Tucker speaks to founder of company designed to sway people away from college

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CEO of Crash and founder of Praxis Isaac Morehouse joins Tucker Carlson with insight on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker
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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Stead Solutions
Stead Solutions 16 days ago
I want to drip out of college badly, all my professors are liberals and all my classmates had their parents bribe them in. 😂
Ted 23 days ago
Being stupid hasn't hindered Tucker Carlson
Kim Giannotti
Kim Giannotti Month ago
start teaching children to love their country.. not divide them and should teach them the laws of the constitution and the laws of the land .. love america
Evan Reiter
Evan Reiter Month ago
College is the biggest scam out there. Harvard and Yale have over 600 millions in endowments
Nick Bauer
Nick Bauer Month ago
Most university students are morons, unfortunately. They go there not really knowing what it is they want to do but simply because their parents either told them to or because all their friends were going. Then they get brainwashed into liberalism and wind up heavily in student loan debt with worthless Mickey Mouse degrees that wont get them a job at Wendy's!
Don Bakowy
Don Bakowy Month ago
Defundthe universities
Viper Month ago
The average 21 year old has -21,000 in debt
George R
George R Month ago
Now the opposite in every country in the world things are getting better poverty is cut in half I didn’t think it was gonna happen this fast UN studies Jordan Peterson explains it and I seen the studies in the UN
George R
George R Month ago
What I disagree with is that they change the books history cannot be changed but they have changed history box take a good look at that compared to 30 years ago compared to today if the children don’t know history they know nothing and we’re going to repeat history millions will die
George R
George R Month ago
Colleges and universities are a scam today yes they discriminate against people are very smart and they want to put people in it are very stupid and then you got riots
Kathrine Pearson
My daughter is doing the air force. They give you money for college , hands on experience , and schooling in your preferred career.
Kathrine Pearson
Thats why, in lot's of other countries college is free. DUH
Robert Klinck
Robert Klinck Month ago
In Canada university degrees are so useless that the federal government (in my personal experience, the House of Commons) can DENY THEIR EXISTENCE in order to get predetermined successful candidates into positions in the bureaucracy. The House of Commons nullified my U of Alberta degrees 32 years ago and, despite my repeated pleas to undo the harm this caused me, has never corrected the abuse, demonstrating the contempt with which TPTB regard higher education.
Uber Gigan
Uber Gigan Month ago
It took a pandemic for people to realize how much of a joke colleges are
Harry Ford
Harry Ford 2 months ago
College is only for people who can't self-motivate.
Osvaldo Aponte
Osvaldo Aponte 2 months ago
So you have rebranded the vocational school. Groundbreaking.
2 Real
2 Real 2 months ago
Defund police
chancy319 2 months ago
I was too distracted by his massive Adam's apple. It's like a beach ball got trapped in his throat.
crowheads 2 months ago
sad but my community college is small but offered so many fun and different courses. im sure when the "virus" is over most of those wont be coming back. but these huge universities get away with scalping students out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and gives them nothing in return...and this lockdown wont affect them in the slightest
Drone Your Homes
Drone Your Homes 2 months ago
I am a world renowned photographer and I didn't need college to get there.
crowheads 2 months ago
never heard of you
Daniel Boyette
Daniel Boyette 2 months ago
The employers are the biggest issue
Deb Edwards
Deb Edwards 2 months ago
My husband was an electrician who went onto become a construction project manager. He was earning as much as a surgeon. The difference? My husband didn’t go to university and get a huge student debt.
rick sandoval
rick sandoval 2 months ago
"I BOUGHT A DEGREE". is right
Tyler Ellis
Tyler Ellis 2 months ago
Big fella ya boii needs that education and plus I wanna go to the NFL sooooooo.......yeah also I wanna have a great future.... see idk how Isaac got his future and his success congrats to him but me as( for now ) a low class black teenager, no college no future
Director of the Notification Squad
People who went to college telling others not to do so. Nice!
Evan Beck
Evan Beck 2 months ago
College needs to be how it was viewed in the 50's. A place you go to better yourself, not a place to go because society dictates that you need to in order to "be successful". My wife finished college and overwhelmingly feels under prepared for her chosen job field. When college janitors re making 75k a year and schools are paying off presidents to leave, we have issues.
웅이 2 months ago
This issue is really not that simple. At all. It's a super complicated problem and the solution has to be tailored to each situation. There is no blanket answer. If you plan on getting a Ph.D. in a field in order to become an expert, then YES you absolutely must pay for college education. If you want to be a teacher, a doctor, pharmacist, etc then YES you absolutely must attend college. Forget whether you agree with this system or not. I am just simply telling you what the pre-requisites are TODAY. But if you just want to attend it due to social pressure, then you are absolutely making a mistake. College is far too expensive and a 4 years is a LONG time to be wasting. Apprenticeship or military is a far better choice for you.
James Townsend
James Townsend 2 months ago
College. Learn junk you can learn online for free.
Grma akww
Grma akww 2 months ago
Everyone is different. College, trade school, apprenticeship...however they find the meshing of what they like and what theyare good at.
Be Free
Be Free 2 months ago
Smh Conservatives were the ones pushing universities on kids. They are the ones who made education a billion dollar business. Ask Betty Devos now conservatives want to do the same thing with these charter schools. Another way for them to make money.
- Ashai -
- Ashai - 2 months ago
It's not worth it due to conservative policies and conservatism relies on ignorance to even exist so...
TJ 2 months ago
I have friends that paid $130 000 for MBAs and 5 years later not one of them has a better job than they had prior to the MBA.
micdrop1991 2 months ago
I never of Crash before - great mission. Gives me hope.
Jason Lankford
Jason Lankford 2 months ago
Tucker is a cia reject
Mr. Spade
Mr. Spade 2 months ago
I'd go to college, but definitely not in america 😅
Siddharth Ray
Siddharth Ray 2 months ago
As an Asian kid, $1000 is not worth my life
JoeAceJR 2 months ago
Anthony D
Anthony D 2 months ago
Sounds like a great idea. Aside from the value of real life marketable skills you can acquire in a focused apprenticeship program or internship. I'm completely in tune with abolishing 80 percent of Universities and Colleges who mostly indoctrinate young people with anti-Conservative and anti-American values. This is at the heart of all the hate that is dividing our country today.
Marie G.
Marie G. 2 months ago
I disagree. College literally saved my life. Time as a college student gave me a sense of purpose and for the first time in my life, I learned how to think ( not what to think). It gave me critical experiences that nothing else could have. I thank God everyday for that opportunity and wish I could have continued into grad school.
Ryan Switzer
Ryan Switzer 2 months ago
This guy looks like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead.
Kevins Knives
Kevins Knives 2 months ago
AC4643 2 months ago
paying thousands just to eventually have some indian guy on yt to teach you the subject your paying for regardless. Harvard kinda late on this online thing
matthew kühl
matthew kühl 2 months ago
i work on a major UC campus and the students out there are shockingly clueless and uneducated
marisa drake
marisa drake 2 months ago
I always felt college was overated. You always learn more on the job anyways.
Andrew Freiji
Andrew Freiji Month ago
What if that job is being an engineer?
Nick 2 months ago
Tammy duckworth for VP
chltmdwp 2 months ago
Take Amazing Selling Machine course that teaches you how to create your brand on Amazon for just $5000... and this can lead to make you millions of dollars. Or you can still go to college to make money for someone else's dream.
marisa drake
marisa drake 2 months ago
I thought you resigned Tucker? Lol
Astronomy Dork
Astronomy Dork 2 months ago
LOL @ Isaac getting cut off right before he can plug TWETCH. Yes that’s with an E, not an I...
Trump 2020 Landslide
I love you, Tucker. ❤❤❤ I haven't seen you on the show for a long time. Without Tucker, Fox News is like CNN Does the Deep State harm you? May God bless you.😁😁😁
A G 2 months ago
I live in Bangladesh. How do i sign up for crash?
Zach Mueller
Zach Mueller 2 months ago
I made the decision to go to college and I’ll be leaving with debt. I thought college was the only way to succeed in life. How ignorant was I... senior year of college this year... god damnit
RevaN 2 months ago
It depends on what you want to do in all honesty, sociology degree is rubbish. If you want to become a doctor, then school is a necessity.
John C Gibson
John C Gibson 2 months ago
90% of college degrees are scams. Some degrees are not scams. Medical doctor degrees for one because you can't become a doctor without the degree. And there are a few more degrees that fundamentally change who you are.
Michael S.
Michael S. 2 months ago
It's a half truth. I have a bachelor's. Regret it. But if you pick a smart degree in the sciences, you will get a decent job...unless you picked social science 😂 but be warned, those better paid degrees like engineering, doctor, nurses, are HARD, competitive and sometimes you have to pass something akin to the bar after college. Anyhow, I picked the wrong degree for myself and found out I can self study and pick a different career path. It's been great.
Heckler Koch
Heckler Koch 2 months ago
My kids decided against college in favor of trade school. Amen! Now I have 50 grand to give to each of them instead. IVY league is a scam, always has been and a complete waste of money.
ladymorgonna 2 months ago
Mike Rowe (from "Dirty Jobs") has been encouraging tech/trade schools over college for years...... Tech/trade schools actually teach you a skill..... college not so much for the most part anymore...... also tech/trade schools are so so so much cheaper then college/Universities
Maciste1970 2 months ago
University in America seems to be nothing more than a factory for promoting victim-hood.
Mahendra Penumathsa
Mahendra Penumathsa 2 months ago
Good arguments.
Ian Kelsall
Ian Kelsall 2 months ago
all of the hard wired, transferable and useful skills i have acquired in my life have been largely self taught, with guidance from some online sources, or via 'on the job' teaching. Nothing useful for me every came from schools, colleges and university. They are not transferable or adaptable skills, and they are not hardwired as long term skills as self learning does. You need to problem solve your own solutions, to quote " Some lessons cannot be taught, they have to be lived to be understood..."
Eddy Yost
Eddy Yost 2 months ago
Count the blinks 😳
Shaun K
Shaun K 2 months ago
The company I work for helped found a similar program in my country - 2 years of coding training and you have a job when done. The best thing, the corporate sponsors pay you to study.
TheGmr140 2 months ago
finally truth on youtube, college is a scam, college is like going into a starbucks, and giving someone you don't know money so you can read a book.
Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook 2 months ago
College is an expensive joke!!!! Trade schools are the way to go. Everyone can't sit behind a desk... the world needs electricians, plumbers, brick layers, pipe layers, welders!!! People have gotten lazy and want air conditioning jobs to sit on their lazy asses.
Lee Jameson
Lee Jameson 2 months ago
WWG1WGA 🇬🇧🤝🇺🇸
James R
James R 2 months ago
Parent: My son went to an elite private college. Person listening: Oh, really. What is he doing now? Parent: He's a barista.
James R
James R 2 months ago
When I saw this guy's face, I thought that he was a whiney, liberal snowflake, but when he spoke, he sounds like an intelligent, positive person.
James R
James R 2 months ago
Parents send their kids to expensive colleges for bragging rights, like the car they drive and the house that they live in. It's all about image not substance.
Padraig Collins
Padraig Collins 2 months ago
Bunch of pussies lol
Keith Nicolas
Keith Nicolas 2 months ago
*Has* *Lori* *Loughlin* *flashbacks*
James R
James R 2 months ago
People are telling kids who do not get good grades in HS that they need to go to college. If you aren't smart enough to get good grades in HS (and most of it is simply discipline) you are going to bomb out of college with debt.
Be Free
Be Free 2 months ago
Thats not necessarily so. I actually think college was much easier than high school. I learned what I wanted to learn opposed to someone telling me what they want me to know. I loved college
James R
James R 2 months ago
I got an undergraduate degree in business in the 80s from a State school. Graduated debt free. I was told that I needed an MBA. What? More studies in business and a lot of money to pay for it. I invested in real estate instead and live quite well now.
Donald R. Risner
Donald R. Risner 2 months ago
College student here - this is all true.
Where the hell is tucker Carlson America needs him bad
Rhonda s
Rhonda s 2 months ago
Do you think this guy could get me, someone with a college degree, a good job?
orenjuice100 2 months ago
So, having a gender studies degree is useless??? Who knew?
Nonya Busi
Nonya Busi 2 months ago
So I can be an accountant and be a cpa without college?
Yiesuz is ZatanN
Yiesuz is ZatanN 2 months ago
If you complain about college tuitions being 50k but still willing to pay 30k for any new vehicle nowadays, You definitely don't deserve to live. Lol.
Yiesuz is ZatanN
Yiesuz is ZatanN 2 months ago
You have to be really STUPID to believe that college degrees are worthless, the only reason why they "Seem" worthless is because of all the "ILLEGAL DREAMERS" and their ILLEGAL families working LEGAL jobs
Brad Grant
Brad Grant 2 months ago
I went to college and I'm disabled now. I actually wish I had enough money to go back to school to keep my brain operating. When I went to college I mostly reviewed what I learned in high school and college you can take at your own pace. You can take 3 classes a year and pay for them straight forwardly. In a few years you can get certified in something.
Lucky Bucky
Lucky Bucky 2 months ago
I applied for 50 scholarships and several colleges when I was Junior in High School. Had a 3.0, was Battalion Commander in JROTC even. Didn't get one scholarship nor did I take one day of a college class. Owned my own business since I was 19. 42 now. Life is good and have told my clients which include kids, teens and adults that college is not for everyone. Look at me for an example of success.
X XxX 2 months ago
McDonald’s is always hiring non-degree people.
Appalachian Sasquatch who doesn't read replies
So are landscaping companies. No degree required to ride a lawnmower.
Jacco Bastings
Jacco Bastings 2 months ago
Where is Blake Neff???
Jacco Bastings
Jacco Bastings 2 months ago
Where did Blake Neff go??? Your racist speech writer, oh he resigned after he got exposed after writing racist comments under an alias. It's all true TC, is a racist. The truth always wins
Alexei Bissonnette
Alexei Bissonnette 2 months ago
I am from Canada. In the province I live in, I will have payed around 10,000$ for my undergrads (really affordable), because we pay much more taxes than in the US. I was wondering what Republicans and conservatives would think about such a thing. Does such a thing sounds crazy for you guys (based on the comments section, it seems like it would)? Or would you guys consider such a thing? Just curious.
Penny Maddock
Penny Maddock 2 months ago
This is wrong. Every thing has gotten way way way out of hand we should all be working together not fighting against one another.
Mary Beth
Mary Beth 2 months ago
I job showed in High school to see if I liked physical therapy and so I decided to get a physical therapist assistant degree in 3years and the total cost was $15,000 which I graduated debt free because I worked in high school and college. I have plenty of friends that went to university and are sky high in debt right now:
dazkptl 2 months ago
If you've been to college, you would rather work with those who also have, and if you haven't, you'd rather work with those who haven't (exceptions being poor students with one degree who barely graduated, as in, not college material anyway but they got through it).
Barney Stenson
Barney Stenson 2 months ago
As a college student I can attest that most people here don't need to be or don't deserve to be. Most are getting a stupid degree that they don't need for their field and many more can't do basic math.
Tony Carcamo
Tony Carcamo 2 months ago
I totally agree. i don't have any degrees but I became an expert in my field, and now I own 2 small companies.
chiefs816kc 2 months ago
I think the higher education system has been worse to me than the judicial system... And I'm Black!
Mathematics is cool
Mathematics is cool 2 months ago
“The value of a college education is not the memorization of many facts, but the training of the mind to think.” - Albert Einstein
TheHighTower 2 months ago
@Appalachian Sasquatch who doesn't read replies It was a different time back then, colleges back then actually had more value than they did today. Especially in the booming science field back then.
Appalachian Sasquatch who doesn't read replies
Digest his quote.... College teaches you HOW TO THINK. ROFL I don't need any help with thinking. People need help with DOING, because all they are is BEING.
Dummy Crash
Dummy Crash 2 months ago
I wasted money on college .
Alexis Gibson
Alexis Gibson 2 months ago
Every institution in America is racist
Countdown To Midnight
College: Turning the word "slavery" into the word "student athlete".
Beo Wulf
Beo Wulf 2 months ago
The Zonx
The Zonx 2 months ago
One of the top colleges with coding classes in my country is $2500 for the first year. I suggest people from western Europe to attend colleges in eastern Europe, since there’s also an option for classes in english.
John Wilfrido R Guevara
education is not a scam but instead it is a very corrupt industry.
Loraine Drosophila
Loraine Drosophila 2 months ago
CEO teaches people how to earn less money in their lifetime
ORYZA AMANS 2 months ago
going to college is like wearing a suit and tie at an event... but if u r important or special...no one would care if u came with yoga tights and a t-shirt! but everyone should expect scientists, doctors and engineers to at least have couple of decent years of institutionalized education...cuz these professions actually needs it!
Godzilla Destroys Cities
I have a degree in business. I served for 6 years in the Infantry. I regret my degree. I should have used the GI Bill to go to a HVAC school to teach me HVAC. Why? That is the most expensive stuff in your house. I just spent 12 grand replacing HVAC equipment. Everyone should understand HVAC and electrical. Who gives a flying you know what about budgets of some corporation? Who gives a you know what about budget reports? We've been told for years that we should NOT work with our hands. How much unhappiness has that caused? The not working with your hands crowd is responsible for the leftist men don't have as much testosterone discussions now. Yea, a guy doing sheet rock all day is going to have more testosterone than an office worker.
Freya murtem
Freya murtem 2 months ago
This pandemic has really shown how pathethic america and americans really are .. people else where although living a hard knock are not as miserable as americans . Pathetic. Kinda happy actually .
Beo Wulf
Beo Wulf 2 months ago
people will only take issue with this comment because its TRUE! Thumbs-up to your comment!
Christian412 America
Get a degree in a STEM field.
AKBRONCOSFAN007 2 months ago
This guy didn’t tell anything specific about his company. Folks the TRADES is where the money is and of course computers. Specifically, in Cybersecurity. The military is always a smart bet as well. I served 20 years in the Air Force and was in a trade specialty. Now I’m retired working as a tradesman and making $124K a year. By the way, I do have two college degrees that the USAF paid for. Something to consider.
Beo Wulf
Beo Wulf 2 months ago
God bless you, Brother! You're truly an inspiration! :)
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