Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2

William Osman
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Don't try life hacks even once kids.
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Mar 28, 2019




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Comments 100
Crystal Theo
Crystal Theo 3 hours ago
I can't believe he drank the water lmao
Goat-Gamer 7 hours ago
*includes paid promotions*
CREEPER AWWW MAN 17 hours ago
Drinks razor blade water (FACE OF REGRET) lol
Criticizer of comments
Im pretty sure that the kettle life hack is just electrolyzing it.
sonaarr Day ago
william, the only youtuber to ever encourage children to strap a reciprocating kitchen knife to the wheel of an RC car What a role model
Pls tell me the song at 3 min it made me happy
But Whytho
But Whytho 2 days ago
There’s a man on RUvid named Larry Lawton who’s an ex convict. He has a video where he shows how to boil water like a prisoner.
Lee Greene
Lee Greene 2 days ago
that water life hack is just going to break the water down into hydrogen and oxgen using electrolisis, so its not boiling ._.
AutomaticDeputy 2 days ago
Cover your computer in hot glue, peel it off, and get a second computer!
Ethan Contreras
Ethan Contreras 2 days ago
question what if i forget my lastpass password
Karter Dowd
Karter Dowd 4 days ago
I’m pretty sure a stinger is much better at boiling water In prison
Garin 4 days ago
2:57 soooooooooo..........You redirected lightning?
mousey boi27
mousey boi27 4 days ago
Of course it’s just a “boiling water” life hack and it’s definitely not a “prison drugs” life hack
Imalaia ninja
Imalaia ninja 4 days ago
Fun fact the water bubbles contain hydrogen!
Insertnamehere 4 days ago
1:55 to skip ad
Nathan Mond
Nathan Mond 4 days ago
PSA: if you see someone get electrocuted, call 911 immediately, don't touch them, they may still be in contact with whatever zapped them, you will get electrocuted, don't do CPR, they are in cardiac arrest, not having a heart attack, those are two separate conditions let the operator tell you what to do!
Gerasimos Tat
Gerasimos Tat 3 days ago
I think you need to push them out of what they touch with a wooden object or something
Angelica Lin
Angelica Lin 6 days ago
watching the second hack makes me nervous.
Hannah Rosser
Hannah Rosser 6 days ago
Dude, I can't afford a full set of spoons. A hot glue gun and glue is cheaper and easier.
10 F 15 Mathusuthan Venkatesan
What ? Someone is hacking my life ?!! Outrageous 😡
kegan white
kegan white 7 days ago
It’s not a airplane it’s just a spoon
Drinkbleach Gamer
ManyAbee1973 8 days ago
dammit Michael always got to be the problem of something
Pablo Zurita
Pablo Zurita 8 days ago
Will don't burn your house down
Liam Louzon
Liam Louzon 8 days ago
Did you guys realize Michael reeves glue gun at the start?
Terminal Bungus
Terminal Bungus 8 days ago
iyan manzano
iyan manzano 9 days ago
13:33 Me everytime I step back and admire the stupid shit I have done.
Jaime Gonzalez
Jaime Gonzalez 9 days ago
I just realized hes content cop of life hacks.
Ron The Swan
Ron The Swan 9 days ago
13:34 when u close ur eyes in math class
Matty vapes
Matty vapes 9 days ago
Bro I’ve had electricity from an outlet surge through my body and it is a crazy experience not even heroin could give you lol
Albin Privat
Albin Privat 9 days ago
That razor water thing was just turning the water into hydrogen and oxygen add salt to make it better also don’t put electricity in water ever. Edit: oh you knew that...
lavi rox
lavi rox 10 days ago
he survived because he was in the 'living room'
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 10 days ago
Lastpass is the shizzle
colin V.
colin V. 10 days ago
That spoon thing was stolen from overcomplicated life hacks hotglue edition!!!!!
Jose Palacios
Jose Palacios 11 days ago
I used to play with death cables as a kid but luckily i was stupid enough to be afraid of touching even 1.5v dc voltage so yeah im still alive
Jasper Adamson
Jasper Adamson 11 days ago
michael reeves DID make a real good hot glue GuN
Jakob Henderson
Jakob Henderson 11 days ago
it got dark because the water is separating into oxygen and hydrogen and that is causing the water to turn brown of course it also possible that it is because of the exposed copper wires you left in the water
ape child
ape child 11 days ago
went to the living room cause you can't die there
I need money for a computer
Mr.bones is my fav
Алексей Прасол
bitwarden is better then lastpass
Bailey Booth
Bailey Booth 13 days ago
a deth cabl is a deth cabl
Mishapen 13 days ago
When ur 12 and in house arrest so u do the kettle
okyanus incesu
okyanus incesu 14 days ago
more canser
Alex Or Whatever
Alex Or Whatever 14 days ago
That razor blade hack is the same method that I learned to electro engrave metal. But we did it by using salt water, and a controlled power source. The process sped up the rusting process on the lines we wanted to engrave. It should never be used to boil water for food.
Jumbochook 15 days ago
Kid you not, in class there was a guy with a charger that started sparking and made a fizzing noise, and then suddenly a noise as loud as a 9mm pistol went off as the charger short circuited and blew 2 fuses or something, like its a tiny amount of volts but its crazy powerful
the_human_toe 15 days ago
Who doesnt love leeched metals and chemicals in their tea?!? The antioxidants in the tea cancels out the cancer causing agents leaving only the flavor.
Aiden Henderson
Aiden Henderson 15 days ago
So you know that discover no add it played right before we started doing stuff that's how I know it's bad
Tinytfue 16 days ago
Are you my science teacher?
Co-Creeper Gamer 119
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans 16 days ago
If you ever say "First things, first we need some razor blades" then you know it's quality
S H A M O N E 16 days ago
Blazery inthedark
Blazery inthedark 16 days ago
I saw Michael Reeves and i immediately freaked out bc of tazer reasons
machmodeling 16 days ago
His laugh is so contagious
Nickey G.
Nickey G. 17 days ago
Just noticed Michael is the son in the adread
AlphaAntares e
AlphaAntares e 18 days ago
The yellow actually comes from chlorine gas, becouse of the salt (NaCl)
Sparks 18 days ago
This is the second time today I have watched someone perform electrolysis on salt water and accidentally create chlorine gas
Fotis 18 days ago
I like the slight lisp he has
Clips Co
Clips Co 19 days ago
I would really like to know why the water became discolored.
Talic-os 19 days ago
I need to know why the water turned brown
Soham Sundar Adak
Soham Sundar Adak 19 days ago
he made this just to show how stupid and dangerous these 'life hacks' are, mad respect to you, william
Izaya Beats
Izaya Beats 19 days ago
it is yellow because of the wood
Constant Craftsman
Constant Craftsman 19 days ago
No, it's yellow because the metal rusts and it goes in to the water
Buildblox 19 days ago
That's one of the first sponsor things I haven't skipped!
Reckless636 20 days ago
You use it to warm things up coffee bag with water then soup packet seasoning for conductivity in your bowl of boiled water so you have fresh water bud
Unknown Rath
Unknown Rath 20 days ago
William I’m here to inform you the water turned yellow because of the wood having the water getting hot and pulling the minerals out causing the color have a good day (this wasn’t to be rude just to help love your content) :)
YouTube Enthusiast
YouTube Enthusiast 22 days ago
LMFAO, the spoon photos!
RetroFilms 22 days ago
Lmfao I like that you added the music from the departed during the ad.
Muhammad Salajee
Muhammad Salajee 23 days ago
How do you know what pennies taste like 😂😂
Xavier Reed
Xavier Reed 23 days ago
William you should take that ex car to battle bots
Muhammad Salajee
Muhammad Salajee 23 days ago
That was one good ad .
The 808
The 808 23 days ago
i keep thinking william is purple guy i watch to much fnaf
patrlim 24 days ago
The razor blade one is very dangerous because you produce pure hydrogen and pure oxygen
Constant Craftsman
Constant Craftsman 19 days ago
Not to mention your using house power and that's dangerous if one touches it while the power is on
retroruin 24 days ago
i understand we shouldn't be using exposed wall power to boil water but you shouldn't be drinking water that probably has toxic metals in it
Luthva 24 days ago
Cancer: wippedy woppedy soon your my propertie
mr tangerillo
mr tangerillo 25 days ago
Definitely created some sodium hydroxide after that electrolysis.
alex 1337
alex 1337 25 days ago
This is not how to boil water! You just separate oxygen and hydrogen atoms, which are in the water from each other (electrolysis) …
DragonSword 25 days ago
You need a serrated knife to make it a good reciprocal cutter. I'd just somehow bolt it to my reciprocating saw but by then you could have worked an hour and gotten a REALLY cheap one on sale.
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel 25 days ago
Those are not life hacks. It's death hacks.
Marc-André Servant
You should solder the blade to the live wire instead of just touching them. It makes a stronger connection and the lead sweetens your tea without the dangers of sugar.
Xtreme 25 days ago
Is this how people get magnetic (Second life hack)
Matheius 27 days ago
The life hack i did was when i hacked my arm off
pedro 27 days ago
"it's that mold or blueberry...?"
The 4 Musketeers
The 4 Musketeers 27 days ago
1:54 to skip the sponsor
MatthewPlays_YT 28 days ago
DragonGamer7484 28 days ago
My tea life hack is use a pot, thanks for your time everyone
Zany Zoma
Zany Zoma 29 days ago
Hold up... Is that the bokoblin cry from Botw at 13:37?
WokkStarr 29 days ago
The razor blade one is a shitty version of a actual prison boiler (can’t remember the name) but you take 2 stainless steel shower drains and put a piece of wood in between them and wrap them in rubber bands to hold them together. Then connect it the same where one wire is on each one of the shower drains. It boils large amounts of water, water don’t come back yellow (the razor blades rust while the shower drains won’t) if you wanna do it right try that one not the weird razor blade one
Fresh Cheeto
Fresh Cheeto 29 days ago
Did anyone here a high pitch noise after he spit the tea
Woo Six
Woo Six 29 days ago
It’s not rust, it’s iron supplements
tylor anderson
tylor anderson Month ago
The spoon hack is only dangerous to ur iq. U take a spoon. A nice spoon. And use it to make a shitty spoon while rendering ur nice spoon useless
The Bogged
The Bogged Month ago
Did he just reference a Gus Johnson videe.
wilson plays
wilson plays Month ago
The water turns yellow from electricity passes throught the water
Bradley Harrington
That is how u boil water in prison or a variation of the regular method. But yes general population usually has access to a microwave but people in lockdown . Which can last weeks have no access to boiling water but still have there top ramen they wanna eat .
Toasted Butter
Toasted Butter Month ago
this is proof construction montages dont actually make it a successful project.
Crazy TD
Crazy TD Month ago
you shouldve drove the battle bot into michael smh
Carson B Dot
Carson B Dot Month ago
Where the hell were you hiding Michael Reeves
PhonieZGaminZ Month ago
5:02 ominous standing
saksham gaba
saksham gaba Month ago
He thought he would die in the living room !
Kenny Edsall
Kenny Edsall Month ago
Is school prison?
Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard Month ago
My friend who has been to prison has done a version of the prison kettle while he was there.
Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard Month ago
But he didn't use razor blades. I think he said it was aluminum? I forget what, but I'm sure there are easier conducive materials to get than razor blades. Plus, those were turning the water brown. I doubt he'd be drinking tea or coffee with brown water, even in prison.
Tyler Fu
Tyler Fu Month ago
Actually you just drank some bleach... Let me explain. when you add salt to the water to make it conductive, the salt breaks down into sodium and chlorine along with the water into oxygen and hydrogen. The sodium reacts with water to form sodium hydroxide, and the chlorine reacts with sodium hydroxide to make sodium hypochlorite or bleach. Another way to make your water conductive for this razor thing to work (without making bleach) is battery acid. Not sure if you want to drink that. But hey, your commander in chief said to drink disinfectants to cure COVID.
Doyoumine Month ago
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
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