Trying EVERY "Which Are You?" Instagram Filter (And How To Get Them)

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You've seen by now ALL the "Which Character Are You?" Instagram filters like the Disney filter & Pokemon filter. So in this video I'll show you how to get EVERY single one I could find AND I react to them all myself...
Search The Following Usernames in Instagram to Find Each Filter:
Which Pokemon: hughesp1
Which Disney: arnopartissimo
Which Cartoon: janmahavan
2020 Predictions: filippo.soccini
2020 At A Glance: akikokoga
Which Simpson: hughesp1
Which Pixar Character: janmahavan
Which Cat: jull.ova
Which Meaningless Object: itaijamshy
Next Vacation: petarxiv
Which Wizard House: arnopartissimo
Which Powerpuff Girl: kevinsttorm
Which Disney Princess: kevinsttorm
Which Shrek: miraslauuu
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Jan 10, 2020




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Comments 5 463
Ash Is me
Ash Is me 2 hours ago
9:06 Lauren, That's Pippi She is a bird who wants to eat like her family but she's to small and clumsy to catch them so she finds a way by going underwater and catching them then.
marcel chirita
marcel chirita 4 hours ago
Lauren yur cute without any filters even make up your stylish if some haters say your scrary they do not know you My highness(galaxy Deer queen)
Brigid Regan
Brigid Regan 10 hours ago
The little bird looking at the ground was Piper from a Disney-Pixar short on Disney plus
Penguin Pack
Penguin Pack 20 hours ago
This video made me laugh the whole time i love it do more pf these Lauren 🤣
Jessica Bigeagle
Jessica Bigeagle 22 hours ago
9:14 thats Piper from a little bird show.. :>
Baberaham Lincoln
Baberaham Lincoln 23 hours ago
Fun fact: Lauren and I have the same Higwarts house, I’m a big Hufflepuff
Random Person
Lauren: Im a rock..? Me: KIRISHIMA
「•Fluffy Cream Puffs•」
if you see this, you either scrolled down 5.4K comments or you did something else
Supernatural BatTurtle
I did the 2020 one and it said I wold be sad, poor, single, and dead
amya angl
amya angl Day ago
It is pipper i watch it at school
amya angl
amya angl Day ago
I got eve
Bunny Bean
Bunny Bean Day ago
I think Bobby is broken
Vivi's adventures of life and gaming
Leave a like if you don’t get what Lauren doesn’t have 10m subscribers
Maya Fowler
Maya Fowler Day ago
FYI, "that random bird" is the main character of a Pixar short called Piper.
Adrian Pasek
Adrian Pasek 2 days ago
It doesn’t show the face for me though
the little bird that Lauren got was called piper and is from a mini movie called Piper
Roxy Boba
Roxy Boba 2 days ago
Lauren: who is this?! Me: a boy
Alyssa Carrillo
Alyssa Carrillo 2 days ago
Please give me a spoon or a pizza,I'm a rock😒
Alina Mudryak
Alina Mudryak 2 days ago
You can have a fossil in you both
These never work for me. What am I doing wrong?
Jada Wolff
Jada Wolff 2 days ago
Maybe it’s not a cute Pokémon because Lauren is ... EVIL!
Christine Risen
Christine Risen 3 days ago
Garpit!!!!???!!?!??!?!! What ps at point👉 10:03 and she gets to go to a trash Land for her vacation
Michael Klinkhammer
You're fine
Merryn Eyre
Merryn Eyre 3 days ago
My daughters name is Lauren too
Maram Almadi
Maram Almadi 3 days ago
omg, i actually live in Doha (it is the capital of a small Arab country called Qatar) !.. Also it is in the middle east and is hosting the 2022 world cup (soccer world cup)
Zz_maxi_zZ Z
Zz_maxi_zZ Z 3 days ago
“Such a wholesome year, such a wholesome year” 2020: Australia starts burning, corona virus starts, (I forgot any others). Idk I found it ironic
Kelly Star
Kelly Star 3 days ago
Don't worry I got the fat rat too then l got Ariel
Elly Belly
Elly Belly 3 days ago
Ahnaly Nielsen
Ahnaly Nielsen 3 days ago
I rly like abra (the yellow fox pokemon she got)
Emma-jade Horton
Emma-jade Horton 3 days ago
Bobby:iM A sEaL Me:dyeing in side
Laina Perry
Laina Perry 3 days ago
Laina Perry
Laina Perry 3 days ago
The bird is from the pixar short "Piper"
Mark VanderLinden
NO JOKE I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE A HUFFLEPUFF I AM TOO!!!!!!! Like if ur a Hufflepuff.
kennedy eubanks
kennedy eubanks 3 days ago
me: (sees trash as lauren) also me: *(SPITS OUT WATER FROM LAUGHING)*
Warrior Wolf
Warrior Wolf 3 days ago
11:38 I’m a hufflepuff 😊
Frijolero man
Frijolero man 3 days ago
Bnha filter
Emily Nathan
Emily Nathan 3 days ago
It was calling her a princess
GachaLiz Productions
Mared Evans
Mared Evans 4 days ago
congratulation I am weird and I am and I am I have a puff to so you're just like me yay
Tierra Thompson
Tierra Thompson 4 days ago
When you realize that Lauren is richer than you because she has airpods and you don't even have headphones.
Kimberly Thompson
Danny phantom reee
Katie Marteny
Katie Marteny 4 days ago
I had caps lock on, sorry
Katie Marteny
Katie Marteny 4 days ago
Ashda notreallycoolperson
6:19 why is Lauren bijou mike!?!?
Katie Marteny
Katie Marteny 4 days ago
Lauren, why did your face glisten during the 2020 one and super pale during the Pixar one?
XxBaichaxX 4 days ago
Phuket is a city/island in my country
XxBaichaxX 4 days ago
•DeltaStar Playz•
Fyi Dubai is from Qatar i think
He is so so so cute DEXTER
I really wanna steal Dexter
It doesn’t work for me 😠
Lily's life
Lily's life 4 days ago
The bird is piper it’s a short
Yuki MillWood
Yuki MillWood 4 days ago
I did a in 2020 i will be i got a wizard
Gacha Kai
Gacha Kai 4 days ago
Lauren: Bobby come here Bobby: oh great which one am I doing now Lauren: Disney Bobby: DISNEY I hope I’m the little mermaid and he gets someone from little mermaid
Wendy Newman
Wendy Newman 5 days ago
i was a hyena wah
Nira The Catdraggon
9:06 that is pipo the adorable bird :3
M2 Cab
M2 Cab 5 days ago
Lauren: I don't really know Shreck my soul gets crushed*
Asser the stormtrooper Gaming
how dare u not include which fnaf are you
Sar J
Sar J 5 days ago
Lauren, you got a rock because.... YOU ROCK
Lesley Barbosa
Lesley Barbosa 5 days ago
I love the Simpsons 😊
NoTSpecable Basics
Im from Cuba Havana
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