TURN AROUND AND RUN!! | The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

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This creepypasta really comes to life! Awesome Text Horror Game!
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Sep 30, 2016




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Comments 80
Twisted Foxy
Twisted Foxy Day ago
Markiplier might not be THE cure for boredom in 2020 but he is A cure.
Just taking a second to think about how cute was his reaction when he realized there was more than one ending.
Kitty K
Kitty K Day ago
I didnt understand this game.
Crosto 64
Crosto 64 3 days ago
All the people that look at Nintendo leaks will understand the name
Lucky Top Hat Studios
I like how in 4:28 it mentions how the "Unknown Items" are from the future "Large black box with green highlights" - Xbox 360 or just any Xbox "A smaller purple box" - Gamecube But then there's some that I'm not sure of: "A strange white and yellow tower with what look like gloves resting on hooks on either side" - ??? "A compact white cone" - ??? Tell me what you think the last two are in the comments.
Aaron Biney
Aaron Biney 4 days ago
A strang white and yellow thing could be a wii but a wii colour is either black and blue or white and blue
maya 5 days ago
this is just half an hour of markiplier flexing on how fast he can read
Victor Kimball
Victor Kimball 6 days ago
what a really fun and cool game!!!
The Reebstir
The Reebstir 6 days ago
Frick man, if my friends tried to feed me to a monster I'd be like, "I'll see you never!" This kid is a saint.
Seth Deth
Seth Deth 7 days ago
Wow my phone won't buffer on a add but will buffer crazy when watching the actual video
Raxzofstaxz gaming
Raxzofstaxz gaming 10 days ago
This is my favorite Markiplier video. It has to be because this is my 37th time watching this video.
The Fizzy Fox
The Fizzy Fox 10 days ago
I just love how excited Mark was when he found out there were five endings.
David Holmes
David Holmes 11 days ago
I basically dave yay I’m your friend
Lunar Moon
Lunar Moon 12 days ago
3 years ago?? no no no you must be mistaken this video came out just yesterday. **suddenly realizes how much time has actually passed since i started watching markiplier** oh....
Huma Amjad
Huma Amjad 13 days ago
This is so sad
Huma Amjad
Huma Amjad 13 days ago
This is so god damn boring and not scary to me until the door knocking
Nathan Is Cool
Nathan Is Cool 15 days ago
1:59 This is the embodiment of the buttery voice of Markiplier
Lovesanicwinx382 17 days ago
This is whaT ThE UnCLE thinkS W2$=h$&$5&y Did√=$7$# Y#%#&7+O#&='-U 101101d34343#$O th8u to @$%&&M#%-+-4$E
༻kawii༺ 19 days ago
Mark: oh yay I haven't had dinner in days Me: me neither bud ,T^T
Jacob Carrasco
Jacob Carrasco 19 days ago
I remember watching this when I was younger and being so disturbed by this, mostly by the music
Mason Hauschildt
Mason Hauschildt 21 day ago
I began to play the game when you talkto dave about the storm you find out that dave tells the uncle to get rid of dave's brother REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Coolantish 22 days ago
Mr.Goodman 22 days ago
Beanii 23 days ago
I reget watching this at 3 am when I get scared easily and have a great imagination-
M U F F the Tf2 sniper boy
You should have chose Brandon that’s my name
Crigame5 Nick
Crigame5 Nick 27 days ago
Comments:Maybe the uncle is a dream? The game theorists:Hello internet...
Taco 28 days ago
“I’m gonna say it,, I don’t think your uncle works for Nintendo”
QTLK 28 days ago
this is one of my favorite videos you’ve ever made
crushed fingers
crushed fingers Month ago
Bud V Scrub
Bud V Scrub Month ago
Dat demon mario
Vilius Skrockas
Vilius Skrockas Month ago
who watches this in 2020?
GLTR Month ago
I kinda want to work at Nintendo just so my Nieces Nephews can say "My Auntie works for Nintendo"
GLTR Month ago
I'd play N64 at Dave's house, his mom sounds hot
Mabes Month ago
27:42 the background looks like a *cough*
Xero Aishintu
Xero Aishintu Month ago
21:08 "No...not here yet. But coming. It's hungry, and you're dinner." -1408; Stephen King.
Muffinz ovo
Muffinz ovo Month ago
Me: N I C E, hey uncle can i have a nintendo switch? also me: OML WTH
good howdy dowdy dooster we have a lot of anti gamer comments in here
Space Dave
Space Dave Month ago
I'm very happy about that first decission...
Micah Month ago
edit! for those wondering what the trigger warnings are for the game, since mark doesnt mention them I went and found them on the site. the game has a possible plot mentioning suicide, and may recall abuse from the hands of parents or peers. there are no scares through things like jumpscares I hope this helps !!!
Adam Michael
Adam Michael Month ago
Me:(watches this video) After:(puts down iPad and picks up Nintendo switch) Me:(reconsiders my life choices)
Moose Man
Moose Man Month ago
Man, that’s a shitty friend. Sacrificing your bro to an eldritch horror? Gross
The Kiddo
The Kiddo Month ago
Bro just imagine how good that popcorn tasted though
Quentin Summers
Quentin Summers Month ago
who else got some snacks when it was dinner in the game
TopCat 101
TopCat 101 Month ago
Music - 200% Marks voice - 150% Sound effects - 30%
Bucket Head
Bucket Head Month ago
I originally thought Dave was ‘That kid’ lmao. We *ALL* know the type.
WyattDraws Decently
Mama mia
ٰ Month ago
..Am I seriously the only homestuck here..
Dustin Barlow
Dustin Barlow Month ago
THat was a perfect ending to the video. Some of that friendship dialogue had me tear up a bit.... I have a couple of friends like that. A friend isn't somebody who stands with you when you succeed, a friend is somebody who crawls into the mud with you when you fail....
Heracrotix Month ago
Still a classic
Alex Stringer (STUDENT)
*”Dave? Daaaave! Dave? Dave.”*
emma x
emma x Month ago
kinda miss the red hair ngl
Uncle Hargle
Uncle Hargle Month ago
Why the fuck did someone make a game about me? I just work at Nintendo. There’s no problem about that?
froggy carnival
froggy carnival Month ago
ever since this video came out in 2016 ive never not been terrified of watching this video, and ive gotten more tolerant with horror since then but this game still scares me more than any game or movie has
The Narrator
The Narrator Month ago
I live in a small town that begins with B and S in north-east Kansas, next to Kansas City, and theres a huge thunderstorm outside.
CharType Month ago
The links in this game are broken for me. I've tried it on both Firefox and Google Chrome. :(
Harry T S
Harry T S Month ago
This is f***ing terrifying
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen Month ago
Lol my boy(space)friend still hugs his mom whenever he sees her and its the sweetest thing
Lonely Plant
Lonely Plant Month ago
This was uploaded on my birthday and it's still one of my favorite videos to date
Mark Dave Josol
Mark Dave Josol Month ago
Hello Mark! It's your best friend, Dave.
Geoff Knight
Geoff Knight Month ago
Thivener Kayla
Thivener Kayla Month ago
i wish there were jumpscares
Ghost Month ago
alexa, play kira’s theme.
Zentourne Month ago
Is it just me who is sad because how Mark responded to his mom and didn’t kiss her at the start?
Michael Mcdowell
Dave must love star fox 64
Clementine Phoenix
So friend got a mewtwo and you got mew?
Impresionator Month ago
I saw a fucking Pokémon go hack ad in 20 fecking 20 goooood looooord!
Doodlesphere Mania
I still love this game. This is the 5th time i've watched this video and i've played the game myself many times. It's just so emotional to me, and I love the secret ending.
Drake 14
Drake 14 Month ago
5:29 starfox 64 my fav game
Alienbir Playz
Alienbir Playz Month ago
Hey my name was one of the choices for best friend and so was my last name
Herobrine Carr
Herobrine Carr Month ago
Me watching this: I'm Eating Spaghetti And MeatBalls.
Kariane Morris
Kariane Morris Month ago
Lily Farrell
Lily Farrell Month ago
Yay! New outfits for all the characters!
ChowpeczMU Month ago
New SCP confirmed.... SCP-572:Gameboy-THE UNCLE WHO WORKS FOR NINTENDO......... 😂😂😂
217sherlock 2 months ago
Everytime i see this video it is still both terrifying and sad
SomeNerdyGirl 2 months ago
Wow this was a good game.
O2Insanity 2 months ago
Will you ever play another game like this again? If there are any like this.
LifeSpark 2 months ago
Idk why but I thought of an annoying kid threatening to delete all my save data on my switch because his uncle works at Nintendo...
Vynall Dash
Vynall Dash 2 months ago
Bullcrap! Mew is too weak to 1 hit anything! Mewtwo is OP tho
Lysander the Magician
I know this is an old vid but I read the uncle as a metaphor for abusive/toxic relationships. Not like he’s dating the kid but relationships in general. He comes in asking for help, making the kid feel like he’s the only one who can help, then threatens him. He cuts him off from other family members and people who can help, and in return for gifts, but only if the kid continually sacrifices his own needs (family, friends) for him. You defeat him at the end by resisting his attempts to isolate your friend from you. I was really fascinated by this game and I think I’ll poke around to see what the creator says. Good playthrough
magic dust
magic dust 2 months ago
tbh the title of the game reminds me of a creepypasta.
Opposite Day
Opposite Day 2 months ago
0:40 Dave? Daaaave! Dave? Dave! Greg. Steve? Bill? Dave!
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