Trying the 123 GO Nail Kit from Enailcouture (even though i don't want to)

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In this video I'm trying out the 123 Go Nail Kit from Enailcouture.
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Teal Gel Polish 936: s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cprynJ0k
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Apr 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Dipped In Pretty
Dipped In Pretty 5 months ago
Seeing you cover this story feels equivalent to making it on Oprah or the National News. Who doesn't know, love and respect the lady behind LongHairPrettyNails channel. I really appreciate you taking the time to shed light on the situation and be fair about your opinion on it. -May you, your channel, business and family continously be blessed and prosper. -Dipped in Pretty
Nordic Kitten
Nordic Kitten 26 days ago
Sorry to bother you but what is a "Aliexpress" ? I thought they were a home decor line, as in bedding and bathroom rugs. Anyways, May Jesus Keep You ~
Autumn Phillips
Autumn Phillips Month ago
Can u do Siri controls wt nail idea I do
iiisxnnydxys Month ago
I feel like if Max was kinder about the nail bending situation Everything would be more suddle and we would still be buying from enailcouture
Freeman Wytika
Freeman Wytika Month ago
Yvette Black
Yvette Black Month ago
dezinechic 🤣🤣
Pumpkin’s Nail Station
No top coat 🥺
Pumpkin’s Nail Station
Honestly think he could of talked her through to see if she did something wrong, or just refund her as the tips may of been faulty I heard a lot say there 0 and 00 I think we’re all bent at cuticle area, something like that! I’m using the Ali express dupes and loving them x
Pumpkin’s Nail Station
I haven’t purchased from them simply because if all that live! I was shocked and disgusted... and I hear a friend had missing items and they never replaced or refunded! Also had a fully cured bottle of gel .. nope no refund and they sent her stuff in place of items she didn’t have! And it took months! So nope not for me! Don’t sell if u can’t look after customers properly Shame as I would of purchased quite a bit!
LN Day ago
You’re so classy. Love this channel soo much
Raquel Fuhriman
Raquel Fuhriman 3 days ago
Okay, so looking at that souffle gel, it looks and acts EXACTLY like his Gummy Gelly. He straight up probably just put the same thing in a different package!!! 😱
You’re Mad
You’re Mad 4 days ago
the package is from tucson arizona and right next to my area code 😭❤️
Angela Lilly
Angela Lilly 5 days ago
the sticker!!!!!! i been screwed by ole max...no ty...but im a supporter!!! lol, oxo.....the sticker tho!!!, ...tf?....oof...
Anne Weeks
Anne Weeks 5 days ago
I will never order from enailcouture again, terrible customer service. My last order took almost 3 full months to ship. And you are correct, they don't give a s*** once they get your money. No other company I have ordered from takes the money from your account MONTHS before they send product. I was about ready to report them to the Arizona attorney General for theft. Horrible company
Emily M
Emily M 5 days ago
As an internet seller I was thinking "ok crummy but at least they're trying to make it right." when it came to the initial monomer issue. But calling your customer base/reviewer rachet for using the product that you sell just seems weird.
Lili culley
Lili culley 6 days ago
Since the nails are made of gel, can you remove the gel polish on top with acetone without ruining the nails?
RYLEE M SWEET 7 days ago
Vanessa Cao
Vanessa Cao 7 days ago
Does anyone know a good alternative to the gummy jelly? After watching this video and reading all the comments, definitely unwilling to give any money to e nail couture :( But would still like my nail gems to be secured!
Judy Armstrong
Judy Armstrong 7 days ago
I am in the "no more buy" from Enail Couture for basically the same reason...ZERO customer support !
Tara S
Tara S 7 days ago
omgggg these nails are so sexi
Christina Davies
Christina Davies 8 days ago
I’ve been enailcouture-ing my nails for about a year and a half now. I 💕 the products, the quality and the 123 easy steps makes it so easy for me. And if I can make my nails look good, then anyone who tried it will be able to do it! Lol HOWEVER! lol the website is so tacky and cheap looking. The photos, if your lucky enough to click in an item that actually had a photo will be 1000% useless because ALL the images are pixelated! Also, good luck trying to find a good color swatch of the polish colors sold on the site. I literally gave up trying to guess the color of the polish I’m getting. I just pick what type I want, then just blindly pick the polish color.
alexa the dude
alexa the dude 9 days ago
Why is he mad people hate him lol he’s making them and also he might have some bad products all companies do
Sara Haney
Sara Haney 9 days ago
I totally agree with your CS issues. When a customer has a damage issue, the only thing the company should do is replace the item at no charge, or refund the price and let the customer keep the item. I agree that CS is the heart of a company and it is important to care about your clientele.
Alice Aguilar
Alice Aguilar 10 days ago
Angelita Zayas
Angelita Zayas 10 days ago
Nails are mad tight!! 🔥 🔥
wendy camargo
wendy camargo 10 days ago
Hi to all I have a question I place an order with this company on July so since after 3 weeks I contact them cause I didn’t received my product so what they told me is because of the virus so I calm down so I stupidly made another order and now is September 14 and I keep sending emails but I get no answer and also they took money from my account two times and I have my bank statements can someone help me what to do cause there not sending me my products or money back
Doesitmatter? 5 days ago
I just got stuff i ordered in July. Scroll down to the bottom of advertisement email 30 business days before shipping
Kiomarys Corretjer
Kiomarys Corretjer 11 days ago
I am soooo happy I watched this video! I was about to place an order with them but now I just can't do it. I can not support someone who is so disrespectful and unprofessional. His response was completely unacceptable. As always, you are awesome and very professional, your videos are my favorite. Thank you for sharing. BTW, I'm loving your nails on your right hand!
Laura Culberson
Laura Culberson 11 days ago
I ordered July 3 rd it’s September 13th still hasn’t even shipped out yet definitely should have watched this before ordering 😩
Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis 12 days ago
Can polygel be used instead of polish?
Jennifer Ilgaz
Jennifer Ilgaz 12 days ago
These are so pretty
Lashanda Smith
Lashanda Smith 12 days ago
I love your videos. I seen you are in Nashville I'm close to you. Would love to get some tips from you.
Alana Bunny
Alana Bunny 12 days ago
I like their products but when I dmed them a question they were hella rude.
Khylia Lee
Khylia Lee 13 days ago
Can u PLZZZZZZZZ do corona virus acrylics they would be so good😷💚🦠 btw be safe 💚💚💚💚
vlynny 13 days ago
lol I hate men
Beth 13 days ago
I love your videos and how you always have an unbaised opinion, the way you speak is so positive and polite always 💗 As far as enail couture, i used to order from him, everything was great with my packages, i recommended his brand to another tech, she ordered a huge order and it took him weeks to send a confirmation and ship. She came back questioning my recommendation, it was so embarrassing. Hes got a long way to go with customer service for sure.
-Sunflower- 13 days ago
He could’ve said that the nails that bent were a bad batch and that they fix it and put out new batches, like there was no need for negativity and/or dragging down a fellow nail tech. Like girl bye🙄
More like bye Felicia
jaz 14 days ago
oh nooooooooo I just placed my first order for nail stuff from them D: i didn't know...
Joanna (Lady Gray)
Joanna (Lady Gray) 15 days ago
Girl your natural nails are beautiful! Length wise..... Just perfect to endure all the craziness we do... LoL
Kristin Owens
Kristin Owens 15 days ago
I bought an orange wood stick at Sally's, and the ends were like dipped in file material. They're the coolest thing, and would be perfect for etching the inside of the full cover nails!! Just an alternative to a drill. You could also rip part of the paper off a normal file and wrap it around the edge of an orange wood stick. Desperate times call for desperate measures lol. Do these kinds of nails really stay on like an acrilic would?? I've honestly never had gel nails, the closest I've come is using gel top coat with dip powder. I don't know, it didn't seem as strong as acrylic, IDK if it was because it wasn't a "builder gel" kind of thing?? I also used top coat once to affix a nail tip, but it broke off it didn't stick very good. Also I noticed I used a really dark dip powder color, and no matter how long I cured it I couldn't get it in the middle. I'm really wary of gel, from what I've done, which I admit isn't a lot, it just doesn't seem strong enough. Any opinions or tips if I'm doing something wrong? I'm for sure no professional, just someone who couldn't afford the salon, but want to make it look like I can. Let's be honest, nails just make me feel a lot better about myself haha. Love your vids you've taught me a lot!! Love hubby's singing too hahaha!!!
Raven Golden
Raven Golden 15 days ago
Well thank you for this, I won’t be ordering from them. It’s not worth the risk and professionalism is everything, duh.
Tay C
Tay C 16 days ago
Thank you so much for being honest. #favyoutuber
boobtoob19 16 days ago
"I really impressed myself" I love when my nails make me say that!! Mood 🌈✨
bovinegirl 16 days ago
I agree... if they don't fix the problem as soon as noted, I'm not continuing business with you. I don't deal with the unprofessional.
Akane1313 16 days ago
That's pretty disappointing. I also like enail couture products. They're so cute and pretty and match my sweet lolita aesthetic. There was one time I was sent the wrong polish color and after contacting them, they sent the correct color immediately with many apologies (but the response also wasn't from Max himself so maybe that's why it went so well). I know first hand how frustrating customer service can be, but there was no excuse for him to publicly bash someone giving an honest review. Especially someone who loves and regularly buys his stuff. Those are the people you should definitely listen to! There were so many ways he could have addressed the situation. Even if he wanted to make a rebuttal, he didn't have to talk rudely about her. He could have just given clarification on how to keep the nails from bending or whatever. Ridiculous.
Allie Hammond
Allie Hammond 16 days ago
Wowww I’m glad I never purchased anything from them. That’s unprofessional and disrespectful. Smhh 😒😒
Pénélope Roy
Pénélope Roy 17 days ago
omg I love her voice sm🥺
ChillinWithAsh 17 days ago
how long did they last?
Valentina Jovanović
Evie: BUT I AIN'T GON' READ ALL THAT. *Me with my homework*
Stxtic1 Plays games
Many nail sellers don’t allow refunds or exchanges. Zulay’s nails has the same policy and others. But the way he spoke about “some ratchet” really got me heated though
Stephannie Stephannie
And I just placed an order for the 1st time Today 😓🤦🏾‍♀️....
Rhia 20 days ago
한국어 자막이 있었으면 좋겠어요😭
Jetta.Silence 21 day ago
And tell me who sings the intro and outro besides me? And i always sing it like i got a mic and im rockin out lol!😝😏
Jetta.Silence 21 day ago
I have had a run in with the lady that runs this business up here in Canada. I did not appreciate her bs. So luckily i found most of the products on the site on ebay.Yay!
ShayBae 21 day ago
I will never order from him again. I’ve seen him on NCE channel and it makes me lose respect for her too kissing his bum the way she does. There is no place for racism. Or bad customer service.
Alexandra Hernandez
YOU LIVE IN NASHVILLE OMG ME TOOO WHERE I LOVE YOOOOOOOU SO MUCH i’ve been watching for a couple days now and i love your nails Attitude ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Jahniya Barclay
Jahniya Barclay 21 day ago
Don’t mind how late I am im watching all ur vids but he said u didnt even have 1k views but look at u now u probably have more than him u improved so much now ur at 1mil+ views
Me Cierra
Me Cierra 22 days ago
Isn’t those other nails from you recreating your wedding nails
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 23 days ago
Spongebob Squarenails
Honestly there products are really good but he isn’t the most amazing person in the world.
Walyala Carroll
Walyala Carroll 24 days ago
And can’t get nobody on the phone never again I just wanted the rhinestone glue gel
Walyala Carroll
Walyala Carroll 24 days ago
I ordered from them and never got it you right
Kira 24 days ago
Lmao he thinks he’s Jeffree Star with that attitude. Bitch please. Also saw him on Nail Career Education, and was genuinely freaked out & terrified by all the plastic surgery done on his wannabe k-pop face.
KingGalaxy81 King
KingGalaxy81 King 24 days ago
What is a good starter kit 4 nails
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 24 days ago
**sips** Tea
ゆう 25 days ago
I thought the person on the card was Oli London first.. 🤔
Candiece Clayton
Candiece Clayton 25 days ago
I love your little laugh. Makes me smile every time. And the nails too of course ❤️
Sue Ellen McGoey
Sue Ellen McGoey 26 days ago
You are such an artist! Well done!
Sue Ellen McGoey
Sue Ellen McGoey 26 days ago
Your nails look gorgeous!
Sue Ellen McGoey
Sue Ellen McGoey 26 days ago
I took my efile around the full nail where it meets my nail,after a weeks wear I had no ridge at all where it met my natural nail. Just love these nails
Sue Ellen McGoey
Sue Ellen McGoey 26 days ago
Will get that souffle looks amazing
Sue Ellen McGoey
Sue Ellen McGoey 26 days ago
As far as his reviews,he is a young man and like most men,likely has a lot to learn about what is appropriate and what's not. I am sure these gals will give him a schooling 😁😂🤣
Sue Ellen McGoey
Sue Ellen McGoey 26 days ago
I love their products. Although I waited 2+ months for shipment. I just feel they were not prepared for the amount of orders they recieved and as a new company were overwhelmed with orders. Probably not enough stock. And I suspect repackaged from china,so probably had to wait for the inventory, with covid going on! So I will probably continue to order and just deal with late shipments,hoping they improve.
Why support Max when company is crap and he treats his customers like crap, calling a woman of color a ratchet, as well as the fact that according to one person in the comments, he was bashing his own customers on his Facebook page. And I read that customer service is crap and that they don't give a crap about the customer. All they care about is taking your money. And once they get it. people haven't gotten their orders or orders have been incorrect or incomplete. He's also blocked people who had tried to come after him to get their products that they paid for that is missing and according to someone in one of the comment he likes to call people toxic Tiffany.
Sunny Lazya
Sunny Lazya 26 days ago
The kit theme reminds me of hello kitty for some reason 😂
1deevee68 27 days ago
Maribel Rodriguez
Maribel Rodriguez 27 days ago
I will never purchase from them again, either. I’ve purchased years ago also, and never again. Max is a phony FRAUD! Over FORTY days since I’ve placed my order. They keep using the “EXCUSE” of Covid as an opportunity to take advantage of paying customers. If you check the Better Business Bureau you will see an F rating and 20 complaints in the last several months. Don’t do business with the company and Max, he’s an opportunistic swindling customers and exploiting them using Covid.
Gina robbins
Gina robbins 27 days ago
Aaliyvh147 28 days ago
If yall got any recommendations on where to buy XL square full cover nails please respond? Cause I don't wanna buy from this company but I really wanna do tapered square and they're the only company I've seen with long square press ons.
Sheri S
Sheri S 29 days ago
I just ordered from 123go (before I saw this video😠 which even though I'm subbed I never saw- thanks a LOT yt!😠) Anyway before I even ordered I was like everybody's got delays because of cv19 so what's his going to be? Checked the whole site. Nothing. So I'm like, well this IS a US company, maybe there isn't one or at least a slight one. So I ordered and AFTER I ordered I was then informed that all sales are 100% final- whether they've shipped your package OR NOT. Then I was informed that there is AT LEAST A 21 DAY DELAY in processing. Not shipping, processing. So now I'm stuck with an order I won't get for around 2 months and cant get a refund. The fact that THAT is what pops up immediately AFTER the order is processed to me is shady AF business-wise. I would've appreciated a more open and honest approach before the money was spent. Glad I just did a trial order to check them out real quick before I splurged for the whole salon like my original plan was to.
Lisa Amaya
Lisa Amaya Month ago
I have this same kit,I like it too but now they keep braking what am I doing g wrong?
ava Schartner
ava Schartner Month ago
Your I ment
ava Schartner
ava Schartner Month ago
How do u wipe tie ass with those btw I have fake nails on
Christine Weinberg
and I watched all 3 of your videos and I'm pretty sure the 123 go methods probably not going to be the one that you suggest so I don't know if you could let me know I would deeply appreciate it oxoxox u are the best 🥀🌷🌷🌺💮💅
Christine Weinberg
????I am looking to get 1 of the few kits like this but I don't know what 1to buy there expensive. But I do won't 1 I am newer at nails and it take me for ever to do nails and I only can do dip nails and polygel because ever time I do acrylicthey never look right or they pop off in a couple of days or I don't know I have a lot of problems with traditional kryllyk I can do dip nails and I can do gel nails and I'm interested in one of them kits because if it's going to help me speed up time why notbut I want a good cat I don't want to spend a hundred closer to $200 on a kid that is going to give me problems like all the polygel kits and all that
Maddog 0401
Maddog 0401 Month ago
Have you tried kiss nails?
Kayla Schexnyder
What a nice honest review! I love how you handled it!!
Dhara Stover
Dhara Stover Month ago
This company is awful. i ordered on june 4th and i still have no received the items and they won’t escalate my emails, they just send the same automated response. I opened a claim with the BBB and with my bank. what a disappointment
Lauren Rogers
Lauren Rogers Month ago
Ok she was 1 month pregnant when she did this. I can’t-
Precious Greene
Precious Greene Month ago
Can u do a full set please
Beltina Pajaziti
The intro kills me🤣🤣😂😂😂😆😆😆
Soto Melanie
Soto Melanie Month ago
This is my first time watching you and I like it so I am going to subscribe and turn on the bell
Kristin b
Kristin b Month ago
The thing that annoyed me was how small the little storage tin was!! All the files & brush barely fit in it lol. You'd think they would make a big one. Like a lunch box looking type carrying tin so you could fit all then tips & gels & lamp etc in it... Also that design is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Good job👌🏽
Karen B PEBBLES Month ago
Awesome! That gel is kewl... I like it. Perfect description sweetie. Soufflé.... Love it. 🤗 😘 ♥
Karen B PEBBLES Month ago
AMEN GF! I'M TOTALLY TURNED OFF BY HIM NOW. I love Suzie and I adore you, but with an attitude like Max's forget it. Just remember the old saying... "karma is a Bi@tch" you and Suzie are my Fava. Love you girls. I love doing nails, but I have a torn rotator cuff and it's gotten worse and the pain in my right arm is horrific so I have to get my nail fix from you guys. 😔 😢
Karen B PEBBLES Month ago
Wow! I've seen him on NCE w Suzie. How disappointing, and I bought some of his foils and glitters and I am so surprised, ut I have to say he's a bit cocky. JMO!
Esther Baca
Esther Baca Month ago
You know I did order a kit after I seen this video last time and I didn't get any of that stuff 😭😠 I just got nails and gel and a flashlight and prep🤦
Kelsey Daley
Kelsey Daley Month ago
If anyone wants these long coffin tips they have them on AliExpress. Just look up Long coffin press on nail tips n they should pop up
KE Barrett
KE Barrett Month ago
Thanks for posting. I almost bought his luxury kit. Thanks girl.
Carrie Anderson
Carrie Anderson Month ago
Your voice is so smoothing . I do not even know how to do nails lol . I try and it’s a big fail. I wish someone in NJ would teach me lol . I love watching your videos . You do such beautiful work
Janice Olivares
Janice Olivares Month ago
You should try holo Taco bye siplynail logical
Alanna Cahill
Alanna Cahill Month ago
Im in Australia and i just ordered these last week. I had customer service issues too! I emailed them with some questions & didnt get a reply for 10days. After complaining, she finally replied, didnt answer my questions & was SO RUDE!!!
Alejandra J Martinez
I ordered from him and it took over 2 months to get his products, this was before all this pandemic went down. I email to see what happened and no one messaged back to know if it was shipped or even delivered. When I finally got i was sooo disappointed. The “ Eternal beige” is more of salmon color. They looked like 80s cheap press on nails.
Imjust Saying
Imjust Saying Month ago
Wow I just ordered some things from him waiting for shipment. Wish I had seen this first🙏🏼😷😭💯
Geraldine Martz
Geraldine Martz Month ago
Edna De la Cruz
Edna De la Cruz Month ago
I will say this. I do agree about taking care of the customers and I agree that he was rude. I will also say that the post office do lose a lot of packages and is not fair for companies to take the fault for what the post office is doing. I lose money all the time do to the post office not doing a good job with packages and I can truly say that is not my fault yet I am the one having to fix the issue. Even when my packages have insurance, I haven't been able to get that insurance to pay for the lost package because the post office doesn't even care to deal with that. I think that if I make my package and place it in the mail, I did my job. The post office not delivering the package is not my fault because I pay for the service and they never delivered. As a business owner, I see the loss of money due to the terrible service of the post office and I feel bad for the customer and I try to help them but the customer needs to understand that is not my fault and the one they need to go after is the post office for his terrible way of dealing with their work.
Dana-Lyn Olson
Dana-Lyn Olson Month ago
I love how classy you are. You handled it so well but still spoke you mind. You also have a very soothing voice.
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