Trying Terrible Troom Troom Best Friend LIFE HACKS

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I TRIED crazy Best Friend LIFE HACKS from Troom Troom with my BFF Yammy to see if they actually work!
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 100
Georgia Rafalaf
Georgia Rafalaf 9 hours ago
its called a shrink dink, and it a special plastic
Katherine Jones
Katherine Jones 2 days ago
Hello yammy and Lauren, I would like to ask if u can do this video idea I have, video idea: making a video about how u met yammy and how u met Bobby, that’s all I have, love ur videos sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Buy yammys and Lauren’s merch and like the video and subscribe remember all of u are amazing-er then u think and thought bye see u in the next video
Corinne Blake
Corinne Blake 4 days ago
Andrew Mooney
Andrew Mooney 4 days ago
9:17 Now that's what you call a Covid Hug
Anything Agatha
Anything Agatha 7 days ago
Lauren: Star Yammy: Heart
Addison Rodwell
Addison Rodwell 8 days ago
"your bestfriend is your personal ambulance" lauren and yammy: WEE WOO WEE WOO
Alejandra Miranda
I know i'm late but yes, itsfunneh has made a pizza with mayo TwT
Bella Lattimore
Bella Lattimore 8 days ago
Lily Stribling
Lily Stribling 8 days ago
I have had corn dipped in mayo and covered in chili powder
bran1986 8 days ago
Odirile Raseloma
Odirile Raseloma 8 days ago
Had anyone noticed that she has the same headphones as wengie? Anyone wengiecorns in the chat?
Barbi Szabo
Barbi Szabo 8 days ago
Ya i haveate pizza with mayo it was delicious 😇😇😇especially with olives u should try it
シュ SugarStarsガー
Yanny and Laurel? No! Yammy and Lauren!
Leah Wings
Leah Wings 8 days ago
Lauren: comment down below if you put mayonnaise on your pizza Me: YES OFC! my family loves pizza
Îvy_ XOXO 9 days ago
I fell like Lauren is treating yammy like "kokona"from yandere simulator 😂😂😂😂
Alice Leouzon
Alice Leouzon 9 days ago
Meyonaze is disgusting 🤮
Anne-Marie Brisson
Omg.. yammy oh yammy l8ttle did you know no fisical contact will be a big thing ....
Rina Kyat
Rina Kyat 10 days ago
The plastic shrink things are actually a thing My teacher in 4th grade did it because some classmates made little bees and after they were so cute!
natsuki 2384
natsuki 2384 10 days ago
Fluffy Company
Fluffy Company 11 days ago
Lauren: if any of you guys put mayonnaise instead of sauce comment down below Me: 💭I kinda do that I dip my pizza in it All of my friends when I do it: OMG flo are you ok?!?
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 12 days ago
Omg the pizza looks nasty with mayonnaise
Just_ Cuz
Just_ Cuz 12 days ago
People have itsfunneh Put Mayonnaise On a pizza for challenge it was there first vlog
Katherine Thompson
Katherine Thompson 13 days ago
When I was in preschool we made something like that but we did the hand and red or blue tape put it on a piece of plastic or something microwaved it in the microwave at school and then it shrunk and then we got to bring it home I think I did read
PYXITRIX 13 days ago
I hate manas
-SomeFnaf- 13 days ago
14:41 me playing sims 4 be like* ._.
Pracheta Chaturvedi
I am unsubscribing jk
Moonhowl 11
Moonhowl 11 14 days ago
If YoU wANt To tAkE yOuR fRiEnDsHiP tO tHe NeXt LeVeL tHeN GeT PeRmAnEnT TaTtOoS InStEaD! I hOpE yOuR fRiEnDsHiP lAsTs FoReVeR :DDDDD
Samira Dupper
Samira Dupper 15 days ago
It works great so it will NOT burn down your house
Ali 15 days ago
I literally love pineapple pizza so why it’s so delicious why not mayonnaise on pizza
Debra Davis
Debra Davis 16 days ago
Visit my RUvid channel it's called Debra Davis and my friends RUvid channel is called Breanna Davis
Jill Fiser
Jill Fiser 16 days ago
If you check out the video of Krew (RUvid channel of 5 siblings doing kid-friendly videos) they did a mystery vlog of spin the wheel ingredients for pizza and they had to do mayo on one
Jill Fiser
Jill Fiser 16 days ago
Btw... the plastic thing that they did was called shrink plastic and that is completely safe. If you don’t believe me, watch Moriah Elizabeth do it
Jill Fiser
Jill Fiser 16 days ago
That heart you guys did is not too shabby! Considering you are thousands of miles away from each other....
Stacie Hyler
Stacie Hyler 17 days ago
What are you torturing yammy with today Lauren
Felicia Mester
Felicia Mester 17 days ago
Has anyone tried a banana and mayonnaise sandwich??
HOUSE OF MO Gifts & Souvenirs
My two favorite RUvidr
kitty toe
kitty toe 18 days ago
Princess doing that Shrinky Dink not plastic and you're meant to put in the oven and color on it just look it up on Amazon or Google
Olivia Esquivel
Olivia Esquivel 18 days ago
i have the same headphones as yammy
Dominique Anselline
Ive made pizza with mayo
Dominique Anselline
The regrets in life
Emilio Navarro Baeza
I like pinaple pizza i have fre medical servís too
niklukas tupicoff
niklukas tupicoff 20 days ago
Pineapple on pizza is good
Mizu-Chan 21 day ago
Lauren: Hey, Yammy! Are you there? It's me! Your best friend! Lauren: L A U R E N Z S I D E
Xenia Dima
Xenia Dima 21 day ago
My mom made pizza whit manaus on it and I was disgusted
Xenia Dima
Xenia Dima 21 day ago
Lee Bishop
Lee Bishop 21 day ago
I made a pizza with mao on it it was gooooooooood..
Piia Pärn
Piia Pärn 21 day ago
''NO PHYSICAL CONTACT'' Yammy is from the future.
Eevee Squad
Eevee Squad 22 days ago
Iiiitt lookss s ammazing!!!!!
Victoria McLoughlin
your like mayamas 😤🤢🤮☠ oh corn💓
Dana Burkett
Dana Burkett 22 days ago
Lauren: Oh corn Me: *thinking about Lauren getting killed by corn*
BKAntastic 22 days ago
The plastic thing is actually a thing.. It's not gonna burn your house
Caralyne Reed
Caralyne Reed 23 days ago
Mayonnaise Pizza🤮
Tea Bag
Tea Bag 23 days ago
Yammy ~ pink + Purple ~ Luaren = Yamluarey XD kidding = friends for EVER
Peri Hanna
Peri Hanna 23 days ago
Troom Troom: Girl tries to give her "vegetarian" friend pizza** Troom Troom: Uses mayo instead of vegetarian pizza sauce** Me ( A FREAKING VEGETARIAN ): DUDE JUST USE HUNTS VEGETARIAN SAUCE!!! AHHHHHHH Edit: Dude ketchup is vegetarian to... my VEGETARIAN family eats ketchup... I mean as i know what vegetarians eat.. we can have ketchup and all thing without meat..
Nina Stuart
Nina Stuart 23 days ago
when yammy did the heart she looked like she needed a ambulance she looked dead inside like lauren why why me do it with me pick someone else im dying
Persephone Donnelly
Lauren:NEVER wash your hands...Ever Corona:nows my chance >:3 Lauren:We have to part....forever :,(
JM Figueroa
JM Figueroa 24 days ago
After covid nineteen will u and yummy meet and pls record it bc I had a friend in the UK and I met her 1 month ago it was fun pls do it
Kaiera Parihar
Kaiera Parihar 24 days ago
Wait people don't out Mayonnaise on their pizza.-. I put mayonnaise and ketchup oh my homemade pizza and it's delicious!
SydSydney700 24 days ago
It’s 1 am and all of my family is asleep and I’m trying sooo hard not to laugh Side note it’s not working
Zoe Hoggatt
Zoe Hoggatt 25 days ago
I hate to break it to you Lauren, but you friendship with yammy shall end because I watch her vids and...
Lord KT
Lord KT 25 days ago
Dark haired girl= giraffe Blond girl= Karen
• Lemqnade •
• Lemqnade • 26 days ago
Best friends wouldn't catch eachother They would let the other fall and laugh at them, then help them up
Jocelyn Sherman
Jocelyn Sherman 26 days ago
The Blonde one just looks dead inside anyone else think that no just me ok
Amber Dancey
Amber Dancey 26 days ago
wait... the vegetation girl couldn't eat the mayo...
daughter_ofZeus 27 days ago
I was so freaked out when she said Gabby/Gaby/Gabi I thought she was talking to me through the screen..........l..lol.
SnowyWolf 27 days ago
Did anyone notice yammy has a bold spot on the left of her head
SnowyWolf 25 days ago
@Wiktoria not rude but I noticed it twice I wonder if she is ok
Wiktoria 25 days ago
Gukurahundi Survivors
No 🇿🇦. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Breakfast 27 days ago
yes people do eat mayonnaises with there pizza me and my brother eats pizza with mayonnaise sometimes
Janice Kurhasku
Janice Kurhasku 27 days ago
OoO all of a sudden I learn that pizza sause is not vegetarian after being vegitarian for 5 years
Janice Kurhasku
Janice Kurhasku 27 days ago
one time at a camp we did the fall back thinge but one girl fell because the person who was soposed to catch her
RatQueenyeet _
RatQueenyeet _ 27 days ago
Uhh btw that plastic they used in the ovens where shrink a dinks they are plastic that’s meant to be heated
Panda Cat
Panda Cat 27 days ago
I love pineapple pizza :( YOU HURT MY FEELINGS :(
Grace Goldblatt
Grace Goldblatt 27 days ago
8:06 I love how on Lauren's side there's a star then on Yammy's side there's a heart ;w;
S̶a̶d̶i̶e̶ 28 days ago
FYI, ive seen people eat mayonnaise on oizza and enjoyed it.
S̶a̶d̶i̶e̶ 28 days ago
I think I need my personal ambulance after watching this video.
Lannzy Tamer
Lannzy Tamer 28 days ago
cruz konsmo
cruz konsmo 29 days ago
go laurenz side
Rebeka Pusztai
Rebeka Pusztai 29 days ago
I love it how Lauren is ALL purple, her hair, background and then Yammy is ALL pink even her hair and her room too! (;
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 29 days ago
Deer queen yasss you put deer in her house
Joey Judd
Joey Judd 29 days ago
My Dad tried that and he loved it I don't know why he just a crazy person when it comes to Pizza
Sunni Puppi
Sunni Puppi 29 days ago
No the plastic works have done it a million times
Noah Neeley
Noah Neeley Month ago
froggyzzz YT
froggyzzz YT Month ago
😷 \ 🤢🦠 |==🧴 | ---- 🦠🦠🦠 🦠/|\ /\ / /\🦠
Cat Studios
Cat Studios Month ago
They have shrink he dinks not regular brown plastic
Crystal_Calling Month ago
Bridey McFarland
am i the only one who is wondering why there is a foam pit at the back of her room?
Elzy K
Elzy K Month ago
everytime lauren does something with Yammy, Yammy should just think of Bobby
Doyel Datta
Doyel Datta Month ago
Laurel -purple queen💜💜 Yammy -pink queen💗💗
Naomi Lane
Naomi Lane Month ago
Yammy: I'm NEVER eating a pizza again Me eating pizza:...YASSS grulll you get e'm Me stuffing pizza in my face so she sees nothing
Lauren Gierzak
Lauren Gierzak Month ago
ive bon that plastic in the micerwav are house is fine
• Shade •
• Shade • Month ago
Hack: You can pretend you're friends with Yammy and Lauren by putting a similar fake tattoo on your rist while you cry inside
janelle Paddack
janelle Paddack Month ago
I a big fan yammy and Lauren
janelle Paddack
janelle Paddack Month ago
Yammy but it cute
janelle Paddack
janelle Paddack Month ago
Pinkie ツ
Pinkie ツ Month ago
*Me Not Trusting my Friend IRL..* *TROOM TROOM: LETS DO TRUST FALL >:D* *Me: Okay!* *Me does it with my mom
Kent Farnsworth
Kent Farnsworth Month ago
Our best shot me saying shot in photos XD when she said photo I said it
Sugar Tears
Sugar Tears Month ago
12:00 Those are shrink plastics. Or as the product calls itself "Shrinky Dinks". You can use then as pins, stickers, decoration, or keychains. (and etc.)
Isabella Vaccaro
When u did the tattoos u should have made the stars Like this Yammy: \ / l And Lauren: l l_ Like if u agree!
Kalis Bigley
Kalis Bigley Month ago
1:37 “don’t touch me” Well that didn’t age well
Tatiana Tremblay
Lauren being fascinated by corn.
Lydia J
Lydia J Month ago
Did it she she did she holds her hands up 🧠💪🏻
Lydia J
Lydia J Month ago
Oh yummy your channel switches like some candy
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