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i wOn'T hEsiTatE biTch
*Breaking News* *kid tries to keep up with Tyler during Levitate but forgets to breath and fucking dies*
golden girl
golden girl Hour ago
ayumi 2 hours ago
Putangina nakakahingal yung buong kanta gago ang solid
Eric Palomar
Eric Palomar 10 hours ago
モリスけんか 10 hours ago
Oh, I know how to levitate up off my feet And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe And though I feed on things that fell You can learn to levitate with just a little help Learn to levitate with just a little help Come down, come down Cowards only come through when the hour's late And everyone's asleep, mind you Now show up, show up I know I shouldn't say this But a curse from you is all that I would need right now, man Come down, come down Cowards only come through when the hour's late And everyone's asleep, mind you Now show up, show up I know I shouldn't say this But a curse from you is all that I would need right now, man Danger in the fabric of this thing I made I probably shouldn't show you, but it's way too late My heart is with you hiding, but my mind's not made Now they know it like we both knew for some time I'd say They're smirking at first blood, they're circling above But this is not enough Yeah, this is not what you thought No, no we are not just graffiti on a passing train I got back what I once bought back In that slot I won't need to replace This culture is a poacher of overexposure, not today Don't feed me to the vultures I am a vulture who feeds on pain Sleep in a well-lit room, don't let the shadow through And sever all I knew, yeah, sever all I thought I could depend on my weekends On the freezing ground that I'm sleeping on Please, keep me from, please, keep me Down from the ledges Better test it, wooden wedges under doorways Keep your wooden wedges under doors Chorus, verse, chorus, verse Now here comes the eight Wait, habits here too, you're the worst Your structure compensates But compensation feels a lot like rising up to dominate by track two At least they all know all they hear comes from a place Oh, I know how to levitate up off my feet And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe And though I feed on things that fell You can learn to levitate with just a little help You can levitate with just a little help Welcome to Trench
Nicolás Magdaleno
Nicolás Magdaleno 11 hours ago
This is my favorite music
Nicolás Magdaleno
Nicolás Magdaleno 11 hours ago
Nicolás Magdaleno
Nicolás Magdaleno 11 hours ago
Cool music
Nicolás Magdaleno
Nicolás Magdaleno 11 hours ago
forever skeletonised
im blind i only realise tylers black neck (when he gets dragged back to dema) right now
DARCK KID pedrin
0:39 gorro naranja y no amarillo
l-/ 💖
José María Flores García
I think that color the yellow color is a transition to orange because all of the people dancing are young adults 0:59 wearing yellow but, the one that is using the orange shirt and hat looks like an old man not so grown to have full orange but, in the way to. So red is when ty. has its insecurities, yellow is when ty is avoiding them but still feel like he can fall very easily to red (insecurities) but then orange is when you are a grown adult who can't be easily brought down to red, ty worships the grown people (he mentions them in a lot of songs like neon gravestones) because they had lived everything (the red and yellow eras) and now they are orange they are strong. Orange will be the next era, the one that ty has grown and has his insecurities dead.
Abraham Reyes
Abraham Reyes 2 days ago
90Nobody 09
90Nobody 09 2 days ago
Me- * freaking out over buying new album so plays it for friend in car * I LOVE TWENTY ONE PILOTS !!! Friend- * in passenger seat * oh yeah, i think that one song Levitate is good Me- * plays song and looks expectantly at them when Tyler refrences getting his car radio back * Friends - * Stares blankly at me * Me - * dial 911 * Excuse me police, there is a complete stranger in my car and im gonna need an ambulance for them in less then 21 seconds
Elias G.V
Elias G.V 3 days ago
Alguien se dio cuenta de que este es el unico video en el que Josh esta a la izquierda de Tyler? (no se si en otros pasa lo mismo, asi que si hay otros corrijanme)
fleurdesoile flow
When white niggas make a gang ( if your sensitive just over look this ) I actually like top
Music Person
Music Person 3 days ago
Tobias Aguilar perez
Yo quisiera ser una Bandita (SOY MORRA)
Abraham Reyes
Abraham Reyes 3 days ago
Tyler Joseph y Josh dun
Geovani Rivas
Geovani Rivas 3 days ago
Tyler: don't let the shadows threw Me: Sees shadow... Tyler; NOW I JUST SIT IN SILENCE Blurryface: grabs Tyler's neck* ME: JUMPSUIT COVER ME
digge doge
digge doge 3 days ago
Levitate chillin on discord. TIKTOK enters the chat. TikTok: Im about to end this boi's whole career. Levitate: Dear gosh
yeet me off a cliff
Panda Vlogs
Panda Vlogs 4 days ago
What's up with Tyler and shaving his head
Dominick Raines
Dominick Raines 4 days ago
rip tyler
Oscarito Peraza
Oscarito Peraza 4 days ago
Sigo sin entender
James Earl
James Earl 4 days ago
+Oscarito Peraza Tyler fue arrastrado por Nico, probablemente en su camino de regreso a Dema.
Oscarito Peraza
Oscarito Peraza 4 days ago
Spanish ??
James Earl
James Earl 4 days ago
+Oscarito Peraza He was dragged away by Nico, presumably on his way back to dema.
Oscarito Peraza
Oscarito Peraza 4 days ago
The RoBuX
The RoBuX 4 days ago
Tyler acts like a vulture in some parts this must be something if anyone knows pls tell me
lpf173 4 days ago
Ad for "Elevate" Me: No, the song is Levitate!
Abbigail Bootsma
Abbigail Bootsma 4 days ago
Eminem who?
F. F.
F. F. 3 days ago
Lolllll!! Yaasss!!!
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe 4 days ago
Wow this is such an incredible song I love top so much.
smiling tyjo
smiling tyjo 4 days ago
my wig is levitating 😥😥😥
Lipton Tea
Lipton Tea 5 days ago
I have recently noticed that the end of jumpsuit runs right into this song
Rubí Alejandra :'3 Valdez
Vuelvan a Monterrey :'(
Slimink0113 5 days ago
jumpsuit was the car *nico and the niners was the torch* -this is the death-
Death Trooper
Death Trooper 5 days ago
Why'd tyler have to go and dun get kidnapped 😂
alex 6 days ago
i didnt like this song when i first heard it but now i have it on repeat often
Bernardo de Alba
Bernardo de Alba 6 days ago
1:53 Debby?
Cole Cannington
Cole Cannington 7 days ago
your the best singers 21 pilots get the trench and blurryface And vessel
Carmen Elektra
Carmen Elektra 7 days ago
quand la tawa finie mal
Brodie Faulds
Brodie Faulds 8 days ago
i love love love the bit were he goes wait 1:34 best bit
Jack sims
Jack sims 8 days ago
How many videos does the burning car show up in
Arthur fortnite brasil
Don't no escape dema
Alejandra ar.
Alejandra ar. 8 days ago
the clique learn to levitate with just a little help |-/💛
Clifford Da Vulture
This is so connected to Car Radio I’m triggered
SøDøllsøme 9 days ago
He sleep in a bright lit room because Josh won't get out of Tylers face with those lights
Cheyest Nut
Cheyest Nut 9 days ago
1:07 slenderman is a bandito?
kubano2k2 Cutx
kubano2k2 Cutx 9 days ago
Why does this sound like the old batman game theme song when you are playing?
Pepe The Great
Pepe The Great 9 days ago
You learned fire-breathing at lvl 7? I used my skill points on base stats like defense and got fire-breathing at lvl 10
Fabio Rovere
Fabio Rovere 9 days ago
0:31 Orange clothes in the background
ilona from Paramore
Kenneth Harper
Kenneth Harper 10 days ago
My friend, we're in 7th grade, was really tired and said "my feet are levitatingggg" and i instantly thought of this song lol
Alondra Olmos
Alondra Olmos 10 days ago
Alguien mas escucho Folina Sahlo en el min 2:03 de voz secundaria o solo yo? Loca quedé.
Semi Automatic
Semi Automatic 10 days ago
Cowards come to Coward, Lol. Will they have a cowards party or something else?
MoonCandle 10 days ago
Y'all I just found out I can rap this at 175% speed are you proud
Velvetroseq 10 days ago
This is smol bean Tyler abuse
Akenberger13 10 days ago
I think there going to burn him all that fire
▼・ᴥ・▼ 10 days ago
Can anyone explain who or what is DEMA?
All Day Metal
All Day Metal 11 days ago
This might be the best song on the album...and the album is supreme from start to finish. I can never pick whether Trench or Vessel as their best, but my god am I glad that they are close. What a treat.
Jashia Kim
Jashia Kim 11 days ago
Ayer Intenté levitar y me corté el labio y la cabeza okno. ||-// stay alive
Jen p
Jen p 11 days ago
9 million subscribers to there RUvid channel awesome
GamingBrenmar Fort
GamingBrenmar Fort 11 days ago
hahaha I just noticed that every tyler do the vulture does
Antonella Alegre
Antonella Alegre 12 days ago
Monkey butt 2006
Monkey butt 2006 12 days ago
Pittsburgh June 7
Monkey butt 2006
Monkey butt 2006 12 days ago
Teddy Blaze
Teddy Blaze 12 days ago
at 0:51 how else can hear a deeper voice
Alyssa Cabrera
Alyssa Cabrera 12 days ago
Tyler makes me want to shave my head again lmao
Elmo Coso
Elmo Coso 13 days ago
For my that the scared guy at minute 2:05 is Clancy and thats why the other guy says welcome to trench.
루roo 13 days ago
from 2:01 (when Tyler's got his throat grabbed by the bishop and is dragged back to Dema) in the background begins the repetitive echo of "Folina Sahlo" he doesn't fight back the bishop, but actually he keeps sending the sign for help to other banditos
Izlor the Wolf
Izlor the Wolf 14 days ago
Love you vids ❤️🤧
King Piou
King Piou 14 days ago
I-/ II-//
kelly beriguete
kelly beriguete 14 days ago
woaaaa troop b1
Nicole Jury
Nicole Jury 14 days ago
LYRICS: Oh I know how to levitate on my feet, ever since the seventh grade I learnt how to fire breathe,and all the things I have done with my feet all the things I’ve done You can learn to levitate with a little help,you can levitate with just a little help come down come down,cowards only push with the hours that are late that you sleep Mind you do not hold up hold up I know I shouldn’t say this but I’m cursed to you is all that I would need right now but,danger in the forest and I think I’m late,I probably shouldn’t show you this but it’s way too late my minds are thrown up but my minds are made now I know it when my minds are dead. This circuits in above yeah this is not enough yeah this is not enough just graffitied on a passage train I got back one in one spot and stayed time to delay.oh I know how to levitate on my feet, ever since the Seventh grade I learnt to fire breath and know that things don’t help you can learn to levitate with just a little help, levitate with just a little help.
ShâffêDøgg 15 days ago
This whole album seems like the start of a revolution to me. Because of the amount of people, and the way that they're dressed. It all seems like a revolution, but idk what about.
TheGamingLizard 15 days ago
I love how the vulture just chillin there with Joshua
TheGamingLizard 15 days ago
CrazyDaiv228 15 days ago
Like, who also wants to join on this gang (||-//)
tomito mora
tomito mora 16 days ago
2019 :3
PANcakes 16 days ago
2:02 *zOoM cHaLlEnGe*
F. F.
F. F. 3 days ago
Lol, YUP.
Sara Sandoval-Scott
Tyler Joseph: You can learn to levitate with just a little help. Me: Epic I have no clue anymore ッ.
Anna Sadrieva
Anna Sadrieva 16 days ago
I love this song so very much.
ultimatelyTubes 64
ultimatelyTubes 64 16 days ago
Did you know that Clancy is the Bandito with the orange beanie? 0:57
StingrayZ06 nolastname
He's better than Lil Pump, Jay Z, and he's not even trying.
Blurry faced Gøner
StingrayZ06 nolastname by far Fren ||-//
Møre Baez
Møre Baez 17 days ago
velocidad 0,75
YERCO YEK 17 days ago
alguno de aqui habla español XD denle like y dislike los que no hablan
David Riveros
David Riveros 17 days ago
Joseph44 Tech
Joseph44 Tech 17 days ago
I Love Twenty one Pilot:)
What Bobee haha
What Bobee haha 17 days ago
I love the fact that when he said “wait” tHEY HECKING POINTED ST EACH OTHER JRSKSGRBBDJDF
Shrimpy Chan
Shrimpy Chan 17 days ago
tyler: don't mind me I was pulling out by the dema
flippin casserole
flippin casserole 17 days ago
*trying to learn all the lyrics before the concert comes to my town*
Your average braincells
Good luck trying the impossible.
Саня Андрейко
RockEminem?))))))) Ok
the amount of production that must’ve gone into this... it’s amazing. it gets better every time i watch it
BeepBeep Lettuce
BeepBeep Lettuce 19 days ago
I’m going to comment on every twenty one pilots music video I can :) reply if you have seen me before, tell me where you are from and what time your seeing this, get something off your chest, do anything! I want to make the clique feel good! So far I have done: House of Gold Car Radio Guns for hands Holding onto You Tear in my heart Chlorine Heavydirtysoul Heathens My Blood Jumpsuit Levitate
fahad 19 days ago
Me while sitting in toilet - Josh's drums are in front of me And start playing it
Blurry faced Gøner
fahad Meee!
Cesar Santis
Cesar Santis 19 days ago
I love Twenty One Pilots
Arilson Adriano
Arilson Adriano 19 days ago
Ééé muito boaaaaaaaaaaaa
Robbie Rodie
Robbie Rodie 19 days ago
Blurry face grabs Tyler: Me: SHIT!
regedu que
regedu que 19 days ago
I love you
Hunter Succleth
Hunter Succleth 20 days ago
Wait this isn’t death grips??!!
Ericka Santos
Ericka Santos 20 days ago
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