Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars

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Followup video on my other channel: ruvid.net/video/video-NuYDQtev1bE.html
A few months ago, one of my patrons sent me a bunch of old gold jewelry for me to refine. I originally thought that it was going to just be some gold plated stuff, but it turned out to be quite a bit of gold. I was able to purify out all of the gold and then melt them down into some small 24K pure gold bars.
Procedure references:
Paint can idea: ruvid.net/video/video-2bTesd75Wic.html
indeedItdoes: ruvid.net/video/video-1gjJNZtrUHo.html
CodysLab: ruvid.net/u-theCodyReeder (Both the main procedure and the silver recovery. I can't find the video where he recovered the silver from the chloride though.)
Nile talks about lab safety: ruvid.net/video/video-ftACSEJ6DZA.html
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May 29, 2019




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NileRed Year ago
Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.
Sade McAllister
Sade McAllister Month ago
@awepi. 🤣
are Underrated
are Underrated Month ago
This is the 500th comment, no more replies, get destroyed.
Matthew Wang
Matthew Wang 2 months ago
last reply (500th one)
Edin Imšir
Edin Imšir 2 months ago
Technically everything is stolen
Google 2 months ago
@benjamin shiffman I actually really enjoyed the video so thank you for making it possible :) and obviously thanks to NileRed for all the work he did to make it, I loved it so much it's definitely one of my favourite NilRed videos and I added it to my RUvid favourites playlist as well :)
iPhoneGuy 4838
iPhoneGuy 4838 2 hours ago
Oddly satisfying
TheRainMan 2 hours ago
Hope he gave it back
VC シ MEGMA 10 hours ago
DiMo Free
DiMo Free 12 hours ago
Where can I sell the gold?
Wicked Crypto
Wicked Crypto 14 hours ago
Ankita Dubey
Ankita Dubey 18 hours ago
Fiber glass is such a horrible thing to get in contact with, it itches and hurts on skin as it is glass in fiber
Vladis Simonis
Vladis Simonis 18 hours ago
... (one week later with his friends).. yo check my dope Rolex booooyz
Bearly Alive
Bearly Alive 19 hours ago
Nile: *Creates pure gold from old jewelry* Placer Miners: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Brandon Alban
Brandon Alban 21 hour ago
24:56 you need to realize the truth there is no gold (what movie is this line from if gold was spoon)
paulj0557 23 hours ago
Thanks for saving the Rolex. Geez what is this guy a billionaire ?
Athena Day ago
Such an amazing channel
Melani Lewis
Melani Lewis Day ago
Why am I here? I dont know. But you're here too. So let watch together, shall we?
Hampus Hellström
Muraicans: How much is a gram is bald-feet-eagle-stone-cups?
MetalFrogg Day ago
Who else was slightly triggered when he started smashing the gold with a spike
It’s Me Gacha Ana Playz
My ten year old self with a necklace: IM RICH NOW YEEET
Taro's Tavern
you needed to add Ectasy of Gold as a background track
-りん- Day ago
It’s so weird that I’m understanding what he’s saying in a way. Y’all get what I mean?
Gray Dino
Gray Dino 2 days ago
$5 turned into $10000
A Pedhopile
A Pedhopile 2 days ago
Is this a smart people video
Hoseyn Vosouq
Hoseyn Vosouq 2 days ago
Dude, Yo 'COOL' 😎
SalterPlus 2 days ago
sir how much ACID do you have
This video had some heavy breaking bad vibes
Nini Calloway
Nini Calloway 2 days ago
When a coffee filter is probably worth more than your entire life
iqy_ shadow
iqy_ shadow 2 days ago
I didn't understand anything but it's still interesting wtf
Gold cooper
Robert B Seward Jr
Hard to find someone to contract doing that for me. Have a box of very old heavily gold-laden transistors, but can't justify the equipment/chemistry investment. Tips anyone?
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 2 days ago
There is sometimes a little tin in some gold alloys. Nickel also
Zero 2 days ago
pure gold, good luck not to make a dent
MrToad Toad
MrToad Toad 2 days ago
Has a chunk of 81 grams of gold “let’s stab it with a metal spike”
Dana Ondráčková
I like your voice, I like the tests and I actually never liked chemistry but I like this and I want to get educated!:-) subscribed. And as I said, I am dumb with chemistry, I could only marvel on that yellow liquid that is supposed to be solid gold..ohmygosh....
Yves Ken Medina
Yves Ken Medina 2 days ago
I had no idea what he said
DJ Kelley
DJ Kelley 2 days ago
Just finessed a free Rolex
Baron Backu
Baron Backu 2 days ago
the forbidden molten cheese
A G 2 days ago
Man... this made me miss chem labs. Never thought I'd say that lol if I was better with math I would've loved chemistry much more.
don dons strange bizarre world
ohh i enjoyed that thank you it was very pleasant and educational
Felicia Woodruff
Felicia Woodruff 2 days ago
Who ever listens to Pooh shiesty you now he 19😖😖
savage beast
savage beast 2 days ago
The owner is probably having a heart attack when he was hitting it lol
Jon Arbuckle
Jon Arbuckle 2 days ago
If I had your skill I would’ve made a new gold watch band for that Rolex and flexed on everyone “I got this Rolex with a solid gold watch band for free no big deal”
Leviticus Adrian
Leviticus Adrian 2 days ago
I have watched this video 9 times
Tolga Çağlar
Tolga Çağlar 2 days ago
NileRed }✨ Good video, I supported. I wish you success. Come to my channel, let's be permanent. >>> A Historical Word : If habits are not left, they become needed over time. Campbell. ✔️ *
Monkey D Shark
Monkey D Shark 2 days ago
No entendí un pingo pero piola 😎👍
Gamer evan
Gamer evan 2 days ago
you inspire me to be a scientist and i hope it’s fun 👍🏻
Bean Eats
Bean Eats 3 days ago
Connor Burbine
Connor Burbine 3 days ago
I'm gonna be rich
Noelle Sung
Noelle Sung 3 days ago
Imagine the face on my chemistry teacher’s face when he finds out I watched an entire video of chemistry
Noelle Sung
Noelle Sung 3 days ago
24:04 that looks like the stuff ponyo drinks
Bob Salinski
Bob Salinski 3 days ago
my school at lunch time 25:24
Parviz Allazov
Parviz Allazov 3 days ago
Cu and diluted HNO3 (~30%) will give NO as reduction product, not NO2. ;) NO2 forms only because you do your reaction under air (2NO+O2=2NO2).
Idris Mirza
Idris Mirza 3 days ago
This guys like Walter White times 5000
usama jutt
usama jutt 3 days ago
31 min video watched. it was just gold purification, why fun to watch because it was beautifully crafted and you sound good.
Atheismo 3 days ago
... then a Shlaami shows up and he rubs it and spits on it.
buffalojoe78 3 days ago
I hope you gave that patron Lifetime Status for hooking you up lol
Mert Seremet
Mert Seremet 3 days ago
Holy shit lmao, I actually finished a complete Family Size bag of chips at 5am to this video That's how you know this is entertainment+
ShuritGaming 3 days ago
So how much is it worth ?
General ProYT
General ProYT 3 days ago
Who else hates chemistry but still watch this video
Adèle Löffler
Adèle Löffler 4 days ago
Good call not destroying a working Rolex tho
When Will OnePiece End???
The last time I enjoyed watching somthing related to chemistry was a guy with cancer making meth with a methhead..
Blake App
Blake App 4 days ago
What were the costs of all the chemicals used to do this? Was it worth it?
Battle For Nothing
piglins would be so happy if they see this!
Coloring With D
Coloring With D 4 days ago
This was very interesting and entertaining. I wish I was able to take science in school. Thank you so much for sharing ♥♥♥
sean wells
sean wells 4 days ago
it’s 3:31 am why am i still awake and why am i here
Lorali 4 days ago
“It could have been a huge safety hazard, anyways.”
DuckReconMajor 5 days ago
8:45 forbidden EZ Mac
sandra willams
sandra willams 5 days ago
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Conner Malone
Conner Malone 5 days ago
it would probably be cheaper in the long run to just buy a crucible, rather than to constantly use single use methods
Dagny is Awesome
Dagny is Awesome 5 days ago
*I don’t think I understood a word*
Jake Valent
Jake Valent 5 days ago
I think I read you have to electroplate to surpass 99.9%
Fred Gorman
Fred Gorman 5 days ago
I got help from expeditetools,com financially .WIth their help i got a transfer of $35,000 to my bank account .
Misty 5 days ago
If I was this smart I could do this
pavy415 5 days ago
So how is it all worth everything you had made ?
Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas 5 days ago
12:22 desk pov when i get crewmate
Ethans photos
Ethans photos 5 days ago
Now turn it back into jewelry you wont
Defend 5 days ago
The value of 81 grams of pure gold is $5,129.85 on September 16, 2020 (based on $1969.83/ounce price) or £3,948.57 Pound sterling. I wonder how much the materials and fuel cost?
Sup 5 days ago
Stop saying though it’s annoying
Boys when they turn 13 3:54
DJQ 15
DJQ 15 5 days ago
After watching this video, I turned into a jew.
om sindhav
om sindhav 5 days ago
Ace Playezz It
Ace Playezz It 5 days ago
How is that spinny-thingy working inside the beakers? I don't know what it is called and how it works
oberreden 5 days ago
how much heavier was the chloroauric acid compared to the equivalent volume of water? it's filled with gold so I'd assume its heavier, it would be interesting to see the true difference though.
A7ty34g 5 days ago
This guy wanted you to melt down a Rolex for the gold? Is he nuts?
Ronald Kauanoe
Ronald Kauanoe 5 days ago
Good job 👍 now I know how to melt my Gold and turn it into bars just go to Amazon right
JaycobTheNoob 5 days ago
You should totally make me a diamond chain... for free... cus I'm broke
Emily Viktorija
Emily Viktorija 6 days ago
I’m gonna start calling my urine liquid gold because that’s exactly what it looks like.
Synthalia Yana
Synthalia Yana 6 days ago
This is the amount of times he said ‘but’ 👇
madcat789 6 days ago
17:06 What the heck is that pill thing and how is it spinning on its own?
will york
will york 6 days ago
to learn how to melt things,you should watch bigstackedmelting. i love his videos, hes an expert in metal meltiing!
john madden
john madden 6 days ago
What does sulfuric acid do to gold then?
Lemonpie 6 days ago
I come back to this video once in a while
AckzaTV 6 days ago
gold is def a drug fo]r the anunaki
AckzaTV 6 days ago
Letspay his patron to send the bars back to him in a framed portrait and give away the silver one as a gift :)
Dougie Quick
Dougie Quick 6 days ago
Maybe do it again and have anyone that wants to send you their junk gold with the understanding that all the refined gold gets donated to a good charity ...and even show video of the charity recieving the gold bars...
JESUS IS KING 7 days ago
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Luis Ceja
Luis Ceja 7 days ago
Jerico Nox
Jerico Nox 7 days ago
16:55 the forbidden froot juice
Tam Suvarnasara
Tam Suvarnasara 7 days ago
Senku Ishigami e=mc²
Peter Knutsen
Peter Knutsen 7 days ago
Was the copper recovered?
Kusnuo Yashima
Kusnuo Yashima 7 days ago
Dr.stone be like:
M P 7 days ago
Lol . I watched it full ..just to get him money . I had no interest .. but he worked so hard .. I kept watching. His willingness ..patience ..
CRC TUTORS 7 days ago
The reason why I hate lab days😞😞imagine me doing this
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