Trying a DIY Liquid Nails Design - $300 GIVEAWAY!!

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In this video I'm trying liquid nails again in an acrylic Halloween nail design.
Liquid nail from last year: ruvid.net/video/video-1HO_Gu6U6e0.html
Products Used:
Glam and Glits Acrylic: www.glamandglits.com/
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Red Acrylic: bit.ly/2JpncoY
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Medium Blush Acrylic: bit.ly/2JBhdjk
#10 Kolinsky Acrylic Brush: bit.ly/342ZLcU
Crystal Dappen Dish: bit.ly/2Yf5gSV (dm her to purchase)
Nail forms: amzn.to/2q0MKSj
Clear Builder Gel: s.click.aliexpress.com/e/rane3qa4
Syringes: amzn.to/31Ps4Kr
Liquid Coconut Oil: amzn.to/32SCmuK
Red Food Coloring: amzn.to/2PjHQut
Nail Drill: amzn.to/2zqWSFJ
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Oct 27, 2019




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Comments 100
Marija Pavlovic
Hannah Marshall
Hannah Marshall 6 hours ago
You got more patience than god. Very cool.
Iyana Donaldson
Iyana Donaldson 17 hours ago
These nails are so Dope💯💯💯💯
Matty Spezzia
Hola me encanta tu trabajo me gusta mucho tu forma de explicar yo hablo poquito inglés Matty
RYLEE M SWEET 3 days ago
Am i the only one wondering how many nails are at her house???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Yanielis Negron
Yanielis Negron 4 days ago
Can u do my nails please 😭😩
Mia Musto
Mia Musto 6 days ago
Who else thought she was saying screen mask and was like what??? 👇🏻
tutie enoch
tutie enoch 6 days ago
not trying to be mean but your natural nails are crusty
Nikit Sutkute
Nikit Sutkute 7 days ago
Bro shes got so much control on both hands even with nails are on 😲
Danielle S.
Danielle S. 7 days ago
Hey honey I'm new to your channel and this was my first video and it's freaking amazing. It would have literally took me a whole day to do what you did I'm a beginner and doing my own nails because of everything that's going on in the world. I've been doing pretty good actually but that right there I want to do it so bad. Thank you for making such a detailed video
Ms_DarlingNikky 8 days ago
I absolutely refuse to believe you are not a nail tech. These are amazing!!!!!!!!!
iisunny_ dxze
iisunny_ dxze 8 days ago
I wish I had that talent!!! ❤️
meow meow meow meow
Where did you get the black one I love the color
meow meow meow meow
I love that every time you do a shoutout you put a sticker like doing something funny
Heidi Scholler
Heidi Scholler 12 days ago
I love how you do your nails! I know you are the expert, but have you tried to maybe make the "liquid coffin" or "liquid reservoir" on a tip and then attach it to your nail as opposed to using the sticky paper & product to make/build your nail. I mean it is only the nails that you want to use as a "tank" lol. Just an idea :)
Chad Bignell
Chad Bignell 13 days ago
Idk Idc
Idk Idc 13 days ago
The song made me want to punch my wall... But the nails were beautiful ☺️
Lashanda Evans
Lashanda Evans 14 days ago
Valentina Jovanović
Evie: It's a gorgeous black holo gel! *SimplyNailogical has entered the chat*
Kali Brooks
Kali Brooks 15 days ago
I really want to win a giveaway
Moatasim Mumtaz
Moatasim Mumtaz 16 days ago
Is it nessecary to show every nail
Nikki Black
Nikki Black 16 days ago
I know this video is old...but I have to tell you (coming from a horror film guru) that these nails are EPIC!!! I loved watching you create them and this was so artistic! I loved them so much!
Oh_ Melissa
Oh_ Melissa 16 days ago
laura Sawyer
laura Sawyer 16 days ago
Love them💕😊🥰
Javary Grant
Javary Grant 18 days ago
I love how you do your Nails....please can u bless me with your nail kits or Acrylic brush
Nicolee LidoeeOnee
Nicolee LidoeeOnee 18 days ago
Who else watched this in the tub, or toilet stop capping
Lapis Gem
Lapis Gem 18 days ago
I’ve always hated having my cuticles pushed back. It doesn’t even hurt that much. Idk it just feels weird 😆
YSAURY GUZMAN 19 days ago
Astro 1111
Astro 1111 20 days ago
Giveaway: OMG if I win I’m spending all the money on nail products. Good luck everyone! @h_rooskie
Denise Nicolai
Denise Nicolai 21 day ago
What oil do you use
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 21 day ago
Cherrlin gonzalez
who watching this in 2020
Marie savage
Marie savage 21 day ago
dean Hellams
dean Hellams 22 days ago
Foxxy Plays
Foxxy Plays 23 days ago
Me watching this whole doing my nails
Yuri Plays
Yuri Plays 23 days ago
Imagine breaking your nails at work and your rushing to fix it
Ina Hall
Ina Hall 25 days ago
M Gi
M Gi 25 days ago
WHAT THE HECK! How cool are you!!! 😎 👏
Emerald Lara
Emerald Lara 25 days ago
Nail biters be like : 👁👄👁
Monica B.
Monica B. 25 days ago
This is so dope!!!!!
Gemi M
Gemi M 26 days ago
Omg what a process 😳
0 0
0 0 27 days ago
Your natural nail beautyfull!!!!!!🤪
nyla Thomas
nyla Thomas 27 days ago
donut wolf
donut wolf 28 days ago
I love how you just put Tina twerking or whatever in the beginning
•teddy•monster •
omg there SO pretty So if I get nail art on amazon is it safe? also if I need HELP with the nails imma ask you lol 😂 HELP
Koi Fish
Koi Fish Month ago
Ok but am I the only one who loves the intro😳
Itz_Mckenzie Month ago
Could you do another set like this?
Camille Fields
Camille Fields Month ago
I love your nails videos
Camille Fields
Camille Fields Month ago
I love you
Dayamin Patino
Dayamin Patino Month ago
maria florez
maria florez Month ago
Love love love this episode 💅🏼
ic Month ago
U should do another one with ibd intense seal
A Sweet Love
A Sweet Love Month ago
Omg 🥰 I love the intro, Tina is breaking her back 😂😂. Beautiful nails 💘
Princess Ofdancing
Ahhh my name is harmony ㋛㋛㋛シ♡︎
Aveline MacMartin
Aveline MacMartin
hiii :)))) love your videos
Carol Aguilar
Carol Aguilar Month ago
You should buy young nail products And see if there good or not.
Mariah Woods
Mariah Woods Month ago
Wow cute
Ashley Melendez
Ashley Melendez Month ago
Can you attempt this with polygel?
Lakyn Rucker
Lakyn Rucker Month ago
Does anyone else like to watch her to sleep because her voice is so calming I know that sounds so weird but😂
Isabella Casanova
I just love this lenth
Tania Santiago
Tania Santiago Month ago
Oh sorry reason I saw this. Was because she had amazing designs and beautiful creative details. Gave me some ideas for October, which is not that far away. I just hope and pray everyone will be able to have fun.
Tania Santiago
Tania Santiago Month ago
Hi everyone. I'm new here . I just wanted to suggest two things. On wish they have coffin nail tip tanks sealed with small hole on top. Easy to work with. The next that would be easy is reat
Tania Santiago
Tania Santiago Month ago
Sorry hit send key . Create the coffin tip frist and apply to natural nail as you would. I hope this info helps.
M Magnificent
M Magnificent Month ago
Erika Lee
Erika Lee Month ago
should be called "Long nails pretty hair" show 😘😜
CECE’S WORLD Month ago
I absolutely love it since I’m just beginning to do nails I’m gonna start out with the drips first
Rhonda McClain
Rhonda McClain Month ago
What I’dlike to know is how often do you get stopped by people when you have these awesome nail designs? Especially when paying or other things where people are more apt to get a good look...😀😀! Your creativity is amazing!
Pauline Warsop
Pauline Warsop Month ago
Oh my gawd these are just amazing totally love them so much ohhhh the liquid nail just the BEST I’ve seen on you tube by far !!! Totally 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥and the red and black nail oh and the scream nail you totally killed it 😃I could watch you work with acrylic all day and night totally One of the Best 👑 much love to you fabulous lady am a fan and follower for life ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Arielle Pagod
Arielle Pagod Month ago
oh my gosh! I love this!
Itz_Mckenzie Month ago
You need to tell me how you make the best videos
Tatiana Dixon
Tatiana Dixon Month ago
I could never be left handed 😭😂😱
esther offiah
esther offiah Month ago
Honestly dunno how u do it lmao ❤️ ig: esther_offiah
Mario Morais
Mario Morais Month ago
Why do I find it so satisfying when u say cuticle🤷🏻‍♂️😂keep the work 😍
Monique Wallace
Monique Wallace Month ago
Can u order product for some one living in jamaica
Nails By Keka
Nails By Keka Month ago
I doubt that anyone of us will do that to much work lol
كلش حلو🥰🥰احبج😘
Latesha Renee
Latesha Renee Month ago
My boyfriend said "those nails gotta be heavy" 😂😂
Rylee’s World
Rylee’s World Month ago
Your natural nails are so beautiful
Jessica Miñoza
Jessica Miñoza Month ago
I want to learn from you .. from philippines
jam jam's show UwU
This is satisfying my opinion but the nails are satisfying 😌😌
Sara Szabo
Sara Szabo Month ago
EWWWWW I noticed that there is a little piece of hair in it EWWW AND I COULD SEE IT
Nataša Popović
Jyoti bidhu
Jyoti bidhu Month ago
I love it how do you do... OMG
Panda Bear
Panda Bear Month ago
I love your intro
Snow 1118
Snow 1118 Month ago
Omg I think you’re the best nail artist I’ve ever seen in my life🥰🥰🥰 beautiful work 🙏🏼
Boba Tea
Boba Tea Month ago
I want u to do my nails so bad 🥺
Boba Tea
Boba Tea Month ago
Congratulations to the winner
Elagah Brandyburg
Gracie Tynch
Gracie Tynch Month ago
Curious-Kat Month ago
I don’t know how to do nails, and I’ve never been a fancy nail person ( I bite my cuticles so...) but it was fascinating to watch this! I really enjoy watching this kind of creativity. What I just don’t understand, is how women manage to do everyday things with nails this long. From using keys, texting / typing to wiping their butt,. If my nails get too long ( and I mean more than 1/4 inch ) I tend to scratch myself, especially my face . I think it’s fascinating ( not necessarily in a good way ) how women with these “claws” can twist their hands to do things that are necessary in everyday situations. 🤔
Soul Gaming
Soul Gaming Month ago
They are so pretty! 💓
Trish Morrison
Trish Morrison Month ago
Sometimes I feel like giving up, but watching ur videos , u r amazing just have to let you know
Trish Morrison
Trish Morrison Month ago
Girl you inspired me to go on
Les Hayenga
Les Hayenga Month ago
4:14 H💿L💿
Maicie Bowen
Maicie Bowen Month ago
Awesome 😘
Fez Vaughan
Fez Vaughan Month ago
Me: tries to copy it also me: fails so hard at coping it 😂 you are so incredibly talented love this design💖😇
Riley Studios
Riley Studios Month ago
Starr King
Starr King Month ago
ur Noze
ur Noze Month ago
Michael F
Michael F 2 months ago
my sister says have you tried doing the liquid nails using a drinking straw as a form to make the tank out of builder gel, she saw a video by Denisejohn65 where she using this technique
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