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Comments 71
Mako the Spider Queen
High School goofballery is to be cherished
Aisling Cronesgrove
Like to restart the USSR
Toxic Samantha Yt
Lawful Chaotic sounds like malicious compliance. Like, "are you sure you want me to do this." "Ya do whatever as long as you get it done." "Um... okayyyy." And Chaotic Lawful is like, "I'm not gonna do this, but I'll dance around it in a fucking tiki mask."
Kat Murphy
Kat Murphy Month ago
The Fweej the Overseer thing is amazing, and the Stephen Universe thing is breathtaking and heartwarming at the same time. Good job guys!
Tian Mejia
Tian Mejia Month ago
I watched all of Steven Universe on this cool site and I never thought of Greg and Rose’s relationship whoever wrote all of that is fricken beautiful
Arwen Koenig - 2023
7:22 you don't have a damn choice
Arwen Koenig - 2023
7:22 you don't have a damn choice
Elizabeth Bolin
Elizabeth Bolin Month ago
(In response to "the continuity of ducks" post) *terrified Herondale noises* Oh gosh! They're unstoppable!!
Crimson Dino
Crimson Dino Month ago
2:40 What kind of name is Fweej and why is it perfect???
Nincotic Month ago
God dammit brainy you’re making my feels feel
jerzey deville
jerzey deville Month ago
10:13 It seems that even in real world, intelligent women tend to choose sloppy bois. Being around so-called intelligent men might be taking emotional toll more than we conceive.
Hayllie Oulman
Hayllie Oulman Month ago
May I just say... that the last one made me cry a lil bit. Ngl it might've made my day
Henry Statitovski
6:38 You have only truly reached satire when people start taking you seriously.
Cookie Vampiress
I love Greg so Goddamn much
Jett Ufema
Jett Ufema Month ago
Bitch, you gonna make me cry over that last one?
Strawbérry Milk
PS. Rose Quartz was a bitch
Lyra Jenkins
Lyra Jenkins Month ago
Greg is grand
Mr Last Name
Mr Last Name Month ago
A little slappy to make daddy happy
Cotton Candy Sharks
That last one was really sweet actually, thank you (:
Monnalyth Month ago
That last one was hella deep, even for me, someone who doesn’t watch Steven Universe.
Monnalyth Month ago
I would watch it, but after Gravity Falls ended, I pretty much lost interest in animated shows. Hell, I even watched anime at one point, but that faded pretty fast. I really just.. haven’t felt the loving desire for animated shows since Gravity Falls ended. I can’t even watch Gravity Falls knowing that there won’t be any new episodes, because that show lit a candle nothing ever had before. And now? That tiny flame has long since gone out, and I yearn for a new flame to be lit, but nothing has come close. Re-watching Gravity Falls only makes the ever-darkening void that is the feeling of utter despair bleaker and bleaker. I haven’t been the same since I found out Gravity Falls is nothing but a mere, fading memory of rerun after rerun.
Aislee Love Greenwood
😄 It is a very deep show. I love it for its heart and genuine thoughtfulness. It hits deep in almost every episode.
James Rogers
James Rogers Month ago
Go watch it my dude . You will cry so much but it will be worth it
Alexander Purvis
Jerry Baker
Jerry Baker Month ago
rose quarts had a human zoo witch contained against there will and among others her son and baby daddy also ignited a trans stellar war and is responsible for the death and disablement of a literal uncountable number of "persons" and abandoned her child to be raised by irresponsible perverts that torture and abuse her baby daddy and son she would also be considered a war criminal by any definition
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Month ago
When it said film idea I thought it said Phil my dear
Ari's Universe
Ari's Universe Month ago
Why is greg, one of my least favorite charcters, making me cry and feel special
CrystalplaysYT wildcraft
#brainycomment Do you ever put slime in ur mouth but take it out real quick so it doesnt stay stuck on ur tongue or in the back of your mouth?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Month ago
Tf the end was deep
That0neGuy Month ago
6:40 Minecraft
That0neGuy Month ago
6:09 I would date an enderwoman.
That0neGuy Month ago
6:00 I relate to the the third bulletin.
grandma ashley
grandma ashley Month ago
FriendlyNeighborhoodGiant G
6:38 my writing class is reading divergent to understand dystopian shit lmao
Noodle Games
Noodle Games Month ago
11:28 : Homer and Ad: PEGI 12
Chiara Month ago
3:04 high schoolers and college students are the funniest fucking people alive no matter what period of time istg 5:53 like???
Nate the great
Nate the great Month ago
She's married to the mushroom man... The mushroom man? *THE MUSHOOM MAN!!!!!*
Cindy Zhu
Cindy Zhu Month ago
Nate the great she’s married to the mushroom man, who lives on mushroom lane!
Pony Empires Unite
If you like this comment and video, Fweej gets *stronger*!
ReLyt 2442
ReLyt 2442 Month ago
Honestly. Out of hundreds of comments what's the chance of being featured by #brainycomment.
Andreina Mora - Perez
#brainycomment : Were you killed? People who make a meme but don’t add the tag: Sadly, yes... People who remember to use it: But I lived! And by the way, if the tag in the top doesn’t count, #brainycomment .
Roy DaDanceGod
Roy DaDanceGod Month ago
Wow that last post was deeper and more thoughtful than all of the English essays I wrote in English class
ShinyDaUmbreon Month ago
The mushroom man! who lives on 12 mushroom town...
SteelBollocks Month ago
Greg is a writers self insert Make him into your ideal self with contrived moments to look morally superior and then pretend the most powerful woman in the universe would totally pick you That's not a sweet story, that's the creator wanking himself
Devion Butler
Devion Butler Month ago
Have you heard of thy mushroom man? Those who have seen him lay bedridden. Those who have disturbed his home comfort the worms below yer feet laddie. But the worst part is he lives on Draury lane
Devion Butler
Devion Butler Month ago
she’s married to the mushroom man
Megan King
Megan King Month ago
Do you know... the Mushroom Man? The one who lives on Draury Lane? Yeah, well she's married to the Mushroom Man The Mushroom Man? The Mushroom Man! She's married to the Mushroom Man!
Lily McCracken
Lily McCracken Month ago
Hayllie Oulman
Hayllie Oulman Month ago
Saitama: ...Genos, this wig is itchy.
SIVA mem.2769 SIVA mem. code 6359
I love how the section about Greg goes on for about a 3rd of the videos length
cursed spined
cursed spined Month ago
And thats ok
Rob Month ago
MegaBubfish Month ago
10:12 seriously, just found out about this show a few weeks back, and it really is amazing the level of thought and heart that was put into it. I'm a sucker for a good set of characters and a strong plot.
Pony Empires Unite
Also later episodes of MLP usually are good. Sometimes they are trash.
Aisling Cronesgrove
11:38 you forgot Richard and Nicole (from The amazing world of gumball)
vik creed
vik creed Month ago
From a Boomer to the Zoomers These videos are validation to me that god exist is with in the kind souls that will inherit this world.
NPC Month ago
@vik creed it was on a whole different video on my pc (wrote that on phone)
vik creed
vik creed Month ago
or separate issue entirely.
vik creed
vik creed Month ago
@NPC np, what did the other comment say?
NPC Month ago
@vik creed sorry, I thought I was replying to another comment, ignore me
vik creed
vik creed Month ago
@NPC Why are you angry?
M3M3 BOi
M3M3 BOi Month ago
Eat your cereal
Avara animations
That last post about Greg really set the mood, thank you for that. Im gonna go watch some bob ross videos now.
derpfluid variant091
Bruh can you please end all of your videos on a cool story prompt or motivational post?
LonelyAvocado Month ago
#brainycommet Her: I bet he’s thinking about another girl Him: if I cut my leg off and throw it at you am I hitting or kicking you
Lunchtime is for b r e a d
ok but rose ended up kinda sucking, and greg was always great tho. in the time it happened I guess how she was perceived was what mattered tho. also, she'd been leading on pearl for thousands of years only to end up with greg, effectively pitting pearl against greg with no real reason that was about him to dislike.
Emorose 12
Emorose 12 Month ago
We saw her development backwards. She really matured quite a bit but the story of how we saw her went backwards so her immaturity sticks out more. She did lead Pearl on but I don't think she really realized what she was doing she was just like a little kid who was just trying to get Pearl to do what she wanted really..
My Face When
My Face When Month ago
"A little slappy to make daddy happy" You fukin know what I'm thinking alright!
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson Month ago
What is Steven Universe? Is it on Netflix?
Toroxx8 Month ago
It's absolutely amazing and you can find the episodes on RUvid if you are ok with 11 minute episodes in 4 parts
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson Month ago
@Softichill Thank you :3
Kristi_is_weird 2.0
Go to Watchcartoononline I use it and it's free
Softichill Month ago
The first four seasons should be on hulu. The fifth one you can get with premium or by some other site, same goes for the movie and 6th season. I highly recommend Steven Universe. It's one of my favorite shows :)
zen Archaes
zen Archaes Month ago
Chaotic lawful, also known as malicious compliance
Iris Huisman
Iris Huisman Month ago
Curtis Hamilton fair
Curtis Hamilton
Curtis Hamilton Month ago
Iris Huisman Either way, you about to break some poor guard’s reality.
Iris Huisman
Iris Huisman Month ago
zen Archaes no, lawful chaotic. There's a difference
pyromaniac Month ago
Me: Steven universe gives me no reason to watch it Tumblr: 10:13 - 13:45 Me: oh... well now I have no excuse
Ghostwad 18 hours ago
@Violet Emily *it is worth it*
Violet Emily
Violet Emily 16 days ago
it is not worth it
Echter Lüngen
Echter Lüngen Month ago
@Relic It is, but not completely
Will Mcgonigle
Will Mcgonigle Month ago
Ye the majority of the first season is terrible tho stick with it and it's great
ShinyDaUmbreon Month ago
The Outcasts
The Outcasts Month ago
Aisling Cronesgrove
Taylor Green
Taylor Green Month ago
Lucas TPR
Lucas TPR Month ago
I'm Like #69
Tom Fortune
Tom Fortune Month ago
I we eat mummy s
the flying squid glitch was one of the best glitches, they should have kept it i remember pushing like 50 squid of trees to see how many i could get to fly
honeday Channel
honeday Channel Month ago
3:21 so this just told me the plot of how cats was made and I'm just going to sum it up for you "cats dance to go kill themselves because cat Haven is seen as the ultimate place"
honeday Channel
honeday Channel Month ago
@denise baber I mean it's the truth
denise baber
denise baber Month ago
Just reading this made me tear up.
honeday Channel
honeday Channel Month ago
@Davide Tramontana yep basically so you still need weed to get or be so high off of morphine and watch it
Davide Tramontana
"Cats finale: Cat who only wanted friends finally gains a whole bunch of them, but unadvertedly enters into euthanasia competition and wins"
aliweyeh Month ago
10:09 Crowley and Aziraphale respectively.
Hayllie Oulman
Hayllie Oulman Month ago
Lmfao this will never fail to crack me up
Me õ_ò
Me õ_ò Month ago
bro the last post was ghostwritten by korekiyo
Boo-La-La_ 666
Boo-La-La_ 666 Month ago
I can see that. He'd probably do a little speech about it too, with his mask and his flowing hair as the others look on in utter confusion.
Jaycee Sanders
Jaycee Sanders Month ago
Knuckles is disappointed in your recent decisions
These Tumblr posts are crazy some times.
HoneyBea Month ago
Ruby Newman
Ruby Newman Month ago
Like for Fweej the Overseer
Aisling Cronesgrove
@Ace Of Diamonds ãłľ ĺ-łąïľ ţhê mőťhəřľąñđ
Aisling Cronesgrove
@Ace Of Diamonds the Soviets already took mine
Ace Of Diamonds
Ace Of Diamonds 13 days ago
@Aisling Cronesgrove *_Why not? I sold mine?_*
Aisling Cronesgrove
Restart the USSR for fweej the overseer
Aisling Cronesgrove
@Ace Of Diamonds no
Bass not Bass
Bass not Bass Month ago
I'm watching this while taking a monster shit on my anime body pillow
Hayllie Oulman
Hayllie Oulman Month ago
Jaycee Sanders
Jaycee Sanders Month ago
Arrow Skill -Drawing-
Same dude
Unknown_ Rider
Unknown_ Rider Month ago
Bass not Bass
Bass not Bass Month ago
@Me õ_ò *about you
Me õ_ò
Me õ_ò Month ago
nobody cares
Bass not Bass
Bass not Bass Month ago
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