Twin Turbo V8 AWD S10 Build Is Back To The Grind! Also Whats Inside Our Garage? TOUR

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Sep 15, 2019




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Fasterproms Year ago
Hey guys this was a pleasure to show you all my old shop and the Karts. They truly are the most intense experience in Motorsports that I have experienced hands down after that everything else is in slo mo. #Mission22 does some great stuff for veterans and reassures them the support they have behind them. There is always more hope and support out there than you think and there are many good people ready to lend a hand Right when you need it the most! "Big Daddy Weave"-Alive ruvid.net/video/video-aiuw2QX4RpI.html Matt Maher -"Hold Us Together" --ruvid.net/video/video-mvnVjLX_hRE-.html- Hope they inspire! Been sending to some friends when they were down. Sanctus Real- "Confidence" ruvid.net/video/video-KA9kSBv1QrI.html ruvid.net/video/video-61Wm_qlVD4Q.html Needtobreathe-Brother ruvid.net/video/video-wp5PZuuB3Pg.html third day--Call my name ruvid.net/video/video-wjLlLPZderk.html mercy me- flawless ruvid.net/video/video-NTdFEZhjiko.html Ryan Stevenson- The Gospel ruvid.net/video/video-P5AkNqLuVgY.html Brandon Heath- Give me your eyes @bv3k Switch-Symphony And the odd one out Thats just Palin chill to listen to: ruvid.net/video/video-FZK9Zi26Izc.html Gramitik_ Muy Tranquilo Try these out and share em they got the good feels....Guaranteed to make you feel a little better the more you listen !! tons more good stuff on the sidebars of each. We will be working on the Duramax and the S10 and other projects we are trying to finish up. The Aero and other stuff we will be hitting hard and learning as we go. Thank you all and God bless you!!
Ecosse57 Year ago
@Jason Borntrager god bless you and your daughter. i wish i knew of some way to help you but all i can offer is that i believe 100% things will get better. never give up and please keep reaching out for help. from personal experience i can tell you when faced with a mountain of troubles that there is no single fix; any little progress is a victory and success has a way of building on it self as long as you have the right attitude. i agree one good place to start is a local church and even if you're not a member many churches will help a person in need. experience also taught me that the disadvantages and bad breaks of the past do not determine the future! it may seem like utter bs (i thought that way once) but focusing on what blessings you do have (they are many brother even if you can't see them now) it will change your life. but after so long having to fight the hardships it takes practice every day to realize the good. have faith you are worth the fight, as too your awesome daughter, and better times are there for the taking. your difficulties are not imaginary by any means but the power to shed all the crap begins with a positive can-do mindset. i don't know you but i'm 100% certain better times are ahead. keep reaching out... sorry for the rant.
2stroke smoker
Great songs, Jeremy. I'm super stoked to know we share the same faith, along with wanting to MAKE SOME POWER!! I've got an sbc350 rolling around my garage I've been procrastinating with. Some day it will be something were sharing. Thanks for supporting our vets and God bless your family and your crew. God is Good!!
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Year ago
You have plenty of old fan belts, done you have your Big Pclips.
Fasterproms Year ago
Brother I feel for you. I will pray that you find something and some direction. Is there a church nearby you that you attend or can check out? This is exactly what the local church can help with getting people back on their feet.
Crushed Luminary
In youtube "tailgate up or down". Several good videos about airflow/gas mileage.
Kevin Fernandez
Kevin Fernandez 11 months ago
Love the channel brother!!!
justin shillington
justin shillington 11 months ago
probably way late with this ...but why not have a scoop underneath the bed coming through the bed floor to the radiator?
Leo Brush it off Paynter
Loving all the videos! You could setup a track and do a "Golden Mile" Drag race, that would be funny to watch! 5 Golden Retrievers having a grudge match ha ha ha! Could even do qualifying runs and eliminations...
NorEasterMike Year ago
Five finger death punch- Wrong side of heaven. Not really up lifting, but it does show what some Vets go through. If you watch to the end it has a full list of resources for Vets.
Truth Or consequences
Inch by inch ...
T and J Performance South Florida
the truck is sick the fab work is awesome was wondering if you flash e.c.u. for customers that send them to you ,,thanks for the videos
Scotty Ingham
Scotty Ingham Year ago
Love the support you show to veterans and first responders, and everyone that’s going through some sh*t! Such a humble and down to earth guy.
cpubugs Year ago
on the RX7s in lakeland the rotary guys run these little alternators, maybe you can find out what they use?
Adam T
Adam T Year ago
awesome respect to you and your friends and families for the unwavering words representing our women and men of all forces dedicated to protecting and serving! Thank you Jeremy for your acknowledgements and personal wisdom.
Sutton’s Journey
Maybe start a new channel for the karts
bad4health Year ago
Make your own problems then fix em 🤷🏽‍♂️
Sean Loyd
Sean Loyd Year ago
You have all those karts, and we haven’t gotten a “Mario kart” video?
merkurrz Year ago
another great video Jeremy!
E Clifton
E Clifton Year ago
Please do a series on karting!
I raced go karts for years here in TX but we didn’t do shifter karts like yours. We took 5hp engines and modified them and ran em on nitro, basically like a he dragster motor. They are so fun and intense to go that fast on a dirt circle track 1-2” off the ground. Such an adrenaline rush! Technology is growing so fast, there is stuff available now that was nowhere back when we raced. Show more vids on the karts
Hacky Thieves
Hacky Thieves Year ago
Nicholay Calhoun
That’s easily 600 $ worth of wire- reinforced exhaust hose lmao super overkill, and very heavy. There’s silicone versions out there that are much lighter if you’re trying to get the best hose ya can
Nicholay Calhoun
Also, most of those wire reinforced hoses are only rated to 200 degrees f continuous and 250 intermittent. If it’s shields flex I or II that’s the rating and I’d be really careful about overheating. The hose will start to delaminate overtime
Jack Year ago
Would it be a Better idea to make the turbo oil drains go directly to the sump? Making the drains go through the heads would mean it has to go through all of the camshaft galleys before it gets to the pan. Just an outsider observation!! Could be feeding hotter than normal oil through the head after conduction with the turbo bearings. Best of luck! -JW
Jack Year ago
the word "scavenge pumps" makes me happy......
Jack Year ago
This dude is the man, Jeremy if you are reading this, hats off to you. You are a humble yet skilled fabricator. Something everyone can learn from. A person who has the pursuit of building the best, yet doesn't have any fear of swallowing his own pride. Everyone can learn from this dude. SUPER smart within his own confines, yet....willing to further his knowledge with the help of others. Kick ass stuff... at the end of the day its all about loving what you do and having fun with the small details!!!!
Jack Year ago
also amen to the first responder stuff!! My pops was a 9/11 1st responder and we work on my 85 mercedes diesel shitbox every weekend and he loves it!! My instagram is @jacksparrrow11 if you ever get the chance! building up a w123 300d hopefully with a huge injection pump soon.
Mike Barnhart
Mike Barnhart Year ago
If you end up needing some airflow ducts running into the bed to feed the heat exchanger it would be kind of neat to turn the rear side glass into air inlets :)
Joseph Matuszak
For the "Chase Rack" sides, why not duct those to reduce low pressure zones? My own update, steal idea at your own risk lol, I'm gonna try a small displacement LS with a Michael Cox Hoonigan Bronco style exhaust and a single turbo. Doing best to hide it all under a 2 inch vented cowl.
Lowell Dodson
Lowell Dodson Year ago
maybe fully cover the bed and do NACA intakes in the quarter panels
Dope Azz Rockstar Editz
Im definitely interested in that karts. I just think I'm way too tall
David Kennedy
David Kennedy Year ago
I would love some more info and content on karts! I have been trying to get into racing and that looks like the best bet.
Harry Romell
Harry Romell Year ago
Love to hear more about Karts
jwatmarine Year ago
Instead of bringing air in from the side of the truck, how you thought up bringing in air from under the truck and thru the bed resulting in a little help with downforce as well?
Jamie Lester
Jamie Lester Year ago
The karts are pretty intense I got 2 of them but not that nice but did anybody else see the baby lizard at the end on the railing 😎
Mike Brooka
Mike Brooka Year ago
Lexane back window. Don't forget looking for lane change. Al 6160 with 3M double sided tape can be your friend.
Clint McCoy
Clint McCoy Year ago
You should do a karting video!
eatacos Year ago
Just a heads up and sorry if a bunch of people have already commented on this. I noticed you are using a .75 diameter roughly 4" long endmill to do the milling of that one piece in the video. While it's not the end of the world you are asking for trouble and greatly increasing the time required to make your cut compared to a stub version of that same tool, or better yet a 2" facemill. A shorter tool will increase your speed, cutter ridgidity, accuracy and just give you an overall better end result. Just trying to help you out and not tell you you're doing anything wrong. Love your videos! Keep up the good work!
Michael Crim
Michael Crim Year ago
Thank you so much for bringing this to light, I am a veteran that happens to suffer from PTSD to the point that I can't hold a job. With help from guys like you bringing it to the forefront and the 22 a day, it lets guys like me know that we haven't been forgotten. again I just want to say thank you.
jshdwhite79 Year ago
With the two fans out the the back, it kinda looks like the Chaparral 2J, if you squint and tilt your head to the left a little
So there putting 35 thousand dollars of motor into a 4 thousand dollar truck..
epayne Year ago
Trade that duramax for a 4th gen cummins
Jasen Worrell
Jasen Worrell Year ago
Sure looks like that front end came down on something like the trailer went airborne as that happened stuff shifted when it came down the stuff fell as that was happening the suspension loaded on the front end of the truck and let loose bounced up and it came down on the the stuff that fell then over the miles the truck settled and came off the stuff
jacob stiner
jacob stiner Year ago
Driveshaft driven alternator might help
nathan underhill
I miss my kx250 kart.
David Kelm
David Kelm Year ago
Quadzilla's comin together 😎
Goose Gaming
Goose Gaming Year ago
Somebody may have already said this but why not use a hitch receiver to connect your parachute. It would make it easy to put on and take off.
Cameron Morrison
Could you dual mount parachutes on either side of the radiator in the little void spaces created by the aluminum panels that direct the air to the radiator?
crazymankills Year ago
Jeremy when using you're Bridgeport use shorter tool for such small cuts like that it puts a lot less tool pressure and will make quicker cuts.
MJM’s Workshop
Looks like good progress, thanks for keeping us up to date.
john stock
john stock Year ago
Inch by inch
Jakob Mason
Jakob Mason Year ago
Oh hell yeah brother I’m interested in karting 🤔
Connor Mohan
Connor Mohan Year ago
That radiator mount will have a serious amount of low pressure behind it, making it less and less efficient at high speed. Mounting it in line with how your bed bars are may be a better idea
Russky Year ago
Veterans take their lives mainly due to "family courts". But we can't mention that now or do we?
You need to add a goofy convo segment every video now lol.
Heck yeah I want to see some more shifter karts!
thh420 Year ago
Jeremy, Have you reached out to any engineers you might know that could do computational fluid dynamics to model the Aero for the Syclone and optimal placement for the radiator? especially if they can 3D scan the truck.
Josh Dudley
Josh Dudley Year ago
Fasterproms been watching u for awhile. Watching this video with your shout out to veterans and first responders really got to me. Thank you. It's nice to see and hear your support for us. God bless you.
jonniessink1 Year ago
For that length of coolant hose probably be a good idea to put a booster pump to help take the stress off the main engine water pump with the water flow since you almost doubled the capacity with all that hose. It's kinda like a boat, one pump to pull the water out of the lake/ocean and the stock engine pump to circulate the coolant through the engine. Also it might be to late of a suggestion but I've been liking the turbocharger from Nelson racing engines, he designed a mirror image turbochargers (1spins clockwise and the other spins counterclockwise) so everything stays symmetrical and looks a hell of alot cleaner in the engine bay.
Sterling builds
Step by step
Chris Buchanan
Found an article from 2012 with a similar idea. www.speedhunters.com/2012/10/gmc-scyclone-feature/
Josh Salmons
Josh Salmons Year ago
Go to a hydraulic shop and get some weld on brackets for those hoses. They weld on and use plastic molded clamps for the hose you can get them in single, or dual clamp configurations.
Andrew Hufman
Andrew Hufman Year ago
Yes I would love to see more karting stuff!! I have an Intrepid with a TM K9b
Fasterproms Year ago
Great setup.
sadelcol Year ago
Love what you do for the veterans and the first responders. You're a true class act and this world could use more people like you.
Jesse Dias
Jesse Dias Year ago
hate to say it but this is why I leave my daily's 100percent stock my 04 2500hd gas job 245k zero issues completely stock doesn't leak or burn a drop of oil and always towing a trailer :)
towrecker Year ago
those coolant hoses will last forever , but they will have one drawback they insulate the fluid , I would make the main straight section under there out of simple aluminised exhaust tubing , cheap , and will last forever , and will dissipate heat ...
towrecker Year ago
everyone living has had a suicidal thought , most don't act on it of course obviously , but not one living soul can say they haven't thought about it , so yeah it is a valid issue for a fact , but one side of politics blame black metal objects ... I felt that needed said , and GOD BLESS the guys that run in when we run out , fire,ems,police, military , and the country boys that just have to help ... oh and I forgot the Cajun Navy those guys are all nuts , and the first ones there to help , I have worked alongside some of those guys there are no words to explain the except their motto !
towrecker Year ago
should just build a true receiver trailer hitch , and use it for the chute , you know you will do dragweek , and need the hitch anyways ...
towrecker Year ago
you don't have to worry about the radiator air flow , toss a couple pop cans in the back of another truck , and hit the highway , watch what they do , the air will actually come in from the back , and forward to the cab , funny how it does , go test what I say , you will see it ...
Expo Year ago
Why didn't you just shim the crank pulley out a quarter inch? They sell crank pulley spacers for that purpose.
72chevelle156 Year ago
I heard you mention "looping the auxiliary cooling" on the pump. You should plug them in case it is the point of least resistance and you end up bypassing most of the cooling to the engine. Cool Channel.
Micah Guillory
The name of this truck should have been SNOWBALL. Cuz it certainly is snowballing...each...and every episode.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson Year ago
We need more Jorge! He has an awesome personality.
Christopher Hutsen
How much are one of those karts?
Sloppy Mechanics
hey Jeremy it was humbling to meet you at LS fest and i forgot all my sarcastic lines and pre-emptive hopefully, funny digs because you caught me on the way up and were just too nice. i was thrown off my usual game of start with some clever insults. hope this turns out the way you want, ill keep watching
Toddzilla 71
Toddzilla 71 Year ago
Great stuff Jeremy! What a build! So much work and figuring things out. Really looking forward to see where this leads. Speaking of leading, thank you for your spiritual input. Excellent choices for the music suggestions. This world needs more Godly gearheads! You are in a great position to make a difference in a lot of peoples lives. There's a lot of darkness out there and the enemy takes down far too many people. You inspire me to use my God-given motor-minded abilities to be a light to others. Keep it up brother and God bless from a fellow chevy guy on the tail end of my first LS build and swap.
This build is kick ass Jeremy! It was cool seeing where Fasterproms started.
Jon Year ago
Love your rides. I got back into cars because of guys like y’all. Went out and bought me a retirement present and have been trying to mod it seance. Keep it up guys. From a disabled vet with ptsd.
Ryan Zajic
Ryan Zajic Year ago
Wait till you have 1m pluss subs before you fucking kill videos with adds.... its ridiculous
James Northam
James Northam Year ago
Hell yeah brother!! I'd be down for some karting vids!!!
franksdg125 Year ago
Hi Jeremy I love the show!! I have got a couple cars I would love to show my appreciation to some veterans in my area. I'm in red Bank nj and totally support this.!!!! I have a 1947 Cadillac and a Ls swapped BMW station wagon. Needless to say my buddies got a hellcat and another with a 600 whp supercharged mustang. I would put some bald eagles in these guys life !!!!! I'm ready hit me up franksdg@gmail.com
TheChevyGuy Year ago
Hot Rod drag week 2020 Next Plz
zeake13 Year ago
You should TOTALLY use the front end of another s10 as the rear end.
Todd S
Todd S Year ago
Great video! I like seeing the progress. Did you know Metallica wrote a song about PTSD? Check out the music video. ruvid.net/video/video-ZChXK2rdr9M.html
Tj Sherwood
Tj Sherwood Year ago
Did you put in a fuel rail race plug? If not i would start there. $30 part
Derek Hansen
Derek Hansen Year ago
S10 is gonna be a monster... Gets me excited about my ls swap Nissan hardbody project, got the engine today I'm super stoked
Spencer Savage
Should've had a HEMI
Fun Builder
Fun Builder Year ago
You are a good man
Tech 007
Tech 007 Year ago
And on the day which marked the eighteenth year of life he made a compelling discovery the illegitimate child was not of his own blood
Hayden Rambaud
Try putting a lift pump on the silverado. We had a similar issue with a work truck and that remedied our problem.
Michael Lannon
You should do a fan meet-up/karting event at Andersen Racepark!
George Wooden
George Wooden Year ago
"Inch by inch"
Slowkids Atplay
I'm down for some carting vids!
Mike James
Mike James Year ago
Mr Grand Wizard of Tuning? those radiator lines are HUGE. how many gallons will they hold. at 8lbs a gallon. well that could be adding as much weight as youve taken out in another area ;) cant see how to get around long hoses and a rear mounted radiator. except mounting it closer to the engine like above the cross X brace in the bed next to the rear of the roofline. with a little enclosure the air will go over the smooth roof into the wide shallow scoop and into the radiator, pushing the air down and out of the back of the bed. and by "wide scoop" i mean of course a shroud over the top of the radiator for two reasons. one, areo of course. air flowing off the roof into the scoop and then hot air down and out the rear wont be cycling in the bed area. and offhandedly may assist in putting some downforce in the general vicinity of your rear axle. and two, all that air flowing over the roof going into the radiator has to be about as close to what you are shooting for as replacing the tail gate. as far as cooling goes. putting it on top of the cross bars also saves material and weight from fabricating a bunch of panels to direct the air. this also may solve your parachute placement and deployment question. now i can already see in my minds eye you master car shop guys already figured this out and looked at some off road truck builds to get a few ideas how they mount cooling systems. please dont take my words as downplaying your work and ideas. its just what i came up with watching the build and when i saw how long and how big those hoses were... i had to post my thoughts ;) keep on keeping on GANG!
jbsjunk Year ago
Doesn't MOROSO make a remote waterpump for the LS1's? Swear I seen it.
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Year ago
Just a little back story before getting to my main point. I am a Navy Vet, currently in the Army, about to retire. My latest MOS is Machinist/welder and a competition sheet metal worker. I have always wanted to use those skills for myself, which I have never been able to do.. Ever since I was 14, I have envisioned a specific custom vehicle; a custom job that I have never seen or heard of. I did end up with the first piece of this vehicles puzzle but it never went any further than a plan; a dream project. My first daily driver was an all original 69 C-10 (307ci, turbo 350, long bed, nothing special). My dream and what I would have loved to see this turned into was a 69 K-10, Crew Cab, Turbo Diesel, pass thru (through) tandem rear axeld 6x6, with late model Bell's &, whistles for suspension and interior. I have had this truck plan blueprinted (hand drawn; not true blueprints LOL) plus I have been planning parts and donor vehicles since I was able to drive but I never found the time or money (mostly, it was a time and a tool/equipment issue) to get it together. Now that I am in my mid 40s and so close to retirement, I will have the time to do what I have been dreaming of. One way or another, I will end up building this truck at some point; tools and equipment would only make it easier and provide a more "presentable" finished product ..... but, even without, I still have plans to complete this build. I can appreciate anyone that helps someone to fulfill a dream; I salute those that help others to reach points where they couldn't have reach on their own. Channels like yours keep my dream alive. I watch the builds that you do and get a renewed excitement about something I have wanted to do for ...... 30, 35 years. I thank you for that. Having PTSD/TBI, it often takes having something to look forward to, just to get through some days. Your videos give me that; reenergizing my dream while providing entertainment and making my mind explore new ideas for my plan. Again, I thank you. Keep up the great work. I look forward to your future projects and getting started on my own.
I would like to see you and Garrett big two full gasser A class to race Finnigan and enter Drag Week; then you all can compete against each other to give Finnigan a real test. Plus if you want to take this truck to drag week, you will most likely want a to wield in a trailer hook up below the shoot assembly as well. Are you going to put an bolt on overdrive transmission? Before you put in the driveline?
Brandon A
Brandon A Year ago
Did you intend to mount the radiator with the bottom inlet needing a 180 coupler? Its pointing out the back
Matthew Samples
Mounting the radiator so far to the back are you concerned about a rear collision and destroying the radiator?
Art Maupin
Art Maupin Year ago
What does "Fasterproms" mean, Jeremy?
scaffoldawg Year ago
couldn't you just shim the balancer out a 1/4 inch instead of milling 1/4 inch off all the accessories?
jpiz224 Year ago
Why don't you take it to the wind tunnel Leroy went to
Ken Smith
Ken Smith Year ago
That was a crazy long end mill you were using!
andy burdess
andy burdess Year ago
Check fuel pressure pop off in rear of drivers side fuel rail for the dmax. Install a race plug instead and possibly fix your fuel pressure issues. Possibly already done but worth a shot. Good luck
Jack F
Jack F Year ago
Leroys supercharger was built in that garage
Travis Macie
Travis Macie Year ago
You guys missed one at the end....Row by Row!!
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