Trying EXPENSIVE Swimsuit Brands !! $900 spent ... IS IT WORTH IT?

Mia Maples
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Trying crazy expensive swimsuits ... rip my wallet :')
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Jan 13, 2019




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Comments 3 239
Mía SaMía
Mía SaMía 16 hours ago
You would look so good in a high wasted bikini I have small boobs and no hips but they help a lot ❤️ love youuu
Odalis V
Odalis V 18 hours ago
Let me stick to my ROMWE bathing suits 😂 they’re actually really great quality (so far from the ones I have bought) and affordable. Ya girls on a budget
Tausha Rendell
What do you mean customs?
Puppy Wars
Puppy Wars 2 days ago
What’s a custom?
Cosmetology Queen
I think "Triangle" did a damn good job. They are super classy like lol. Nice packaging and all! I'm so curious myself. Now I want one !! 😋😋😋👏🏻💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️
sasha edgley
sasha edgley 3 days ago
just take them back when ur done
sasha edgley
sasha edgley Day ago
+Sally-Ann Ward bitch did u really just waste ur time in life to type three very irrelevant letters
Sally-Ann Ward
Sally-Ann Ward 2 days ago
Connie DeShazo
Connie DeShazo 3 days ago
The first one makes you loom 12
Connie DeShazo
Connie DeShazo 3 days ago
Look 12, 😂 not loom
Alex Sammataro
Alex Sammataro 5 days ago
Please try basic swim bikinis
Izabel Savage
Izabel Savage 5 days ago
Can you please try a city beach swim suit haul
Mehdiya K
Mehdiya K 7 days ago
Anyone know where her blue sweater is from
Narnia Day ago
Think it's her merch
Abbey Lynn
Abbey Lynn 7 days ago
My wallet is crying after buying only a $57 swimsuit 🥵
Mackenzie McMullen
Call me crazy but when you turn to the side when trying the swim suits on you look to be sucking in and I’m not really sure why you do that. You have an amazing body , there’s no need to suck in and plus ribs sticking out looks less flattering then when you just let your belly chill . Your absolutely beautiful!
Fer Lopez
Fer Lopez 8 days ago
I love the second one!!
Peyton & Maya
Peyton & Maya 9 days ago
do a video on Hoaka Swimsuits
Zoe Stachurski
Zoe Stachurski 10 days ago
customs as in?!!??
Zoe Stachurski
Zoe Stachurski 10 days ago
i’ve NEVER heard of any of these bikinis, except i’ve briefly heard of Frankie’s
hollie g.
hollie g. 10 days ago
I need money
Jenna-Marie Heon-Cowley
These prices are nothing to what you pay at banana republic
andy Murtagh
andy Murtagh 12 days ago
In the pics of the models u compair to u are much better u just seem so much more natural
Megan Wright
Megan Wright 13 days ago
You are amazing
Alyssa S
Alyssa S 14 days ago
The way you say bag is weird
Jazmine Madrigal
Jazmine Madrigal 14 days ago
Did anyone else chuckle when she pronounced the T in Merlot?
Hilda A
Hilda A 15 days ago
I'm pretty sure duties and customs have got nothing to do with the company and is actually based on the local customs office.. also I think Triangl is an Australian brand so that might be why it was so high 🤷‍♀️
Therapiststogether 15 days ago
scuse me miss, can I push in your stool?
Cam G_236
Cam G_236 16 days ago
Not to be rude, but the last bathing suit showed to much DOWN THERE ...
Narnia 9 hours ago
+Cam G_236 oh then I agree
Cam G_236
Cam G_236 9 hours ago
Narnia that’s not what I mean 17:53
Narnia Day ago
I mean that's your opinion...
Smith Michelle
Smith Michelle 18 days ago
The last one, the silver Triangle is the ultimate best on you!!! It looks amazing! Even if you hate all of the rest, the last one saved the day and was worth what you spent.
Lavone Samstag
Lavone Samstag 19 days ago
Please stop blaming companies for customs charges. They have no control over that. Customs chooses what they decide to charge and what they decide to let go through. Even if marked a "gift", which purchases from online retailers should never do, it's illegal, you can get charged.
mel 19 days ago
girl google the us dollar exchange in argentinian pesos you're gonna die
Sofia Aktas
Sofia Aktas 19 days ago
I’d really love to see a review of hoaka swimwear!!!
Rola M
Rola M 20 days ago
Last triangle swimsuit (metallic one) is sooo pretty my fav
Raya Bari
Raya Bari 20 days ago
Can u please make a part two for this please like so she can see this
Essentially Kimberly
I thought Customs was government controlled. When I made baby carriers and shipped to Canada I didn't get to choose Customs prices.
Kayla L
Kayla L 20 days ago
Essentially Kimberly Customs are government controlled
Tea Time
Tea Time 24 days ago
Arden’s Just Arden’s
Gimmeyourdonuts 25 days ago
One of the things I love about Mia is she rocks her slender look and hasn’t resorted to surgery to change to some people’s beauty ideals. She’s just stunning. ❤️
lonar30 25 days ago
I think you should really consider selling your used unwashed lingerie. Lot of ppl would just want to smell you from it. ❤
Lena Sophie
Lena Sophie 26 days ago
I love you body ! I hope you never do a beauty OP! You are naturally so much prettier♡
Regan Burr
Regan Burr 26 days ago
what does she mean by customs? i’m so confused..
jodie Simpson
jodie Simpson 26 days ago
Why do you look the same as the model on the second one
cadencethecat 27 days ago
It costs 0.75cents to make a swim suit in china soooo
xx katarzyna
xx katarzyna 28 days ago
What are those customs youtubers in North America pay so much money for?
Kayla L
Kayla L 27 days ago
xx katarzyna It’s a fee/charge the government sets for a package to come into the country. Customs are different for every country and the charge depends on the size of the package and price
jasmine_virginia _11
I don’t think for you it really matters if there is padding because you have no boobs
Narnia Day ago
It's okay to be flat chested you know
Renáta Kóti
Renáta Kóti 28 days ago
I just wonder if you know how many swimsuits and bikinis do you have in total😃
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell 29 days ago
You are so pretty girlfriend !!😍
BlankCanvas88 29 days ago
I'm sorry, but there's no way I'd want my butt hanging out like that or to see someone's butt hanging out. I hope that trend goes away and fast!
Maya Dutta
Maya Dutta Month ago
I love the LOLLI one and the floral Triangl
paulussenk !
paulussenk ! Month ago
I once ordered a planner from an American website (I live in Belgium), and had to pay a 100 dollars for customs, also it was kept there for 2 months, meaning I could only start planning end of February... I feel you!
ʟɪᴠ ʜɪɪ
ʟɪᴠ ʜɪɪ Month ago
14:43 I died of laughter u look good in it but it should look better on u
Shelby Zealand
Shelby Zealand Month ago
What do you mean by "racked up customs?" Is this an extra secret cost?
Emily Spreitzer
Emily Spreitzer Month ago
Last year I bought a Triangle Bikini, and the top said my size and I looked it up in their size chart and it said that it matches with my bra size. I am a DD so here in Europe its hard to find a good Bikini for my breast size. I ordered it and when it came I was so excited. Well, I tried it on and my boobs literally hung out and it was bad. The cups are so small and definitely not right sized for bigger boobs. Also I hate the straps because you cannot adjust them and it makes it look saggy. It did say my size everywhere but I was disappointed. The bottoms are definitely amazing, I got a Large and they were a bit big but that's ok. But for 110$ that I paid with shipping, NO. I didn't return it because I would have had to pay another 50 Swiss francs and then another 70 for customs. So definitely a no go. But I do really like their bottoms. The Bikini feels good but the sizing is terrible!!
Decemberpie Month ago
Does anyone know any good swimsuit brands that either ship or are in the UK? Thanks x
Emmie Ana Ray
Emmie Ana Ray Month ago
Can someone explain to me how Canadian customs work? It seems absolutely insane that you would buy something, pay for it and later have to pay MORE? And you don’t even know how much it’s going to charge you?! So wrong. Please explain someone! Why?
Trystan Collins
Trystan Collins Month ago
Dude you store the triangl suits in the bags or they’ll get ruined
Jordan Lloyd
Jordan Lloyd Month ago
Can u do this again with San Lorenzo
Chelsea Watkins
Chelsea Watkins Month ago
You should try Moana bikinis! They’re a bit pricy but super cute, good quality, and are great for any body type 💖
Zuzu Bear
Zuzu Bear Month ago
IsH ᴄʜʟᴏᴇ •ω•
Not trying to be rude or anything but like is it just me or like am i just a lil crazy but like does anyone notice how slow she talks? Like compare her with James Charles cuz he talks fast but i love her and no hate. Just saying.
Kylie Appleyard
Kylie Appleyard Month ago
customs have nothing to do with the brand!!!!
Phine Unicorn
Phine Unicorn Month ago
yeah also it might be a problem that she's picking THE MOST BORING SWIMSUITS
Narnia Day ago
She can pick whatever swimsuits she wants, so chill. Just watch a different swimsuit video
Audreyanne Duguay
I had the Same custom problem with my triangl bikini
Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans Month ago
"Good for her" 😂😂
Eisha Coonrad
Eisha Coonrad Month ago
You look KILLER in the black suit from Frankie's!!!
Basically Bailee
Love you Mia!❤️
Basically Bailee
The one Frankie bikini did look more blue on the website 🤨
alexa girl
alexa girl Month ago
love u so much Mia💕 u're just so gorgeous!!!!!! All kinis looks very good on u☺️😋 I just wanted to ask what size u wear in the last triangl-kini (top and bottom)? also xxs?
Drawing._.Fantasys ._.
5:22 What better way to make a price go together. They are selling bathing suits and the price is $69... i am currently dieing😂
In Hawaii bikinis are collectables. Some of the designer brands are acacia, Frankies, midori, and Benoa
K Lagoa
K Lagoa Month ago
First bikini : looks cheap, color is awful. Second bikini, covers too much the top of the body, you will get a horrible mark if you are in the sun. I love ZAFUL bikinis. ❤️ But you did great!
Michelle Griffith
She says "it covers quite a bit" and I'm like girl your whole butt is showing *~* I applaud your confidence, because I think those bottoms are cute but I would feel uncomfortable and not confident in that in public 😤
Michelle Griffith
It's nice that they sell the tops and bottoms separate, usually the bottoms are three sizes smaller than the tops in a set :o
Michelle Griffith
jill mont good point
jill mont
jill mont Month ago
Michelle Griffith rlly I don’t like tht cause I have to pay more
Sarah Sörgel
Sarah Sörgel Month ago
Would be amazing if you tried out Banana Moon
Letsmakeup._ Month ago
Arddd now u have to do all cheap websites for example like Sheln and Romwe 😁😁😁❤️
itsyagirlharley Month ago
Omg your hair looks SO GOOD brightened up like that! It works so well with your skin and eyes! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Holly Goodman
Holly Goodman Month ago
Can you please review beachsissi swimsuits
Kiera Goss
Kiera Goss Month ago
Your first triangle swimsuit had me worried for you sister. Like your vag was all kinds of ready to pop out, please be careful in that one! It’s beautiful! But we don’t want a mishap
nour sacha
nour sacha Month ago
you speek so match
kate warner
kate warner Month ago
this girl seems like an older version of lauren orlando
Charlie Neal
Charlie Neal Month ago
Just subscribed, can’t wait to see the uploads!🥰
Kaylee’s Kringe
I honestly love the black almost wet suit swimsuit it is so cute!!
Adrianne Holocker
You should try the Calia by Carrie swimsuits!!!
Victoria Hernandez
i seriously just witnessed you have 17+ breakdowns cause of how much money you’re spending on two chunks of fabric #thriving 🤠👊
Firefly Month ago
Your body is so similar to mine that's crazy! Also those black bikini bottoms from frankie look amazing in you!! Maybe I should try a style like that 🤔
Mai Xee Yang
Mai Xee Yang Month ago
Try adore me swimsuits!
Violet19 Month ago
im sorry if im stupid for asking this, but what is a custom?
Mai Xee Yang
Mai Xee Yang Month ago
Try savedbythedress.com! I keep seeing it on Facebook.
Chloe Pemberton
Chloe Pemberton Month ago
Anyone els think she looks similar to Clarie out of shadows hunters?
pandane Month ago
Honestly, I think the customs issue was FedEx. It happens to me all the time, when I get stuff shipped with them. Not only do they take customs insanely, they have the worst service ever.
Zee Month ago
What is customs? Soory I'm curious, I'm not from US and in here we don't pay other than the shipping...
Jenni LeFave
Jenni LeFave Month ago
Would love a bikini/swimsuit haul from Le Vie en Rose!
Macie Chastain
Macie Chastain Month ago
Where did you get your sweatshirt?? I love that color!!
Katarina Month ago
I’ve never bought a swimsuit for under $200... hard to find cheap swimsuits in Australia and the ones they have I wouldn’t say they’re flattering at all and you can tell they’re cheaply made. If you want good quality swimsuits I would recommend: seafolly, tigerlily, milea, jets, and sunseeker
Christina Rodriguez
Can you try clothes from Baddieville.com please
PMA Alvaray
PMA Alvaray Month ago
Please try Hoaka Bikinis 🥺🥺
Khorri Jones
Khorri Jones Month ago
What i'm trying to figure out is who in the world would spend $90 or more on a swimsuit....... i don't care if you have all the money in the world, that is waaaaaayyy to much money to charge for tiny fabric like Mia said LMAO
Madison Ertz
Madison Ertz Month ago
In the black suit, you and the model's body are so similar! Stunning!
Riya Raj Gogoi
Riya Raj Gogoi Month ago
Can you try a SHEIN swimsuit haul?
olivia r
olivia r Month ago
I bought a 200 bikini set from boys and arrows I couldn’t help it I’m a bathing suit whore
Gwen Dawson
Gwen Dawson Month ago
“But their models are so pretty” bitch shut up you look fucking gorgeous I look like a drowned rat compared to you
23Prospero37 Month ago
it is the customs officer in Canada that decides whether duty/customs is owing or not. It is partly due to the country where the suit is manufactured and sold from.
Nora C
Nora C 2 months ago
I own a clothing brand in the US and unfortunately it’s not the brand who charges you customs fees or has any control over it. It’s the country that you live in and government which dictates the fees. More expensive products = higher customs fees. You probably never get charged because most larger companies will have warehouses or fulfillment centers in Canada so there wouldn’t be any customs fees in that case!
Dimitra Kyriakouli
Dimitra Kyriakouli 2 months ago
Overconsumption at its best..
Pumpkitn 2 months ago
You look really pretty in swimsuits.
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