Trying Terrible Troom Troom COUPLE PRANKS 2

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I'm back with another Troom Troom couple pranks video! Trying some more terrible DIY couples pranks on my husband Bobby. You will laugh & cringe...
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Comments 80
kari Kamiya
kari Kamiya 4 minutes ago
First rip for Lauren and that hairbrush and her hands
Gwendelyn Ortega
Gwendelyn Ortega 2 hours ago
Oww i know how much hot glue hurts i feel the pain your feeling from the hot glue
Romano Pulito
Romano Pulito 2 hours ago
I love you
Gacha Animãtïòn
Gacha Animãtïòn 3 hours ago
“How’s your icecream?” “Gone”
CJ hopkins
CJ hopkins 4 hours ago
Lauren: no one has time for this Everyone in coronavirus: we all have unlimited time for we all just want something to do
Makenzie Hamilton
Makenzie Hamilton 5 hours ago
I guess Lauren’s Birthday Magic is still there 😁
Jessica Burgess
Jessica Burgess 5 hours ago
hahahahahahaha bithday powors
Bree Layden
Bree Layden 5 hours ago
I love how Bobby was just like ok when she wanted to light her brush on fire
Blue kawaii dogo
Blue kawaii dogo 7 hours ago
Laurn:*smells the onion* ooo smells like an onion Me:BRO IT IS AN ONION
Blue kawaii dogo
Blue kawaii dogo 7 hours ago
My birthday would be 20 days after this video was uploaded if today was this day she uploaded this vid
earth fox
earth fox 7 hours ago
Two days after my birthday
fruit fryddd
fruit fryddd 8 hours ago
I love when Bobby is mad.😡😡😡😡😡
Raleigh Greer
Raleigh Greer 9 hours ago
You fall at evrythang .......waaaaaaaaat....... Sorry not sorrry
Allison Scallan
Allison Scallan 9 hours ago
When I was little I bit into a shallot and it tasted like fire
House Of Caeks
House Of Caeks 10 hours ago
no u
Suri Samreth
Suri Samreth 10 hours ago
I don’t like M&M’s
All Around Alyssa
All Around Alyssa 11 hours ago
Lauren needs to calm down on ,bad pun warning, nothing Sorry I don’t know puns
Geza Marton
Geza Marton 11 hours ago
Video Voice: Rub the Onion Juice on the Candy Lauren: What? Me: Laughing my head off
Nora Mishal
Nora Mishal 11 hours ago
Happy birthday 🌈🎉💗💝
Mieuwh :3
Mieuwh :3 12 hours ago
Love it that bobbie actually grabbed the icecream
Queen Ester
Queen Ester 12 hours ago
my favorite prank is the ice cream one i was watching another video of you pranking bobby and i was trying to look for it
Laura Parker
Laura Parker 14 hours ago
you should do a sleep over video with yammy with troom troom hacks please!
ISABEL HERRERA 15 hours ago
My favorite is the second one
GachaAlphaWinterWolf 1622
Stop the boby abuse 🤣😂🤣😂
Angel Kitty
Angel Kitty 17 hours ago
Shallots are more commonly eaten raw so your actually not weird
Pastel Thunder YT
Pastel Thunder YT 17 hours ago
2:17 do you see how long that bench is? xD
Angel gacha girl
Angel gacha girl 17 hours ago
Lauren:WHO HAS TIME THIS! Me:kids?
Jasmine Deer
Jasmine Deer 18 hours ago
Prank him again
TV Kitchen
TV Kitchen 18 hours ago
Megahn Cording
Megahn Cording 18 hours ago
Lauren:Beating the ball Me:Does DJ thing kinda
Guadalupe Quiroga
Guadalupe Quiroga 18 hours ago
Kitty 18 hours ago
YoU caN SEE mY biRThdAy maGiC comInG ofF Me Me: you need help So do I!! 😁
Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak 20 hours ago
Bobby: what are you doing? *sTaWhP*
Alina McCall
Alina McCall 20 hours ago
i'm gonna die from "i don't want your mouth on my water"
Elena Westbrook
Elena Westbrook 23 hours ago
Or you could cover the tin foil in white paper or light pink
Fun Time With Echo
Fun Time With Echo 23 hours ago
"6 MILLION VIEWS!!!" Lauren: CRYING CUZ ITS ONLY 3 MILLION VIEWS me: happy with 101 Views
Danielle Mendham
Bobby: DONT SUBCRIBE Lauren: subcribe Dexter: FoOdS??
Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby Day ago
Do the pranks reversed where Bobby does them on Lauren >:D
Maribel Garcia
Lauren-u can feel my birthday powers coming off of me! Me-*farts and wonders* hmm that must be her birthday powers!
Chelsea Qinfei Zhang
I always like your vids
random BOIII TV
A happy b-day
Lexi Moore
Lexi Moore Day ago
I liked them all because they all just torture Bobby! Bobby loves you he just doesn’t like being the lab rat! But do we really care? No because you do over and over again 😂😇
Jood queen Captain queen Alzubaidy
Also me: *staring to my brothers soul*🙄
Jood queen Captain queen Alzubaidy
Hey it's about to be my b-day too!
Kaylee Mena
Kaylee Mena Day ago
She should make a prank with scott
Hi• Albert Fam•
Iliked the matches brush one
J M Day ago
Dragon Queen Bee
Ema Flores
Ema Flores Day ago
1:33 the best
xXRedHeadXx XxJokerxX
Comment via birthday magic
Lauren: "It has been 5 weeks since my birthday!" Me: **Pauses and automaticly likes** " I KNOW THE DRILL BY NOW LAUREN!"
Griffin Malfoy
My strange Addiction presents, girl eating hairbrush
Lilly Bosarge
3 years later Lauren : My BiRtHdAy PoWeRs
Tami Wesselman
Mayra Urena
Mayra Urena Day ago
i watched it dont be good
Chelsea Thompson
Lauren i love your videos i might just follow my dreams
Mohutamed Samantar
Q trum trum trum I love
Pri P.
Pri P. Day ago
“My new prank is fiRe 🔥 “
Matt Maria
Matt Maria Day ago
Me: Hope Lauren does not have her powers in 2020 Still Me: Wait it is 2020
Muriaroha Goodfellow-Yorke
happy brithday
AvaZCat 203
AvaZCat 203 Day ago
Ok so I’m currently watching in 2020 during the corona virus and when she was biting the brush ... I got goosebumps
Genesis Castaneda
You are evil to Bobby. because of well you know.
Brittany Harsh
Prank him more
Teresa Serrano-Herrera
If I don't have a husband that puts up with my crap, like that, and still doesn't divorce me. I don't want it.
Rena Nyappy
Rena Nyappy Day ago
I liked the ice cream one^^
Theresa Dushion
All of them are my favorite
TrOoM tRoOm:Do you want to learn how to die? What our videos! Lauren:These are terable. Kids:These are great ideas! Thank you troom troom! Me:Geez troom troom has the worst ideas! How do they get so many views!
Meme queen
Meme queen Day ago
It was my birthday last week so I can probably control you more
Chad Hordal
Chad Hordal Day ago
Omg machis for a hair brush and you almost wasted your time and almost burn your house down ps love your vids
Queen Daila
Queen Daila Day ago
Laurens comb looks exactly like mine!!😍
American 1337
I liked
Feline Boer
Feline Boer Day ago
oh no... Lauren her birthday powers are making me like this vid! (even if Lauren didn't have her birthday powers anymore i will still like the vid!)
Hiske Willig!
28:55 Is it a sponge? YES IT’S A SPONGECAKE
Ali&Tai 2 days ago
Me laughing and grinning really loudly (danger) and my family just watching stuff with headphones
Murat Macaroglu
Murat Macaroglu 2 days ago
In 5 weeks ........HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU From Almina.Macaroglu
Mysterious - DarkWolves
I feel like Laurens loosing her sanity... I feel like im just gonna laugh myself to sleep now
Aaron Bailes
Aaron Bailes 2 days ago
Lauren: well now I have to eat a onion Me: what is this holes!?
Pyper Weymer
Pyper Weymer 2 days ago
Prank Bobby! XD
Leigha Gaines
Leigha Gaines 2 days ago
Loran: bobby guess what Bobby: what Loran: REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
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