TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video

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TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video
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Apr 23, 2019




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Comments 80
{Akiko Sembrano}
{Akiko Sembrano} 3 hours ago
2:18 indeed it
Jennie Black
Jennie Black 15 hours ago
Imma try to learn this wish me luck
Dom ti
Dom ti 20 hours ago
22 hours ago
ملكات الكيبوب
22 hours ago
Ka I
Ka I 22 hours ago
*When More&More is out but I’m still stuck on OOH-AHH up to Feel Special...*
atinydeobi !!
atinydeobi !! 23 hours ago
Omg guys- dahyun spoiled her hair for MORE&MORE here basically- 👀👀 queens of spoilers everyone
fatimah sifat
twice synchronization in another level
Waiting for More&More dance practice
yoyo ya
yoyo ya Day ago
the synchronization gurlll🔥🔥🔥
Yakult _
Yakult _ Day ago
Nayeon my angel my life and queen of vocalist
Michedmaa A
Michedmaa A Day ago
knee grow
knee grow Day ago
when it's more & more era but you still can't get over fancy
la shhh
la shhh Day ago
Ah-reum Kim
Ah-reum Kim 2 days ago
I'm still not over Fancy while More and More is coming out in 24 fricking hours
Sangita Sutar
Sangita Sutar 2 days ago
1:24 sana almost fell but she managed herself lol😂😂
Hallo Uwi
Hallo Uwi 2 days ago
Cheska *
Cheska * 2 days ago
Let’s wear black pants and not tell Chaeyoung
slean? slean.
slean? slean. 2 days ago
i'm not even a once but i can't believe this didn't win soty
Purple Chan
Purple Chan 3 days ago
So I saw this vid since posted but um did anybody notice the star they made cuz I didn't it's at 1:04
Cha C
Cha C 3 days ago
Chaeyoung’s outfits are always my favorite
上手いってレベル超えてるな こういうの(日本)でライブ並に全力でやるとこないでしょ笑
Salma Ketata
Salma Ketata 4 days ago
why in this danse practice sana look like rose
Flower Bird
Flower Bird 4 days ago
I can't even do that even tho I do dance for 7 yrs
Alan Andrade
Alan Andrade 4 days ago
pinches coreanas
강도경 4 days ago
아진짜 모모 춤 추는거 보고있으면 미쳐버릴거같다
Rosè really has a battle of hair flips here
Bangtan life
Bangtan life 5 days ago
Who is here after More&More?
Do YoU kNoW wAtErMeLoN???
Had to come back after seeing the just dance 2020
Sandara Kim
Sandara Kim 5 days ago
Saya pengen pilih yang ping
Orea Cakes
Orea Cakes 5 days ago
I still remember the day when I first got into twice and this was released with it, it still feels like yesterday when I go back to this video
Joealim Alqaeda
Joealim Alqaeda 5 days ago
Jihyo is the most perfect idol in the world 😍 she is so sexy im sorry
Alesha Ali
Alesha Ali 5 days ago
i just noticed that the lights say " JYP " man im late :(
samantinha de mel
fancy wow
AMAL MOHAMED 5 days ago
Im not trying to be racist or anything but Asains ARE FREAKING THE BEST ORIGINAL DANCERS.
FØFOTv1 VEVO 5 days ago
توايس هي الفرقه الوحيده الي حتى خصلات شعرها تتزامن مع بعض
r o b i n
r o b i n 5 days ago
FØFOTv1 VEVO توايسخرا
灰熊TV huixiongtv
Hey STREAM TWICE MORE N MORE TRAILER NOW ALMOST 450k view to 1 million okay ruvid.net/video/video-_VY0I_LNzZI.html
Hoseok's tummy
Hoseok's tummy 5 days ago
This choreography is so satisfying tbh 👌 It's so perfect
Once Imnida
Once Imnida 6 days ago
Appreciate the bending knees of Tzuyu 🤟
Afifa chowdhury
Afifa chowdhury 6 days ago
PHANSII YUUU 6 days ago
The fact that I'm annoyed 'cause they are nine and I have only two eyes. I don't know whom to focus on.
Paulo Andre
Paulo Andre 6 days ago
Oi sana e mina e momo trizu
Paulo Andre
Paulo Andre 6 days ago
Namjoons_left_ Tiddie
I'm teaching myself the fancy choreography 🤩🤩
hwang.lee. gguk
hwang.lee. gguk 6 days ago
jihyo: lets all wear black pants and not say chaeyoung :)
Nicky Knijnenburg
idk all of their names but the girl in all white with the short hair reminds me of Yeeun from CLC during “Me” era lol they look the same outfit and all😂
Rogelio Huaman
Rogelio Huaman 6 days ago
Me da ganas de vomitar
Emmanuel Keith
Emmanuel Keith 6 days ago
9 Queens
9 Queens 6 days ago
Jihyo catch me all the time 🥵❤️
半田知穂 7 days ago
ピノ 7 days ago
Sadaf Afzali
Sadaf Afzali 7 days ago
Lets all wear some crop tops and not tell tzuyu and jeongyeon
Rj 7 days ago
As a new fanboy of TWICE it's so worth it to stan this group! Dubuuu is cute 😍
Vito L
Vito L 7 days ago
can someone let me know who sis closest to the computer at 0:14 is? what is her name?
9 Queens
9 Queens 6 days ago
Hirai Momo
Naovbcool 7 days ago
That's Momo
버터버터 7 days ago
나연:노래 춤 얼굴 예능 하나 없이 똑똑히 잘함 정연:평범한듯 카리스마 넘쳐서 계속보게됨 모모:그냥 처음부터 끝까지 시선강탈 최고임 사나:사나만의 귀여움 섹시 때문에 미칠듯 지효:섹시하고 섹시하고 섹시하고 섹시 혼자 다함 미나:춤선 진짜 예쁘고 완전 우아함 그 자체 다현:자기만에 예쁜 춤선이 있고 발랄해서 귀여움 채영:fancy곡에 너무 잘어울리고 깜찍한듯 섹시함 쯔위:키도 크고 예쁘고 목소리까지 그냥 사기캐임 이러니 내가 안빠질수가 없지 ..💖💖 + 다 제 개인적인 생각입니다
Lugaga The Prawn
Lugaga The Prawn 7 days ago
what is best about twice is their unity. you know that they will always be united forever
BTS_ ARMY 8 days ago
800k likes before More&More's Dance Practice Video
Sabreen Abdulla
Sabreen Abdulla 8 days ago
Chaeyoung in pink hairrrrr!!! FIRE
Rhian Mendoza
Rhian Mendoza 9 days ago
Let us all wear black pants and not tell chaeyoung
TheStory Teller
TheStory Teller 9 days ago
0:29 why have I never noticed that chaeyoung does this move opposite of everyone else?
BRK LOVE 9 days ago
Kaeda Mailos
Kaeda Mailos 10 days ago
For *NEW ONCEs* Nayeon: all black with white stripes on both shirt and pants Jeongyeon: all black with white jacket Momo: white,long sleeve, Sana: blonde hair Jihyo: black hair over her shoulders Mina: ponytail Dahyun: blue hair Chaeyoung: pink hair Tzuyu: white t-shirt
Iconic Jjapaghetti
Iconic Jjapaghetti 10 days ago
Fancy MV has reached 300M views!!
Anton Sebastian Dela Cerna
Am I the only one who noticed that Sana almost lost her balance at 1:23 HAHAHAHAH
Iffa Mahirah
Iffa Mahirah 10 days ago
lets wear black pants and dont tell chaeyoung
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne 10 days ago
I always pay attention to Momo during this song. She rules this choreography.
Erin Lai
Erin Lai 10 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-b8CjVxSPtUk.html I hope it's not too late for me to make a dance cover
KathRon Channel
KathRon Channel 10 days ago
I love it..😍😍
Jeremy West
Jeremy West 11 days ago
perfect dance 👍
Francine Belle Bocao
It’s funny how 9 girls sync in a hard dance/choreography and the girls in our class can’t even sync in the MOST EASY DANCES
あづさ 11 days ago
Jane Prevandos
Jane Prevandos 11 days ago
Me watching dahyun 1:35 - 1:44 sheee slay it🔥
nurul istiqomah
nurul istiqomah 11 days ago
Hexagon Entertainment
When this dance practice is more viewed than any group mv
Chey 11 days ago
Am i the only one curious about why Dahyun has one trouser leg rolled up? Is it fashion? Idk. It looks cool tho.
Ysa Mohammad
Ysa Mohammad 11 days ago
okay so... my eyes were on the girl with the plain white shirt... WHO IS SHE OMG!!
Naovbcool 7 days ago
A lot are wearing white shirts you need to be more specific there bro
⌊ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴛᴀᴍᴀʀɪɴᴅx⌉
no hay damas mas hermosas nwn
Amy Covers
Amy Covers 11 days ago
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 11 days ago
i'm new to being a once so I don't know many names. does anyone know the name of the girl in the blonde hair? I just really like her outfit but I don't know her name. and maybe can you guys tell me all of their names?
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 6 days ago
Naovbcool thanks! That was helpful.
Naovbcool 7 days ago
The blonde one is Sana Dark hair and all black is nayeon Long hair, all black except white shirt on top is jeongyeon Black hair tight white crop top is momo Plain white shirt and short hair is Jihyo The one with the ponytail is mina Girl with blue/grey hair is dahyun Pink hair is chaeyoung Tallest one and the one in the front at the very end is tzuyu
GERALD MARSHAL 12 days ago
40M gogogo!
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