Trying Wild Celebrity Breakfast Foods | People Vs. Food

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Can our Reactors guess which celebrity loves each of these wild breakfast foods? You'll be surprised which of these celebs have the most Hollywood diets! Hungry for more? Check out all our People vs. Food content: bit.ly/REACTpeoplevsfood
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Trying Wild Celebrity Breakfast Foods | People Vs. Food


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Mar 13, 2020




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Comments 80
REACT 4 months ago
If you had to eat one of these celebrities' favorite breakfast foods for a week straight, which one would you pick?
Rahma Awad
Rahma Awad Month ago
Esperanza Pineda
The pizza
Amanda Reyes
Amanda Reyes Month ago
@Zycix 1
Lexxxi Poo
Lexxxi Poo 2 months ago
Trudi and eric have a weird vibe? Lol 🤔🤔
Dax Dynamite
Dax Dynamite 2 months ago
@Tezy1 YT - Xbox It's cold
꧁ᴀʟɪ sᴛʏʟᴇs꧂
Gigi??? Of course Zayn would do that😂
Aarón Mariscal
Aarón Mariscal 2 days ago
2:50 I don’t think he knows what a bodybuilder is🤷🏻‍♂️
Annika Tautz
Annika Tautz 2 days ago
When i heard that gigi eats that often i was like... That has to be because of zayn
Brycen Stokes
Brycen Stokes 3 days ago
Omg that dude is from crazygorilla
Oliver Parker
Oliver Parker 3 days ago
DROOLING over the beans on toast
Redneck Airsoft
Redneck Airsoft 4 days ago
Okay but.....Troy got a hella glow up.....😝😅😅😅hmu
Pixel_raptor 5 days ago
I eat cold pizza for breakfast lol
Barney Ismygod
Barney Ismygod 5 days ago
Most of the celebrities have coke for breakfast but not the one your thinking of
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu 5 days ago
Lol Im genuinely so surprised so many people don't recognize a lot of these names... most if not all of them have created/been in monumental/iconic films, songs, sports, or some large contribution to society. Anyone else surprised?
Daniel D'Amato
Daniel D'Amato 5 days ago
Shakynnah Amparo
Shakynnah Amparo 7 days ago
i just wanna comment about how she got timothée's name wrongly spelled but I don't blame her, i actually thought it was him.
moonlighxtzoe edits
As a brit i was shocked by their reaction to beans on toast! it’s a classic!
little bit diy
little bit diy 7 days ago
Who doesnt eat leftover pizza for breackfast and a burger is like my replacement for pizza. Woah my mornings r messed up
[Charlî] 8 days ago
I love pizza my love for pizza is just amazing honestly.
Tajaun Henry
Tajaun Henry 9 days ago
Stop eating bacon god said in the bible that pig is unclean food follow the bible join the christians not the idiots that
Silver Is Cool
Silver Is Cool 10 days ago
Brandon is name to
The Midnight Air
The Midnight Air 13 days ago
Am I the only one that also eats bean with toast, cuz that smacks
camaro68jones cvc
camaro68jones cvc 14 days ago
Lowkey kinda mad that there wasn't a pizza with an egg on it.
TenTonNuke 14 days ago
Isn't the key component of being a celebrity notoriety? What does a person call an unknown celebrity?
xXUnknown BobaXx
xXUnknown BobaXx 14 days ago
Beans on toast is a very British breakfast in my opinion and how do I know this well it is because im British
MW14 15 days ago
I’m from the uk so I have beans on toast all the time 😂
Is it just me or does Troy look like tfue
rice 16 days ago
is that tfue
Liv Reynolds
Liv Reynolds 17 days ago
Them: what’s beans on toast Me growing up in Britain: 👁👄👁
Onyx Arko
Onyx Arko 18 days ago
I am alergect to bacon
Avenue Teal
Avenue Teal 19 days ago
If only Brandon went "and a COOOOOOOOOOKE!!!" Someone is bound to know that reference.
Dahlia Legacy
Dahlia Legacy 21 day ago
"Leaky gut" isn't a thing. -_- You know how I know? If you do have tears in your intestines that leads to blood poisoning and death. I like her too T_T why does she think stupid things? T_T Also I did try bone broth because of baby Yoda. @.@ It's not bad but you need it with something, I feel. lol I just wanted a baby Yoda moment. ^_^
Callum The gamer
Callum The gamer 24 days ago
I don’t know half of these so I just guess the ones I know😂😂
Xccfdf Sdfss
Xccfdf Sdfss 25 days ago
Warren buffet does not. He just knows people will follow company gets more money he’s an inventor
Emily Tyner
Emily Tyner 28 days ago
A coke and sausage patties is me for breakfast 😂
H Ray
H Ray 28 days ago
Literally the only other people I know who eat beans on toast is the characters from freaking PEPPA PIG (SEARCH IT UP)
Belle Abarca
Belle Abarca Month ago
When they brought up J Law and Woody I FREAKED OUT I was like HUNGER GAMESSSSSSS
Rahma Awad
Rahma Awad Month ago
i literally just got one or two correct.. ;-; lol XD
hannah van wyk
hannah van wyk Month ago
Beans and toast is also a South African food too
Olivia Chambers
Olivia Chambers Month ago
Beans on toast us an English delicacy
The Stealthy Bomber
The Sausage and Coke is my type of Breakfast. My Family and I Love the Waffle House and go there almost every morning for breakfast. I like to have a meal that will be enough to help get me through my shift and since I don't drink coffee, Tea or Cola is my preferred drink to help keep me awake. As for Sausage, sausage it's delicious and is filling enough to keep my stomach from growling during work. Toast and eggs go great with it too though XD
Samantha Blyth
Samantha Blyth Month ago
literally had beans on toast for breakfast
Lucius The Killer
Maddie Pickles
Maddie Pickles Month ago
Nobody: That one lady: that was my first instinct😂😂
Juan Sauceda
Juan Sauceda Month ago
It’s Timotheé , you have to update about what’s the best nowadays
Tushig Bat
Tushig Bat Month ago
Brando your cousin Ramon waiting outside
Amber Shaw
Amber Shaw Month ago
I feel like I would be amazing for the food challenges 🥰😌✨
Hamsa xoxo
Hamsa xoxo Month ago
Why does Brandon look like Jack Black so much?
Enya Shello
Enya Shello Month ago
I guessed gigi right away simply because of zayn
rhiannon Month ago
did will ever get his $10
XtrixBTW Month ago
Troy looks like tfue
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Month ago
iv never had beans on toast Me: cries in british
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen Month ago
When i saw coke for breakfast i instantly thought donald trump
ace Numba 47
ace Numba 47 Month ago
Who invited there mom
larry af
larry af Month ago
Yoo, that white blonde boy, troy, looks a LOT like Jonas from Dark
Takeda takahashi
Beans on toast is normal in the UK for breakfast then what meal do you have beans with its so weird to me how just across the ocean the food is completely different
Fiorela Cardenas
They really don’t know our Mexican ways of beans and toast that’s our breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!
Alissa Tanner
Alissa Tanner Month ago
1:04-1:06 what Will said, TRUE my guy, TRUE
Deshaun Rua
Deshaun Rua Month ago
Every person who lives in the Mid-Atlantic states is staring in horror at the "pizza"
Deadly Venom
Deadly Venom Month ago
- This gotta be some bodybuilder. EXCUSE ME
Rhianna Duris
Rhianna Duris Month ago
Anyone else realize they put MILK BEFORE THE CERIAL
Mint Love
Mint Love Month ago
I love Cheese Pizza
Valentina Escudero
Man! How is that Buffett guy alive?
Valentina Escudero
Who the hell told Trudi that bacon and eggs are healthy? Haha cholesterol for breakfast
M.S.J.J G Month ago
I knew mostly 3/4 of the celebrities but the others I was like 🤨 What? 😂
natalia Month ago
timothy chalamet likes bagels for breakfast those moms did not pass the vibe check
Emelie Sandoval
Emelie Sandoval Month ago
1:03, she held her hand up and said "chalula is not that bad" 😂🤣😂🤣😂 that was funny
Beba K
Beba K Month ago
The first breakfast is what I love eating! Lmaooo
CR4ZY Boy Month ago
2:47 is that tfue lol
Sadia Akhundzadah
Ik all of the celebrities HOW DO YALL NOT
Kimberly Lowin
Kimberly Lowin Month ago
Noooo I wut to eat
Beth Blanchette
Beth Blanchette Month ago
My daughter's favorite breakfast food is pizza and spaghetti
Rara Ayres
Rara Ayres Month ago
OMG 8:02 has me dying😂😂
Shaun Mattice
Shaun Mattice Month ago
Beans on toast is awesome.
Neal 2 months ago
Chrissy Tiegen has 2 whole cookbooks and her bfast is that basic?
Valentino Quartz
Valentino Quartz 2 months ago
No offense but in England baked beans taste much better...
Makenzie Cummings
Makenzie Cummings 2 months ago
There isn’t a bodybuilder in the world eating two sausage patties and a coke😂😂😂WTF they eat a calorie surplus and this meal is like 20 calories
T. Rickster
T. Rickster 2 months ago
DAMN I’m unhealthy I just had pizza at 1 in the morning
Marley Mederos
Marley Mederos 2 months ago
““that sounds like a you problem shailene, hollywood changes you” LMFAOOOO
Brian Henry
Brian Henry 2 months ago
just wanted to throw this out here that leaky gut is real and it is a problem in this world but most people just don't recognize it
rararabia19 2 months ago
Apple cider vinegar tastes and smells like rotting fruit and trash 🤢🤢🤢🤢
lamia AL
lamia AL 2 months ago
Wait! whats the point of reading into the market prices before buying one of them? it is not going to change the meal prices at mcdonalds overnight....
abdullah Rathore
abdullah Rathore 2 months ago
Zayn is Pakistani not British
Chris Lonsdale
Chris Lonsdale 2 months ago
What happened to the beans 🤣🤣
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