Trying Terrible Troom Troom COUPLE PRANKS 2

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I'm back with another Troom Troom couple pranks video! Trying some more terrible DIY couples pranks on my husband Bobby. You will laugh & cringe...
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Aug 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis 59 minutes ago
Hatta dew
Hatta dew 2 hours ago
After 3 moths: I still have my bday power
Aoíbheann Purcell
Aoíbheann Purcell 3 hours ago
Lauren:watches troom troom pranks Me:Drinks banana & chocolate smoothie Im dieing😂😂😂
Meredith Zirbel
Meredith Zirbel 3 hours ago
Your birthday magic is giving me a headache.
Allison Dawson
Allison Dawson 5 hours ago
Im not trying to be rood at all I lov your vids it's just that's a cake bar not cake pop. Pop is cicular. Bar is kinda rectangle shape. Again not trying to be rood I lov your vids.
NovaSpen 7 hours ago
Prank him by doing nothing. Prepare food, laugh suspiciously before he eats it, and things like that
Gamer Corinna With The Krew
"TroomTroom Is Making Me Eat A Brush" WOW XD WHY TROOMTROOM XD
Eric Polino
Eric Polino 7 hours ago
Lauren im so sorry you had to do all that work for nothing I would give you all my money if I could
Alexandria Griffin
Alexandria Griffin 9 hours ago
The end is coming 30 year old ladies are crazy
moonlight star
moonlight star 9 hours ago
moonlight star
moonlight star 9 hours ago
( 👁️ 👅 👁️ )( 👁️ 👅 👁️ )
Rarealpaca12 32
Rarealpaca12 32 11 hours ago
I just love her expressions 😂😂😂❤️❤️
Doki Doki Gacha life club!
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 15 hours ago
thees all 'TOTLIE'" worked
Billee Kopowski
Billee Kopowski 15 hours ago
I feel like a terrible person but I want you to do more I couldn't stop laughing at the end of the video 😂
Kitters & Puppers
Kitters & Puppers 18 hours ago
For some reason people think sponges look "more sexy" when wet
Family and Friends Workshop
annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn onyon?
Catherine Jaszenko
Catherine Jaszenko 18 hours ago
Don’t prank me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Family and Friends Workshop
wooooooooooooooooow !!
Jacobo García
Jacobo García 18 hours ago
Tonya Rutan
Tonya Rutan 19 hours ago
Who else saw dexter watching them burn a brush😂
Tonya Rutan
Tonya Rutan 19 hours ago
Me:watching in 2020 Troom troom:wait let me pour u a cup. Me:thats me when my ask for water
gacha luna cookie
gacha luna cookie 22 hours ago
My dad can do what lauren cannot as he can eat onions and shallets like apples
found rainbow
found rainbow 22 hours ago
I hate bugs the same as that girl on troom troom
Dj didn't He didn't
Dj didn't He didn't 23 hours ago
Best cooking show ever
stella bakwi
stella bakwi Day ago
i love her shirt
Chloe Wilcox
Chloe Wilcox Day ago
22:39 Hahahahahahahahahha lol I was laughing so hard
The Weirdest Weirdo
Lauren ate brushes before it was cool 😎
Lollipop Snowy
None of them were my favorite lol
D’onna Marie
Gocha. Creepypasta1
Peeple who is watching this in2020. Hi how is quarrnteen ? 😆
Jay Funked
Jay Funked Day ago
XD her fase wen she got pranke Lel
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull Day ago
Troom Troom prank: replace a banana with an onion dyed yellow with mustard and yellow food dye.
kakyoin rero boi
Nejat Mohammed
How can't Bobby hear you when you said IM GETING IT!! hOw JuSt HoWwWWWW
『 Aspen the Microwave 』
6:39 Lauren: It’s a little big but it works The Ball: Y E E T
Torin Morris
Torin Morris Day ago
Torin Morris
Torin Morris Day ago
You’re dumb🖕🏻
Irene Girl
Irene Girl Day ago
literally every asmrist ever: 20:27
Isla the Peep
I like onions 🧅;-:
Emma Craft tv
I LOVE no pranks
Searchlight UwU
Searchlight UwU 2 days ago
Louise Mead
Louise Mead 2 days ago
de like the vid caus when you do tha you funny
Fuzz The Gamer
Fuzz The Gamer 2 days ago
I will when you learn how to write
ellyse neri
ellyse neri 2 days ago
I Love you
Alexandria Griffin
Troom troom
Alexandria Griffin
Bobby watch out before she makes a groom troom rebelin
Fwuffy_Gacha UwU
Fwuffy_Gacha UwU 2 days ago
Shazeiyra Cox
Shazeiyra Cox 2 days ago
everytime lauren pranks bobby Bobby : WHAT ARE U DOING?! STOPP
Michelle James
Michelle James 2 days ago
Totally and onion Lauren
Aku San
Aku San 2 days ago
Happy late birthday Lauren :)
Madison Lemieux-Farrell
"where we fail at everything we do" I died laughing!!!!!
Unicorn X3
Unicorn X3 2 days ago
i laughed half to death watching lauren say: well that hurts my feelings bc i love onions XD
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones 2 days ago
Lauren:WhAt's ThE DiFFerence Me:Alot Lauren:Its a shallot!! Me:Yeah,Lauren I KNOW
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones Day ago
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones Day ago
Dustin Hensiek
Dustin Hensiek 2 days ago
Y'all are the perfect pear
Alexa Carnalla
Alexa Carnalla 2 days ago
Because this happened 11 years ago so you don’t have your birthday magic on me 🤣
Alexa Carnalla
Alexa Carnalla 2 days ago
You can’t make me like the video
Bha Supervisor
Bha Supervisor 2 days ago
Laurenzside: So do you like them? Bobby: No they're disgusting. Laurenzside: Well that really hurts my feelings. Me: srsly???
Claire Gibson
Claire Gibson 2 days ago
Welcome to another episode were we torture Bobby! 😂😂😂😂
Sharleen Pashley
Sharleen Pashley 2 days ago
Lauren:DO NOT DO THIS TO PEOPLE Me:ok imma go grab some onion and maybe tamper with some stuff (totally not gonna kill my bro with this)
kay norrid
kay norrid 2 days ago
Hey Beautiful 💗y and then yy
jennifer mayo
jennifer mayo 2 days ago
Oh my god 😳
G-T. Azar
G-T. Azar 2 days ago
Bobby: yep, this is the woman I married
Troom troom = Bobby’s living nightmare
Doriana Proca
Doriana Proca 3 days ago
Fizzy cats
Fizzy cats 3 days ago
I once found a kit kat on the road I my (stupid) brain ate it and I think I was like poisoned or somting
Alyssa :D
Alyssa :D 3 days ago
I love your videos a lot Lauren they are amazing!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
melda Anthony
melda Anthony 3 days ago
Hi lauren
Amir Velasco
Amir Velasco 3 days ago
i like the video prank him more
Clare Cook
Clare Cook 3 days ago
everbody else focusing on the video: man troom troom is weird. MAN. lauren is weird Me focusing on the little part of her shirt that is green and blending in with the green screen: huh?
Ale Noell
Ale Noell 3 days ago
this is real funny when she does the prankes
Cassidy Munroe
Cassidy Munroe 3 days ago
Hey I love onions
David Head
David Head 3 days ago
Lauren this thing is everywhere its me. bob i hate this
David Head
David Head 3 days ago
Phoebe Staples
Phoebe Staples 3 days ago
The amount of times Lauren said ‘ NoBodY hAs TiMe FoR tHiS!’ In this Video was my trigger for going insane during quarantine 😂
gAcHa cLaNg
gAcHa cLaNg 3 days ago
I've watched this video like 6 times and each time forgot to leave a like sorry 😬
mave023 3 days ago
Whoever disliked these reacting of troom troom vids is the troom troom members and subscribers
ivlee castro
ivlee castro 3 days ago
Leah Kitzman
Leah Kitzman 3 days ago
Lauren: I want to set this on fire Bobby: OK
Lolipop4life 3 days ago
I fElT tHe SuPeR pOwErS
Leila Rackley
Leila Rackley 3 days ago
Nobody is gonna talk about how the brush looks like corona-
ASENAP Conce-enap
if you want me to prank bobb- NO STOP IT then leave a like- STOP IT STOP PRANKING ME THATS ~ALL~ YOU CAN SAY *PRANK BOBBYyyyYyyY* STOP IT I DONT WANNA-
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