Turn a ceiling fan into a wind turbine generator?!

Giesbert Nijhuis
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A ceiling fan looks similar to a wind turbine, so one may wonder if it can be used as such. Most ceiling fans are induction motors, that don't generate electricity when being turned. You will have to add magnets. That and many other points are dealt with in this experiment. The goal of this video is to learn how stuff works, and to help everybody who wants to try this conversion themselves. I hope you can learn from my experiment, and make a better version.
Giesbert Nijhuis
My website: www.laesieworks.com/

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7 дек 2018




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Jaap Barendrecht
Jaap Barendrecht 2 часа назад
Erg leuke eerlijke video!
Goo Gle
Goo Gle 9 часов назад
Have you investigated using an automotive alternator? They can be purchased at scrap yards for a reasonable price. Although not brushless, they come with a rectifier bridge set for 12volts DC. The challenge is mostly mechanical and may require reduction/multiplication gearing, but using pulleys and fan belts should be simpler. Perhaps an omni-directional vertical turbine blade with the alternator/s at the base using a fan belt and pulleys.
kreazyv8 13 часов назад
you sir, are a speedy eye'd missileman.. got yourself a folower..
michael young
michael young 14 часов назад
use the pulsating d.c. to to a battery set, why use a d.c to d.c. converter???
Jo In
Jo In 15 часов назад
I've worked on generators for the past 40 years. Try a Newage Voltage Regulator. They won't shutdown from over heat because they have a heat sink installed. From my experience, a Newage voltage regulator is the best you can use.
arun s
arun s 17 часов назад
prodiverwalt 18 часов назад
Capacitors must be rated at twice the voltage that is expected.
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar 18 часов назад
there is lot to learn in this video so thank u
KEITH KUHN 20 часов назад
Video very well thought-out great job my friend
Pete A
Pete A 21 час назад
Awesome projects. I studied electric motors physics in middle school....and magnets and how it all works....fun stuff...
Harold Hart
Harold Hart 22 часа назад
Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt День назад
You lost me at "Hey, their''. I am impressed by your commitment and experiment
Stephen Berry
Stephen Berry День назад
An easy solution is a three phase motor connected in delta or star depending on the voltage required. You would then place capacitors across the terminals. However the output will still be unstable due to wind conditions and frequency. There are several advantages to this type of alternator. The waveform factor is excellent and if the alternator is overloaded the magnetic fields will simply collapse without damage. simple interruption of the circuit and resetting it will allow it to recover. This principle is used on many farms and connected to a tractor. The tractors governor will then be set at a speed to give you 50 or 60 hz dependent on your requirements. Driven like this you have a stable generator Driven by wind is a different story. You would have to convert to dc. Regulate and charge batteries. Use the batteries to then drive a UPS. which would bring the voltage up to your required stable voltage. As Phil Weatherly suggests a switch mode power supply would be a much better option. Its cheaper, smaller and more efficient and can can be incorporated as a voltage regulator as well to charge your batteries. However you would need over charging protection. www.alternative-energy-tutorials.com/energy-articles/induction-generators.html. I experimented with this years ago and it does work.
The Wallpaper Man
The Wallpaper Man День назад
your sticky mouth sound noises are unbeAArrabuLL for me to Lis-mtck-ten-mtck too mtck
entertain me xxx
entertain me xxx День назад
use trilithium from gamma 3 in the tritium galaxy..🚽🚽🚽🚽👽
entertain me xxx
entertain me xxx День назад
burn the nerds.." i just happen to have an [extra] fan..in the box..dick head..just get an alternator..habeeb 👽🔫🍸
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia День назад
N 52 neodymium magnets, problem solve.
Markus .Decimus
Markus .Decimus День назад
you sir are a little too hard on yourself. that was a great example of turning nothing into something very useful and useable. you now Giesbert.. its more about making the most of what you have at hand.. then the ideal ..
Ronald Aldred
Ronald Aldred День назад
Well, High voltage and low current flow is excellent for power transmission. Do not forget that power=voltage times amperage. For ac voltage a stepdown transformer would allow the ac to be reduced by the ratio of the transformer windings. The secondary wiring that would be carring a lot more current would have to be a heavier gauge to reduce the copper losses. Sounds as if engineering should be used. If you understand what I have said then research further to solve estimated variables to achieve a stable system else ask some one who is an engineer, else turn the page because I will not give more than say you don't understand enough and start to learn about what you do not understand.
MShrader211 День назад
Interesting and fun experiment, but highly impractical. One thing i haven't seen mentioned is how would you weather-proof the "generator" for outside use? Why not just grab an automotive alternator (or 2 or 3) from your local junk yard and find a good way to attach blades and a mount to that instead? They already are weatherproof, designed for long service life at high rpm's... you just need large enough blades to spin them and a mount to hold it up in the air. Right?
Elvis Presley 2
Elvis Presley 2 День назад
Smart man I can't wait to try it Too !!!
Joe Krol
Joe Krol День назад
This was an EXCELLENT vid. I learned a lot!!! I am planning on building a Chicken coop and since I live in the North East USA it gets cold in the winter. So their water needs to have a heating element in it to keep it from freezing. I am looking at supplemental methods of heating the water so I don't need to have constant electrical draw on the house current in the colder months. I was thinking Solar panels on the roof but this has sparked my interest in a wind turbine. I have subscribed to your page this is really fantastic and educational!
vico see
vico see 2 дня назад
You are awesome
vico see
vico see 2 дня назад
Do you own a farm ? ? ?
William Cox
William Cox 2 дня назад
You did a great job with this video thank you! Perfect
David Sandquist
David Sandquist 2 дня назад
Now connect it to rechargeable batteries. This way you can harness the power for use.
Phoenix Smith
Phoenix Smith 2 дня назад
Yes you can use an induction motor as a generator, they are used all the time for this ! Just drive them slightly faster than the rated speed and they output about the same voltage they use. Apply 12v DC to the coils for a second to create a little magnetism if it doesn't work the first time. Besided that NO CHANGES ARE NEEDED but they only work well at about the rated speed. If 1700RPM run them at 1750RPM for example. But I don't think they work at low speeds like here.
Lee Mcnabney
Lee Mcnabney 3 дня назад
Nice work my friend liked your vid i hope u make a better 1 all the best.
Cory Q
Cory Q 3 дня назад
absolutely hate the voice over ... try to smoke less weed before you narrate
Cory Q
Cory Q День назад
no u
JENNA H 2 дня назад
Timothy Sheridan
Timothy Sheridan 3 дня назад
optomizing the wind blades will be interesting.
demon feline
demon feline 3 дня назад
How about going to a garage sale hopefully you'll come across a treadmill with a generator in it, that's already equipped with digital gauge.
Gerald R. Racette & Rover my Westie
Bloody waste of time.
JENNA H 2 дня назад
so is your life
Rickey L. McSpadden II
Rickey L. McSpadden II 3 дня назад
What could the energy from that turbine be used to power?
Robert Lockard
Robert Lockard 3 дня назад
Questions. 1. would a leyden jar work in place of the capacitor? (if yes then goto 2) 2. is there a way to calculate the storage capacity of a leyden jar before it is built? (if yes then goto 3) 3. what's the formula used?
Charlie Theroux
Charlie Theroux 3 дня назад
Great job with the tutorial mate!
Wifirex 3 дня назад
great job man - keep looking up! Where did you find your full bridge rectifier by the way? I'm trying to find the same one with the LCD display. Cheers
zahoor elahi
zahoor elahi День назад
Wifirex you can make your own bridge rectifier from four common rectifiers by connecting them in bridge rectifying manner. If you want I can give you more detail on its construction.
ztype232323 3 дня назад
I hear chicken s in the background
JENNA H 2 дня назад
that's the backround noise of your brain trying to function....
Rod Kerkhoven
Rod Kerkhoven 3 дня назад
Rod Kerkhoven
Rod Kerkhoven 3 дня назад
Here is good link. this guy is thinking..he moves rotor in one direction and rotates the field in the other direction. Shows you that the term 'why didn't I think of that' may always exist.' ...so simple yet so effective. Good luck.///I believe in momentum and kinetic energy and that the power of frictionless energy has always been available.... there's just no profit in it. Thanks for the film.
darkracer125 3 дня назад
god damnit. why did you have to say "full bridge rectifier" now i have to go watch electroboom.
jon hawkins
jon hawkins 4 дня назад
True genius.. Thats all I can say
Bo Staph-Maverix
Bo Staph-Maverix 4 дня назад
A lot of great comments to really make this work. When I look at the ceiling fan design with it shaft I am naturally drown to the idea of making a turbine with three to five of these units in series. It would take some work to make a single shaft on which several of these units were placed. This would do several things. MORE POWER and also more drag from each additional unit. By the way this easily spins there is not a lot of magnetic resisance in this unit. When you look at a car alternator they turn much harder in comparison. I was in the automotive industry, I was in full building maintenance where we had to make tools and adapt things for older heating plant applications. In the military and in Old School power plants and so on they have generators and motors running in tandum with a governor between then to keep them from tearing each other up. When this one in a partial state can put out 50 volts AC we do not have the amps. Three to five of these in series could run almost anything made. The requirement is a large capacatance storage system and that is where the BIG BUCKS are. What is really needed is a version of the Edison Nickle Iron Batteries Made In America and sold at a price people could reasonably aford them, The advantage of lead is in LONGEVITY lead batteries last 2-5 years Edison Batteries Lasted decades and could be taken appart cleaned and then used again. China make the Iron Edison and the prices they charge are utterly fantastic as the actual battery core Iron and Nickle cost relatively NOTHING the fluid was Alcaline and little bottles to add to the batteries "Oil" which was not oil just a thicker viscous fliuid to replenish the cells. Nuff Said
N. Suthers
N. Suthers 4 дня назад
Very cool - excellent walk-through!
wage earner
wage earner 4 дня назад
Try this addition to your design. twitter.com/MikeHudema/status/1108584124682563585
RICH82AIRBORNE 4 дня назад
what happens if you put a piece of glass between 2 of them turning opposite directions making opposite fields?
Exotic Rock Productions
Exotic Rock Productions 4 дня назад
There's very strong magnets available now - maybe after my other projects I'll give this a try....cool thanks!
peter Hayes
peter Hayes 4 дня назад
was that a relative of Stephen Hawking? asking for a friend.....
peter Hayes
peter Hayes 4 дня назад
I feel pretty dumb right now
SrIrv 4 дня назад
Nice video. have you considered using an alternator?
Stan TheObserver
Stan TheObserver 4 дня назад
I still don't get how the LED's know to flash at the right time accurately. Fun to watch things I don't understand.
Al Heyn
Al Heyn 4 дня назад
It is okay to reject a premise when well investigated. Good job
Bobby Bologna
Bobby Bologna 4 дня назад
I'm building one of these out of junk parts from a store... Paid $10 for everything lol
Antonio kim
Antonio kim 4 дня назад
I think this is great, I am looking forward to make wind turbine but I didn't know what to try but you have just given me a very useful idea i like it and hope you achieve the goal you are looking for..
Red Rooster
Red Rooster 5 дней назад
Start with a Landcruiser 4 wheel drive wheel bearing, or whatever you have lying around that is as strong as hell and go from there. Then you can make this exactly how you want it to be or in the alternative use a washing machine motor.
Patrick Brumm
Patrick Brumm 5 дней назад
add a governor to keep the thing from spinning too fast
Bo Staph-Maverix
Bo Staph-Maverix 4 дня назад
A governor is a good suggestion. That would not stop high wind gusts from tearing up the wind turbine as happens a lot. There is the power end protection and the actual turbine protection. And Engineer above discussed the inner coils being used to create resistance to slow down the turbine thus seeking to regulate the hight speed possibilities of this unit.
Sharptooth100 5 дней назад
Even adding solar panels to a wind turbine generator is also a great option and improvement lad. You can give that a try. Even greater putting something like that on an electric bike as an option making the bike run faster when you pedal.
Tim Hollars
Tim Hollars 5 дней назад
Go to NAPA and get a regulator for a John Deere lawn tractor. It will handle any voltage that fan can put out and regulates it to 13.6 volts to charge a lead acid battery up to 20 amps. The part number is NAPA type SME 7068102 regulator rated at 20 amps. NAPA has a lifetime warranty, and it is around $80USD
John Doe
John Doe 5 дней назад
How many watts out of it?
Jerry Michrina
Jerry Michrina 5 дней назад
A real life MacGyver
John Stark
John Stark 5 дней назад
Will the bearings work as well if the orientation of the shaft is moved from vertical to horizontal? Seems like a savonius design would be better for the bearing wear.
Rod Lawless
Rod Lawless 5 дней назад
Damn. I had everything I needed for this until I started chucking out rubbish. One mans trash is anothers treasure.
Peter Burgess
Peter Burgess 5 дней назад
I know nothing of electrics, and so want to get my own free Electricity. Your practical approach using what is available is commendable and very informative. A very well put together Video that is clear and understandable. Someone somewhere has made there own wind generator, and you sir are the right person to make the video.
procoror a Evii
procoror a Evii 5 дней назад
I agree that when a guy has the time or ,and the willing to spend it in the research with small power sources, it's ok. Otherwize i think your idea of building from schratch is the most viable,since any way you have to spend time into building it.i have a bunch of small and big Dc electric motors the bigest is ghe 10 amp.200v.and i need a Dc to ac convertor for it.i would of put it to wind and stabilise it to 120 v
8alot4t 5 дней назад
What about the Samsung digital motors? Are they too expensive or reasonable for the task in hand?
8alot4t 5 дней назад
What a clever boy!! Seriously!!
Tangobaldy 6 дней назад
You need add a regulator likely oldsteam engines or windup clocks might be called a governor. I might make something like this and wire it to my hot water heater. It's always windy here
Alex 6 дней назад
Try a gear box
Phil Batterson
Phil Batterson 6 дней назад
Giesbert, That is an excellent tutorial video. I look forward to seeing your other videos. -Phil
Edward Vignati
Edward Vignati 6 дней назад
Still, very nice
Karthick Hemabushanam
Karthick Hemabushanam 6 дней назад
Good try.
echodelta9 7 дней назад
Are you near a chicken coop? I keep hearing a faint rooster.
None Blank
None Blank 7 дней назад
You could have used the inner coils as a break when you need to slow down in high winds.
Pongo 7 дней назад
Think you could use a mppt for stabilisations ?
Geopholus 7 дней назад
Almost half of the points You make at around 9 minutes are wrong. The hole in the middle of the rotor doesn't hurt at all as the fields induced in the stator are mostly to the adjacent windings. The thin wire (and more windings) allow the alternator to more easily produce a higher voltage (with less current , but overall watts are the same) This alternator would probably work best at around the 120 volts (or was that 220?) the motor was designed for.. The wires need to be insulated from the core, (not touching) and as long as they are wrapped around the pole plates so that they "encase" the pole pieces, better that 95 % of the energy produced by them is carried by the core. . Having pieces between adjacent poles also doesn't help at all . This is where the induced fields project into the stator, if You put those little laminate pieces in there they are oriented 90 degrees from the direction they should be in (parallel to the alternating fields) , and all they do is provide a little magnetic path between adjacent poles rather than allowing them to receive the magnetic field from the rotor. On the rotor You could use a pole piece that joins all the N poles together and another pole piece that joins all the S poles together. Actually having all the pole pieces supplied by one magnet with alternating "teeth" is the way it is usually done. Your goal should be to couple as much energy from the stator to the outside regulator, and to the connectors You want to get power from. Probably the best way to do this is to make a step -up ramp voltage multiplier, so that a series of capacitors get "stacked' and charged alternately, and store voltage until the threshold is reached, (Maybe 110 Volts), and then use a controlled discharge to get as much current out of it as possible. This way when the wind velocity is low and only a little voltage is produced , a low voltage cap gets charged, and then once staurated a diode gets forward biased and the next cap, in a "staircase" gets charged... This way You are not wasting energy when wind is low.
jbond1957 7 дней назад
Finally, a video that is simple, informative and easy to follow.... Well done....
Geopholus 7 дней назад
Actually cutting away the inner winding is a big mistake! It is the coupling of the two phases that give it torque as a motor, and it would also create a sine/cosine relationship between the windings that would produce a coupling were collapsing of the field in one winding is reciprocal to the building of a field in the adjacent winding , so that current and voltage follow one another in the composite , power cycle. Because the inner and outer windings are like the primary and secondary of a transformer, they draw current when they are loaded, and freewheel , when unloaded. It is fine to use permanent magnets in the rotor, and a small air gap, and use it to charge a bank of capacitors or a battery, so that You can regulate the power produced. In a car alternator, they use windings for both the rotor and stator, but there is a "tickler coil" that generates a small field which is amplified, by the torque applied, and a 'regulator" control circuit is used to feedback appropriate voltage to the tickler coil so that the alternator produces a constant voltage output. When the revs are low a low current is produced when the revs are high a high current is produced. An induction motor can be used in the same way as long as it has a polyphase system of coils. A single phase system with "shorting" rings like those in small induction motors can not easily be converted to run in generator mode. Using a solid Ferric material for the rotor, is also a mistake, as eddy currents are generated in opposition to the applied field, and current can flow in the magnetic material if it is solid, and a conductor.,... A permissive magnet field material is better, something like a non current conducting ferrite, or the laminated style of assembly of pole plates that are typically used in motors or alternators. It actually looks like the rotor that was on the original fan must have been a permissive magnet material,... but if it doesn't hold a semi permanent field it will not work. Mechanically balancing the rotor is extremely important, and narrowing the gap would be good. I guess I have to put up a video to show everyone how to do this. But basically You can model Your design on a car alternator,... or do a little more research into alternator/ generator design. Tesla figured out how to do all this stuff in the late 1800's, and we have the advantage of far superior materials, for magnets, and pole pieces, today! Not only that but the ceiling fan is at least 50% of the way there already.
Canadian Flyer
Canadian Flyer 5 дней назад
Yeah, what they said^^
diane mclaughlin
diane mclaughlin 7 дней назад
Will it work with a 15 or 16 inch subwoofer speaker magnet?
Bo Staph-Maverix
Bo Staph-Maverix 4 дня назад
Are you speaking of a large ring magnet? If you are I bought two. And made something that Lightsaber showed on a video. A very interesting generator coil that makes current with no moving parts but the wires buzz loudly and will wear through over time.
Tony Griffiths
Tony Griffiths 8 дней назад
Atr minute 9 I feel to respond. C76 with Potassium, a molecule that is helix in its structure. BBC's Tomorrows World was all over this 1990 to 1992. A high temperature superconductor. 20 Degs 'C' Superconductive. Just as HHO when burnt as a fuel in a car produces 'Pure Water' from the exhaust. C60 'The Third Carbon Atom' 7 times tougher than Diamond. Starlite (R.I.P.) Dr Maurice Ward, insulation that can withstand 10,000 'C' From 7 compounds mixed together, his children named it 'Starlite' So much beiong held back from us !??
Jimmy Favereau
Jimmy Favereau 7 дней назад
thanks Tony thats the tip of the iceburg, being held back, research flat water... no matter how big the body of water is, its is always selph leveling.. think about that.. does not pool on a sphere but runs off..
Patrick Lambert
Patrick Lambert 8 дней назад
I really enjoyed your video.........thanks
Nick G.
Nick G. 8 дней назад
It's alot easier to bypass the hydro meter so the utilities don't steal your hard earned coin !
crash58 8 дней назад
Slip rings to carry the output current past the swivel allowing the generator assembly to point always to the wind direction.
Mick 8 дней назад
Who cares Islam is taking over your country anyways
ThePaulv12 8 дней назад
It is generally accepted that a certain model Fisher and Paykel washing machine motor is a prime candidate for a wind turbine or hydro powered turbine. I'll see if I can find a link. Here we go: www.google.com/search?q=Fisher+and+Paykel+motor+wind+turbine&safe=off&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjwy_6p0IjhAhWPTX0KHWdEDdgQ_AUIECgD&biw=1366&bih=613
jeffrey morrison
jeffrey morrison 8 дней назад
great job. a good example of generator tech is to look at an automotive alternator. in such cases we use a bit of current to generate an opposing field and that allows us to regulate the output and vary the load as needed. the alternator has all the bits to rectify the electron flow and the system does what it should. recently there was a movie released on netflix about a kid in africa that made a crude wind generator using a bicycle with a dynamo and a cobbled battery he dredged up from a heap of old car parts. as the story goes, against all odds he saved his community from starvation. a hero indeed. when the world gets plunged into an ice age, guys like you will live. the stock brokers and politicians will all freeze.
James Perron
James Perron 8 дней назад
I would use an MPPT charge controller with this concept. Along with a motor that already has magnets like the ones you show at the end. There are MPPT charge controllers that will allow an input voltage of more than 100 volts and give you the option to convert down to 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 volts DC to charge batteries and do it very efficiently. At 12 volts for example there are plenty of options available for charging your phone or other devices.
Tom M
Tom M 8 дней назад
Would have been easier to just buy a wind generator. But thanks for the info.
David Zucker
David Zucker 7 дней назад
Buying one? Where's the fun in that? Besides, my impression of the video wasn't that he wanted a genrrator, he wanted an interesting project.
Sander Tel
Sander Tel 8 дней назад
Leuk idee maar het probleem is dat een plafondventilator slechts gebruik maakt van een enkele fase terwijl een beetje aardige generator 3 fases of meer gebruikt. Je zou de spoelen anders kunnen aansluiten tov elkaar maar dan hou je denk ik erg weinig vermogen over netto/netto. Wellicht beter om een direct drive wasmachine motor te verbouwen...
Rahmet 96
Rahmet 96 8 дней назад
Can a part from a car or a motocycle be used to make a windturbine i forgot the name of thet part.
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson 7 дней назад
Rahmet 96 ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-SXiWTH7FUm8.html
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson 7 дней назад
Rahmet 96... I dont know but someone will tell you...try searching it here...ummm...motorcycle alternator to windmill generator diy
Rahmet 96
Rahmet 96 7 дней назад
+Mel Gibson will it be eficient from a bike ?
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson 7 дней назад
Rahmet 96 ...yes and its easier...you are thinking of the alternator.
quadsman11 8 дней назад
Quite a bit of work and time ! But I appreciate your detailed narration ! Looking forward to seeing your end result !
First time working with electronics? I'm impressed. I studied electronics and I love them. It's so fun and awesome.
LostJohnny 8 дней назад
See 'Tech Ingredients' channel for their prototype hybrid "Drone Generator". They use off-the-shelf brushless hobby motors as 3 phase alternators. Also JehuGarcia channel is a goldmine for info and links to building battery banks and solar/wind charging components. Since wind is not a constant, you're limited to charging Lithium cells as efficiently as possible. If you are new to lithium, do some research. The energy density is the best we have but needs to be well regulated, stored and monitored at all times.
D U V A G E 9 дней назад
Fred 9 дней назад
The idea came to me today. And boom! I found your video. Thanks.
Crazy Farm Life
Crazy Farm Life 9 дней назад
I think you need some sort of governing system to control the speed, this way you won't blow the capacitors. Keep the bridge rectifier, but get rid of the other electronics. Buy a charge controller instead. And attach it away from the motor, that way it won't interfere with the motor and it won't get in the way.
WinZard 9 дней назад
washer motors are a great source as well.....
Wallace Worthan
Wallace Worthan 9 дней назад
If u neen help let me know
Wallace Worthan
Wallace Worthan 9 дней назад
I know how to make u a prepechuwell motor free engegy all different ways to make
Wallace Worthan
Wallace Worthan 9 дней назад
Use prepechuwell motion look up how it s do
EggTEA with CatnipS
EggTEA with CatnipS 9 дней назад
you can use gear and chain from an old bicycle between the fan and the motor to make it spin faster. I think that might work. I love it. I will try to make one.
Michael 9 дней назад
i like your idea, but a few years ago i wanted to make a turbine. My thought was similar to yours but i went with a car alternator to convert. not a lot was needed to make it work and i was able (at the time) to purchase cheap old alternators from a auto wreckers salvage shop. it cost me about $15 for an alternator of a 6 cylinder car. once i had wired the alternator and added fan blades i made from sheet aluminium, my generator was able to charge a car battery in a day from dead flat. my fan was only 80 cm in diameter and the whole thing cost me me under a hundred dollars once all costs were counted (excluding the battery). my plan was to have a bank of 10 x 24 volt truck batteries in line to produce 240 volts as my mains power to my house is 240 volt. i was going to ad solar panels to the charging process to double the charge charge rate, and eventually set the battery bank under the house. i could not complete the hobby as i became injured and unable to continue. but to me, in my head, it was a breakthrough for suburban free energy. funnily enough, the solar thing took off some years after and i believe now it will be cheaper to have professional companies to supply and install solar panels and a Tesla battery. but i had fun back in the day thinking i was going to be rich with my design of wind and solar energy for individual houses. ironically, all my neighbors have professionally installed solar panels and free electricity, while i am still connected to the power company and paying the HIGHEST electricity prices in the world. Yes, i am in Australia, where elderly ppl die each year from the cold and the heat as they cant afford to use electricity. it is 5 times higher to buy electricity here than europe or asia. hence, i wanted to build a home made free power generator (Solar and wind)
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