Trying Terrible Troom Troom Best Friend LIFE HACKS

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I TRIED crazy Best Friend LIFE HACKS from Troom Troom with my BFF Yammy to see if they actually work!
Check Out Yammy's Video: ruvid.net/u-ChicksCanGame
Troom Troom's Video: ruvid.net/video/video-G5yd9JQ2slU.html
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 3 386
Gracelynn Hassler
Gracelynn Hassler 13 minutes ago
13:43 n0 and never
Maeve 2 hours ago
Do they not know what shrinkydinks are?
Maeve 2 hours ago
Lauren: What are friends for? Yammy: Ambulances
IceScreamKitty 5 hours ago
its shrink plastic guys!
Hunnii_Cxkez 9 hours ago
ok i saw someone comment this, dont say i copied but... *yanny or laurel,* or *yammy or lauren?*
Maria janie
Maria janie 9 hours ago
Love you lauren n yammi
Mina Shirazi
Mina Shirazi 16 hours ago
Never maonas pizza . But I do like maonase
Mina Shirazi
Mina Shirazi 16 hours ago
Why do you have a personal fompit in your office?
Bloodmoon Wolfpack
Bloodmoon Wolfpack 19 hours ago
No one: Not even Lauren: Yammy: *N O PHYS ICAL CONTA CT*
Arctic Wolferine
Arctic Wolferine 19 hours ago
I actually used to do the tattoo but used sharpies
Weeb UWU
Weeb UWU 20 hours ago
Mary M
Mary M Day ago
A lot of places in Europe put corn on pizza.
David Bosy
David Bosy Day ago
Laurel and Yanny? More like Lauren and Yammy!
JoyFlameball Day ago
Lauren: MY BEST FRIEND Me: Well don't do any... KOKONA things to her.
pretty money
pretty money Day ago
u made fun of troom troom... so they made fun of sims omg :O
{•Falling Bløssøm•}
*thing is, I’ve never made a handshake or anything with my best friends before-*
Sharon Badger
If one of u humans Can answer this...Then please do.. We're is child freindly Luaren?..
marisa revelee
I hate Olives to😒
Yuckie Dab
Yuckie Dab Day ago
Funneh had mayo on pizza 😏
Offbeat Hurdle
FoxyPlayz109 :3
You guys need to get together and do this
DarkWolf Plays
Toderoki pizza :3
Salia tan
Salia tan Day ago
I think the plastic put in the owen was shrinky dink plastic (correct me if im wrong)
Cat in a hoodie!
i love pineapple on pizza
Just Luna
Just Luna Day ago
Lauren: it’s like a centipede Me: *thinks of human centipede movie*
Mozoan Alotibe
Im geting so many good bff hacks
Rosy Wolf
Rosy Wolf 2 days ago
They used SHRINK plastic, its used specifically for making little plastic charms or whatever by putting it in the oven. OwO tips
Me’fwa Artz
Me’fwa Artz 2 days ago
It is special plastic called shrink plastic your supposed to put it in the oven Btw love you Lauren!💜
Belsom 2 days ago
"hehe...ambulance..." - Yammy 2019
•StrawberryMiilk• UwU
There is a type of pizza that has mayo on the top and the base is bbq sauce and it’s actually really good also pineapple on pizza is so good
Bts x RV
Bts x RV 2 days ago
When Lauren says she's going to put a video in the discription ME:goes to discription just to find things and not yammy traumatized
Stitch- Chan
Stitch- Chan 2 days ago
I think they used a plastic called “Shrinky Dinks”
Mckenna Whittenburg
Yammy:Thats me in every social situation I FINALLY FOUND MY TWIN!!!!
Tamiqua Mcdonald
Tamiqua Mcdonald 2 days ago
I don't wat to be mean but I hate how people right things like TYSM or YES MY 'G' sorry about that theSeed and •dafox•so now I'm gonna do some to YOU
Tamiqua Mcdonald
Tamiqua Mcdonald 2 days ago
I have a best friend called ava she kind of on you tube I think she only haz a couple vids I don't know her you tube name hehe but her full name is arj THIS IS TRUE try and fique this one out NOW sorry this isn't me sorry every one
Lily Holden
Lily Holden 2 days ago
Pineapple on pizza: gOoD. Pineapple with mayo on pizza: *Throws Up*
Asia Ahmed
Asia Ahmed 2 days ago
yammy: i will catch you Me:I WONT my sister:SAME SIS I WONT CATCH YAMMY I WLL NOT CATCH YOU
Faith Bloxsidge
Faith Bloxsidge 3 days ago
Its shrink plastic
Kittencat 3 days ago
I don't make my own pizza 🍕 😂😂😂😂 *I buy it*
Fabian Sklep
Fabian Sklep 3 days ago
Lauren evil
Madison Black
Madison Black 3 days ago
Lauren people have played you 156475 Times on akinator
Vedrana Bogasic
Vedrana Bogasic 3 days ago
Serbia has pizza with corn and luckly i live in serbia and i love corn pizza
RkmPlays 3 days ago
Hi Ik this has nothing to do with this vid but can you make a vid about how the earth could end if we don't stop using plastic and putting chemicals in the air
Rose Chatter
Rose Chatter 3 days ago
How does being robbed strengthen your friendship?? I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️ 😂
David Mentier
David Mentier 3 days ago
yin yang
yin yang 3 days ago
Kitty Lover774
Kitty Lover774 3 days ago
I hate olives too ! xD
Zahniyah Glover
Zahniyah Glover 3 days ago
i love u lauren and yammy
Dakota Florek
Dakota Florek 3 days ago
I'm I moved away from my bff
Abigail Gonzalez
Abigail Gonzalez 3 days ago
Btw if plastic say 1 on it in a triangle it can make shrink dinks aka shrinking plastic
Moviesxrvshowd Tea
This is a comment
Sxkura Bl0ssom
Sxkura Bl0ssom 3 days ago
If Lauren ever played danganronpa, she would LOVE kokichi tbh
Art Gilr
Art Gilr 3 days ago
Says she’s veterans and eats cheese 🧀😮😑
Oka Ruto
Oka Ruto 3 days ago
No, a FRIEND would catch you. A best friend would let you fall down 😂.
Cat in a hoodie!
so true
Stanley Philip
Stanley Philip 4 days ago
yana kila
yana kila 4 days ago
Can tou do yandere simulator again pls
{ s a k u r a }
{ s a k u r a } 4 days ago
Elly 2.0
Elly 2.0 4 days ago
Ew pizza and maionaise
Tide Likes YouTube
Hey! Imma roast laurel and yanny now it’s...... LAUREN AND YAMMY! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kallidxe 4 days ago
Is it bad i like pineapple pizza?
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