Trying Makartt Green Polygel Nail Kit

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In this video I'm trying out the Makartt Green Polygel Nail Kit.
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Makartt Green Polygel Kit:
Amazon: amzn.to/2ZE8pxP
Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial: amzn.to/2EYfqQy
Makartt website: bit.ly/3e1DW26 (15% Coupon code: longhairprettynails)
Other Products Used:
Cuticle Pusher and Drill bits: russian-manicure.com/
Nail Drill: bit.ly/33jXn4q (coupon code: LONGHAIRPRETTYNAILS10)
Melodysusie Nail Drill: amzn.to/2zqWSFJ (Cheaper Alternative)
Medium Grit Drill Bit: bit.ly/2Vb7jbR
Nail Tips: amzn.to/2BHv1pc
Crystal Dappen Dish: bit.ly/3k4QwBK
Gold foil flakes: amzn.to/3iG1LQC
Kiara Sky Glitter: bit.ly/31cEk9s (coupon code: LONGHAIRPRETTYNAILS10)
Music by Ryan Little - Take It Easy - thmatc.co/?l=99C48309
Music by Ryan Little - fall so high. - thmatc.co/?l=F77E939A

How to Remove Polygel, Acrylic, and Dip Powder Nails: bit.ly/32P8T3P
Visit my shop: longhairprettynails.com/collections/all
Iridescent Crystals: bit.ly/2Ohga7o
Nailfie Glass Diamond: bit.ly/2psJiQI
Where I get my brushes?
Alpha Brush: bit.ly/2HWrynn
Red Iguana Silicon Practice Hand: bit.ly/2ya8CvW
10% off coupon code: lhpn
Filming Equipment:
Main Camera (Sony FDR-AX700): amzn.to/35ppiOK
Second Camera (Sony FDR-AX53): amzn.to/2ymF2kQ
SanDisk 128 GB 4K SD card: amzn.to/2ynFvn3
Nail Art: bit.ly/2v2HbRm
Nail Art Supplies: goo.gl/1k5enJ
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Jul 4, 2020




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LongHairPrettyNails 6 months ago
Check out our new House Tour video: ruvid.net/video/video-9Y39N3vyNSs.html
Benaja Constant
Benaja Constant Month ago
Benaja Constant
Benaja Constant Month ago
Benaja ok
Benaja Constant
Benaja Constant Month ago
Britta Peterson
Britta Peterson Month ago
I will watch that video after I finish this video!😊😊😊😊😊😊😋😊😊😊😊😊😊🙃🤠😍🙃😄😍🤩🤩😅🥰😅😀🥰🤩😋🥰🤩🤩🥰🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰😍🤩🙃😂😄🤣😅😅🤣😃🤩😍😃😍🤩😍🤩🤩🥰😍🤩😍🥰😍😋😊😍😋😊😉😆😆😅😄😆😄😃!
Janeen Utley
Janeen Utley 5 months ago
@LongHairPrettyNails WOW Congrats on your new home! & 1.16 million subs!!! 😲 🏘️🎉🥇🎉❤️ Gorgeous Design , & I love the colors one of my faves 💚 Thanks so much for this Review and Nail ! Makartt is top notch with their kits 💚
Leslie Alvarez
Leslie Alvarez 3 days ago
Can you try out the beetles poly gel please
zuzu 5 days ago
Soooo freaking pretty 🦋🦋🦋
Leia Putnam
Leia Putnam 8 days ago
careful with working with anything clear nail related the more you work and mess with it the more none-clear it gets
kk Hall
kk Hall 10 days ago
Wow that is such a gorgeous look!! 💚💚
anny eats
anny eats 11 days ago
It looks beautiful
Maria Valentina
Maria Valentina 12 days ago
Can you do another detailed video on polygel? I got mines and it’s so hard to even work with it. I need a step by step tutorial
rosie_peatals 12 days ago
Katarina Daniel
Katarina Daniel 15 days ago
I don’t even like green like that and omg 😍😍😍
Iliana-Marilis 15 days ago
holy crap these are gorgeoussss
Anaida Wilson
Anaida Wilson 17 days ago
Arixx_72xx :D
Arixx_72xx :D 21 day ago
I love your videos keep at it! Plz shout out x 💜
dead_girl_07 25 days ago
Your nails are just 💎💎
D Scott
D Scott 25 days ago
CAN YOU STOP being so dam good at your nails I can’t do my nails at all thank❤️❤️
ABC GULL8 25 days ago
I love your nails videos love you ❤❤❤
Girly Girly
Girly Girly 25 days ago
Gross! So big nails!
maria fyf
maria fyf 27 days ago
This is the prettiest set ive ever laid my eyes on 😍😍 no joke! The combinations of the colors, gold flakes and glitter ✨ I’m still practicing with poly gel , the one thing I do hate and don’t have patience for is having to remove poly gel 😢
Terde! 29 days ago
Incredible! You are an artist!
xXGrenzer -TvXx
xXGrenzer -TvXx Month ago
Guadalupe Lopez
Guadalupe Lopez Month ago
How long do poly gel nails usually last??????
Tania Arréllaga B
Glass nails are so pretty! They look fantastic 💅🙌
After having that many colours poly jell I think you are having so many nail filer dryer and more many jell.
Sofia Abdelnaby13
Among us
Among us Month ago
Omg this is so cute I love how that turned out this is the best nail I saw it ever❤😍
Candy Month ago
Nobody can survive without Amazon prime!!!!!
Britta Peterson
Britta Peterson Month ago
You have the best nail videos I ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🤠🤠🤠!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cristina Sandu
Cristina Sandu Month ago
How to remove false nails?? ❤️
XxShotgun_ AngelxX
Who else is staying up and watching this (its 4:31 pm rn)
Megan Potoskie
Megan Potoskie Month ago
Is it easier to use tips than duel forms for poly gel? I just bought my first kit and am wondering if I should use my tips that I have or use duel forms
Turbolotl Month ago
Just found your channel and can't believe I haven't found it sooner! I love everything about it lol, and you're really talented! Such pretty nails😍 Keep up the good work!♡
Shera Davis
Shera Davis 2 months ago
Ava Drumm
Ava Drumm 2 months ago
You are truely talented 🥰 you really inspire me to do my own nails and I loveeeeee your videos💋🤍
Mia Caterini
Mia Caterini 2 months ago
I love ur vids
Valeria Vega
Valeria Vega 2 months ago
HOME? that's a whole mansion
Ysabella Noriega
Ysabella Noriega 2 months ago
1:00 [to get started] Just a test
Ysabella Noriega
Ysabella Noriega 2 months ago
Breez Duffy
Breez Duffy 2 months ago
these give me hella goddedd vibes!! in love!!!
Roxanne Reynolds
Roxanne Reynolds 2 months ago
So during quarantine I have decided to go back and watch ALL I mean ALL of her videos since day 1 because I am bored
Mylah Daraio
Mylah Daraio 2 months ago
Can you do both hands
Heather Mullen
Heather Mullen 2 months ago
Can u do a French fade in white please?
Luzie Maisel
Luzie Maisel 2 months ago
If I get some nails like this they will be a little bit to long for me but the Design is a dream 😍 i love it 😍
Classically Averil
Classically Averil 2 months ago
I might try this out as an overlay. My nail already grow pretty long, but I have always want to try overlays.
Hannah. Crel
Hannah. Crel 2 months ago
Okay, the nails. I love them. Also, your voice is so soothing and it literally put me to sleep earlier😂❤️
Tasha Stewart
Tasha Stewart 2 months ago
•SunShxne •
•SunShxne • 2 months ago
Have y’all ever seen what cardi b’s natural nails look like? 👀🤨
Marquita Brown
Marquita Brown 2 months ago
You got me started doing nails...I am so happy I came across your video....I am a stright beast now...
Khady K.
Khady K. 2 months ago
Green is my favourite color 💚 C'est vraiment beau, bravo !
Josie Luckhurst
Josie Luckhurst 2 months ago
So pretty! How long does polygel normally last for?
Sherrill Smith
Sherrill Smith 2 months ago
Love your channel. 🤩🥰😍😘😗😙 Love the vids
Courtney Elliott
Courtney Elliott 2 months ago
So pretty
Kaylee Blankenship
Kaylee Blankenship 2 months ago
I’m always coming back when I get down about a set I did on myself. She keeps me up and going about me wanting to do this for myself and a business. 🥺
The Dezire
The Dezire 2 months ago
Can you pleaseeeeee do my nails......OMG Im so jelly of your nails
Hileni Gustaf
Hileni Gustaf 2 months ago
I'm inspired man, you the real plug Watching from 🇳🇦 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Trudy Ann
Trudy Ann 2 months ago
Watching the top coat go on is so satisfying. Beautiful
Toni Tompkins
Toni Tompkins 2 months ago
What color do you suggest for an American manicure using poly gel?
Olivia Garza
Olivia Garza 2 months ago
Hope you have fun in your house 🏡🐱
Stephanie Wenzel
Stephanie Wenzel 2 months ago
I wish you could do my nails ❤️🥺 you do them so perfect 😍
Kevionna 123
Kevionna 123 3 months ago
Is the nail dried going under your skin
Islandgal29412 3 months ago
What dust fan do you have underneath
Ελένη Rutgers
Ελένη Rutgers 3 months ago
So pretty!!
Sabrina Ward
Sabrina Ward 3 months ago
👁👄👁 💧 💧 My nail stuff has not come yet!!!!! 😢
Jasmine Upshaw
Jasmine Upshaw 3 months ago
How long does poly gel nails usually lasts please
breeta Long
breeta Long 3 months ago
“If you don’t wipe off the tacky layer your file is gonna get all gunked up.” Me: ..oooooohhh
Christiana Pittman
Christiana Pittman 3 months ago
I thought you said that damping dish was a candle holder you made into a dish 😐🥴
Lg Lg
Lg Lg 2 months ago
It is
Kathia Mejía Chévez
Haley B.
Haley B. 3 months ago
Do u have to get nail glue, or how do u apply the nails
Yah Yeet
Yah Yeet 3 months ago
Please do a jade set, like the jewelry
Deroi Bland-Davis
Deroi Bland-Davis 3 months ago
I'm in love with all this black excellence !! I honestly just found you and I love your work and snippets of what poc can achieve. Keep up the great work
BIGGI HL 4 months ago
Es ist vielleicht albern, aber ich höre dir wirklich gerne zu, wenn du während deiner Modellage erklärst, was du tust. Es sind ganz tolle Videos und so eine angenehme Stimme.
abbs 56
abbs 56 4 months ago
what are some good coffin shape tips i can use and what’s a good nail glue for tips that lasts a long time
Jas Mitchell
Jas Mitchell 4 months ago
You are an inspiration in so many ways you just don’t know. I want to say THANK YOU ❣️
Michelle Parsons
Michelle Parsons 4 months ago
aweee, good for you! congrats to you nd your hubby !
emily zaragoza
emily zaragoza 4 months ago
and wALLa
boobtoob19 4 months ago
When you showed the finished nails my jaw dropped. Gorgeous!!!
Iris Silva
Iris Silva 4 months ago
Monica Byers
Monica Byers 4 months ago
I have this in the purple but the nail forms don't fit my nails 😑
Kari Serbousek
Kari Serbousek 4 months ago
I'm a little late to the party. Congratulations on the new home. It's beautiful. Pretty new to your channel. Absolutely love how you do nails. I'm learning a lot. Our weather has turned cold today so I'm binge watching your videos.
Aliyah Schaffer
Aliyah Schaffer 4 months ago
Maybe I’m just a little Jaded...lol...#mascotclapbacks (I love the design.)
Jen Mack
Jen Mack 4 months ago
Wow! What a beautiful home! Congratulations on your hard work!
Maren Bekken
Maren Bekken 4 months ago
congratulations on the new house!!!
Cristine Howard
Cristine Howard 4 months ago
I just bought this kit. These nails are bomb!!!!!!
Lesira Kpea
Lesira Kpea 4 months ago
Makartt already made pink, blue, and green yall might as well feature the powerpuff girls at this point😂
She InspiredMe
She InspiredMe 4 months ago
i got the kit for my birthday i caaaant wait
cayley and lexi
cayley and lexi 4 months ago
y’all those nail tips are probably something she is coming out with!!
Pukachu 5 months ago
Its real hard to remove this but still it feels good if u have good nails
BeautyBella7 5 months ago
I am so addicted to your videos in ways that are not healthy. LOL I can't stop myself from watching your videos. You make using polygel soooooo easy and your work is just AWWWW-Mazing!
Iliana Fajar
Iliana Fajar 5 months ago
Congrats on the house. It’s beautiful ♥️
Bronwyn Graham
Bronwyn Graham 5 months ago
Does anyone else think after she like shapes and buff her nails and they’re like really cloudy and then she puts on the topcoat and you can just see it so clearly and it’s just so satisfying
Shawna Bingham
Shawna Bingham 5 months ago
Im so bummed that I can't get LHPN acrylic. 😔 But still love your videos.
Revathy Senthilkumar
I dont like using the nail tip 😡😡😡
S J 5 months ago
These nails gave me Aladdin vibes. Very unique and super pretty!! You’re so talented.
Cheyanne Buckhannon
Cheyanne Buckhannon 5 months ago
I feel like you should really add press ons that you have made to your web page, available in different lengths and some should be inspired by your videos. That would be so awesome🤩
Imelie Burke
Imelie Burke 5 months ago
I love your channel sooo much ❤️
Hannah 5 months ago
Wendyyyyyy , I love you more with every video I watch!!!!
Christina Williams
Christina Williams 5 months ago
I just wanted to congratulate you on your new adventure as a home owner and to say Thank you for doing these tutorials. I have watch you for a while and I finally bought the poly gel Modelones and I love it of course i made mistakes but with practice today . I am 😊. Thank you
개사나야래 5 months ago
So pretty😍🤩
Daddy's Angel
Daddy's Angel 5 months ago
Green? Girl that's that vanilla tootsie roll color 😂 don't let them fool you
theumbrellaofdoom 5 months ago
wow these are my FAV nails
Zariyah English
Zariyah English 5 months ago
I love that your always trying new kit and you helped me a lot when you did the Amazon kit because I have and you showed me how to use it right
Kaya Rutstein
Kaya Rutstein 5 months ago
PLEASE use a glass nail file instead of clipping your nails! Clipping your nails damages them and can even break them, which isn't good. Glass nail files work really fast without as much damage
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