Trying Edible Slime Recipes! w/ Rebecca Zamolo

Rosanna Pansino
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Today I tried making edible slime recipes for the very first time!
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Edible #Slime recipes! There are several different kinds. I have never made edible slime before and this was my first time! We made one slime out of Gummy Bears, one out of Sour Patch Kids, and one out of Starburst candies! Each one was completely different and it was fun to see the differences. Which were your favorite?
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Comments 100
Felicity Spross
Ro on the first round Rebecca the second ro the third
Felicity Spross
Felicity Spross
1. 2. 3.
Roy Farrelly
Roy Farrelly 18 hours ago
Hi I love yous
Ed Caban
Ed Caban 22 hours ago
Give me a like if you love slime and Rebecca
Felicity Spross
Felicity Spross 23 hours ago
The slime looks delicious 😋💋💋
Jenalee Raymond
Rose won same with Rebecca but for the most of it you both won the game now
Jenalee Raymond
Marci Martyn
Marci Martyn Day ago
1st round Rebecca 2nd round Both 3rd round Ro
Lily McDaniel
every round I think Rosanna won
Jaysa is fun
Jaysa is fun Day ago
Everything is a win-win except the Star Brust one I think but all the others are very ❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄🦄
Jaysa is fun
Jaysa is fun Day ago
The gummy bear one is a 👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️
Jaysa is fun
Jaysa is fun Day ago
Starburst is a win-win
Shannon Miller
for the first round I think rebecca won for the second round I think Rebecca also won and for the last round ro you difinitily won that on congratulations to both of you guys you guys did very well
Gage Rodriguez
You guys look like minens
Love gummy bears
Shivaleela Dodamani
I liked the gummy bear slime and i think ro won and i make slime a lot
Brianna Scheible
I want a strawberry starburst slime! It would taste so good.
Jay Lorona
Jay Lorona Day ago
can you make slime in a other video how you make it is glue atavader and put snow to make cloud slime so can you make cloud in your next video
Aily Rose
Aily Rose Day ago
Rebecca I love pink I love your colour are you using
Luz Elena Romero
Angela Denhof
Angela Denhof 2 days ago
I watched you on nailed it
Kara Yarbrough
Kara Yarbrough 2 days ago
I love the dog in the background🐕❤😘
Kiettisak Nachampassack
I love you!!!!!you are the best
Megan Clines
Megan Clines 2 days ago
Kate Crawley
Kate Crawley 2 days ago
1. Rebecca
Lola Romy
Lola Romy 2 days ago
Winner: Opinion: Rebecca. Fail Rosanna. Success Rosanna Success Overall Winner: Rosanna
ofentse mohutsioa
I am a big fan
Dianna Lia
Dianna Lia 2 days ago
First round: Rebecca Second round: Both Third round: Ro Like👍🏿 if you agree 👇🏿
Amanda Medina
Amanda Medina 2 days ago
you bolth did great
Shatara Quayyum
Shatara Quayyum 2 days ago
Ro: I'm gonna turn it into a square Me : it's a cube go back to geometry class
jamyra bell
jamyra bell 2 days ago
jamyra bell
jamyra bell 2 days ago
黄L 3 days ago
Pink watermelon Orange orange
Becca Ansemous
Becca Ansemous 3 days ago
How do you make the gummy bear edible slime?
Zohar Spilman
Zohar Spilman 4 days ago
I love you
Aliena Marie
Aliena Marie 4 days ago
gummy bears = Slime ... Starbursts = playdough! HAHAHA
Eliana’s Royal Life
Rebeca Rebeca Roe
racha antaki
racha antaki 4 days ago
She ducked cause her arm was gonna hit her
Issac Perez Sr.
Issac Perez Sr. 4 days ago
Glenda Bobko
Glenda Bobko 4 days ago
Rebecca won first one fail
Swirl G
Swirl G 4 days ago
Gummy bears win
Swirl G
Swirl G 4 days ago
Sour patch kids...Fail Ro won Gummy bears... win Rebecca Starburst... both
Familia rosario Heredero de jacinto
round 1 was a win
Familia rosario Heredero de jacinto
round 3 was a win
Familia rosario Heredero de jacinto
round 2 was a win
Izzy Sands
Izzy Sands 4 days ago
Red starburst is strawberry pink is like cotton candy I think????IDK
Ghinna Rahman
Ghinna Rahman 4 days ago
Round #1 Rebecca Round #2 Tie Round #3 Both
Hailey Hahn
Hailey Hahn 4 days ago
there all wins you can eat them
Rosie Shah
Rosie Shah 4 days ago
Rosie Shah
Rosie Shah 4 days ago
RED DEAD 4 days ago
Antonia Tolenada
Antonia Tolenada 4 days ago
I saw a dog haha!
Nadia Rabie
Nadia Rabie 4 days ago
I am even smaller than my little sister
Nadia Rabie
Nadia Rabie 4 days ago
Little baby ro , but it is okay because I met this problem and I still do every body tells me that I am smaller than an ant even my teachers tell me that they feel that they're teaching a girl and baby Class
Zakkiyah Kajee
Zakkiyah Kajee 4 days ago
Gammy bars
Audra Jones
Audra Jones 4 days ago
Ashlynn Kaylee
Ashlynn Kaylee 4 days ago
GB win Win
Maria Guille
Maria Guille 4 days ago
Rose was this one and this one one was a thumbs up
Maria Guille
Maria Guille 4 days ago
Back again but was actually so I'll put a thumbs up
Maria Guille
Maria Guille 4 days ago
Say that Rebecca
Maria Guille
Maria Guille 4 days ago
Becca one but also it was kind of a fail
ryudragon7 4 days ago
Round 1 Rebecca Round 2 Tie Round 3 Rebecca. Best overall. The second round slimes.
Xanthe Anderson
Xanthe Anderson 4 days ago
1st tie 2nd bec ( but i think ro bec won but ro tried her best 3rd ro
Katy Yiyi
Katy Yiyi 4 days ago
Molly Messer
Molly Messer 5 days ago
You should do a pancake art challenge!!!
Linda Reitz
Linda Reitz 5 days ago
I would love to eat slime
Kelis Coleman
Kelis Coleman 5 days ago
I love your Frenchie just sleeping in the back
Lily Russell
Lily Russell 5 days ago
Rebecca ❤❤💕💕
Tuan Eden
Tuan Eden 5 days ago
I love all of your video
yalvarado7 5 days ago
Rebecca won
emkastax 5 days ago
Ro wins! Rachel I also played a blueberry muffin and cookie are adorable 😍❤️🍧🍪🥧I couldn’t find a blueberry muffin but I found a blueberry pie !
emkastax 5 days ago
* Ro
Scarletttube 5 days ago
Rebbeca won 2 round
Scarletttube 5 days ago
Rosanna won first roud
colin sibthorpe
colin sibthorpe 5 days ago
Your star burst one is the best one
colin sibthorpe
colin sibthorpe 5 days ago
Pink is strawberry
colin sibthorpe
colin sibthorpe 5 days ago
Becs is better
Lucas Kanaan
Lucas Kanaan 5 days ago
Felipe Traslaviña
Round 2 ro
Felipe Traslaviña
Round 1 ro
Felipe Traslaviña
Ro pansino
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 5 days ago
1. Rebecca 2. Rebecca 3. Ro best slime gummy bears.
Conrad Michael
Conrad Michael 5 days ago
The Red
Trent Franz
Trent Franz 6 days ago
Trent Franz
Trent Franz 6 days ago
Jelena Ellis
Jelena Ellis 6 days ago
You won!!!!!!!
Jelena Ellis
Jelena Ellis 6 days ago
Rebecca won!!!!!!!!
Jelena Ellis
Jelena Ellis 6 days ago
Rosanna won!!!!!!
aisha ali
aisha ali 6 days ago
Rebecca zamolo slime is the best not being Rosanna
Michael Kalagian
Michael Kalagian 6 days ago
You are amazing at baking I am cooking at the age of 11 years old
#FUN TIMES!! 6 days ago
Hi person
Eric Hammond
Eric Hammond 6 days ago
I love this your video
Sarah Ettle
Sarah Ettle 6 days ago
When are you going to the doctor
daneila margaret mondragon
Rebecca Zamolo is literally a 40 yrs old woman hanging out and acting like a 25 yrs old
Kojo Adonteng Nkanssh
So rude she's actually 30 I saw a vid of her age,family and friends and other things
vivianna Monjaraz
I think Rebecca won the first round the ro then the last one was a tie
Ruth Lora
Ruth Lora 7 days ago
I think Rebecca
KIRSTEN'Z VLOGZ 7 days ago
Roses Are Red Ocean are Blue I liked my own comment Cause no one will do...😢
Example 1
Example 1 5 days ago
KIRSTEN'Z VLOGZ 6 days ago
+daneila margaret mondragon No there are more oceans in the world like atlantic ocean! Duhh!! You should go back to grade school
daneila margaret mondragon
Ocean is blue theres only one ocean its the Pacific Ocean
Kaylee Williams
Kaylee Williams 8 days ago
crafty cousins
crafty cousins 8 days ago
I think you should do a tie breaker on Rebeccas channel
crafty cousins
crafty cousins 8 days ago
Row won round 3
crafty cousins
crafty cousins 8 days ago
Round 2 I realy don't know but I think you drawled
crafty cousins
crafty cousins 8 days ago
Round 1 Rebecca won👍
Omar Martinez
Omar Martinez 8 days ago
The video is a win
Julady Medina
Julady Medina 8 days ago
And the starburst one roll definitely nailed that ☝️💗
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