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What other products should we try???
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Weird Amazon #Gadgets! There was a paper airplane launcher, a beard shaving bib, a hat that looks like a giant umbrella, a single can mini fridge and more!
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May 25, 2019

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Comments 1 737
Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 23 days ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! Would you buy any of the products we tried? 😂❤️ Also, Husky has a RUvid channel now! ruvid.net/u-husky
TeamBlack00 11 days ago
Haha making it sounds like Husky's never had a RUvid channel before
kk plays
kk plays 16 days ago
Ro you should test products with rachel ballinger that would be hilarious 😂 😘💙💙
Interesting. 16 days ago
Leehee l
Leehee l 20 days ago
Hi Rosanna you are my favourite youtuber ❤ I have been watching h since you had 5M😉 Can you please make a star wars Yoda themed cake?🤔 If you guys agree, like😄👍
Anime. DrawYT
Anime. DrawYT 20 days ago
also I have one of your cookbooks and I love it
Valentus SlimROAST
Valentus SlimROAST 20 hours ago
what a waste
Rebecca Geiger
You are amazing and funny and I love you guys
Danny Perez
Danny Perez Day ago
Hey Rose don’t mean to be rude but u should stick with baking and stop doing other things that other youtubers do because ur getting boring sorry but that’s how I feel!!!!
gradeone newton
Ro is so much shorter than husky
Ariana Magana
I have the last gaget
Alisa Sadler
Alisa Sadler Day ago
I love how ro always has on her face💖
Debbie Godinez
Debbie Godinez 3 days ago
It literally shocked me when husky showed up with facial hair in the video lol. Does he bleach his hair? Or are both colors natural?
Cupcake Cake
Cupcake Cake 5 days ago
When ro said GET DAWN I was dead 😂
All About Photog
All About Photog 6 days ago
4:38 He would look so good if he grew out his natural hair color.
Aubrie Lidster
Aubrie Lidster 6 days ago
No Facial Hair Husky! Luv you guys❤️
HunterAlex96 7 days ago
your face looks so smooth, what electric razor is that???
person person
person person 7 days ago
HUSKY looks better shaved
C. Wade
C. Wade 8 days ago
Y'all understand that kids these days don't pass notes, they just text each other...
Timothy Walsh
Timothy Walsh 10 days ago
damn, keep the facial hair husky, ya look good
Daelyn Vazquez
Daelyn Vazquez 10 days ago
You were an nailed it
Lauren Paikin
Lauren Paikin 10 days ago
hi Ro! you are amazing at baking your so talented and wierd but in a good way! YOU ARE MY GREATEST inspiration and my number 1 role model (dont tell my mum) i wish to be exactly like you when im older xx GREAT VIDEO
Marvel Wolf CJ
Marvel Wolf CJ 10 days ago
Facial hair!❤️
Isaiah Galaxy Garay
Ziovanna 11 days ago
ETN FAN 19 11 days ago
Husky looks like will smith 😂
Samantha Keegstra
Samantha Keegstra 11 days ago
I don't like the beard dude
Britt Powell
Britt Powell 11 days ago
Mike is taller then you but it’s kind of cute.
Carolyn Stanley
Carolyn Stanley 11 days ago
Does the Fridge keep a cold drink cold
Julia Calypso
Julia Calypso 11 days ago
no beard NO BEARD!!!
Trishali Sridharan
Trishali Sridharan 11 days ago
When I saw Husky with facial hair I was like " Husky ! Why would you do that ? You look great with no facial hair !" and then you guys explained 😁😁
Trishali Sridharan
Trishali Sridharan 11 days ago
I don't know how but I missed this video in your feed ! I have also turned on notifications so ...
Jade Phipps
Jade Phipps 11 days ago
He should due his hair brown
Weevil Entertainment
Isabel Trejo
Isabel Trejo 12 days ago
React to Ireland boys
Erika Tavarez
Erika Tavarez 12 days ago
No facial hair
anna mihailides
anna mihailides 12 days ago
Loving the peto beard 👌
TheSoulfulArtist 12 days ago
I could watch a whole video of Cookie chasing paper airplanes.
Nintendo plush villa Becerril
Ro I subscribed and turned on the bell
Jessica Levy
Jessica Levy 13 days ago
SO I’ve been looking at all the dog collar flowers and bows on Amazon. I would love to see a Blueberry Cookies fashion show and know which ones are the best!
Anony ASDF
Anony ASDF 13 days ago
8:58 Ro looks like a red/white mushroom... Just Sayin'
TheMarsh Master
TheMarsh Master 13 days ago
I always forget how short Roe is
Ariel Harris
Ariel Harris 13 days ago
The beard is great Husky! Bring it back (vote).
Joniya Griffin
Joniya Griffin 13 days ago
during your umbrella photoshoot I was like work that run way girl
Veronica Alicia
Veronica Alicia 13 days ago
@Husky you look way better baby faced! #babyfacecrew
Sibling Fun
Sibling Fun 13 days ago
Pleas make a stranger things cake
Molly Smith
Molly Smith 14 days ago
On the thumb nail he has a baby face I was very confused when i clicked on the video when he had a beard and a mustache 😂
Sophia Krol
Sophia Krol 14 days ago
Husky has facial hair so I can leave
Josefina Cruz
Josefina Cruz 14 days ago
One like is one shave for mike
arisha khanom
arisha khanom 14 days ago
Do a vid of testing baby products with mo pls
Ender Fang
Ender Fang 14 days ago
I dont wanna be rude or mean but is it just me or am I the only one who thinks husky needs a new look
Vixlette 14 days ago
shave the beard
Lyxavier Rydell
Lyxavier Rydell 14 days ago
Husky looks like a Pop Dad 6:34 cookie herd it Not a hate comment
Gabby Unknown
Gabby Unknown 14 days ago
Anyone else here for the beard 😐✋
Dory Fin
Dory Fin 14 days ago
"I'm wondering what tv show showed up these things" Ro: OMFG...SHOULD I TELL HIM I MEANT IT WAS FROM A COMMERCIAL.
Morgan Loger
Morgan Loger 14 days ago
Try more weird gadgets together!!! I think the airplane launcher was my favorite cuz it was sooooo cute to watch Cookie chase the planes!!!
Lyla Grace
Lyla Grace 15 days ago
Husky I’m not hating and I m subbed and everything it’s just I don’t like the facial hair. Please don’t think I’m being offensive
Megan Lanham
Megan Lanham 15 days ago
Derek Gerrard likes you
Belle Fuller
Belle Fuller 15 days ago
Sorry if I offend anyone but Ro's face in the thumbnail is low key cringey but I still love her to death so....
Tropical_slime 649
Tropical_slime 649 15 days ago
I’m watching your”NAILED IT” episode you are such a great cake judge
Erick Martinez Games And wwe unboxing
Go date with derek LOL.
MrSonialimones 15 days ago
Shave that muchstache and bread
Lollypops Side
Lollypops Side 15 days ago
Thumbnail: no beard Video: beard
Luela 2008
Luela 2008 15 days ago
9:32 to 9:40 is expectation 9:40 to 9:42 is the reality
Gaby Munoz
Gaby Munoz 15 days ago
Adam 15 days ago
Without the beard in the other videos he looks like Ken doll but this one he looks more natural.
Fatah Panssino
Fatah Panssino 15 days ago
Groy it
Carlii Synclair
Carlii Synclair 15 days ago
Ro I LOVE these trying products videos! And husky I’m digging the beard!
J Wall
J Wall 15 days ago
Still pretty pretty in that umbrella hat
SangoSon12 16 days ago
Ro: The fridge is getting hot! Me: Is it MTT-brand?
Ms Beast
Ms Beast 16 days ago
Rocking that beard
robs c
robs c 16 days ago
I say YES to the beard
Amber Accola
Amber Accola 16 days ago
Really sorry Husky, I don't like the facial hair
Krishna prasad
Krishna prasad 16 days ago
WAIT...........sorry ,the beard looks kinda good (ignore the last comment)
Brooke. 04
Brooke. 04 16 days ago
your adds don’t work. everytime an add plays on one of your videos, the video ends. this is only happening to me on your videos.
IcyTiff Gaming
IcyTiff Gaming 16 days ago
Those people who are saying Husky is photoshopped they should watch the whole video.
jessie wheeler
jessie wheeler 16 days ago
No facial lol
Krishna prasad
Krishna prasad 16 days ago
husky is growing a beard , I DONT LIKE IT
Lucy Melia
Lucy Melia 16 days ago
Sorry husky but PLEASE SHAVE
Lucy McLoughlin
Lucy McLoughlin 16 days ago
ro has looked really creepy and different in her recent thumbnails
Brookelynn Weber
Brookelynn Weber 16 days ago
I love u Roseanne
Noelle Marie
Noelle Marie 16 days ago
This is how many people love Mike's beard ⬇️
bella_the_weirdo 16 days ago
Who else thinks Husky and Roe are perfect for each other I do
H2olover10 16 days ago
I don’t I think he’s very weird and I don’t ship it at all
mahmood sahab
mahmood sahab 16 days ago
doing Unsubscribe now
mahmood sahab
mahmood sahab 16 days ago
Rosanna Pansino you are only such a waste in this world
K e r m i t T h e F r o g g y B o y
Hi roooo can you pls make and avengers endgame cake pls?????? Your the best! 💝💝
Sam Hale
Sam Hale 14 days ago
YASS PLZZ hjeoujbUkgujsbJhBnfiiJSKFIjdngiJdjvnsoosmMd
Ebony Stevenson
Ebony Stevenson 17 days ago
Roe I saw you on the cooking show niled it. Ps your shoes were really cute. This is how much people are proud of ro.
Sarah Chung
Sarah Chung 17 days ago
uhm sincce when did husky have a beard?
Matthew Hebditch
Matthew Hebditch 17 days ago
Your dog 🐶 is so cute
Matthew Hebditch
Matthew Hebditch 17 days ago
Philip Albert
Philip Albert 17 days ago
he has a stash
billyisonfire 17 days ago
4:39 you look like Timothy Olyphant!
Aqua_Wolfie2028 17 days ago
Hey Ro my friend is moving this summer and for me it is the last day of school you are really making my day better🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞
jisha Mathew
jisha Mathew 17 days ago
you could play splash tank. its so ffffuuuuuuunnnnnnn
Salma Ratantja
Salma Ratantja 17 days ago
OMG !!! I love you ro !!! 😙
Addie’s World
Addie’s World 17 days ago
R are you going to have a baby
Melakia Carter
Melakia Carter 18 days ago
Where is blueberry
Sheryl Van Wert
Sheryl Van Wert 18 days ago
face masks!
Lin G Tenn
Lin G Tenn 18 days ago
I’m liking Husky’s facial hair!
Chloe M
Chloe M 18 days ago
I just realized..... husky is the man who walked ro down the stairs in the perfect together music video
At Least I'm Pretty
How was it on nailed it
At Least I'm Pretty
He has a beard 🧔
Sarah Haverstick
Sarah Haverstick 18 days ago
We’re you in the show nailed it’s?
Just Rae
Just Rae 18 days ago
Love the growing beard 🧔🏼
Hailey Ingham
Hailey Ingham 18 days ago
Or you should have a baby with husky it would be the cutest thing bc you guys are the cutest couple
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