Trying Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work

Little Lia
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Trying Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work! Today we're trying out some more DIY lifehacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch my try on cheap clothes from Wish ruvid.net/video/video-BZaeS4KKhEk.html Make sure you subscribe and enable notifications so you don't miss videos!
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May 31, 2020




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Comments 80
Jane Leung
Jane Leung 4 minutes ago
hey SSSinper wolf are u little Lia?
Dawn Parsons
Dawn Parsons 6 hours ago
Girl I’m an eight-year-old and I can use a blender
*-a u t u m n-*
*-a u t u m n-* 10 hours ago
Joseph Jean francois
Tie dye;-;
Amber Oaklin
Amber Oaklin 17 hours ago
6:02 is the REAL bomb
Cursed pumpkin
Lia when the ketchup went everywhere: 👁🕳👁
Gamer Bean
Gamer Bean Day ago
Pink/Himalayan Salt, (however you spell that) is actually minerals! It’s actually really good to put on watery foods. My mom puts it on watermelon, (ew) it’s good for a ‘balanced’ diet.
Lexie Harshbarger
lia bought a blender but not a rolling pin haha XD tehe
The Dynamic Duo
omg i get the same brand of gluten free bread
MufasaSaurus Day ago
RIP Lias kitchen
Moon Watcher
Moon Watcher Day ago
The thing with the bread nutella and stuff is called a crêpe. I love food and I just know these things they are great!!
Elly Nguyen
Elly Nguyen Day ago
Little did you know... Taco Bell has Gluten
Cyrianny Jimenez
Elmanation 123
Who else loves her hairstyle?
Moniineko Day ago
4:24 Can anyone guess how many kids they got? I litetally died on that XD
The secret life of cat couple
I love it when she say"Hello friends it's, MEE"
Brianna Camilo
Brianna Camilo 2 days ago
Sssniperwolf is the best yt
Brianna Camilo
Brianna Camilo 2 days ago
I’m eating cheetos
Brianna Camilo
Brianna Camilo 2 days ago
I tried the ice cream hack
iiAxtheticBoba Bloxburg
rip lias kitchen
Tasha Bugg
Tasha Bugg 2 days ago
beela 2 days ago
uhh- where'd sssniperwolfgo ;-;
regina Alvado
regina Alvado 3 days ago
I laughed so.much when the ketchup went ka ta poooooom and happy new years 2021
kyleigh mccune
kyleigh mccune 3 days ago
Outside for a reason
Mikirgy Animations
I was wondering that too!
Sophia #mermaidchanel
Hi sssniperwolf
XxIts_LexixX 3 days ago
The ketchup hack... that was the best thing i saw all day! LOL.
Mikirgy Animations
Haylee Lau
Haylee Lau 3 days ago
it has to be sea salt-
Jaelyn Jones
Jaelyn Jones 3 days ago
👉👈 I feel bad for you 😔☹🙁
Jaelyn Jones
Jaelyn Jones 3 days ago
0_0 >_< 0_0 wot
Chris Rutherford
Chris Rutherford 3 days ago
i did the bread thing and it tasted soooooooo good 10-10
Reagan Hicks
Reagan Hicks 3 days ago
I always pray for you!♡ I love your videos!♡
Ava Xoxo
Ava Xoxo 3 days ago
On the thumb nail does she have bangs.
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez 3 days ago
Me: Watches her smack- Also me: I WANT SOME Ò.Ó
Isabelle Marie
Isabelle Marie 4 days ago
when you can’t have nutella🥺🥺🥺
Sheppard Mollie
Sheppard Mollie 4 days ago
I felt so bad for her when the ketchup exploded 😥
Esther Tabena
Esther Tabena 4 days ago
do not do that hack to make the ketchup exploded if you did that you stopid
Dawn Hayse
Dawn Hayse 4 days ago
me love me some deep fried ice cream tho. 👌😎
Zenobia Newman
Zenobia Newman 4 days ago
what are they doing to the poor ice cream😦😔☹
Imrana Cheema
Imrana Cheema 4 days ago
When the ketchup went everywhere 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂
Molly Black
Molly Black 4 days ago
I didn’t even realise i was on her second channel....
Wonesha Orgill
Wonesha Orgill 4 days ago
The Legend has it that Sssniperwolf is still cleaning ketchup off the wall...
adam alor
adam alor 4 days ago
You forget to put milk
Luchi Benito
Luchi Benito 4 days ago
Why would she do the ketchup hack indoors :/, she knew what it was about to happen lol
Plahsmuh 4 days ago
You done goofed with the ketchup
Natalie !!!!
Natalie !!!! 5 days ago
And that’s on having a white kitchen.
I liked when the ketchup exploded😝😝😝😝😝
Valbona Bubullima
Janis Sarzo
Janis Sarzo 5 days ago
Poor Lia u had to clean that sh/t up 😂😂 it was so funny when it exploded put i feel bad for u 😔🥺😅
Constance Mann
Constance Mann 6 days ago
You have been caught ketchuped handed
GEE GALINDO 6 days ago
The ketchup 😭😭
Bethany Pruett
Bethany Pruett 6 days ago
Why would you do the ketchup explosion inside a completely white house 😂
Chloe Myers
Chloe Myers 6 days ago
huang cello
huang cello 6 days ago
thAt iS nOt thE wAy tO cRaCk aN eGg i hAvE a pRoFesSioNal chEf brOthEr aNd yoU suPosE tO cRaCk iT On A fLaT sUrfAce
Chrissy Pearce
Chrissy Pearce 6 days ago
I did the Nutella and banana thing but I used marshmallows instead of bananas as lia would so “that’s boom”
Joshua J Torres
Joshua J Torres 6 days ago
The battle cry tho HAHAHA
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 7 days ago
*_Wham bam thank you ma'am now you got some hacks ma'am-_* *_Bon apple teeth-_*
The Light
The Light 7 days ago
No one: Me:im hungry ;v; My bro:then eat something Me:'-' *watches litle lia's tik tok food hacks* Me again:mmm ;-; so gud
x_n.atalie _x
x_n.atalie _x 7 days ago
On the first hack, it tastes better when you use a tortilla instead of bread, and butter instead of egg. I tried it when I didn't have eggs or bread and it was bomb. Don't butter the tortilla though fry the tortilla in butter (I have tried it with egg and bread it's good but butter and a tortilla is better)
Anyi Gu
Anyi Gu 7 days ago
I literally fell off my chair when I saw the ketchup explode.
FAITH KORTE 7 days ago
is the mess gone?????????????????????????? plz tell me it is i feel the pain 00000000000000000000000fffffffffffffff
Tabatha Pruitt
Tabatha Pruitt 7 days ago
Omg that ketchup and your kitchen draws be like ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Golden Phoenix
Golden Phoenix 7 days ago
Who else feels bad about what happened to Lia's kitchen during the ketchup thing ;-;
army forever
army forever 7 days ago
Im allergic to nutella Life is good 😐
De Lee
De Lee 7 days ago
This is Carmel
Charlotte Carter
Charlotte Carter 8 days ago
lia i hope that u cleaned ur kitchen and now know for next time maybe it should be outside lol
Ari Sunset
Ari Sunset 8 days ago
Lia:Can anyone guess how many kids they got? Me: *wElL iT SaYs ThReE sO ThReE*
Hazlina Tahir
rita alanna
rita alanna 8 days ago
no one: lia: No DiShEs
GachaMayla 8 days ago
i tried the french toast thing at the start and my fam hated it
GachaMayla 8 days ago
Hanna Evans
Hanna Evans 8 days ago
The ketchup goes skirrrrt
Laquana Ratliff
Laquana Ratliff 8 days ago
i can see your dog he so cute love the dog.
Turjo Biswas
Turjo Biswas 8 days ago
she is wearing a pair of saefty pin as ear-rings
Flying_Lemon beast
Lia: i hate doing dishes and doing this hack there are no dishes Me: umm you are holding a KNIFE!!! and also how was cleaning your kitchen???!!!!!
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 9 days ago
No offense but one I hate Nutella and two I'm alergic to choclate
KMZ coco
KMZ coco 9 days ago
Wait does she have two RUvid ac
Mexe2 a
Mexe2 a 9 days ago
I like how she does everything inside lmao
Mary Tucker
Mary Tucker 9 days ago
I'm allergic to pineapple I know it's sad 😔
Lauren Le
Lauren Le 10 days ago
It’s 21:52 pm and I love your outfit
Raissa Sara
Raissa Sara 10 days ago
When i was littel i wanted to be like Lia idk why but i did
I love your videos also
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