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Episode 20 - ruvid.net/video/video-69R2oqUhh40.html
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 3 119
Chillafied 12 hours ago
...delirious i need more minecraft from you
Extreme Pikachu Gaming
Delirious what u doin in cartoonz bed with his girl friend i'm thinking shes cheating on him for you GOOD JOB Dude😏😏😏😏😏
Goddess 18
Goddess 18 4 days ago
Why the hell are you all freaking out if he hasn't posted? Christ hes a human, shit happens, be patient. Sounding crazy
Goddess 18
Goddess 18 4 days ago
That's actually a pretty dope rapblol
Emelia Day
Emelia Day 5 days ago
My favorite is the dinosaur and the pony
Kristopher Washington
OMG you should get a shrinking and growing mod! in this case a ANTMAN MOD! That would be so much fun for you!
Daniels Dynamic Gaming
Make me one I was a good boy I liked and subbed
Cherlonda Towns
Cherlonda Towns 5 days ago
Cherlonda Towns
Cherlonda Towns 5 days ago
LUNKY 5 days ago
You need to see what the world looks like with shaders
B B 5 days ago
Arletta is cheating on cartoons with you
LornStriker 859
LornStriker 859 5 days ago
What mods were used
Its Dylan
Its Dylan 6 days ago
i want that texture pack for mobile how download?
Android Gameplay
Android Gameplay 6 days ago
Best rap 2019😎
death wish76
death wish76 6 days ago
6:59 wild cat took drugs
Lior Griver
Lior Griver 6 days ago
Minecraft; the way home
Xavier Gonzalez
Xavier Gonzalez 6 days ago
I am
fuzioned lemon
fuzioned lemon 6 days ago
Nice porkigini
The anime of minecraft
Arogon Flames
Arogon Flames 8 days ago
The creepy clown is coming to town. Like if you remember this
minion michael
minion michael 8 days ago
Hey bronys there is a mod called mythical creatures
Furry Lolz
Furry Lolz 10 days ago
Has pig for 10 seconds *kills him in 5*
K C 10 days ago
You should get the Chinese dragon
mummy Fisher
mummy Fisher 11 days ago
I think h20 delirious and cartoonz would be the best kings 😀😀😀
Tristen Scott
Tristen Scott 11 days ago
They painting your castle way better than it looks me: holy shit
alexander MJ TOUR GAMING
Nice rap no lie, it was better than the GTA V rap about butter chicken nuggets XD
Jevadus Campbell
Jevadus Campbell 14 days ago
His was fasterr cus u was wearing armor
Dioxe Saix
Dioxe Saix 14 days ago
Кто русский лайк
Sorin Miscuta
Sorin Miscuta 15 days ago
4:06 Delirious: He's So Cute! Me: Uh.. Yea With Half His Brain Outside..
lexi_lu 16 days ago
Is there a time limit for your "like" requests?
Will Reese
Will Reese 17 days ago
Cartoonz's last picture was distuuuurbing!!!
rwk92877 20 days ago
you guys should make an abstacle course and have checkpoints with ranbdom "bikes" in it for people to grab while they're racing through it!
Jacobc Cullen
Jacobc Cullen 21 day ago
Is mud stuck in squirrels eye
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 22 days ago
🎵on a magic carpet ride🎵
Jonas Wild Clay Yt
Jonas Wild Clay Yt 23 days ago
gg your rap is AWESOME
john Tarei-lee
john Tarei-lee 23 days ago
How have you guys been to the twilight but not the nether
Urban Eckhardt
Urban Eckhardt 23 days ago
Welcome to Jurassic park
Amen King
Amen King 24 days ago
10:00 I mentioned Watermelone few episodes ago when you said "LIFE" and you sounded like the guy who made the vine.
ShaggyBee 24 days ago
*le me casually waiting for tf2 to load while watching* *delirious and cartoonz spawn notch as delirious reads, “he will eat you”* *Right Behind You plays just as tf2 loads up* Me: oh....spooky
Rex the Extreme Werewolf
Why did you sleep in Cartoonz's bed? You didn't have sex with Arletta, did you?
wutlilly 25 days ago
Love you!! Can you please make more Friday the 13th vids!? They actually update the game now🤣
Alexandria R.
Alexandria R. 25 days ago
14:35 they're losing their minds lmaooo
Jesus Cabrera
Jesus Cabrera 25 days ago
There s one problem to his song... Ur NOT serious..😂😂😂
Little Daniel uwu
Little Daniel uwu 26 days ago
Dude You're already cute
chris goebel
chris goebel 26 days ago
Delirious, could you drop a link for the lucky block mod you guys are using?
Greggary Moore
Greggary Moore 26 days ago
Hoochie cartoon 4:58
cgta6 26 days ago
Can you do a another Minecraft pls
Tiffany Hernandez
Tiffany Hernandez 26 days ago
H2O delirious they blew up Vanoss gaming blew up your wall making machine you need to check it out like right now
Ghost 0
Ghost 0 26 days ago
Do the Dragon Block C mode pls
Justy Turner
Justy Turner 27 days ago
Hey delirious if you did know or not know. Remember that underground lair that you make beds in Minecraft. Well lets just say Vanoss kind off make a "huge" mess in there.
L P 27 days ago
How do u not have endstone?
Arief Uzumaki
Arief Uzumaki 27 days ago
Dude, your teddy bear is missing
_Lisa life_
_Lisa life_ 27 days ago
Я 1 русская? (Видемо да....) Am I 1 Russian? (apparently yes ....)
Amaya Dean
Amaya Dean 27 days ago
Hey is anyone gay in you kerw?🙎❤🙎😽😗😙😘😚😍
ImShiftyBiscuitPW 27 days ago
U dont have about vanoss destroy your cave
Fart Garfunkel
Fart Garfunkel 27 days ago
What mod pack is this
Blizzard-Digital 27 days ago
Blizzard-Digital Can we get a mods list that you guys are using?!?! Please
Nicholas Learn
Nicholas Learn 28 days ago
Anyone else notice the ghast bike in his inventory?? Lmao 😂 he was like this one of the three we couldn’t make
Just get a bow with the infinity enchantment to fire unlimited wither heads
savage man
savage man 28 days ago
I love this sweater
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