Trying Clothing LIFE HACKS to see if they work!

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Trying Clothing LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Comment what you think of these amazing diy clothing life hacks and ideas! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and WATCH my do it yourself Life Hacks Playlist bit.ly/sssniperwolfhacks
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Sep 14, 2019




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Comments 80
SSSniperWolf 8 months ago
sorry for the late upload had internet issues! I also uploaded transforming into the ultimate vsco girl on my second channel (little lia) earlier :D HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND
misha tube hd
misha tube hd 3 days ago
Click the like button if you want this virus tow end
izagane cortalla
izagane cortalla 3 days ago
Shout out
Christina Van Guilder
SSSniperWolf I will
Jaylyn Santiago
Jaylyn Santiago 4 days ago
Hi you are beautiful-I don't know what to say.
Eline's vlog's
Eline's vlog's 5 days ago
De tweede met de sjaal de je fout je moest eerst plooien schuin
April Uribe
April Uribe 10 minutes ago
👋🏻 hello 👋🏻🇱🇷 from 🇱🇷
Lere Basupang
Lere Basupang 57 minutes ago
U looked like Kylie Jenner
Staceymia 2 hours ago
koua moua
koua moua 2 hours ago
Sniper wolf looks like she has a book with her new dress xD
Patricia Walraven
Patricia Walraven 2 hours ago
Patricia Walraven
Patricia Walraven 2 hours ago
Jøÿ ć:
Jøÿ ć: 2 hours ago
Sssniperwolf: Hello? Hello? Me: *laughing constantly and choking on a cheeze it*
Emely Deleon
Emely Deleon 2 hours ago
omg! when she posted that vid, it was my birthday :O
Elizabeth Renucci
Elizabeth Renucci 3 hours ago
Me and my friend really love your show and we are 10 years old we really really love your show We would love to meet you
Molly Jones
Molly Jones 3 hours ago
You forgot to watch the start of the video with the long sleeve scarf shirt!
Julianna Cisneros
Julianna Cisneros 5 hours ago
WAM bam yes ma'am
Mae Geo
Mae Geo 6 hours ago
Marie Kraushaar
Marie Kraushaar 9 hours ago
you tied it wrong thats why it didnt work
Chrissy Pape
Chrissy Pape 9 hours ago
you are sexy
Emily Coetzee
Emily Coetzee 9 hours ago
No worry’s I see all your other one you post I love you can I get a shout out please I love you 🤟
Devil Nima
Devil Nima 11 hours ago
Khathutshelo Sikhala
It does not look like a bow.
Thea Mc Ham
Thea Mc Ham 13 hours ago
You’re going throw hands i’m going throw sleeves
Kim sterr
Kim sterr 13 hours ago
What us guyanese use to put the string back.. we would take a big pin and push it through and it works good
Araceli Vazquez
Araceli Vazquez 14 hours ago
2:30 you look like slender man 🤣🤣🤣😆😆
Ronson Trinidad
Ronson Trinidad 17 hours ago
You need to criss cross it before you tie it
christina ur Videos are Lit
NAH I'm ON Qontin
aliyah yzabelle gampong
You used the scarf wrong
Naruchu • 56 years ago
I don't think 5 minute crafts know what a head scarf is XD
heather gardner
heather gardner 22 hours ago
This is my 2nd channel that i watched when i first found youtube
heather gardner
heather gardner 22 hours ago
This is my moms phone so
heather gardner
heather gardner 22 hours ago
I like your dress
Scarlet queen
Scarlet queen 22 hours ago
How are you a millionaire of you can't even buy an iron box but you can afford the biggest house I have ever seen
Tishya Laskar
Tishya Laskar 23 hours ago
Did anyone get pissed when she did not do the correct steps for the scarf hack
Miggie :p
Miggie :p Day ago
when you realize your mom wakes up in two more hours, noice
Catie Cree
Catie Cree Day ago
Let’s talk about the scarf shirt Lia : What did I do wrong Shows phone* Sausage : that looks nothing like the picture. Me : did she not realize they tied it twice -_-
[ a x i o u M o h y o ]
5 minutes craft: *printing photos them sticking them on t-shirts* Also 5 minutes craft: *Uses basic photos* Me: *TWICE MERCH IM COMING*
Marcela Aguirre
When you hear hello friend it’s me you know it will be a good day
Haley The amazing unicorn
😂 😆 🤣 hahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahahhahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah
Vulpix Day ago
5:44 - I'VE DONE IT YOU USE A PENCIL!!! (It was a little difficult) Also. . . I love you SSSniperWolf
Jonathan Champagne
I’m a girl ok
Jonathan Champagne
Your Beautiful
paige plays roblox
Your thick
Yanely Vargas
Love Amara Peña love you 🧸🍭💙🦄🦋🍡🌺🐣♥️🌟🦊🦄🌺💐🦋
Leiana Rios
Leiana Rios Day ago
3:25 it be looking that the beanie has nipples ;-;
Katie McCullough
Me () lia ) ( like she is the queen of thickness
Edith Rivera
Edith Rivera Day ago
Her kitchen is calling me poor in 5 different languages ;-;
Naomi Millin
Naomi Millin Day ago
hi my name is christina i whant you to prank you boyfreind and make a try not to yell chalinge
:{Summer_ Boba}:
i can put the string back in the hoodie
Aliyapaerl Day ago
I don’t want you
Life with MINI&LIYAH
When you say weow you sound like maranda sings😂😂
Sihaam Abdulqaadir
I ironed my hand too
Elena Barreto
Love you sssniperwolf
Victor Zacarias
Elle-Kay Gordon
The question is for the first one how the heck u take it of
XxGacha_ LazyWolf
Leah: These are hard to cut Me: Duh there not supposed to BE cut😂
Little Heather
YA Kelli
Ja'Daeya Cunningham
are you little nia
Winter Hennager
Winter Hennager 2 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Miziney Snead
Miziney Snead 2 days ago
Love you ssniperwolf
Leanna Martinez
Leanna Martinez 2 days ago
Ss sniper wolf :Want me to put on the sleeves again. Round two sausage:no no 😧
Leslie Garcia
Leslie Garcia 2 days ago
The red shirt that was supposed to be a dress you can use it with some pants
Leanna Martinez
Leanna Martinez 2 days ago
Sausage: can I have my pants back. Sssniper wolf: no 🙃
Samantha Benally
Samantha Benally 2 days ago
Sssniperwolf: how does she get it to criss cross apple sauce Me: you forgot to fold it in the first place
Elisah Castillo
Elisah Castillo 2 days ago
Im gana do that because YOU THE BEST RUvidR🤗🤗🤗
Creamx Mia
Creamx Mia 2 days ago
Zoey Dougherty
Zoey Dougherty 2 days ago
That be lookin like a kimono 👘
Raelynn Garcia
Raelynn Garcia 2 days ago
Nathan Boshans
Nathan Boshans 2 days ago
Edward Mendy
Edward Mendy 2 days ago
Sniper wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolf
Will Goodrich
Will Goodrich 2 days ago
new fortnite skin in legendary
Justin Potts
Justin Potts 2 days ago
When I am sad and bord I watch your videos
Manal Hamad
Manal Hamad 2 days ago
Tita Acevedo
Tita Acevedo 2 days ago
Blue Senpai
Blue Senpai 2 days ago
It’s really easy to put back the string
Xxxx_ boba tea _Xxxx
I was eating pasta with my brothers and I said you guys are committing crimes one of my brothers did not put on Sauce and my other brother was eating a sandwich and not pasta and I said “that’s Illegal”
Libby Christensen
My mom works at Joans
Brianna Louviere
Brianna Louviere 2 days ago
this was on my birthday
i was about to try these hacks and i am so glad i watched tis vidio before i ruined my clothes
Leah Lesiuk
Leah Lesiuk 2 days ago
Here's a REAL challenge, Lia. I dare you to wear at least 5 different "clothing life hacks" out in public or in your videos.
Cat Pineapple
Omg yesss 🤣
Niaz Namvar
Niaz Namvar 2 days ago
I tried it
Roxann Ristow
Roxann Ristow 2 days ago
You look nice in everything.
Thelma Maota
Thelma Maota 2 days ago
Hey you know the leopard skirt you made right yeah it already was made by islanders it is a pattern skirt you tie around your waist
Kashyap Deverkonda
2:51 dont look down dont look down
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