trying to make diy hot pockets

julien solomita
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an update from me 👉 : bit.ly/3eqQ3FT
happy hot pocketing.. thanks for watching
recipe: bit.ly/2C2SKAw (sub pizza sauce and protein of your choice)
i'm live on twitch like every day (i also do live cooking on fridays): www.twitch.tv/julien
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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 100
Summer McCarty
Summer McCarty 2 days ago
Congratulations on getting a workable gluten free dough 😯😯 I understand the difficulties full well
Cordelia 7 days ago
man looks like a hot pocket
Jean Metauten
Jean Metauten 9 days ago
Why didn’t you unplug the mixer before futzing with the blade omfg
bri2uty 16 days ago
Hot pockets come out that hot even out of the microwave
Millie Warner
Millie Warner 22 days ago
Julien's channel is great. He makes food that is suitable for every dietary restriction and he shows the wins AND the losses. It's just so real and so helpful. I'm a vegetarian and his recipes are SOOOOO good
Emily Addis
Emily Addis 22 days ago
this looks like my schools bosco sticks
Roach Gutts
Roach Gutts 23 days ago
Roach Gutts
Roach Gutts 23 days ago
thats just an empanada
Mia Lindley
Mia Lindley 24 days ago
Do cabbage lasagna please. That'd be so yummy
Brianne Vogrinec
Brianne Vogrinec 24 days ago
I still just can't get over peach jumping into the frame at the end hahah. Paesh rlly want hawt poekett
『 rameii 』
『 rameii 』 Month ago
“warm on the outside, NASTY on the inside” 💕
Anne-Sophie G.-N.
julen’s chaos makes me feel alive thank you!!
Alivia Schwartz
Alivia Schwartz Month ago
rewatching this a few months later, and I realised that not only did you not use salt, but when you added more milk because of the large amount of flour, but you forgot to add more egg replacement. :(
Maddie Pierzchala
You will never not remind me of Nick Miller off New Girl
JSheetz Month ago
That mixer do be giving me anxiety tho lol
Hudson Month ago
That mixer has lived the struggle it appears LMAO!
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes Month ago
cookiepocci78 Month ago
Hi everyone. Lately, I’ve discovered the channel Jenna Marbles. Can anyone tell me why she quit RUvid or why everyone is happy about hearing Jenna laugh? I went to her channel then went to other channels to see if her friends or family are uploading still. Thank you.
rivers Month ago
21:10 jenna’s laugh ):
Choccy SSB
Choccy SSB Month ago
If you go to 21:10 you can hear Jenna laugh in the background. Your welcome :)
Kylie Cordeau
Kylie Cordeau Month ago
Emily Month ago
Uno Reverse Card
21:10 you can hear Jenna's laugh if you can't hear it, turn up the volume
Mykasan Month ago
I'm happy. This video feels me with joy. take care Julien & Jenna
Scale Sliders
Scale Sliders Month ago
Mr Deez nutz
Mr Deez nutz Month ago
Jenna was at her basketball game today and she came back at the end I hope she won and I also hope she’s getting better 😎
RoseBeam Animations
21:10 Jennas laugh ❤️
Signs Noodles
Signs Noodles Month ago
:flushed: Month ago
John Klatt
John Klatt Month ago
I could hear her laugh at 21:10. God I miss her so much. At least shes doing okay.
D Aceves
D Aceves Month ago
Aubri Lawrence
Aubri Lawrence Month ago
Good job! Do u know if Jena will be back on also, this is the best idea ever! Thank you .
Valerie Gragert
Valerie Gragert Month ago
At 21:10 you can just barely hear Jenna laughing. I'm glad to know shes ok and doing well, I wish nothing for the best of her and wish that she only continues to laugh more and more. I want to let you know we appreciate both Julien and Jenna as individuals and everyone is supporting Jenna at the moment, and I wish everyone keeps doing so. We love you so much for not only creating great memories for yourself, but also giving others around you great memories. Thank you. :)
Ramisa Moumi
Ramisa Moumi Month ago
selena emerson
selena emerson Month ago
yall hear Jenna to? or was it just me
Kya L
Kya L Month ago
21:10 🥺🥺
i miss her
i miss her Month ago
Sid The Nerd 72
Sid The Nerd 72 Month ago
Just so yall know, if you listen closely at 21:10 you can hear Jenna laugh. Idk why I’m sharing it just have me seratonin :)
Your mom
Your mom Month ago
21:10 you can hear jennas faint laugh :D
beth -
beth - Month ago
21:10 turn your volume up
Astrophyre Month ago
Nicole Hoffmann
Nicole Hoffmann Month ago
At least we know she is well.
JOLINA Month ago
i miss her
Nicole Hoffmann
Nicole Hoffmann Month ago
21:10 in this video is where you hear Jenna giggle
Juno Meh
Juno Meh Month ago
Looks much better than a hot pocket!!! I’m hongry now :)
KageHinaa Month ago
Coffee and Cheesecake
I never had a hot pocket Btw the ones itching to see if Jenna is alright u can hear her laugh in the back at 21:10
N I N A Month ago
21:10 you can faintly hear Jenna laugh. At least she’s doing okay.
Denisse Padron
Denisse Padron Month ago
21:10 you can hear Jenna laugh
Hi There
Hi There Month ago
frootbat Month ago
Julien be fightin' that stand mixer
ꨄ♪Melody Monroe♫ꨄ
21:11 You can hear Jenna laugh in the background🥺
Angel Month ago
Adison Brown
Adison Brown Month ago
21:10 your welcome
Adelaide McElroy
21:10 jennas tiny laugh in the background bro ;-;
Amelia Marie
Amelia Marie Month ago
This video comes with an increased risk of hypertension
Alicia Hili
Alicia Hili Month ago
Hearing Jenna’s laugh faintly in the back ground just made me cry. I miss her so much, but I’m so happy to hear her laugh and I’m so thankful for you Julien. Through everything you are still here and I am so thankful you are still making content. I love you both so much and just want you to know how appreciative I am. I’m sure you’ll never see this but Thank you 💖💖
shrub Month ago
21:10 You can hear Jennas laugh in the background, very quiet but you can hear it if you listen closely. Good to know she seems to be doing well. Hope you come soon Jenna ☺
Rene Benitez
Rene Benitez Month ago
Arty Month ago
Linzie Stranger
Linzie Stranger Month ago
taviolu Month ago
go to 21:10 and u here a Jenna laugh it’s rlly faint so turn ur volume all the way up
Barbara Kruse
Barbara Kruse Month ago
21:11 jenna laughs! Hope's she doing well
Bethan Month ago
I saw this comment on another video but at 21:10 you can hear jenna laugh. I hope she's doing ok
Winnie YT
Winnie YT Month ago
21:09 you can hear Jenna laugh ☺️
Ems Waz Here
Ems Waz Here Month ago
Prodoge Month ago
21:10 Jenna...?
Prodoge Month ago
For the people who didn’t notice you can hear a faint laugh from Jenna if you listen.
Ally Cat
Ally Cat Month ago
21:10 their house is either haunted with a laughing ghost or that was Jenna. If it was Jenna I'm happy to hear her laugh.
Cəə Bluəz
Cəə Bluəz Month ago
_at __21:10__, listen closely. do you hear it?_
Elise Month ago
I know its off topic and julen i love your videos but obviously i still miss the other j. i watched this video and at 21:10 i heard her laugh and almost cried. good to know she's doing alright. keep cooking!
Sara Kristensen
Sara Kristensen Month ago
21:10 u Can hear jenna’s laugh. Its distand. But atleast we know she’s happy!
penguin Masterman
tara eats lead
tara eats lead Month ago
Weston Monroe
Weston Monroe Month ago
awwww i heard her laugh. i hope she’s doing ok❤️
Dat Boi Sus
Dat Boi Sus Month ago
21:10 you can barely hear Jenna's laugh and it's a sign that she might be feeling better. I hope so ✌️♥️
Starpoop 217
Starpoop 217 Month ago
@ 21:10 you can faintly hear Jenna's laughter I'm happy to hear she's happy
Jasper aki
Jasper aki Month ago
If you put the time to 21:10 you can hear jennas faint laugh, I miss her so much Edit: also that looks so good I would like to try your food some day :)!!
camboy Month ago
21:10 jenna laughs in the background
KiaraRoblox Month ago
mya moo
mya moo Month ago
dear every person who is missing jenna at 21.10 you can hear her its faint and i miss her shes a queen jenna or julien if ur seeing this just letting you know we miss you and dont litsen to the haters and not seeing that weekly video its un explainable jenna just know we miss u and ur not alone and i hope one week i see a new video
Belle Wilson
Belle Wilson Month ago
vEnUs cIntrOn
vEnUs cIntrOn Month ago
Only here for 21:10 jenna i hope she is ok
Lia Ezzell
Lia Ezzell Month ago
Go to 21:10 You can hear Jenna's faint laugh That makes my whole year
Lia Ezzell
Lia Ezzell 28 days ago
@benji krolz How did you not know? People got upset because she used to constantly have a heavy tan and when she was doing a Nicki Minaj impression people thought she was doing blackface so she quit RUvid.
benji krolz
benji krolz Month ago
Jenna* auto correct 😒
benji krolz
benji krolz Month ago
What happened to julia?
iiHxneyGlow Month ago
Anabell Smiler
Anabell Smiler Month ago
Did this man just make pizza empanadas
That Girl
That Girl Month ago
21:10 I can hear jenna :,) I miss her so much
Shaylynn Zener
Shaylynn Zener Month ago
at 21:10 you can hear jenna laugh v quietly 🥺
Withers Month ago
21:10 you can hear Jenna laughing
Armando Castaneda
21:10 faint laughter in back
Anne-Sophie G.-N.
oooooh really want to try this one!!
Cara Fernandez
Cara Fernandez 2 months ago
Clair from the Bon Apetit test kitchen.
B L O O N S 2 months ago
“My Strange Addiction.”
Riley G
Riley G 2 months ago
ok but if you don't burn the shit out of your mouth are you really eating a hot pocket well done julen
Jessica Knutson
Jessica Knutson 2 months ago
tapioca flour does compact a bit - so cups is a bad way to measure ... maybe start going by flour weight?
uknown 2 months ago
I feel the need to say "omgosh JULIEEENNNNUHHHH" when he spread flour everywhere at 6:08 on Jenna's behalf
hi it’s me ella
hi it’s me ella 2 months ago
I was babysitting my cousin the other day (he is 3) and every time I come over he says “I want to watch gu lien” so we always watch Julian cooking. Now he has started saying “I feel like a hot pocket”. He has never even had a hot pocket before.
Auroras Aura
Auroras Aura 2 months ago
Julien "I feel like a hot pocket today" Don't we all... Don't we all...
Louis Sm
Louis Sm 2 months ago
An instant miracle remedy that makes hives/urticaria disappear in one hour? Make your own mind. Agreed, one of the most realistic strategies to use is with something similar to what is available after gooogling, Shane Zormander's homepage, that works within a few weeks.
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