Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)

the Hacksmith
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We've created the WORLD'S HEAVIEST 1:1 scale replica of Mjolnir! Watch the video to find out how heavy it is!
There are many other "heavy" mjolnirs out there, but not many are 1:1 scale replicas! The "heaviest" is probably How Ridiculous' BUT their hammer is also a good 2X bigger than a real mjolnir!
The only way to make this heavier would be to make it ENTIRELY out of Tungsten, or spend millions on Osmium -- the densest metal available!
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May 23, 2019




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Comments 80
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Year ago
TOP QUESTIONS: - Why didn't you melt tungsten? Because it's got the highest melting point of any metal - no mold could hold it! - How Ridiculous has a heavier one! Yes... But it's also like twice the size. We have the heaviest 1:1 scale replica - Use Osmium, it's denser than tungsten! It would cost $3.2M if you could even find enough. Other questions can likely be answered by watching our original video on the lead filled version, don't forget to check out all seven of our different thor hammers! Thanks for watching!
Vit Apa
Vit Apa Day ago
Sand casting isn't able to hold liquid tungsten?
Mason Demello
the Hacksmith is awesome I’ve been watching for 2 yrs
Sattya Paul
Sattya Paul 3 days ago
I want one of thor hammer i would like to purchase it
Aaron Khan
Aaron Khan 10 days ago
guys look at 0:26 😂
Siddat Hossain
Siddat Hossain 12 days ago
Well i think u should go to Nidavellir and try to melt the osmium im sure the Giant Dwarfs can handle it. Unless Thanos reached there before u 🤷🏾‍♂️
Someone 897
Someone 897 9 hours ago
You could have added the shavings from cutting the tungsten to the lead soup adding that little bit more weight to make the world’s heaviest hammer.
dennis nierop
dennis nierop 16 hours ago
Use tungsten powder
Antonio C
Antonio C Day ago
I think you needed nen to open that box
Aidanguy21 Day ago
he might have to goto greed island to train just to lift the hammer with one hand
Sankari Baskaran
Your awesome man I am seeing this video for 27 or 28 time if you can bring Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans to your workshop and ask them to try your strombreaker and all prototypes of myolnor
SpeedGamer 13
its cool how you still reply to comments of this video from a year ago
Marcus White
Marcus White Day ago
Can I have that hammer LOL
Ryan Schutter
where the heck is the video of the actual strong guy playing with it?!
the Hacksmith
Hasn't happened yet and won't be a while now because of covid :(
Syed Hyder Mohsin
Coolest way to get inguinal hernia.
Vit Apa
Vit Apa Day ago
All of that "Steam" when you were cutting the lead with the lightsaber was a combo of your fiberglass insulation inside of it (This is an assumption I didn't watch the construction), and lead vapor. I REALLY hope you were wearing masks.
the Hacksmith
What? What fiberglass?
shock-wave 2 days ago
Hi im gordon freakmab
Darren Clarke
Darren Clarke 2 days ago
Do you take requests
Fleups 2 days ago
I`m used to watch videos from youtubers making weapons, I like the process of blacksmithing... But you guys are in a whole new level. trying to melt lead with a FLAMETHROWER, burning it up and trying to blow it out! EPIC you guys are in the year 3020 LMAO
cocomunga 2 days ago
I want to name my first born child Tungsten.
OB Gyn
OB Gyn 2 days ago
I feel like Elon Musk would make an Osmiun one just so he could have the record
heitor gordo
heitor gordo 2 days ago
Vijanand Persaud
Vijanand Persaud 2 days ago
what about bryan shaw
Random Videos and less
Could'nt you grind down the tungsten to a dust and fill it up?
the American dream #4
I thought the world strongest was mark hanry
Dane John
Dane John 4 days ago
Thor's hammer in movies could probably break the wood before weighing it........
remy rubia
remy rubia 4 days ago
so you're telling me that i cant lift thor's hammer
The most heavy and strongest vs human and also is it dangerous to use lead and also you should use timebomb in the outro
Viking Blood
Viking Blood 4 days ago
I don't see the flame thrower in your list of tools/gear in the video description? I'd like to know where that came from. Thanks
Viking Blood
Viking Blood 3 days ago
@the Hacksmith i saw your video of the making of it, thats great 👍, thanks for your response.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 4 days ago
We made it
OMAR NAULA 4 days ago
sell it
Zhenyan Shuai
Zhenyan Shuai 4 days ago
If you can still lift the hammer, it's not heavy enough.
Aayush Katoch 9-B
hey hacksmith you can also use electromagnetism and fingerprint sensing to lif the hammer if the right person lifts the hammer the fingerprint sensor would identify it fingerprint and the electromagnet will be switched off and the person will be able to lift it
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 4 days ago
We have!
RAKESH ROSHAN 5 days ago
who thought that they are going to melt the tungsten 😂😂😂😂
kazz villa
kazz villa 22 hours ago
Zachary E Dickerson
When your flame Thrower catches on fire you know that you’re having a bad day and you should just stop and get some help before you do that you need some milk
D2RG 5 days ago
Why didn’t you make the handle out of lead ?
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 4 days ago
Wouldn't make much of a difference
a 2x2 piece of wood
Asians just imagine a sack of rice. Thats the weight right there.
Original Adept
Original Adept 5 days ago
I wonder if u could mix steel and tungsten
SML Enriquez
SML Enriquez 6 days ago
Make a coming back mjlonir
Joshua Lopes
Joshua Lopes 6 days ago
12:47 umm my ceiling fan is bigger than that
LUCID_jayj yt
LUCID_jayj yt 6 days ago
Bet just saying I do love ur vids but I think they are not even trying..... srry
Thomas Malloy
Thomas Malloy 6 days ago
Body builders lift to get big (endurance). A power-lifter would thrust this over their head 1 handed so fast it'd reach orbit.
Isaac Hayden
Isaac Hayden 7 days ago
Where did you get the thermal camera? How much is it for very curious? This is my first time commenting. So I'm sorry if it's a little long. Bye.
Isaac Hayden
Isaac Hayden 7 days ago
kanagaraj Govindan
That was funny when hack smith takes a modium Harriet lol he gets strong 😂😂😂😂😹
Jacob Bugenhagen 2
Next one: I made the Death Star irl
Luke Wang
Luke Wang 7 days ago
Use organesson
Um anônimo legal
Now make with Iridium.
og kila
og kila 7 days ago
bout time you show some real
Mandy Moreno
Mandy Moreno 7 days ago
video starts at 3:53
Nightsky 7 days ago
You need to do Rhitta. Sacred Treasure of Lion sin Escanor
Toko cat Gwalk
Toko cat Gwalk 7 days ago
I could lift a 60 kilogram 1sided dumbell
Toko cat Gwalk
Toko cat Gwalk 7 days ago
Lol its light
Michelle Rostom
Michelle Rostom 7 days ago
😒Wait this guy does crack?
cotton the bunny
cotton the bunny 8 days ago
The point isnt how heavy it is needs to be that only u can hold it.
kingimran_ 2020
kingimran_ 2020 8 days ago
16:32 wau she doesn't have 50 kilograms
Salocin 8 days ago
Please do some better research and maths. 19.35 is 1.7 times more than 11.35 and hafthor didnt win the worlds strongest man title years in a row. He won it only once, in 2018
Sega Sonic
Sega Sonic 8 days ago
How did the flame thrower catch fire?!😂🤣😂🤣
Devon Peet
Devon Peet 8 days ago
Was that cocaine
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce 9 days ago
If you drop it your're fired.......
UnSpoken GT
UnSpoken GT 9 days ago
18:36 *FART NOISE*
Irvinol 9 days ago
Don't super-strong refractory metals have to be sintered? (i.e., shaped from metallic powder?). That would be the protocol if you didn't want to do the "chip away" method.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 9 days ago
Yeah, but the equipment required for that...
Luke Brindel
Luke Brindel 9 days ago
Me thinking my pinewood derby was hard the puts rocket boosters on it
Joe Q
Joe Q 9 days ago
it; isn't that heavy. it's only 40 LB.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 9 days ago
You aren't doing math right... it's 113lbs
Verma Logistic
Verma Logistic 9 days ago
Hey sir. I think you are only one man who gives these all strong wapons to Avengers 😎😎😃
FMADLIFE 9 days ago
you look like capten america in infinity war
John Yousef
John Yousef 9 days ago
Is that “Nitrine” a steroid or crack or another drug?!?! Is my fav RUvidr doing drugs!?!?
John Yousef
John Yousef 8 days ago
the Hacksmith ok
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 9 days ago
It's a smelling salt you can Google it lol, not a drug
Hank Chinaski
Hank Chinaski 9 days ago
acute back pain is thier future.
Hank Chinaski
Hank Chinaski 9 days ago
You just bought something and filled it with heavy metal. This is shit.
quraish08 razali
quraish08 razali 10 days ago
I like the thor's hammer
Twitch_ XGamet130
Twitch_ XGamet130 10 days ago
Where do you get Solidworks, because it costs worth than 14000$ per year?
PsYOniC yT
PsYOniC yT 10 days ago
Make. A. Working. Ash. Williams’. Chainsaw. Hand!
MASTERT KILLA 10 days ago
Marvel has confirmed Thors hammers weighs in at a whopping... 42.3lbs
Noah R.
Noah R. 10 days ago
Wheres the video where they give it to him?
Jack LaserWing
Jack LaserWing 10 days ago
Just don’t drop it on a Nokia or it’ll shatter. I mean the hammer.
Liam Woodrome
Liam Woodrome 10 days ago
18:04 hmm interesting
Liam Woodrome
Liam Woodrome 10 days ago
0:26 oh yeah i like the way it burns my booty
Asher Black
Asher Black 10 days ago
Congratulations, you’ve found my comment amount 13k!
Steven Lamos
Steven Lamos 10 days ago
the shipping must be Astronomical!
Australia Flamingo Yt
imagine if the fire extiungusher catches on fire too
HAPPY HADCORS 11 days ago
Steve Rogers ist't the same anymore
Ethereal Forest
Ethereal Forest 11 days ago
wonder how much this would be worth if it was gold
Karan Kapur
Karan Kapur 11 days ago
You are my favorite youtuber forever
RED-ATTACK. Gaming 11 days ago
What you cane for 0:00
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 11 days ago
He farted at 18:37 go to it 😂
fakhruddin dohadwala
Plot twist:even the real thor cannot lift that hammer
Ekko 11 days ago
Imagine the world gets wiped and there are a few people left rebuilding this earth and people from the future find this hammer 😂
Canarios Milanoo
Canarios Milanoo 11 days ago
*Did you hear the sound in the ** 18:37 ** minute* ? 💨🌬💨😂
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