Trying Weird Food Combinations People Love w/ Josh Peck!

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so josh peck and i are trying weird food combinations that people love and guys some of these food combinations are so insane!! which one food combo would you try? xo -alisha marie
josh's video here: ruvid.net/video/video-36cdBbnAkIo.html
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Jun 13, 2019

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Comments 5 796
Arielize Lugo
Arielize Lugo 8 minutes ago
You guys should try Wendy's fries with the Wendy's frostys dipped together, I love it!! Dip the fries into a vanilla frosty and it will be heaven 😍❤️
Campbell McKenzie
Campbell McKenzie 3 hours ago
The amount of likes this gets is how many times they said “love that”
Khaille Chenise
Khaille Chenise 4 hours ago
you should really try this: mix 1 tbsp ketchup with 1 tbsp mayonaise. then, pop some good `ol buttered popcorn. finally, dip the buttered popcorn in the ketchup and mayo dip. THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOOOOOD
Ethel cringe Asmr
Ethel cringe Asmr 4 hours ago
OMG you ShOULD TRY MANGO AND NUTELLA it is literally the best thing ever
Clara Hjorth
Clara Hjorth 5 hours ago
Try cucumbers with salsa!
Mar Ley
Mar Ley 16 hours ago
Omg you need to try Cheetos with plain humus!! It sounds weird but it tastes so good!! No joke it’s so good!!!
Violet Myers
Violet Myers 16 hours ago
Fries and icecream
Amanda Tirri
Amanda Tirri 17 hours ago
Try doritos with sour cream
Sydne Goodlett
Sydne Goodlett 21 hour ago
Corned beef, cream cheese, and pickle rolled together
Ryan Day ago
Ruttana K
Ruttana K Day ago
Something really good is salted popcorn with gummy bears
Getzemeni lozano
Girl alisha you neeeed to try hot wings with milk and popcorn with ketchup and jelly and crackers please for the next video
Alonna P
Alonna P Day ago
ok so i love your podcasts and they are part of my thursday routine:))
Emily Wood
Emily Wood Day ago
Honestly best video
Peyton P.
Peyton P. Day ago
Where I live we eat sopapillas and honey, so I'm sure fries are very similar. Might have to try that.
Rebecca MacPherson
Please make your summer videos again I miss them
Aeknoor G
Aeknoor G Day ago
Try pasta and original patato lays crunched on top of the pasta
Leela Laver
Leela Laver Day ago
Hummus and chocolate oaties Marmite pasta
lulu Contreras
lulu Contreras 2 days ago
Omg try spicy Doritos and Nutella it’s actually good 😂😂
Eun bi Go
Eun bi Go 2 days ago
have you EVER try popcorn and peanut butter IT GOOD
Warrior Girl
Warrior Girl 2 days ago
Whens schoollisha
Ruby Zoll
Ruby Zoll 3 days ago
Why was I thinking about all the food they aren’t eating 😂
Art by Michelle
Art by Michelle 3 days ago
Please do another milaurisha collab?
KrisAngel2012 3 days ago
When the French Fries and honey came up I just cheered! One of my favorite combos
Isabelle Risberg
Isabelle Risberg 3 days ago
Chicken nuggets in caramel was my life when mcds used to give out the little caramel packet thing. Also pizza with cottage cheese
Kiera Desai
Kiera Desai 23 hours ago
Mia Trujillo
Mia Trujillo 3 days ago
white choc chips with goldfish
EmmaMarie Barnhart
I ALWAYS put salt on my watermelon
Elly Dillon
Elly Dillon 3 days ago
Steak and sour cream
Meg Brookes
Meg Brookes 3 days ago
BBQ or any chips on a PB&J or any chips on a deli sandwich! Oh and original Waves or Lays chips with ketchup.
Maggie Heberling
Maggie Heberling 3 days ago
Cloe and Bobbie forever
Penelope Lemon
Penelope Lemon 4 days ago
Ranch on Apples 🍎. I really like it,
Ashlynn Williams
Ashlynn Williams 4 days ago
I love quesadillas and apple sauce.
Sarah Hamed
Sarah Hamed 4 days ago
I actually eat peanut butter burgers all the time, I love it. I melt the peanut butter first though so it's not that chewy 😂 sometimes I mix it with maple syrup too or Sriracha and it's delicious
Pastel Piggies!
Pastel Piggies! 4 days ago
My fave combination is Rice Bubbles and Honey
Lays 4 days ago
String cheese dipped in mustard is the bomb!!😍😍 Love the vid its so funny omg
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez 4 days ago
Wait..... does it actually taste like Cheetos.. AND MILK
Cheyenne Potter
Cheyenne Potter 4 days ago
i love maynos and fries and maynos corndogs
Jagdeep Shergill
Jagdeep Shergill 4 days ago
Bring more
Celeste Aviet
Celeste Aviet 4 days ago
Cheetosssss 😍💜
Vivi OoF
Vivi OoF 4 days ago
*My grandma used to get me fries and chicken nuggets when I was around 5 and I dipped my fries in the honey instead of the McNuggets and it was the best thing ive experienced*
ilikewaffles yumyum
Who else got hungry?
Liz 4 days ago
My favorite combination evveerrrrrrrrr, like it tastes so fricking good, it's popcorn on ice cream. Like as a topping, and it legit tastes like crunch ice cream and it's like airy and just mmmmmmm😋 I want it right now.
Alexia Hasty
Alexia Hasty Day ago
Ellie Florence
Ellie Florence 4 days ago
pour milk on pancakes lmao
Isabella Larson
Isabella Larson 5 days ago
Hi Alisha❤️
Alex Ehrhart
Alex Ehrhart 5 days ago
Chloe and sadbobby forever! ❤️
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies 5 days ago
Bacon and mango
Riley Tilton
Riley Tilton 5 days ago
Nutella and pop corn
PeeHawk 5 days ago
2:47 “your NUTS” get it because if the peaNUT butter 😂
Tania Abbas
Tania Abbas 5 days ago
ria atwal
ria atwal 5 days ago
Oh my gosh I love josh he’s so funny
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