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TWICE(트와이스) "YES or YES" M/V
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Nov 5, 2018




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Twice is love
Twice is love 54 minutes ago
Twice 😳💝
Sérgio Moço
Sérgio Moço 56 minutes ago
Is this song about consent?
Lâm Thái
Lâm Thái Hour ago
mọi người hãy học hỏi cách army stream mv nha. đầu tiên là phải xem hết k tua video, âm lượng trên 50. k xóa lịch sử youtube, k f5. sau khi xem hết mv mới thì các bạn nên xem những mv cũ hoặc những clip khác tầm vài chục phút sau thì mới xem mv mới tiếp. có như vậy thì mv mới k bị youtube đóng băng view quá lâu. và sau khi tính toán lượng view cũng bị trừ ít hơn vì k bị tính là view ảo. k comment các biểu tượng cảm xúc. hãy để lại những bình luận là 1 câu bình thường. cố lên once
Achraf Mourtadi
I love you twice❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Boy from sweden
i wish i was korean
Park Jimin Fan
*I Hate jeongyeon*
Arab Army
Arab Army 2 hours ago
دخلو الترجمة العربية😒 حتى مخلين الترجمة الهندية اصلن قليل بيها كيبوب 😑😭😭😢😢😢 ارجو ان تضعوا الترجمة العربية في الMV القادم متحمسييين♥️ توايس ملكات الكيبوب فايتنغ ✊ ونس ❤️
ferdunno !
ferdunno ! 2 hours ago
I'm an army but i'll help you str3aming cuz those cutie pies deserve the world ! UwU
nayeon is a cute bunny
nayeon is a cute bunny 26 minutes ago
Thats So sweet of you! Thank u❤!
tzuyu 2304
tzuyu 2304 2 hours ago
Hay muchos comentarios en español
l-αяму :
l-αяму : 3 hours ago
Yes or yes 🙂👌
Dubu Dubu
Dubu Dubu 3 hours ago
Samuel Max
Samuel Max 3 hours ago
Love it; inspirational
Dubu Dubu
Dubu Dubu 3 hours ago
171M gooooo
Chaerin Lee
Chaerin Lee 3 hours ago
Thank U, Next Sorry guys I'm going through a phase, I'm questioning myself right now
José Aparicio
José Aparicio 3 hours ago
José Aparicio
José Aparicio 3 hours ago
+45M en 24 hrs +2M de likes en 24 hrs +100M en una semana +10 wins +500 mil ventas en gaon +200 mil ventas en hanteo +100 mil ventas en oricon Billboard hot Billboard 200 +35 #1 iTunes Para fancy vamos once si se puede
Arab Army
Arab Army 3 hours ago
توايس ❤️ Yes or yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
José Aparicio
José Aparicio 3 hours ago
Se nos viene fancy, la nueva canción del año y álbum del año
José Aparicio
José Aparicio 3 hours ago
Sigan reproduciendo once vamos por los 200 Millones
José Aparicio
José Aparicio 3 hours ago
Las canciones de fancy you se escuchan hermosas AAAAH
José Aparicio
José Aparicio 3 hours ago
El álbum fancy you se ve hermoso lo quiero
I love Min Yoongi
I love Min Yoongi 3 hours ago
Hey Onces will you please help us ARMYS in the BBMAS voting for Top Social Artist? Literally the whole kpop industry is against ARMYS. Please we need your help. Also we will help you to syr5am. ^^ Onces and ARMYS are one of the rare fandoms which are powerful but still get along well. I love your girls~ An ARMY... 💜💜💜
I love Min Yoongi
I love Min Yoongi 2 hours ago
+TAE TAE We love you! Lots of love. You guys are the most peaceful fandom 💜💜💜
I love Min Yoongi
I love Min Yoongi 2 hours ago
+Sara Thanks a lot!
TAE TAE 2 hours ago
I love Min Yoongi yes of course! even kpop industry is against onces and twice except armys. We fancy you 💙💙💙
Sara 2 hours ago
+I love Min Yoongi OK I will search it too I have twitter account
I love Min Yoongi
I love Min Yoongi 2 hours ago
+Sara hashtag - (#)BTSBBMAs =)
JIMIN ARMY 4 hours ago
郭建仁 4 hours ago
If someone tell me that TWICE's album sales can exceed 10,000 copies in China one month ago, I will think he's crazy, but the miracle happened. SK (@SubjectKpop) 已推文:China ONCE almost hitting 20,000 pre-order copies for 'FANCY YOU' 😮👍 total now 19,688 copies@JYPETWICE #2DaysToFancyYou t.co/cD5sLvp5Gv t.co/bcRTWLXz2b twitter.com/SubjectKpop/status/1119288917180571653?s=17
Chaerin Lee
Chaerin Lee 4 hours ago
I'm so um... I'm just ready to end it all, bye for now Once. Hope to see you soon
Sara 2 hours ago
Good luck to you hope you find what you looking for and comeback to us better and stronger bye see you again
Twice Enchantress
Twice Enchantress 4 hours ago
Twice Fancy will bring joy and happiness to all.
gary wang
gary wang 5 hours ago
RED ROOM 5 hours ago
Red Velvet and TWICE are the only girl groups on 3rd generation to have more than 1 daesang!
Luke Hour ago
Both are Queens indeed! <3
RED ROOM 2 hours ago
+TAE TAE Thanks, we're called Reveluvs.
TAE TAE 2 hours ago
RED ROOM sorry I don't know what you red velvet fans are called, but congratulations and love from onces. We fancy you 💙
Zakia Sultana
Zakia Sultana 4 hours ago
Yeah their sales , awards everthing screams that they are the real queen not like that overrated queens only with vievvs.😏😑
Once's!Do not be scared of fanswar or haters,anti's,troll,their mama or anyone that try to hurt TWICE and ONCE because we are no push over for we are also a strong team,We will always be TWICE X ONCE! Beside,The Competition are always there and fanswar?It have never stop once,even now!So you just need to be strong and do your best! Move forward,climb higher and reach the top!Beside someone need to be the loser so we can have a winner,Reality have never change! You don't want to lose?It's simple!Work hard,fight hard and survive! TWICE comeback on 2019 need all of us together,Let's fight to win!
170,814,413 views and 2,184,574 Likes! The day our TWICE comeback draws near each hours,Our beloved girl's will slay again! TWICE X ONCE will be tested again in battle! I do hope you guys are ready?It's gonna be BIG!
Chewy Chou
Chewy Chou 5 hours ago
FANCY YOU ALBUM IS SO GOOD!!!!!! What's your favorite song/s so far? mine: I can't choose, all are good!
Luke Hour ago
Samee!! I like all of them!
Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune 5 hours ago
Do you know?the thing is,do you need approval or other people to agree or say to support this group is better or you should not support this group because they are no good?are you kidding? you should always choose what make you happy and I am here.
Asmaa Abdalla
Asmaa Abdalla 5 hours ago
#Stream the song 200M
TWICE X ONCE 5 hours ago
Be as ONCE
Be as ONCE 5 hours ago
All the songs from the album is really good
TWo nICE 5 hours ago
Listening to the whole album preview and all of the song Stuck in my head so I turn it up cause its sound so hot and Girls like us love Starwberry that is why we're so FANCY😚😍😍😍😍
Army Is the best
Army Is the best 5 hours ago
Always yes
Army Is the best
Army Is the best 5 hours ago
Jihyo Saranghae
Jihyo Saranghae 5 hours ago
Noe Gardo
Noe Gardo 5 hours ago
I'm a little scared for TWICE on the world tour cause of the language and the fact that they could get hurt or suffer because of ignorance on non kpop fans. There is a lot of ignorance so please, not only ONCE but call out to every Kpop Fan to STOP FAN WARS and embrace and support KPOP in general. Not asking you to change fandom just be respectful and acknowledge each others hard work.
Retard It
Retard It 5 hours ago
Jyp protects his groups very well. Anyone that talks bad about his groups are reported to him and he will take serious action
Noe Gardo
Noe Gardo 5 hours ago
+Trisha Nicole yeah I agree. I just saw what happened to NCT in New York and what happened to Blackpink's post on BBC. Ignorant people can cause a lot of harm.
Trisha Nicole
Trisha Nicole 5 hours ago
Just think positive! If they'll get hurt by non kpop fans then onces will definitely sue them. If they already crossed the line, we can report him to JYP! And I don't really understand why there should be fanwars. I mean, we can stan our faves peacefully without dragging other groups but there are people who's immature. And for those non kpop fans, if they don't like kpop, then they should atleast respect them.
arab army love bts
arab army love bts 5 hours ago
❤ilove you once I'm army❤💝💕💞
Fancy Jeongyeon
Fancy Jeongyeon 5 hours ago
Listen to the album preview of FANCY YOU. all songs are great but “Hot” is my favorite so far
TWICETAN 0815 6 hours ago
Once twice Once twice
Phuong Cao
Phuong Cao 6 hours ago
Yes or yes 170m Dance the night away 166m What is love 284m Tt 450m😍 Knock knock 250m Cheer up 350m Like ohh ahh 297m Likey 371m I love you twice in vietnamese😍
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel 6 hours ago
es mucha bellesa qe mis hojos no resisiten
Wendy Ong
Wendy Ong 6 hours ago
nayeon is a cute bunny
Ok, but the songs are so different but so good🤘😮! I wait to hear all of them!
아이린 6 hours ago
Twice just gave all other idols a good fight on Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year with Fancy Album! Let's get it Twice!!!
六六六 无敌
六六六 无敌 6 hours ago
TAE TAE 6 hours ago
kimseong yeap 🤗
#Amanda아 만 다
#Amanda아 만 다 6 hours ago
I love this song SARANGHAE Twice, and I Like mina
Jihyo Saranghae
Jihyo Saranghae 7 hours ago
Talented JIHYO, MOMO, SANA AND CHAEYOUNG wrote the songs! Other members as well 💕
Jihyo Saranghae
Jihyo Saranghae 7 hours ago
Fancy album is a BOP
fancy nayeon
fancy nayeon 7 hours ago
The preview for all the songs in the album is uploaded! All the songs sound so good
Brian Ou
Brian Ou 7 hours ago
4/19 0.00KST 170,475,453 4/20 0.00KST 170,777,742 Today 302,852 views (+10,974) JYP Subs 12,335,553(+18,877) TWICE Vlive 4,898,928(+4,701) TWICE Subs 4,551,831(+9,483) TWICE Twitter 3,434,056(+4,889) TWICE JPN Subs 1,816,029(+1,303) 📌 CANDY POP 100M ASAP 📌 LIKE OOH-AHH 300M ASAP
Army Is the best
Army Is the best 7 hours ago
Omggg JYP is hiding Fancy so much! Im so fking excited rn
Jian OMG
Jian OMG 7 hours ago
트와이스 여신💗트와이스 광팬💗💗💗💗
170,776,898 views and 2,184,325 Likes! Now keep going TWICE X ONCE! Nothing is Impossible to us!
松野チョロ松 7 hours ago
Yes or yes ?
0899 7 hours ago
Waiting for FANCY while listening to YES OR YES ♡-♡
Akari Chae
Akari Chae 7 hours ago
'TWICE' is currently trending at #1 on MelOn Real-Time Search!
Akari Chae
Akari Chae 7 hours ago
ONCEs! We're gonna trend #.2DaysToFancyYou tonight at 12:00 AM KST to hype TWICE's upcoming comeback! Make sure to join and participate. Fighting, ONCEs! Let's trend again like how we trended last time! 💪💓 @twicestats
Jus 2
Jus 2 7 hours ago
Please stream Yes Or Yes
I am really excited now!!!!!
Peggy Sweetwine
Peggy Sweetwine 7 hours ago
'TWICE' is currently trending at #1 on MelOn Real-Time Search!!!! THE POWER, DO YOU FEEL IT??
Please stream Yes Or Yes
ONCE goo!!!!
Low key
Low key 7 hours ago
Haters say that Twice is not popular outside krjp😂🤣 They are trending in many countries with just a clip of them walking Fancy🤘😅❤️
FANCY YOU 7 hours ago
There are people who don’t watch teasers on purpose bc they like being surprised when the MV drops. A lot of people are like that I was like that but now I am just too desperate for twice cb
TWICE X ONCE 7 hours ago
Onces, don’t mind the haters. Just focus on twice upcoming comeback! I’m so ready! How about youuuu? 😍❤️
sharma meena
sharma meena 6 hours ago
Me toooo
OnceTwice Jelly Jelly
Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune 8 hours ago
Twice fancy will be a hit among hit on this year 2019
Nguyễn Thanh Thảo
Fighting 💪💗
Nguyễn Thanh Thảo
Let's 200M 💪💪
sushi white
sushi white 8 hours ago
Star Forge
Star Forge 8 hours ago
Only 2/3 days for the FANCY COMEBACK! You still don't know when is it in your country?? Check the list Below! (if there is any problem pls let me know in the comments!) *SOUTH AMERICA* ARGENTINA = 06:00 AM BRASIL = 06:00 AM (Rio de Janeiro/Brasilia). BOLIVIA = 05:00 AM (La Paz) CHILE = 06:00 AM COLOMBIA = 04:00 AM ECUADOR = 04:00 AM (Quito) GUYANA = 05:00 AM PARAGUAY = 05:00 AM PERU = 04:00 AM SURINAM = 06:00 AM URUGUAY = 06:00 AM VENEZUELA = 05:00 AM *NORTH AMERICA* CANADA = 05:00 AM (Ottawa) 02:00 AM (Vancouver) MEXICO = 04:00 AM (México D.F.) USA = 05:00 AM (Washington D.C) 02:00 AM (Los Angeles) *CENTRAL AMERICA* BELICE = 03:00 AM COSTA RICA = 03:00 AM El SALVADOR = 03:00 AM GUATEMALA = 03:00 AM HONDURAS = 03:00 AM NICARAGUA = 03:00 AM PANAMA = 04:00 AM *CARIBBEAN* BAHAMAS = 05:00 PM CUBA = 05:00 AM JAMAICA = 04:00 AM PUERTO RICO = 05:00 PM TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO = 05:00 AM *EUROPE* ALBANIA = 11:00 AM ANDORRA = 11:00 AM AUSTRIA = 11:00 AM BOSNIA = 11:00 PM BELARUS = 12:00 PM (Midday) BELGIUM = 11:00 AM BULGARIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) CROATIA = 11:00 PM CZECH REPUBLIC = 11:00 AM DENMARK = 11:00 AM ESPAÑA = 11:00 AM ESTONIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) FRANCE = 11:00 AM FINLAND = 12:00 PM (Midday) GERMANY = 11:00 AM GREECE = 12:00 PM (Midday) HUNGARY = 11:00 PM ICELAND = 09:00 AM IRELAND = 10:00 AM ITALY = 11:00 AM LATVIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) LITHUANIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) LUXEMBURG = 11:00 AM MOLDOVA = 12:00 PM (Midday) MONACO = 11:00 AM NETHERLANDS = 11:00 PM NORWAY = 11:00 AM POLAND = 11:00 AM PORTUGAL = 10:00 AM (Lisboa) ROMANIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) RUSIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) (Moscow) 13:00 PM (Vladivostok) SERBIA = 11:00 AM SLOVENIA = 11:00 AM SWEDEN = 11:00 AM SWITZERLAND = 11:00 PM UKRAINE = 12:00 PM (Midday) UNITED KINGDOM = 10:00 AM *ASIA* AFGHANISTAN = 14:00 PM ARMENIA = 13:00 PM AZERBAIJAN = 13:00 PM BANGLADESH = 15:00 PM BAHREIN = 12:00 PM (Midday) BRUNEI = 17:00 PM BHUTAN = 15:00 PM CAMBODIA = 16:00 PM CHINA = 17:00 PM GEORGIA = 13:00 PM INDIA = 14:30 PM INDONESIA = 16:00 PM (Yakarta) 17:00 PM (Bali) 18:00 PM (Jayapura) IRAN = 13:00 PM IRAK = 12:00 PM (Midday) ISRAEL = 12:00 PM (Midday) JAPAN = 18:00 PM KAZAKHSTAN = 15:00 PM (Astana) 14:00 PM (Aktobe) KOREA = 18:00 PM KUWAIT = 12:00 PM (Midday) LAOS = 16:00 PM MALAYSIA = 17:00 PM MALDIVES = 14:00 PM MONGOLIA = 17:00 PM MYANMAR = 16:00 PM PAKISTAN = 14:00 PM PALESTINE = 12:00 PM (Midday) PHILIPPINES = 17:00 PM QATAR = 12:00 PM (Midday) SAUDI ARABIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) SINGAPORE = 17:00 PM SRI LANKA = 15:00 PM TAIWAN = 17:00 PM THAILAND = 16:00 PM TURKEY = 12:00 PM (Midday) VIETNAM = 16:00 PM UNITED ARAB EMIRATES = 13:00 PM YEMEN = 12:00 PM (Midday) *OCEANIA* AUSTRALIA = 19:00 PM (Canberra) FIJI = 21:00 PM NEW ZEALAND = 21:00 PM (Wellington) PAPUA NEW GUINEA = 19:00 PM SALOMON ISLANDS = 20:00 PM SAMOA = 22:00 PM TONGA = 22:00 PM TUVALU = 21:00 PM VANUATU = 20:00 PM *AFRICA* ALGERIA = 10:00 AM ANGOLA = 10:00 AM BOTSWANA = 11:00 AM CAMEROON = 10:00 AM CHAD = 10:00 AM EGYPT = 11:00 AM ETHIOPIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) GHANA = 09:00 AM GUINEA = 09:00 AM KENYA = 12:00 PM (Midday) MAROCCO = 10:00 AM NAMIBIA = 11:00 AM NIGERIA = 10:00 AM SOUTH AFRICA = 11:00 AM SOMALIA = 12:00 PM (Midday)
¿2-1《13》1-2? TS&Tw
Thank you...
Akari Chae
Akari Chae 7 hours ago
Thank you for the info! So, it will be released on 5:00 PM in our country.
Madu Vasti
Madu Vasti 8 hours ago
大日本帝国 8 hours ago
일본보단 났다..
TWICE can Sing better than you
I didn't expect the Fancy Teasers will be trending in sooo many countries. TWICE and ONCE RISE!!!!
TWICE can Sing better than you
People who disliked this don't have taste in music
林Frank 8 hours ago
《YoY》200M! Before come back @ 22/4/2019, ONCE, We must Fighting! D165, KST 4/19 18:00:170,694,228 → +305,803 (Fri) D164, KST 4/18 18:00:170,388,425 → +292,748 (Thu) D163, KST 4/17 18:00:170,095,677 → +312,450 (Wen) D162, KST 4/16 18:00:169,783,227 → +321,250 (Tue) D161, KST 4/15 18:00:169,461,977 → +345,590 (Mon) D160, KST 4/14 18:00:169,116,387 → +385,576 (Sun) D159, KST 4/13 18:00:168,730,811 → +372,530 (Sat) D158, KST 4/12 18:00:168,358,281 → +312,926 (Fri) D157, KST 4/11 18:00:168,045,355 → +314,898 (Thu) D156, KST 4/10 18:00:167,730,457 → +323,712 (Wen) D155, KST 4/09 18:00:167,406,745 → +335,117 (Tue) D154, KST 4/08 18:00:167,071,628 → +377,394 (Mon) D153, KST 4/07 18:00:166,694,234 → +414,474 (Sun) D152, KST 4/06 18:00:166,279,760 → +434,590 (Sat) D151, KST 4/05 18:00:165,845,170 (Fri) .
Rocky Creed
Rocky Creed 8 hours ago
USA ----------- BLACKPINK made Billboard chart history by landing their new EP Kill This Love at No. 24 on the Billboard 200 chart with 19,000 album units; their single of the same name came in at No. 41 on the Hot 100, the highest-charting debut ever by a K-pop girl group. UK -------------“Kill This Love” is now the highest-charting single in U.K. history by a female K-pop act UK -------------The Highest-Charting Single From A Female K-pop Act UK -------------First Female K-pop Act With More Than One Top 40 Hit EUROPE 2020 TOUR INCOMING AND MAKING HISTORY. FYI FUTURE COLLAB WITH ARIANA GRANDE TOO.
twice is life
twice is life 54 seconds ago
You're in the wrong mv, bitch. Why so pressed? Scared? Daaamn, stop being a moron dumbass bitch.
Shin izumi
Shin izumi 4 hours ago
Just fuck off tiny little bitch 🍭
Baby Dubu
Baby Dubu 6 hours ago
You want me to list TWICE's achievements. Oh sorry hun, there are a lot! I can't type it in just a day.
zeu xlaught
zeu xlaught 7 hours ago
You should be thankfull to Teddy for making those 4 untalented plastics famous. Only his music is going viral where as blackpink are just useless bodies
eagle kim
eagle kim 7 hours ago
Stop barking in here you dog go back to your faves
sunny so
sunny so 8 hours ago
nayeon is a cute bunny
Just ignore hate comments. Let's not response to them for now since we have a comeback to get ready too in 2 days! We should focus on twice only and make their achieves speak for themselves. A teaser should drop in less than 2 hour, so let's hype it up since we know twice really like this comeback and they work really hard for this! Fighting❤🍭🤘!
Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa Manoban 8 hours ago
Str3aming ? I guess only me😕
Chaerin Lee
Chaerin Lee 8 hours ago
Don't respond to this hater named *Chaerin Lee* she has a mental illness and her only move is talking to herself with *Minatozaki Sana* sometimes she also talks in 3rd person
zeu xlaught
zeu xlaught 7 hours ago
Minatozaki Sana
Minatozaki Sana 8 hours ago
Dumbass, stupid bitch... why do you expose us like that? 😂😂😂
めぐみん 8 hours ago
Me Likey Heart Shaker
Look, the teasers are trending everywhere... I am shocked when i saw the teaser trending in top 15 in those western countries... Really really shocked
Me Likey Heart Shaker
Fancy will be Dalla Dalla with their previous songs!!
twice is life
twice is life 9 hours ago
Str3am Candy Pop
twice is life
twice is life 9 hours ago
As of now, TWICE has 4.5m subscribers. How about let's make it to 5m? Leggooo, Onces!
White Wings
White Wings 9 hours ago
Army is here
Baby Dubu
Baby Dubu 6 hours ago
Hi army
I love TaeTzu and idc if shipping artists is delulu
Teaser Choreography is trending 24 in Malaysia!!!
Chewy Chou
Chewy Chou 9 hours ago
Chewy Chou
Chewy Chou 9 hours ago
While waiting for teasers go visit CANDY POP!
Chewy Chou
Chewy Chou 9 hours ago
GINGA RIDER ONCE 9 hours ago
170,750,773 views and 2,184,079 Likes!More and more streaming Once's! TWICE our Nation's Girl Group deserved our love and support,Let's GO!
Once twice Once twice
Momoya 9 hours ago
Easy everyone we will definitely broke other records
Army Is the best
Army Is the best 9 hours ago
Dont reply to this hater > *Rocky Creed* , he doesnt even know how to spread hates lmao....he replied to everyone with the same ass sentences Famous quotes : 1. How do you feel when you are dropped as a baby 2. Luckily u have japanese members
twice is life
twice is life 9 hours ago
Sana Claus
Sana Claus 9 hours ago
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