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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 3 153
Jenevie Lewis
Jenevie Lewis 43 minutes ago
Wait how about on your next Minecraft video remake all the bikes all your friends want and have a race pleeeeeeeaaaasseee do it I've been subscribed since 3 and I'm ten now.
Ariunbold Turtogtokh
Ken John Ferrater
cartoonz's fan is nobody
Robin Holtz
Robin Holtz 11 days ago
This is the zombie/kill me
Scott Simco
Scott Simco 17 days ago
WWE Network
gamer4life505 28 days ago
It’s Jurassic park it’s a massive park what could possibly go wrong
Archer Smith
Archer Smith 28 days ago
can u guys have a civil war when the pranks get out of hand and go 2v2 wars
McNugget the Teddybear
21:52 idk it somewhat sounds like a drill or a kettle
•milk tea uwu•
Ketut Tutik
Ketut Tutik Month ago
I just saw null disepear beside delirius house at the woods when cartoonz fly with a chicken
x20x287 _YT
x20x287 _YT Month ago
Im pretty sure Kabuto's from Naruto?
Gold Gamer
Gold Gamer Month ago
5:07 oh my god What the hell
Jacoby Gilberto
Jacoby Gilberto Month ago
I loved the idea of the Chinese dragon
Devin Small
Devin Small Month ago
Everyone if you go to 19:38 delirious will have the ghast
Random Clips
Random Clips Month ago
these things are a little rare because you got to *fuc*... Travel Far for them
Andrew Brizuela-DeVoe
Hey even though the king is gone the beat goes on and on hee hee hee
Idiot Punk
Idiot Punk Month ago
was delrious flirting with Daryl payback for cartoonz flirting with Delirious's sister
Ernestine House
Ernestine House Month ago
Darius get a girlfriend in Minecraft now
Bentley Robins
Bentley Robins Month ago
please play trover saves the world
Cesar Pujols
Cesar Pujols Month ago
Notch is the creator of Minecraft so he put himself as a bike in Minecraft
nekokat Month ago
4:10 he looks like a squirrel you'd see in a Disney animated movie.
nekokat Month ago
@RisenAngel18 Haven't seen that movie in a while so I barely remember it.
RisenAngel18 Month ago
Hercules, when Meg is in the forest before Hades shows up
20:45 jj
Matthew Bentley
Matthew Bentley 2 months ago
Top 3 fav: Xavier, wither, dragon
Lauren Richardson
Lauren Richardson 2 months ago
Well I'm nice
Lauren Richardson
Lauren Richardson 2 months ago
No you don't cartoons delirious has more fans than you and subs
Ventura Miguel Rodriguez
I love teddy bear Like you
Guts 2 months ago
I swear these comment sections are filled with a bunch of 9 year olds.
ImNotWeird YourWeird
How does one use/ get these mods? Do you buy them/ what do they cost?
이삭 다크 하트 Isaac Darkhearts
17:51 looks like something.. kinky..😳
Josie C
Josie C 2 months ago
live PD is going to get you giy's XD
Katrina Fuller
Katrina Fuller 2 months ago
Was delirious sleeping in cartoonz bed pervert
Jenny RH
Jenny RH 2 months ago
Y’all need to download the biomes o plenty mod.
procraftbrothers 2 months ago
6:30 Sonic the Pork-chop
Pokèmon Guy40
Pokèmon Guy40 2 months ago
21:18 is a funny part
Elliot Musical
Elliot Musical 3 months ago
23:40 Baby Got Back reference? 😂
The Kid
The Kid 3 months ago
My Borther said He LOVES to handle School things😉 me wtf😦
Allen Crenshaw
Allen Crenshaw 3 months ago
Allen Crenshaw
Allen Crenshaw 3 months ago
Aman Dhaliwal
Aman Dhaliwal 3 months ago
The sunflower is a UFO
ריקי סויסה
ריקי סויסה 3 months ago
Colby Pelly
Colby Pelly 3 months ago
0:00 the crappiest rap I ever heard
DJ. DragonLord
DJ. DragonLord 3 months ago
19:41 delirious had a ghast bike in his inv
Raymundo Rosales
Raymundo Rosales 3 months ago
ahahahahahaahhahahahah so funy
Ricky Fitzl
Ricky Fitzl 3 months ago
You are the best
Josie Gillesania
Josie Gillesania 3 months ago
Delirious can you play ice scream
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez 3 months ago
Ey i know the best medicine 🤓😈
dena wright
dena wright 3 months ago
Rachel Dobson
Rachel Dobson 3 months ago
Wtf weird photo
MTidy_RBLX Tm 3 months ago
guys he wosent uploding for 4 days becose vanoss blew hess house on a another server soo what happend they placed tnt in his house and vanoss had a flint and steel and he active the tnt and then his house blew and they did not know how to undo the server
Wakel Ersers
Wakel Ersers 3 months ago
eder drogon
Jesus Garaño Jr
Jesus Garaño Jr 3 months ago
triadic vendetta
triadic vendetta 3 months ago
The creeper was actually a pig that as gliched
dogsocute2323 3 months ago
When are u gonna ho back on Terrisors mincraft server its now modded Edit:respect the drip karin
ric redaja
ric redaja 4 months ago
Bad rap
ric redaja
ric redaja 4 months ago
Ibad rap
thegaming snake
thegaming snake 4 months ago
Who saw the wolf at 7:32
Calvin Hairston
Calvin Hairston 4 months ago
Your channal is dying😭😭😭
Franky Delgado
Franky Delgado 4 months ago
I mean cartoons
Franky Delgado
Franky Delgado 4 months ago
Are you mad about h20 was with arlitta cartons
douglas hanford
douglas hanford 4 months ago
you killed sqorills famliy
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