Trying Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work

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Trying Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work! Today we're trying some diy food life hacks to see them in action. Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch reacting to tiktoks that are actually funny ruvid.net/video/video-yFFGL_k64hw.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Apr 4, 2020




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Comments 80
SSSniperWolf 2 months ago
HELLO FRIENDS would u try any of these?
Willow Riddick
Willow Riddick 4 days ago
Stella Raj
Stella Raj 6 days ago
SSSniperWolf you always make quarantine fun
Mohammed Al-Lahham
Mohammed Al-Lahham 24 days ago
Yes I will
Penny J
Penny J 24 days ago
Mr. MeMe
Mr. MeMe 26 days ago
@Cute Rabbit That Loves HTTYD R u a bot cuz YOU SAID THE SAME THING TWICE
Sophia Beverly Brown
Sophia Beverly Brown 57 minutes ago
Am I the only one who hate cheese 🧀 crust
OutThaazeDoors 2 hours ago
How many likes this has is how many times she said inferior
Ajaz Hussain
Ajaz Hussain 3 hours ago
In india the breto is called egg roll
C Kearbey
C Kearbey 3 hours ago
What?!?! iv been eating those with the wrapper on it for years!!!!!!!
Mahdiya Karim
Mahdiya Karim 3 hours ago
"You can never have enough chesse" 👏👏👏
Addy Helton
Addy Helton 4 hours ago
can i be in one of your videos
ege spygl
ege spygl 6 hours ago
When you sau 3 in the morning me being like: ...are you seriuos..?WHI DOES THAT AT 3 IN THE MORNING? Who am i kidding i got crazy at home..
Mya Johnson
Mya Johnson 11 hours ago
Lol the last meal / food hack you were supposed to put a tortillas on the bottom of it
James Williams
James Williams 12 hours ago
Pov: ur the like button Why I always getting hit in the fa- aye CHILL what I ever do to u
Amy Coppler
Amy Coppler 13 hours ago
Just to warn you there's a kid on tiktok Wanting to make babies with you Just Wanted to let you know Ps you are my favorite youtuber and I love you so much I'm hoping one day can come to Kentucky And I can meet you Because like I said you're my favorite youtuber
Avas Dreams
Avas Dreams 14 hours ago
I love your vids
Avas Dreams
Avas Dreams 14 hours ago
Hi sssniperwolf
Willow Martinez
Willow Martinez 14 hours ago
yessssssssssssssssss boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sarah oconnor
Sarah oconnor 15 hours ago
When I seen the popcorn my mom game me popcorn 😂 lol 😌
Ann Marie Telgenhof
Ann Marie Telgenhof 16 hours ago
I'm a slim jim expert you don't peel them you just eat it 😂 😂😂. You know nothing about slim jim's LOL. Byy sssniperwolf
shaima zeweri
shaima zeweri 17 hours ago
Lia is like the one person everyone wants to be friends with in high school
XenexGaiming 420 69
XenexGaiming 420 69 18 hours ago
Bluh Bluh
Bluh Bluh 20 hours ago
I have a puppy it’s 6 puppies 3 shit zu and 3 poddles
Bluh Bluh
Bluh Bluh 20 hours ago
It’s yummy
Bluh Bluh
Bluh Bluh 20 hours ago
I tried dalgona coffee
Comfort Weah
Comfort Weah 21 hour ago
L-lia...dear..plz wear a black shirt '~' my little brother ran to me and said "her bra is black"
Kiiya Ham
Kiiya Ham 21 hour ago
I would try the prison pizza
Patton Sanders
Choco Flamez
Choco Flamez Day ago
I laughed when she said *SIR?!*
Lee-Anne Bezuidenhout
i made the cooffee it is so good i am so seprisd
Keith De Vera
Yes except the popcorns
willa willa
willa willa Day ago
Kyla Bear
Kyla Bear Day ago
4 in the morning should be in bed right now can see the sun coming up I'm in trouble😬😐
Kevin Rooper
Kevin Rooper Day ago
I might do the mini pizza one
Romina Power
Romina Power Day ago
This is how many times Lia said ~bad boy~ 👇🏻
Bluh Bluh
Bluh Bluh Day ago
Do u play roblox
Nate dawg SIERRA
Hi I am a Lena and I am losing my dad gave me lots of money every single day and my father oh for god has video or say hello so my dad forgets the mask I love you Liz you’re so great and I love you but
Lin Linliana
Lin Linliana Day ago
Me waiting 3:24 till I live alone and cook that 👁👄👁
Stealthy BTW
Stealthy BTW Day ago
Do her dogs not sleep or what?
It’s the battle of skittles-burg lol
Mahi Patel
Mahi Patel Day ago
My mum made delagona she used a blender for 20 mins and then it worked she was so annoyed
Thanya Bartholome
M:.m .kkk M
Albin Saliaj
Albin Saliaj Day ago
did you just say cheese cccccrisps
Kate Plays
Kate Plays Day ago
hi i never knew u were gluten free my siser mum dad and lots of my family are im the only person without it will i get it im so nervous
Evelyn Martinez
Are you a Teenager
Ryder Walton
Ryder Walton Day ago
When I grow up I’ll be like how make Breakfast barito then I try all these
Ryder Walton
Ryder Walton Day ago
Edit: pls pin this
hotcrossbuns onthereccorder
So uhh lia are you enjoying tiktok food? 😂😂
Rev_Playz Fortnite
I suck at cooking
Robbie Hartwell
Robbie Hartwell 2 days ago
2:38 Lia:eww what is that I ain't tryna eat the wrapper Me:that is the skin not the wrapper I meant to say 2:34 sorry
Paulina 247
Paulina 247 2 days ago
2:58 Dog: Hello hoomans
kost paptsas
kost paptsas 2 days ago
y'all that coffee thing she made is Greek and it's called Frappe It's NOT Japanese
{XxiroxX} the purple wolf
What would happen if you did eat gluten? :^
The cool Family
The cool Family 2 days ago
Why do you do your videos at 3:00 am
• E v e l y n •
I be eating ice cream while watching this
Kamya Woodson
Kamya Woodson 2 days ago
Who’s your making looks so so good 😋😋😋😋😋
Myrah Baig
Myrah Baig 3 days ago
Just tell me, why does she do this at 3 in the morning? She has all day because of quarantine 😂
Kim taehyung •
Kim taehyung • 3 days ago
I never knew that SSSniperWolf would be my “cooking teacher “
Susan Newman
Susan Newman 3 days ago
I love this so much love ur channel Lia 💞💞
Irish Abiog
Irish Abiog 3 days ago
You made this video in my birth Day
Bella C
Bella C 3 days ago
Me when I’m watching:sir SIR I’m gonna have to ask you to STOP cuz the pop ain’t gonna stop the poppin of the party poppin because we ain’t going in the party of the pop and the party of the pop is done
SoulzJr 3 days ago
5 seconds rule
Soleil Lewis
Soleil Lewis 3 days ago
Soleil Lewis
Soleil Lewis 3 days ago
The first one looks nasty 🤮
Soleil Lewis
Soleil Lewis 3 days ago
But it prolly taiste goos
Bruna 4 days ago
*Congrats on 20Million SUBSCRIBERS!!*
Leanna Martinez
Leanna Martinez 4 days ago
That poor burrito she making it cook faster oof🤣
Mason2ou Markud
Mason2ou Markud 4 days ago
Miss K!
Miss K! 4 days ago
that coffee THICC!!!
K.R. Animation
K.R. Animation 4 days ago
There is no 5 second roll with corona
Mason2ou Markud
Mason2ou Markud 4 days ago
5 second rule she said
Danielle P
Danielle P 4 days ago
U should try a muffin pizza so get a muffin and put tomato sauce on it chese and any other toppings u like And then put it under the grill for 4 mins and let it cool xx
Danielle P
Danielle P 4 days ago
Love you lia
Puppy pow
Puppy pow 4 days ago
I don’t like when you yell at yours dogs 🐕
madey playz roblox
jennaya james
jennaya james 4 days ago
CComCCome to Trinidad and visit my house so you can give me food my sister is mean Bc she doesn't want to give me food and I'm starving and crying
manny ocampo
manny ocampo 4 days ago
Can you guys stop roasting lia please👍👍👍😇
bihong liu
bihong liu 4 days ago
SSSniperWolf went you say cook faster it so funny
Gamer Lola
Gamer Lola 4 days ago
Title of the video: Trying Tik Tok Hacks to see if they work New Title: Perks of living alone.
Samyuktha 5 days ago
Why does she always to her videos early in the morning? 🤔
Ticci. Ersa
Ticci. Ersa 5 days ago
am i the only one, that thinks that Nut-Milk sounds a bit wrong? 🤐 🍆🥛
Haya Farhan
Haya Farhan 5 days ago
I have one thing to say.... R.I.P Tuna 🕊 its been quite a while since her death T^T
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 5 days ago
How come she eats such unhealthy stuff and is so damn skinny 😭
Nessa juuul
Nessa juuul 5 days ago
Lia: from just blending how does it to it me:🤨
Jaylazae Lewis
Jaylazae Lewis 5 days ago
I want to try the pizza one :p
abby p
abby p 5 days ago
I tried the pizza one! I think I may have over cooked it though
Prince Nguyen
Prince Nguyen 5 days ago
Did you know?: the first millisecond you drop food on the floor, there’s gonna be micro bugs on it 🤢... micro bug pizza
Jonny Saunders
Jonny Saunders 5 days ago
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