Trying EXPENSIVE Swimsuit Brands !! $900 spent ... IS IT WORTH IT?

Mia Maples
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Trying crazy expensive swimsuits ... rip my wallet :')
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13 янв 2019

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Arman Johnson
Arman Johnson 13 часов назад
The model from Frankie’s is a model for Forever 21
Klára Leblochová
Klára Leblochová 20 часов назад
"...this So Extra sticker." *throws it away*
Sherissa's Style
Sherissa's Style 20 часов назад
Do Saved By The Dress!!!!! They sell prom dresses
Raiclinn 22 часа назад
* shop till I drop *pause* a lot of cash. XD *
Nina Spangenberg
Nina Spangenberg 23 часа назад
You should cut your hair into a long bob
Judy Li
Judy Li День назад
Okay I live in Canada so I relate 100% to the exchange rates and customs fees and I can't say I enjoy it myself as it is often a suprise charge/fee, but it's basically what you're supposed to pay in sales taxes anyways so it just a contribution to society as would if you purchased goods in Canada. The only issue I have with this is that often I'm charged way more in customs that the 13% required :/
Amanda Wade
Amanda Wade 2 дня назад
I've never heard of any of those
S Ma
S Ma 2 дня назад
M A woman in West is worried what does the think of her.
FuegoRicky 2 дня назад
This is very informative. But im a dude. So im obviously not here for the info.
MyNameIsMousy Moralina
MyNameIsMousy Moralina 2 дня назад
Mia Maples marathon, let's gooooo💖🤪👌
freakylilg 2 дня назад
So I had to click this bullshit to say how good damned funny it is to see any RUvidr making a video where they cram the fact they spent your $900 on some fuckong retarded shit to make a fucking retarded video about it to make more fucking money off you stupid twats. They laugh to the bank when I just laugh at fucktards
Sarah k
Sarah k 2 дня назад
You talk too much 😭 I just wanted to see how the bathing suits looking
cloneskiller 3 дня назад
This was very informative, i have no use for the knowledge i have recieved.
Its ASetUp
Its ASetUp 3 дня назад
As a male, we are not supposed to objectify women. So I say wear what you want.
Fran Cake
Fran Cake 3 дня назад
You should do Gucci swimming suits 🏊‍♀️ ❤️ love you so much ❤️
Kaitlynskute korner
Kaitlynskute korner 3 дня назад
I think the flower one looks amazing on you.
AncientWarrior Indignation
AncientWarrior Indignation 4 дня назад
When they wear slot of make up their pussies smell just as bad as they look without it. Get a swimming pool slut.
xhighrollerx123 4 дня назад
No need for swim suits , just skinny dipping. 😘 (Please do a vid. on that.)
some random guy
some random guy 4 дня назад
Get off youtube
Loki Schudlt
Loki Schudlt 4 дня назад
Is this a tranny?
Adobea Williams
Adobea Williams 4 дня назад
You should have tried Andrea Iyamah ! They’re really pricey but also very unique .
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 5 дней назад
Nakya Coleman
Nakya Coleman 5 дней назад
Omg they are all sooo cute...but they so expensive😣ig u get what u pay for tho😊
Eva Gezymalla
Eva Gezymalla 5 дней назад
Omg !! When are you going
Grace Ann
Grace Ann 5 дней назад
Okay but we were allll obsessed with mint green in 8th grade
ChristinaRose 6 дней назад
Can you review the Candice Swanepoel swimsuit collection!!!
Laynie Bugg
Laynie Bugg 6 дней назад
I just wanna know if you ever send this stuff back after the video lmao
EtherealLights 6 дней назад
What mascara do you use?? Your eyelashes are always gorgeous.
Emily Whitaker
Emily Whitaker 6 дней назад
I’m a 12 year old girl so can someone please explain what a custom is
Remi Vallot
Remi Vallot 6 дней назад
so i’m rlly starting to think that most swimsuit companies think that girls don’t have breast. even me, i’m pretty average size, maybe a little bigger than mia, but have a bigger chest area, can barely find anything. like there mostly for girls with a smaller chest and if girls with a bigger chest try to wear them we can’t because it never fits right. i hope it doesn’t sound like i’m hating girls with smaller chest i’m just saying that companies need to make for sets for different sizes.
Jazmyn Avila
Jazmyn Avila 6 дней назад
You should do a video on how you stay in shape that would be AMAZING!!
Elizabeth Graber
Elizabeth Graber 7 дней назад
The triangle ones look the best on you
Pablo Garcia Aparicio
Pablo Garcia Aparicio 7 дней назад
Hola. Princesa. Me. Gusta. Tus. Tangas. Usamos. La. Misma. Talla. Y. La. Misma. Marca. Más. Me. Gusta. K. Sean. Transparentes. Porque. Se. Ven. Los. Pelos. Bueno. El. Mío. No. Se. Ve. Porque. Me. Las. Corto. Y. Tu. Mamyta. Hermosa
MadakiNomaroishi 7 дней назад
$900 for swimsuits but nothing fight climate change 🙄🙄🙄 it's like you want the planet to die
LowKey Togepi
LowKey Togepi 7 дней назад
i just wish i had the body to look good in a bikini ;--;
Shannon Jayne
Shannon Jayne 7 дней назад
Did not expect to stay and watch but glad i did. you are adorbs! thanks!
Hit or miss224 Hit or miss224
Hit or miss224 Hit or miss224 8 дней назад
Hello I love your videos your my best friend
Octavio El Kadaver Perez Loredo
Octavio El Kadaver Perez Loredo 8 дней назад
Hi beautiful
Ivan Coyomani
Ivan Coyomani 9 дней назад
You're so cute
sean garcia
sean garcia 9 дней назад
What’s more de día o About Some ven o os de quien
You should see me in a crown
You should see me in a crown 9 дней назад
Her tan line 😂
shawn boyce
shawn boyce 10 дней назад
17:48 Damn girl that's a winner in my book if i had a book
daisy vidales
daisy vidales 10 дней назад
Can you try hoaka swim wear
Michelle Puckett
Michelle Puckett 10 дней назад
her ass is perfect
Emma Vineyard
Emma Vineyard 10 дней назад
What do you eat to be so skinny
Agata Nowobilska
Agata Nowobilska 11 дней назад
You are Canadian ❤️❤️❤️like my Little MUFFIN Shawnie 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️
Komal Nadeem
Komal Nadeem 11 дней назад
I would've died spending that much! You're such a sweetheart you literally spent THAT much for your subscribers ♥
Vida Smith
Vida Smith 11 дней назад
I mean it would look better if it had padding for u
Co Duss
Co Duss 11 дней назад
Mia, can you please try Hoaka Swimwear? It’s a pretty affordable brand from Canada, you can see it all over IG, but I’m scared to order it online! Would appreciate your review, and opinion on sizing and different styles 😘🤞🏻
Tay Vlogs
Tay Vlogs 11 дней назад
I have a triangle top and I don’t recommend it the top is fine but if u don’t have a butt or hips they just don’t fit well at least for the first one!?!
Jamie Huston
Jamie Huston 11 дней назад
This has been recommended the shit out of me and I’m still now going to start the video
Georgia Stewart
Georgia Stewart 12 дней назад
you should do lspace and vitamin a bikinis
Georgia Stewart
Georgia Stewart 12 дней назад
and mikoh and boys and arrows
Eric Bellins
Eric Bellins 12 дней назад
I agree ☝️ with you but since I’m big bust I have to spend more on my swimsuits 😉
arizona tea
arizona tea 10 дней назад
Eric... Is big bust sized? Hmm...
DIY Picks
DIY Picks 12 дней назад
Wtf she is so skinny fml geezzz
Stephy Vega
Stephy Vega 14 дней назад
Girl!! Fedex is crap!!! They charge you almost the price you paid for the things you’ve ordered 😒 hate when brands send with fedex.... love the fast delivery but the customs are just crazy
damien karim
damien karim 14 дней назад
Try not to accidentally piss or shit stain on them there has to be a genius in here to tell me the purpose of underwear is it for support or is it for when u made a poopsy 900 smoking crack
justin g
justin g 14 дней назад
I was curious if she knew that all of her viewership was really from middle-aged men that were jerking off to her. Then I saw where she placed her ad spots and all doubt was removed. I wonder if she honestly tells herself that her money is different than that of a camwhore.
Santana Udell
Santana Udell 15 дней назад
How the HELL do u look fabulous in everything u wear!?!? HOW!?!?!?!?
diver dave
diver dave 15 дней назад
come on ... I've seen better sun tans on an Eskimo in the dead of winter ! Why are you wasting your time trying to find the perfect bikini when you never go to the beach ?
Patti 1962
Patti 1962 9 дней назад
Mia bought these suits because she is going on a vacation to Hawaii. She will most certainly be getting some sun! As for getting sun, I am 56 and have stayed out of the sun because my husband had to have part of his lip removed because of skin cancer. Because of this, people tell me I look like I am 40. Friends of mine who were sun worshippers look much older than I do! I have embraced my pale skin and I think Mia's porcelain skin is beautiful. And, many people buy swim suits to swim in pools and lakes. I don't think the only criteria for buying a swim suit is going to the beach.
Shawn Hammack
Shawn Hammack 15 дней назад
Oh come on. Show a little cheek.
A N 15 дней назад
gimme the lolli swimsuit :(
Donte Kin
Donte Kin 15 дней назад
Why is this on my recommend
Mel Cam
Mel Cam 15 дней назад
Ur blind
Ohfabsha b
Ohfabsha b 16 дней назад
I just tried those from Ninethelabel.com it is not too cheap but very affordable but the quality is beyond heaveeeeen! :D
Chelsy Manalo
Chelsy Manalo 16 дней назад
She has ah nice body
Anna Hernandez
Anna Hernandez 16 дней назад
Anyone else notice at 17:50 the vaginal area😂😂😷
Ella Da Queen
Ella Da Queen 16 дней назад
koko krunch
koko krunch 16 дней назад
actual video starts in 10:50
Abby 16 дней назад
Can you review solid and striped
Theresa Zantene
Theresa Zantene 16 дней назад
The black wetsuit style one looks killer in her! She looks just like the model!
delaneyjane ////:
delaneyjane ////: 16 дней назад
I wish you reviewed kiini that’s the og overpriced brand
Sarah Wurth
Sarah Wurth 16 дней назад
Could you try swimsuits from cupshe? I want to order some for a vacation
sxinny loxe
sxinny loxe 16 дней назад
The companies have no control over customs. It is a percentage of what you paid for the items themselves over a certain price. I can’t remember for sure but I think here in Canada if you spent over $150 then you’ll most likely be hit with those duties and taxes.
Natalka K
Natalka K 16 дней назад
Soo skiny 😣
Katastrophe The Hyena
Katastrophe The Hyena 16 дней назад
17:55 you've got side poon girl
Tessa L
Tessa L 16 дней назад
she must be rich as hell
Roisin Connolly
Roisin Connolly 17 дней назад
Triangle bikinis are so unbreathable, not worth it
none none
none none 17 дней назад
😂 magaj maari 😂
cowbone 6
cowbone 6 17 дней назад
10:50, 12:45, 14:36, and 17:47 Thank me later
Ebaie Winna
Ebaie Winna День назад
Thanks. Saved me 20min.
FuegoRicky 2 дня назад
Frank James
Frank James 17 дней назад
Sierra Davis
Sierra Davis 17 дней назад
I wish my tummy was that flat
Lauren Jenkins
Lauren Jenkins 17 дней назад
Sea folly!!!
Christopher McLaughlin
Christopher McLaughlin 17 дней назад
Give Stone Fox a try. You will not be disappointed
Maria Ruiz Berrios
Maria Ruiz Berrios 18 дней назад
Do a Shein swimsuit haul
Danyal Green
Danyal Green 18 дней назад
Mia, do you keep the things you buy or do you send them back for a refund? Obviously I know you only bought these to do the video, but baring in mind how expensive they were, are you going to send them back? I don't know if it's easy to return things in the US and Canada that you've bought online, but it's super easy here in the UK
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 18 дней назад
Geemitha Fernando
Geemitha Fernando 18 дней назад
Lol.caught u skipping meals😂
lincolnprada x
lincolnprada x 18 дней назад
Just wish you'd pick actual pretty ones to try out
Jesse Hermann
Jesse Hermann 18 дней назад
Woah you're hot
abi nangan
abi nangan 18 дней назад
You should try and use 'honey' the web installment that helps you look for discounts when you online shop. Maybe you could get discounts when you do videos like this in the future. Also isk why I used the word 'installment' that felt so weird to type out
Cami Annis
Cami Annis 18 дней назад
14:50 ? Where is the swimsuit, it looks like a bra and underwear
Cami Annis
Cami Annis 18 дней назад
👏🏻...👏🏻...👏🏻...👏🏻...👏🏻 overpriced things are for rich people because they like to wast money because they have it
Kalina Pinto
Kalina Pinto 18 дней назад
i dont understand why she needs padding in the first... she has nothing!
Madisyn Herod
Madisyn Herod 18 дней назад
She reminds me of Lauren Orlando
Gabby Sanchez
Gabby Sanchez 18 дней назад
Sos I can’t find the strapless Triangl swimsuit
Matt Olivier
Matt Olivier 18 дней назад
you have to show more ass if you want more subscribers. Just saying.
Recruit Main
Recruit Main 18 дней назад
You know 1.7 million people don’t care if its worth it
Estela Tritschler
Estela Tritschler 18 дней назад
what is a custom?
Lisa Witherby
Lisa Witherby 18 дней назад
That is so true “it looks good on the model so it will look like that on me” Next minute...
TheChefsKitchen 18 дней назад
Your manicure is on fleek
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