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Funniest Tumblr Posts to Brighten Your Day.
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Mar 22, 2020




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Lloyd McKay
Lloyd McKay Month ago
The boat of birth death old age and disease.
Duck Duck Goose
Duck Duck Goose 2 months ago
reading 10:53 as someone who has never seen star wars was... a ride lemme tell you that
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreamer 2 months ago
12:32 Actually… no. See, Ares is the god of the gore of war: the fighting, the bloodshed, the combat, the corpses on the battlefield. Athena, on the other hand, was the goddess of war strategy, meaning she’s she goddess of the planning of the war, or the brains behind it, of the strategizing over the best possible way to win, with the least possible deaths. So it’s more like Athena is the brain and Ares is the brawn. In addition, Athena is ALSO the goddess of other things: sewing and other crafts, inventors, intelligence, wisdom, etc. So this is funny… but inaccurate.
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreamer 2 months ago
8:28 I have ADHD and I’m CRYING. I laughed so much I literally cried. This is completely accurate 😂
Philip Gray
Philip Gray 2 months ago
To add to the post at 10:20 , the thing he does is generally considered taboo to the jedi and should only be done if absolutely necessary. Him doing this bad nono to Darth Maul was what got him promoted to Knight tho so he prolly thought it a good idea to keep chopping people's limbs off (Yes it has a name. Yes I have/read too many Star Wars books. Yes when I find something I like I research the hell out of it.)
Water Soluble
Water Soluble 2 months ago
No static please it hurts my ears and anyone wearing headphones.
person 2 months ago
7:05 I am also addicted to lemons
Bladez Overlord
Bladez Overlord 2 months ago
Quebec was the part of Canada that didn't reject both parents' horrible teachings.
The Chicken Finger
The Chicken Finger 2 months ago
And ad was playing and the girl asked,”What is League of Legends?” and out loud I said,”It what we call trash.”
Flying Penguin
Flying Penguin 2 months ago
That0neGuy 2 months ago
8:15 Beautiful
Heather 2 months ago
Not first
joshua minton
joshua minton 2 months ago
13:06 so what’s the difference between lips and lisp now
key bear
key bear 2 months ago
tbf, the exact translation Ares is god of battle while Athena is the goddess of war
Darrien Jones
Darrien Jones 2 months ago
You call on athena to plan the war, you call on ares when it's time to wreck shit
M3RedGT 2 months ago
Thumbnail: little boy motorboats his own mother
Artra Tengo
Artra Tengo 2 months ago
Im still shaking from that last pic, OMFG😫😱
Black Cat of Misfortune
Tangled predicted the Outbreak and sent us a song about how to cope
The Batman Who Laughs
XOXheartAmy thank you for planning out the rest of my day
XOXheartAmy 2 months ago
1) start on the chores: sweep 'til the floors are clean; polish and wax; do laundry; mop; shine up 2) sweep again 3) read a book - or two - or three 4) add a few new paintings to your gallery 5) play guitar 6) knit 7) cook 8) lunch 9) puzzles 10) darts 11) baking 12) papier mache 13) ballet 14) chess 15) pottery 16) ventriloquy 17) candle-making 18) stretch 19) sketch 20) take a climb 21) sew a dress 22) re-read the books (if there's time to spare) 23) paint the walls some more (there'll be room somewhere) 24) brush and brush and brush and brush your hair
Taifuun 2 months ago
xShyShadow 2 months ago
Relating to the Rainbow Dash one: Back when I was in middle school and still into my little pony, I wore a rainbow dash shirt because, you know, "Rainbow Dash is cool!" And this random chick walks up to me and goes "Omg I love your pride shirt. Thank you so much for supporting us." She didn't seem to be joking and I couldn't tell if she actually knew what MLP was or not. I do support gays but that...that shirt was not what she thought it was and it bothers me to this day that someone out there really believed my rainbow dash shirt was made to support lgbt and not because rainbow dash just happens to be a character with rainbow hair
Blazanator gaming The real Retr0
Me to friend: I’m tired I want to go home Friend: same Mother: you have asthma come home Me: *disappearing peace man*
CaTastrophy427 2 months ago
4:00 *yoink* That's going in my joke of a novel
Water 2 months ago
I am a good puddle. Those are my recommended words.
Water 2 months ago
@Laurie Mulsman thanks, i require more validation.
Laurie Mulsman
Laurie Mulsman 2 months ago
You are good puddle. Take a like
Water 2 months ago
I am a blue boi.
Water 2 months ago
@Laurie Mulsman YES, VALIDATION.
Laurie Mulsman
Laurie Mulsman 2 months ago
Hello again puddle. Take another like
NotAGoat 2 months ago
11:57 Okay, for the record, introversion is not the same as being okay with absolutely no social contact ever. Humans are social animals. We are hard wired to want to socialize. Numerous psychological studies have shown that extended periods of isolation can cause serious brain damage very quickly (this is also why anyone who knows anything about psychology knows that solitary confinement should _not_ be used as a punishment in a facility designed with the intent to _reform_ criminals because it just leads to an even more broken mental state and criminals who are even more likely to end up in prison after release than when they arrived). Introversion just means that you need/want less time spent with friends before you need to take a break and recharge. Edit: Also I Googled what "octogenarian" means and apparently it's someone between 80 and 89 years old.
Celina K
Celina K 2 months ago
Not trying to reform unlawful people, they want to use them as slaves. If that's mentally unstable slaves, I doubt they'll care
Rebekah Whitney
Rebekah Whitney 2 months ago
As a person with GAD the virus is giving me a subliminal amount of peace like: a yes, a reason to be anxious? You mean my brain is actually working right now.
Bradley McGinnes
Bradley McGinnes 2 months ago
That bit with ares and athenaeum made me think of a barbarian and paladin in a game of dnd.
ThePineappleEpidemic 4077
Everyone is so scared of staying inside when it's what I've been doing my whole life lol get on my level
Horse _
Horse _ 2 months ago
A. J.
A. J. 2 months ago
8:12 stfu tumblr wumblr Someone prolly thinks your look is trash today
WhateverWeber 2 months ago
Grant Kingston
Grant Kingston 2 months ago
Hi There
Hi There 2 months ago
sad puppies
sad puppies 2 months ago
Queen is Love, Queen is Life
5:10 - 7:04 oh my god where has this been and why didn’t my therapist tell me this
Georgie A
Georgie A 2 months ago
I feel like there is not much stuff in the good side of tumblr since now it is a site for SU art and ugly redraws
Hot_potato 69
Hot_potato 69 2 months ago
Ummm. I can hear some sirens ? I think somethings wro-
Sky River
Sky River 2 months ago
nem tudom
nem tudom 2 months ago
Parents dont know how to parent, and it pisses me off that everyone tells me im an idiot because i can obviously tell they are doing it wrong. Glad im not the only person fed up with their shit.
EpicMapper 2 months ago
13:40 What do I do with this information?
EpicMapper 2 months ago
@Amber dolphin1210 my hair is too short to brush, so I have like 4 hours free. What do I do now?
Amber dolphin1210
Amber dolphin1210 2 months ago
Listen to her song, and do what the song tells you. Sweep the floors, polish, wax, do laundry, mop, shine up, sweep again, and by then it's 7:15 so read a book, or maybe 2 or 3, add a few new paintings to your gallery, play guitar, and knit, and cook and basically wonder when this isolation is over. Then after lunch, it's puzzles and darts and baking. Paper machè, a bit of ballet and chess. Pottery and ventriloquy, candle making, then you stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb, Sew a dress! And then reread the books If you have time to spare, then paint the walls some more! I'm sure there's room somewhere! And then you brush and brush And brush and brush your hair. And do that all in one day, you'll be exhausted and won't be able to think about leaving the house.
Joniah Demarco
Joniah Demarco 2 months ago
13:30 Okay.... I'm concerned....
Amber dolphin1210
Amber dolphin1210 2 months ago
@CaTastrophy427 Arendelle is the kingdom name in Frozen.
CaTastrophy427 2 months ago
What was the name of the kingdom in Frozen? BC nobody name a nuclear reactor that name. Actually, nobody name anything that name.
i dubz
i dubz 2 months ago
Tumblr people are on a different level
Laurel Weeks
Laurel Weeks 2 months ago
Thanks for the memes!
Idea Thief
Idea Thief 2 months ago
We _*are the Same Boat_
Soup_Time - 11
Soup_Time - 11 2 months ago
"Daughter rides mom while son motorboats"
Vulpine Jaguar11
Vulpine Jaguar11 2 months ago
Just a Bonewalker with skizaphernia and wifi take that out of context
TDGAA 2 months ago
The second one is true facts 💯💯
sophia garnica
sophia garnica 2 months ago
Me: there is three comments! Can I see them? RUvid; *nO* also eat your cereal
sophia garnica
sophia garnica 2 months ago
@SharkBait Shaun *FBI wants to know your location*
SharkBait Shaun
SharkBait Shaun 2 months ago
I’m so tough I ate captain crunch...without any milk...
SharkBait Shaun
SharkBait Shaun 2 months ago
i forgot the milk I bought at the store so I ate it dry is that okay
sophia garnica
sophia garnica 2 months ago
@soupHasapple yes
soupHasapple 2 months ago
eat ceeral
One Hedgy Hog
One Hedgy Hog 2 months ago
I don't know about you, but being a hedgehog makes for some interesting encounters on Tumblr. - a hedgehog
courtney churchill
courtney churchill 2 months ago
hypnochonk 2 months ago
Galaxy unicorn Forever
Galaxy unicorn Forever
mma fighter1223 I love you
sad puppies
sad puppies 2 months ago
@Ethan Smith Ethan what did I tell you about cyber bulling go to your room
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 2 months ago
I'm so so sorry to hear that your mum dropped you on the head as a baby
Galaxy unicorn Forever
Soup_Time - 11
Soup_Time - 11 2 months ago
Translate this it's Morse code ..-/.--/..-
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