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What other products should we try???
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Weird Amazon #Gadgets! There was a paper airplane launcher, a beard shaving bib, a hat that looks like a giant umbrella, a single can mini fridge and more!
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 1 849
Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 3 months ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! Would you buy any of the products we tried? 😂❤️ Also, Husky has a RUvid channel now! ruvid.net/u-husky
amad khiali
amad khiali 7 days ago
New something about you
Amelie Villasenor
700th like! Love you Ro!!! ❤️
SARI Month ago
I would buy the paper airplane launcher!!
Pokémon Boy Denzel
Pokémon Boy Denzel 2 months ago
Helloes 😍🥰😘✌️👋🙊
Mary Ahumada
Mary Ahumada 2 months ago
If you can .... love you ro
Terry Chen
Terry Chen 2 days ago
What shaver do you used husky?
ishie0196 4 days ago
Do they have a tennis court in their backyard? It is huge!
gina Griffith
gina Griffith 16 days ago
dark blue is my favorite color 😍
Chloe Wallace
Chloe Wallace 16 days ago
I’d put ramen in that tiny fridge
Karaline Kosi
Karaline Kosi 17 days ago
husky looks like absolutely different with facial hair
Emily Lovell
Emily Lovell 17 days ago
Ok sorry but not a massive fan of the facial hair don’t come at me thank you xx And did anyone else think ro looked a bit top heavy with that umbrella it was cute 😂😂
Chloe Bill
Chloe Bill 18 days ago
Ro!!! You should freeze dry a raw egg and use it to cook 👩‍🍳 (Make sure to mix it till it’s powder)
Mar Guerite
Mar Guerite 19 days ago
Seems to be such a beautiful house !
kamali sri
kamali sri 20 days ago
You both are so cute together
Sherry Ellis
Sherry Ellis 22 days ago
Why did you have a perd husky
mpizza cat
mpizza cat 23 days ago
i liked the umbrella hat the best because when she was walking she looked like a queen
LivSoli 23 days ago
Is he not you bf anymore?
Megan smith collier
me; look a mini fridge friend; its not a mini fridge me; what is it then friend ; is a mini mini fridge me; :O
tvgubber 27 days ago
Ro is so adorkable in this vid
Itz SadlyPlayz309
Itz SadlyPlayz309 28 days ago
7:08 just imagine using that to a neighbor
BroDiddily Sam
BroDiddily Sam Month ago
Wow! The shine of a light *built into a machine* moves when you move the machine. Who would have guessed?
Waffle Mia
Waffle Mia Month ago
You should do trying weird wish products!!!
Brooke Witmer
Brooke Witmer Month ago
I like the facial hair. It makes him more like a man I think. But u know, everyone has a different opinion
Grapefruitz Month ago
(1:48) drink refrigerator is to be plugged into your computer, and said computer needs to have a certain amount of space? does that not sound like it gives your computer a virus? 0_0
Mia's Life
Mia's Life Month ago
Can we just talk about how much taller husky is than ro 😂
Radhika Ganeriwala
Pranking my boyfriend video 😁
SARI Month ago
You should try this talking toilet paper holder thing that Colleen tried XD IDK why I brought this up tbh
SARI Month ago
Megan Chambers
Megan Chambers Month ago
Love you Ro
Catelin Dingus
Catelin Dingus Month ago
Ro you should make a challenge video of 24 hours as a mermaid in your pool!!!!!
Mari Guachalla
Mari Guachalla Month ago
7:52 Never case a dog in high heels. 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶👠👠👠👠👠👠
Blue Tea
Blue Tea Month ago
9:32 This should be a thing, this actually looks good😂😂😍
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Teagan 13
Teagan 13 Month ago
Husky looks like a completely different person with facial hair wow
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover 19 days ago
Payton DiFranco
Payton DiFranco Month ago
My birthday is June 8t toooooooo
El Belle
El Belle Month ago
you guys the facial hair bib is not for washing it, you dump it all in the sink and then wash your sink. The purpose of it is to not get it around your sink or out of your sink. My dad has one that is how I know.
El Belle
El Belle Month ago
I can understand the fridge. if you are drinking a drink while doing stuff on your computer, you can put it in there so it stays cool, because you're not just going to be drinking 17,000 drinks at once! ☺️ Love u ro
Sophie Clark
Sophie Clark Month ago
Misty An
Misty An Month ago
No. Not the facial hair. Absolutely not. No.
Lily lutz
Lily lutz Month ago
I'm binge watching Ro right now😁 I have no idea how to spell "binge"😬😬😬😬
PB&J Month ago
Omg do an Amazon or eBay mystery box!!!!!!!!!!!
N K Month ago
7:01 the height difference is couple goals
unicorn squad
unicorn squad Month ago
Plz do Riverdale cake. Plzzzzzz ro😣😣
Cecilia Doonan
Cecilia Doonan Month ago
I got an early birthday present and it takes 15 AAA batteries and my parents are trying to make me wait 15 more days for my birthday for batteries
Air plane
Aisya Raihana R.
Umm Mike are you gonna shave?
Im a Girl
Im a Girl Month ago
Cookie is sooo cute in the back ground
Madison Martin
Madison Martin Month ago
The scissors were supposed to show where you were cutting
YourMemeHere ¿
YourMemeHere ¿ Month ago
Facial hair...
Stephany De Oliveira
umm the airplane launcher
Lexy Stanley
Lexy Stanley Month ago
Honestly I like the heater because my tea always gets cold before I'm done with it 😣
Edgarrr Month ago
At first I thought the laser was the what cut the paper😂
djpaco982mx Month ago
Husky you look so different with facial hair
Andrew Shearin
Andrew Shearin Month ago
I feel like these would work better with someone whose IQ is above ‘RUvid personality’
Tam ver
Tam ver Month ago
Beth McVaigh
Beth McVaigh Month ago
i have a french bull dog
S. Crawford
S. Crawford Month ago
dont read it Read more
Daxton Eugene
Daxton Eugene Month ago
I LOVE ROSANNAS personality like i look up to that!!!
Aine OKeeffe
Aine OKeeffe Month ago
My dogs love paper airplanes
Claire Ivey
Claire Ivey Month ago
arent yall dating
Irene lover101
Irene lover101 Month ago
Emanuel Checo
Emanuel Checo 2 months ago
Rosa is pretty 👰🏻🧚🏾‍♀️👸🏻💃🏿🦄🌸🌹🌷🎀🚺🦋👍🏻
lucky and Sophia
lucky and Sophia 2 months ago
7:19 never heard cookie🍪 bark
lucky and Sophia
lucky and Sophia 2 months ago
6:47 the way my mom screams when I cat touches her (she's allergic)
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