Tumblr's Strangest Obsession: A History of the Onceler Fandom

Sarah Z
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An exploration of that time Tumblr made 500 clones of the same guy fall in love with each other, and why on Earth it happened. Start your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL of MUBI now at mubi.com/sarahz ! Check out My Dinner With Andre, currently showing on MUBI Canada.
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May 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Nathan Why
Nathan Why 3 months ago
sarah’s onceler oc is the Tealer, a onceler who makes tea out of truffula leaves
Isa Lopez
Isa Lopez 12 days ago
@Trashbox Bobylev y e s
Random Boy 3 m
Random Boy 3 m Month ago
What about the Jack Frost and Rapunzel?
Hanan Aljaber
Hanan Aljaber Month ago
basically thoup
Unconventional Oven
Sarah Z the
VonMorjo 22 minutes ago
i would love to see your take on the evolution of the undertale fandom lol
oli asmrs
oli asmrs Day ago
"Like komeada from danganronpa" ah shit, here we go again
Tsukurikata Day ago
I kinda did the 'De-Oncelerization" in my time in the Undertale fandom to an OC I created.
Living for all the Benadryl cucumber names
It's...kinda weird how common it is for fans to ship certain characters with themselves. In Danny Phantom, people shipped Phantom (Danny's ghost half) with Fenton (his human half). In the Hazbin Hotel fandom, people ship human Alastor (before he died and went to Hell) with Radio Demon (his demon form). Neither were/are anywhere close to how things went down in the Onceler fandom, but I can't help but find the whole thing fascinating.
Kellie Brown
Kellie Brown Day ago
I'm just letting everyone know that the onceler fandom is still clinging to life on a small corner of tiktok and it's absolutely wild
Arthur Day ago
A part of me wants to cringe and call this weird and everything, but honestly if I didn't have her reading this stuff out loud, I'd probably be cool with this stuff... I was in this fandom for a hot minute... And sans undertale... and Bill Cipher... I can't criticize shit...
Strike __
Strike __ Day ago
People simped for GUZMA? GUZMA OF ALL PEOPLE? Guzma is fckin ugly lol
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas Day ago
Imagine being Dr. Seuss and writing a book to teach kids about taking care of the environment and then 40 years later you gotta watch from heaven as a bunch of teenagers ship the character you made with _himself_
Bandar Al-Aiban
Bandar Al-Aiban 2 days ago
These videos have a very 'sister casually explaining tumblr to her clueless brother' vibe.
cuteanimegirl123 hussein
Why does the bit you said it isnt completely his fault Reminds of mha fans saying it wasnt shigarakis fault he wanted to be a hero its his fathers fault Or mha fans saying its not dabis fault its endeavours
Rob Radical
Rob Radical 2 days ago
Honestly...after watching this video...I think I really have made up my mind that this world needs to end. This is a failed simulation.
Adrian Alexander_Offical
Me who does not know about the fandom: tell me teacher :')
Gerard 2 days ago
"even real world money" ah yes I see nudes are now proper currency
Limbo 2 days ago
nard dog
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 2 days ago
Bruh I can't chat shit, I was gay for a cosmic yellow triangle with the hand drawn fanart to prove it
Gretal McCurdy
Gretal McCurdy 3 days ago
"Beanpole Bezos" is the best thing i've ever heard
Saronster Studios
i SCREAMED when i got to the part at 2:08 with "they really just reused his design and then fused him with all of the Beatles". i had to physically RESTRAIN myself from laughing too loud
Butch Masculinity
I guess lesbian teenage girls don't count as teenage girls
radical loser
radical loser 3 days ago
raymond is literally just byakuya togami if he was a furry
That One Guy
That One Guy 3 days ago
20:49 “Hippie!Grian x Onceler!Mumbo Jumbo” huh
Fabian K.
Fabian K. 3 days ago
The first video of Sarah I ever watched, and there would be a lot of things to hate. - Presence of the mug - Absence of another mug to stop her gesturing with her other hand (apparently the reason for the first mug). - Overexaggerated facial expressions ... but I notice that I don't mind in the slightest. I was immediately drawn in by her personality alone. I couldn't stop watching the video, even if I tried. This is amazing. Keep it up.
its kaleb
its kaleb 3 days ago
zuko is not a onceler *RANDOM GREEN TWINK I-*
Claire Wiebe
Claire Wiebe 4 days ago
how ba-a-a-ad can i be edit:oh my sona is hot, animated, and a girls magnet
Jane Walker
Jane Walker 4 days ago
Onecest is the true representation of self-love 😌
Graknorke 4 days ago
I'd say Homestuck did come close to what you described, but it did actually have just an absurdly large cast of characters (albeit many are the same person over and over). But in terms of the contrived shipping choices, the ridiculously complex roleplay interactions, fan interpretations of existing characters, disregarding the text itself etc then it does hit pretty similar.
Elliott Woods
Elliott Woods 4 days ago
before this video, i didn't know there was a onceler fandom
Dracke Stalen Torgen
After you described "the hot boy redeemable villain thing" I understoond the "mystery" of teen girl fandom ten to get mainstream hate. I didn't meant it to sound as rude as it did but man that sounded cringy.
Sahana Collins
Sahana Collins 4 days ago
Sans was kind of the new onceler for a bit. So many aus.....
The Edgy TV Set
The Edgy TV Set 3 days ago
He honestly still is. Just a lot more obscure and quiet nowadays
Cinnemon with an e
25:24 do you think Seuss stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he’s created
Cinnemon with an e
I can’t believe this exist
sheogorath 4 days ago
You have converted me in the onceler fandom
How to make a hot character (according to Tumblr): evil, tall, skinny, dapper, or well be a skeleton with OP powers. -Alastor -Sans -Bill Cipher -Black Hat -Onceler
Ray 4 days ago
Honestly, ive read and shipped way worse in my lifetime so at this point im fine with classic oncest. Im so deep into fanfic that nothing phases me anymore and this seems perfectly normal honestly.
gamefreak3072 4 days ago
I'm surprised I lived through this but never noticed the onceler blogs during my stint on tumblr. I love you content Keep going!
Anton P
Anton P 4 days ago
As someone who was once deep in the trenches of tumblr 2012, fairly adjacent to Onceler....... HOW DID THIS NEVER CROSS MY RADAR LMAOOOOOO
The Media Raptor
The Media Raptor 5 days ago
And now they’re doing similar things with the Grinch. GREAT.
Lissy Salgado
Lissy Salgado 5 days ago
When she said oncest i had... a fight or flight response
Isidora Flores
Isidora Flores 5 days ago
tumblr is wack
The Roes Bush
The Roes Bush 5 days ago
Not even Tumblr users know what the onceler fandom is
Ellie Is Lazy
Ellie Is Lazy 5 days ago
Ah so its like lencest but less hot i get it
sapphicursa 5 days ago
I feel like Sans is just a long, drawn-out Onceler phenomenon. Millions of AUs, selfcest, and ask blogs are all apparent, but unlike the Onceler it happened over the course of a year or some odd (idk, i didn’t keep track the whole time) rather than booming suddenly for a month before fading.
The Edgy TV Set
The Edgy TV Set 3 days ago
*_It's still going._*
Pembroke Love
Pembroke Love 5 days ago
I watched this when it came out, but I’m still not over your hat. It’s amazing.
Whiplash Maggie
Whiplash Maggie 5 days ago
I'm surprised I haven't seen Varian from Tangled: the Series called the "new onceler" yet, because he's very popular with teens and spends a good chunk of the series being morally ambiguous. He's also the nonthreatening kind of "cute" that teenagers just figuring themselves out like. And he is full of A N G S T. He ticks a lot of the boxes, but honestly from what you're saying the onceler fandom was lightning in a bottle and we'll never see something quite like that again. I was pretty much too old to be into the onceler fandom, but it sounds absolutely bonkers!
StaticFox 5 days ago
"Ask the communist Onceler" Hey, can I die now?
Larksy 5 days ago
Stephanie Prochaska
Me: Weird but okay, this can't get any weirder Sarah Z: mentions Onceler orgy at a summer camp fan fiction Me: Why u do dis Tumblr, whyyyy
Allison VP
Allison VP 7 days ago
Me, a bralizian: "The What?"
Schau Schau
Schau Schau 7 days ago
the only onceler i truly enjoyed was oneler, we stan a psycho killer
Kairī Marie Ackerman
My sis said he was hot once. I died inside a little 😔
gacha's ERRORS
gacha's ERRORS 8 days ago
I mean, the onceler do be looking kinda cute tho
that_weirdo_ paysily
Oh shit it was like the undertale fandom BUT Better
Dr Gonzo
Dr Gonzo 8 days ago
Now I understand why people bully teen girls interests
Dr Gonzo
Dr Gonzo 4 days ago
@asui Oh well then lol
asui 4 days ago
@Dr Gonzo you're insulting teenage girls, not gross things that have no correlation to women at all. you didn't say that was bad, you said bullying teenage girls for being girls is okau.
Dr Gonzo
Dr Gonzo 4 days ago
@asui I mean yeah but if it's misogynist to say Oncest is bad then I'll take that L. Cause my god some of these are bad haha.
asui 4 days ago
because of misogyny?
Dr Gonzo
Dr Gonzo 8 days ago
You are so fucking cute Ohmygod
lqufeyson 8 days ago
the onceler is basically an animated, watered down loki in a kids movie and i’m honestly not mad at that
HoneyLuca 8 days ago
Tumblr girls are just really into that suit and tie fashion. Like alastor. There’s no other way to explain why people like him.
Emily Peduto
Emily Peduto 8 days ago
i'm dying to know who you think the hot boy villian of homestuck is.
Madelyn spindle
Madelyn spindle 8 days ago
onceler kind of reminds me of clive from professor layton
Pïnk Ïcê
Pïnk Ïcê 8 days ago
Tiktok Onceler has been reeeaaal quiet.. 🤔
Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto
Proof that humanity is doomedas a species
Dahn Sal
Dahn Sal 9 days ago
hehe bandersnatch cumberbund, i like how poeple still make fun of bendetect cubbersnach's name
Andrew Mayes
Andrew Mayes 9 days ago
Lorax 2012 writer #1: "Hey, do you think we're making this villain character a bit TOO attractive and likable?" Lorax 2012 writer #2: "Why is that a problem?" Writer #1: "Well, those types of characters tend to attract a... certain type of really weird fanbase." Writer #2: "What, you mean shippers? Don't worry, I've already planned for that. There's absolutely no other character in this movie, male or female, that could be turned into a viable love interest for this dude. I mean, who are they gonna ship him with? Himself?"
Liggliluff 9 days ago
(34:45) For most people, including Sarah Z; there's a huge foreign film production center known as Hollywood.
Liggliluff 9 days ago
(4:20) There's probably a lot of people not knowing about this story, because I expect it being translated to a limited number of languages and therefore some people had no proper access to it.
Yara Altantawy
Yara Altantawy 10 days ago
San was truly the closest if not was for a llittle while the new oncler
Art Arcade
Art Arcade 10 days ago
2:42 PEOPLE SAID THAT ABOUT KOMAEDA- NO PLEASE- HES SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING AND COMPLEX AAAAAUUGGHHH- (And no, Komaeda is not even close to the onceler. Thatd probably be Izuru, since people for some reason ship him with Hajime, which is the same character. Even though Komaeda is a perfectly good character to ship Izuru with, smh)
Darth Plagueis The Wise
I liked the character’s ONE song and thought it was catchy. The fandom itself I find to be giga cringe. But that’s plenty of fandoms.
Ella Chan
Ella Chan 10 days ago
20:49 Hippie! Grian x Once-ler! Mumbo Jumbo uh...wtf
dolphin 10 days ago
Pfffftttt this comment section is hilarious
Tiny Tango
Tiny Tango 10 days ago
Sans, remember sans, yeah it’s like the sans fandom but worse
Skyler Stemper
Skyler Stemper 10 days ago
Sans undertale is as close as it’s getting I’m not in that fandom anymore but it isn’t even recognizable to the original game
Alpha47 10 days ago
don't worry, we're working on a renaissance
Toa Ryanonicle 2
Toa Ryanonicle 2 10 days ago
1971- Dr. Seuss: "This new story of mine, The Lorax, is really going to help kids of the future learn and understand the importance of preserving the enviroment, and the evils of corporate greed." 2012- Kids of the Future: *WRITE STEAMY GAY ONCELER FANFICTION*
Nóra Fekete
Nóra Fekete 10 days ago
Seeing all the stuff that fanbase pulled, I can pretty confidently say that Sans is(/was) the new Onceler. -Teenage girls thirsting -AU versions who have nothing to do with the og (typically refered to as *insert one word to describe the character here*!sans) -Sanscest bs -How they are/were called "sans fangirls" not "undertale fangirls" -Completely missing the point of the original story because "Hehe funni skeleton with pp"
Nóra Fekete
Nóra Fekete 10 days ago
"Corporate needs you to find the difference between these pictures" *Onceler,* *human Bill Cipher,* *Alastor from hazbin hotel* "These are all the same picture"
Nóra Fekete
Nóra Fekete 8 days ago
@Carp Yeah, same
Carp 8 days ago
I saw a edit of a heathers the musical poster with those three. Honestly I’d watch it.
The Black Baron
The Black Baron 11 days ago
If you listen carefully, you can hear Dr. Seuss violently rotate in his grave.
Lilly Wallen
Lilly Wallen 9 days ago
Not shake. Or turn, for that matter, but "Violently rotate". Love it.
Zachary Chandler
Zachary Chandler 11 days ago
Neat video! To address something you said, I don't think people equating interest in a villain with endorsement of the same is on the rise with social media. I think its a result of shallow or non critical thoughts, which is sort of part of human nature generally and part of american culture specifically. And by american I mean western culture generally and this thread of anti-intellectualism we have.
Victor The Collector
11:27 Damn is there a demo for that song? 'Cause those lyirics are fucking fire i wanna hear them
Larksy 5 days ago
Victor The Collector
Ok I know the onceler came first but I am deeply offended by the fact that people dare to compare sans undertale to him, if you think it's even close to the same I gotta say you're wrong because at least the onceler hype died down; to this day there hasn't been a single moment where I have been able to look up the tag of undertale in Any social media without being completely FLOODED with horny sans art. Not even nice skelebros content, literally at least half the tag is people who are horny for sans. And at least the onceler makes a tiny bit of sense! he's a skinny tall white blue eyed guy AND a redeemable villain, there's a lot of other prominent examples of people being into that, What the hell is the appeal for sans? He's a stinky skeleton who does nothing all day, doesn't shower and who's only interesting traits are nothing in comparison to the rest of the ut cast, the only appealing version of him is completly fanon and even then all the traits hes given are just taken from Alphys (Scientist, angst, bisexual/lgbt+, plays a big part in the plot, has a dark secret, theres probably more but im tired). He literally has nothing going for him and still. ugh sorry for using your comment section for venting I'm just mad because one of my fanart pieces i spent several hours on got completely obliterated from the ut tag by sans stuff and i don't really have a lot of places to talk about it... Edit: An important point i didn't cover, I can't believe im saying this, I was in the sans fandom. And for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than Sarah was in the onceler fandom too, I can't remember the exact time but if im recalling correctly at least a year. That's probably a big part of why I hate it so much, I've been on some the deepest end of this fandom and I know how bad it gets, so now that i have like,,,, critical thinking and better influences I just get very frustrated that this is still going on like damn, i was there because I literally didn't know better, just a literal child doing stupid shit, but the most famous people there are whole ass adults who did and do awful shit (Included but not limited to: Demonizing a traumatized child for being traumatized, drawing and writing inc*stuous porn, p*dophilia, fetishizing gay men, I could go on this is insane) it's just tiring honestly. Edit 2: Ok after watvhing the whole video I take it back, the onceler fandom IS weirder, I wouldn't say it's worse tho, the shitty shitty stuff that happened in this one mostly doesn't seem to be that prominent in the onceler fandom from what I'm seeing (except the inc*st stufortunately) but to tie it all in a joke: Sans fandom is The onceler fandom of it was less weird and more morally questionable and still alive
Victor The Collector
I haven't even started the video but you deserve a like just for having to look at this shit or more than 30 seconds lol
weilongfu 11 days ago
"...and K-pop fans are called Terrifying." I am a k-pop fan and this take is EXCEPTIONALLY VALID. Thank you and good night.
Hurricanian 4 days ago
he found his exotic butters same
he found his exotic butters
k-pop fans terrify me
Gabrielle Harper
Gabrielle Harper 11 days ago
I need to know Where did you get your hat it is literally everything
Sinister Norimaki
Sinister Norimaki 12 days ago
K-pop fans are called terrifying. *Like and subscribe*
AutumnWraith 12 days ago
This was a very informative video, I knew about the Onceler fandom but I didn't realise it was that deep. Thank you for putting this together 😊
Ege şanlı
Ege şanlı 12 days ago
20:48 Mumbo jumbo fan fic? WTF. I litteraly fell from laughfter and couldnt get up for like 2 minutes. I laughfed so hard that i have a headache now. WOW.
Ege şanlı
Ege şanlı 12 days ago
23:53 comunist onecler Oh man i am not gona survive this video am i
Ella Ingram
Ella Ingram 12 days ago
honestly the fact that they had singing in the lorax movie and they also had taylor swift and yet they didn't let her sing ONE song is so insulting and i am offended on her behalf jk i'm not but come ON,,,, not even ONE duet between her and zac efron?????
Xion Memoria
Xion Memoria 12 days ago
I was happy to see Raymond because as someone with heterochromia, I have never seen it as just a normal trait before. It's always some kind of mystical, dual heritage, demon posessed, Dear GOD stop with the Naruto references kinda thing. Raymond was just a character with two different eye colors. YES. As someone who only watched The Lorax this week, I'm glad I waited xD
Luisana gomez ortega
I- I guess I was to young when all this stuff happened and I didn't have tumblr.. and I appreciate that xD When she said "they started shipping the Onceler with himself" I was like "what the actual fuck-" Sorry for bad english, it's not my native language :/
Kate Payne
Kate Payne 12 days ago
I just realized that I pretty much follow ask blogs on twitter, but for Hamilton. I feel much weirder now. Watching these people pretending to be historical figures is fun to do from afar and it’s fun to watch them interact. I am 20. Oh no
Isa Lopez
Isa Lopez 12 days ago
But honestly, this schist is wild. It reminds me of that one week I looked through the undertale fandom.
Isa Lopez
Isa Lopez 12 days ago
But at least we can ship Nagihoe with Hajimeme. We know all two well that 2 Komaeda's would be the end of the world.
Waffie Is a waffle
Waffie Is a waffle 12 days ago
"And I should know- I was once IN the Onceler Fandom." TOP 10 ANIME PLOT TWISTS
sewah baban
sewah baban 13 days ago
willy wonka is the new onceler
kate b
kate b 13 days ago
I love how at around 16:40 she lists names of fans of various shows, and gleeks are the only fandom in past tense. not that she's wrong. we fuckin hate that show, but we like the covers at this point
Igorowan 13 days ago
I've been thinking over what exactly prevent certain characters from being Once-lers, because a lot of them fit the bill of everything you described 'a new Onceler' to be. My theory is that they're either surrounded by a cast of characters that interesting enough by themselves (Nagito and Sans), have a canon relationship (Zuko and Kovu) or have just too little of a personality that people judge them from looks alone and get conflicting ideas (Raymond). There's also the Joker, Bill Cypher followings, but that's another thing entirely.
__ 13 days ago
Ah yes, Homestuck's hotboy villains
Lavaidyn 14 days ago
Haven’t watched the whole video yet but if the Tumblr (and twitter) Sexypedia doesn’t come up I stg
Yo-Yo A&G
Yo-Yo A&G 14 days ago
Every time I see the onceler I feel uncomfortable, I have no idea why, he makes me feel like I need to run or I'll die
R.A. Nima
R.A. Nima 14 days ago
Anyone remember The Truax, the parody counter argument book made by the logging industry? No? Well then no further need to explain it then :/
HERO_DREAMER 14 days ago
I paused it when I saw Mumbo’s face at 20:48...not sure how to respond
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