truly am. And in my heart, and because I know who I am, I’m still a winner. And I just go back to what I’ve said years ago: *WINNERS NEVER WIN!* Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dougal Pollux
Dougal Pollux Year ago
I’m a fraternal twin and you guys make me want to be an identical twin!
Patrick Robinson
That's 1970 Chevrolet is a muscle that means that car skippies when it turns
Denise Owen
Denise Owen Year ago
The twins are so funny
Halle Reeder
Halle Reeder Year ago
My middle name was named after Jeff Gordon lol
Phoebe Shalom
Phoebe Shalom Year ago
Pomme de Terre lake?? Is that a real thing?? 😂😂
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