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John Houston
John Houston 21 hour ago
2:53 Costco framerate, explained: In the everyday world, objects come in unique forms. Every book on your shelf, shirt on your shelf, spice on your shelf - they're all individual and different. Think of it as animation - it would be much harder to animate all these unique items one by one. This is especially true in a parking lot, where there are hundreds of unique cars, with different bumper stickers, scratches, etc. As soon as you enter the Costco, however, that changes. Unlike your shelf, books sold at Costco come in massive amounts. Shirts come in large groups. Spices come in big boxes. Back to animation - you can essentially copy and paste each item (and adjust the shading as necessary), which makes it a billion times easier to animate more frames. Disclaimer: I'm not an animator or a 3d designer or whatnot. I just watch tumblr compilations.
Loyal Ravenclaw
1:57 as a person living in Ohio, this is accurate
Tim Brown
Tim Brown 20 days ago
I live in Ohio. Fair.
Karma_Strikes_ Again
Have you ever thought that life is a video game you play from first person its basically VR but with better graphics
Grace Wilbourn
Grace Wilbourn 25 days ago
6:50 "i tHoUGhT i HaD pRoBLemS!" (get the reference?)
Francis 28 days ago
9:44 why do posts get 500% more intense when hungwy and pukicho meet
GLaDOS Aperture science
Hola me amigo
SaberTag 29 days ago
Okay so nobody tell me that the music in the background doesn't sound like Lollipop Girl by Derrick Harriot.
Erica Vasquez
Erica Vasquez Month ago
2:32 got me good "scared Potter"
Alex Wright
Alex Wright Month ago
the last person is a bard with a charisma of 20
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters Month ago
That last story is a rouge who keeps rolling Nat 20’s on their bluff rolls.
B Neo
B Neo Month ago
Last person was helen of troy
Grace Wilbourn
Grace Wilbourn 25 days ago
since 6:50 is a part of the vid that exists, I'm gonna take this opportunity to say...don't you mean "Adonis's sidegirl"? ...I'll show myself out lol
FBI Month ago
no one: still no one: nobody’s doing anything, sorry mate
Evan Weber
Evan Weber Month ago
For the minecraft post post apocalyptic one, I really like the concept. Except, what is the world healing from? What could be so destructive to zombify and deflesh everyone save for one person out of billions? What could turn spiders that gigantic? A solar flare? A disease? A natural disaster of some sort?
Professional Nerd
2:19 "Dig it in there, Mr. Spock"
SilentSai Month ago
I was just about to go and get onto Minecraft cause this had reminded me of the new update but then I remembered that I accidentally deleted it
Heidi Wren
Heidi Wren Month ago
Yeah, Ratigan literally feeds one of his henchmen to a cat (just off screen, you can hear it happening, and I think see the shadow of it if I remember correctly) for calling him a rat (which he is, he just refuses to accept it). Also he hasn’t just killed children, the line in question is “...the widows and orphans you drowned...”.
Tian Mejia
Tian Mejia Month ago
Katrina O’Neil
Aw man, the last story. I’m actually a lawful good and I can’t even get anywhere near anything like that! I think I’m jealous.
Trikip Month ago
I someday wish to reach the shitpost level of Pukicho, Biggest-Gaudiest-Patronuses, Hungwy and Seth Everman.
Amethyst the Shiny Vaporeon
That last story sounds fake, but I'd like to believe it's real because that sounds like the best school experience ever
Be ans
Be ans Month ago
And now the last guy is on tumbler making up storys. Crazy
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Month ago
1st there is a van g painting in this episode which is moving, unsettling, visceral, honest, humble, natural, and vital; but which, without the adequate Goth-Emo curator, is quite without the appropriate atmospheric impact. tldr goth chicks poster.
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Month ago
before all that: Pinata wrEconomics vs trickledown. beat the gratuities out of a conservative or wait for banks to run out of room for all their monies and be forced to hand you some small bill notes to save themselves precious space for large denomination bills.
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Month ago
The world had ended; some assholes put some remaining stuff back together: immediately a bunch of religions began with their stories of, "The World will eventually End.", or "The World Began Unrealistically Recently, because God...", but, the whole-thing was finished. These nuts retconed apocalypse again for 'effect', like, "those guys fucked the world up","we know what they did","we can do better than them","its not over","ta-da!","we're fucked!" Matriarchy, isn't any politics you've ever considered.
sayinzoo Month ago
The one that got me: *walm*
1:00 I love that tag tho XD
udlrfbak Month ago
when i lock a fart in one of the new cars on the lot: "Gas Trap Deployed"
Anakin Skywalker
Them: stealth or Russian stealth Me: MOSCOW MOSCOW-
Oslo Leimer
Oslo Leimer Month ago
This is the same as the last one.
Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube
Marvel: " _Infinity War is the biggest crossover event in history_ " 9:52 : lol no
that one kid
that one kid Month ago
Dude the final story is the opposite of what I went through in school, absolutely nobody trusted me with anything even though I had never knowingly done anything wrong.
JoschiChr Month ago
Whelp, Hellen is a goddess
WHEEZ •_• Month ago
As some one who lives in Ohio it is boring so don’t waste your time in my state ...
The Z Family
The Z Family Month ago
7:12 Hey it pronounced Houston it like how I do Just shapes and beats
Iz Bizz
Iz Bizz Month ago
Brain size yeet
Iz Bizz
Iz Bizz Month ago
Why have I done this
Matthew Arraya
Matthew Arraya Month ago
the last one insPIRING!!!!
Lucas Fisher
Lucas Fisher Month ago
The thumbnail gave me an idea for a game
Iron Hide
Iron Hide Month ago
When did Ratigan murder children?
Mangle girl
Mangle girl Month ago
In my high school you couldn’t drink from the water fountains or you would get lead poisoning
Joe the Wolf
Joe the Wolf Month ago
13:00 finally, someone who understands! Since I'm at a German school things are a little different but I get away with way too much. All just because I'm polite/nice to the teachers, do some extra shit like being class representative or some extra work, go to the choir, don't skip classes or get ill and get good grades in most classes (this year it was 10 A's and 5 B's). But I'm like, the biggest asshole ever? And I would've gotten a B in two more classes because it was like 1.56 and 1.57 so technically it should've been a 2/B (1 = A, 2 = B, when you end up with a .5 the teacher can decide which mark to give you, what they did was not illegal, though. Just uncommon). And how did I get a B in sports?
Lemon Sorbet
Lemon Sorbet Month ago
I felt like the guy with auditory hallucinations, that was when the church next door changed their bell sound to a standard alarm noise, and they live close enough/far away enough, to sound like it was coming from the walls.
S.A.M Unknown
S.A.M Unknown Month ago
13:02 : that just isnt fair. I was a good student and i had teachers who literally made fun of me and wanted to fight me.
Turbo Pokey
Turbo Pokey Month ago
Astronauts: "Moon's fun..." Me: "Well no sh!t shamrock! The whole place is a frikkin' bouncy-castle!" 👨‍🚀🥳
PropsMovv Month ago
So am i supposed to smack that bird to enemies
Arnold Aguirre
Arnold Aguirre Month ago
And more this is why I hate school
That last one is accurate. If you're a good kid academically, you can get away with so much.
BTG Animation
BTG Animation Month ago
#BrainyComment What do you call a flat-chested escort? A Nutting-Board!
daecromancer Month ago
2:32 also, "get on your knees"
-HiddenCracks- Month ago
*The second post though*
Kirbz boi
Kirbz boi Month ago
7:06 It's always good to have snacks
Manuel Vitalerio
9:38 i don't know any of these people but i love all of them
you will never know my name
Can you feel it Mr Crabs?
Sleeping Bear
Sleeping Bear Month ago
The most I did for High School was graduated early by accident
Megan King
Megan King Month ago
I mean I was a tryhard and got pretty good grades in school but damn they would never in a million years have let even the most trusted and skilled pupil skip all their classes
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark Month ago
Wait when did Ratigan murder children?
Heather and Luke
Helen is a madlad
HaydenX Month ago
My "get out of schoolwork" story is senior year of high school. I put off taking my required bio class until senior year because I knew I didn't need it as I had been interested in and reading about genetics and other biological concepts since I was 5. I didn't want to sit and do nothing. So...my teacher handed out what was essentially a final exam on the first day in order to get a feel for what needed to be taught and in what order. 100 questions on the practice test. I got 2 wrong, ending with a 98%. So...the teacher basically turned me into his IT guy, helping him organize presentations and deal with tech stuff he wasn't so good with. I was also the reason why, during the marine-life segment of one of the presentations, when the teacher was talking about how damaging UV radiation was to life, and discussing the ozone layer, I included a clip of Dragostea Din Tei (by O-zone...see what I did there?) in the background. I gave various suggestions to spice up the presentations in that same sort of vein. Also...whenever he needed a disc burned or whatever (this was 2004-2005), that was me. I was exempted from everything in the class except the class project which was a collective effort to remove an invasive plant called dyer's woad (this was in northern Utah). We were given full permissions to remove any examples we found from public land, we could get independent permission from private land, or grab it from our own yards, and we had to bring in a garbage bag filled with at least 36 plants that we had uprooted. This project took me about 20 minutes as I was given permission by my doctor to pluck all of the examples of it from the adjacent small field the office had just purchased so they could build a physical rehab center. They were in plans to rip it all up anyway, and it was absolutely infested. I just grabbed all of it from that little field and I figured I had grabbed around 36, but I counted at the end and had harvested 49 of them. Weirdest school project I ever had, and easily the most interesting/fun one until university.
Peter Skylocker
Peter Skylocker Month ago
2:45 Also, no one can call the cops if there are no cops to call.
Elesis Seighart
Elesis Seighart Month ago
that guy learned a valuable lesson. be such a good person that you can get away with shit
Adèle-Rose Poletti
That guy named Helen? :)
Tatyana Rodriguez
Gotta say Helen is The Boss, The Madlad, and The Champion who could one day rule the world if they try.
Henry Statitovski
2:48 Actually, I'd argue that there's noone to call the cops, not if there's nobody to call the cops, but if there are no more cops
NotAGoat Month ago
Well, they can _call_ the cops. It just won't do much good.
Gigifabulous Month ago
The last person is me, except I was a lawful evil at the time
Bayne Chism
Bayne Chism Month ago
7:00 every Pokemon game ever
Virus Sans
Virus Sans Month ago
2:37 Stealtht or RTGames
Saniya Divekar
Saniya Divekar Month ago
12:25 the other thing that helps teachers love you without reason is having good siblings
M. Ibrahim Anwar
Music is like this | spikes of sound hitting your brain making u move Danse act feel spin jump run move drive fast etc etc etc list go on and on The holy Quran is like this --- it makes u move toward jannah it doesn’t keep u in place Believe in the unseen🥰
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Month ago
5:37 that wasn’t a dream
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Month ago
Star OwO no
Star OwO
Star OwO Month ago
hey OP give me the stats for this
Nim an Emm
Nim an Emm Month ago
I could take the Minecraft post apocalypse post seriously until I looked at the username and lost it. Taako-waititi out here with *that* profile picture talking about Minecraft healing
John The Dork
John The Dork Month ago
Yeah, Taako’s good out here.
Ian Blaine
Ian Blaine Month ago
If you have seen Game-Theory then you would know that that is the lore. Before the player there were great floods and a demonic creature we call the Wither destroyed all of Steve-kind. Minecraft is a post-post -Apocalyptic scenario were you (and friends) are the few who survived or surpassed death in front of all odds and you now are left with a world recovering from that past.
The great and powerful Doge
The last post is relatable man(for me its on a smaller scale). I’ve gotten away with going into the closed library twice now(it was just to put my stuff up, since I am a library aid, but they didn’t know that. I just said good morning and they let me do whatever). Also, while the teachers are pissed at the other students for having their phones out, I can have mine out without getting in trouble. My brother on the other hand... oh boy.
AmuletRebel Month ago
Reads the first post: Well, if MatPat's theories are true, it really is
Me õ_ò
Me õ_ò Month ago
spot the danganronpa character. Spoiler, 7:56 . Kokichi is everywhere and you cannot escape him
AlexGastro Month ago
Only villians in Disney to have cannonically killed children... Not anymore... Anakin Skywalker.
Draconic Duelist
@Heidi Wren Well yes, the gang had been celebrating something or other. Drinking beer and all that. Then Ratigan started the party in full and tossed the poor gangster mouse into the champagne fountain and marinated him in booze...
Heidi Wren
Heidi Wren Month ago
Draconic Duelist he was kinda acting drunk before that too...
Draconic Duelist
@Cat with internet What a fantastic movie... I think I'll watch it when I get the chance.
Cat with internet
Draconic Duelist and that was after proudly singing about drowning orphans and widows
Draconic Duelist
@Heidi Wren The henchman was also drunk off his ass, from falling into a pink champagne fountain.
Brainydude: uploads Me: I'll watch the video later Me: 2 hours later
Hennessey Horgan
What kind of bird is that
ExRatic Month ago
Fuck to Death Ratio, or should I say FDR
Trintn lickmaster 47
Last guy has the big brains
FellAzzy722 Month ago
Grace Wilbourn
Grace Wilbourn 25 days ago
Grace Wilbourn
Grace Wilbourn 25 days ago
And Hades...
Vibe King
Vibe King Month ago
That las guy tho
Sitka Seymore
Sitka Seymore Month ago
Minecraft is timeless
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