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Thank you for watching me try 25 bright life hacks against stress by 5 minute crafts!
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 2 532
Amber Sullivan
What is the point of cutting a perfectly good come
Katy Grace
Katy Grace 2 days ago
Peace love and WiFi!
D Nehls
D Nehls 2 days ago
Tori:.......... Robby: YAAAAAAAAAAA
DJ The Wolf Does Edits
4:11 tori does anime girl run
Aki Navalta
Aki Navalta 4 days ago
the coffee cup one does not burn because you added rocks in it lol XD it was not the air
Caedon Hammond
Caedon Hammond 5 days ago
# jello bacon lol
Yesenia Martinez
Yesenia Martinez 5 days ago
He did the first one wrong
Sumtotal ANZ
Sumtotal ANZ 5 days ago
Wow good painting
Marilyn Johnson
Marilyn Johnson 6 days ago
Jordan Lynch
Jordan Lynch 6 days ago
Raindropwolf Yas
Raindropwolf Yas 6 days ago
12:13 Jello Bacon should be merch lol
Elsa and Anna frozen2
The comb thing looks like something someone would do in a ASMR
Lucila K
Lucila K 9 days ago
How is he so energetic. Is admirable
Gina P
Gina P 9 days ago
I have been pleasured but you have to do these hats on yourself don’t make videos get off RUvid now you say bad words
Iash Sanneh
Iash Sanneh 9 days ago
Marcus Fernandez
Marcus Fernandez 9 days ago
Since Robby and tori have the same color hair they kida look like twins
Elisabeth Brown
Elisabeth Brown 10 days ago
Robby: I'm not sure that I am liking this... Me: I LOVE 💘
Crystal Stonefish
Crystal Stonefish 11 days ago
Make videos of doing Christmas pranks on Tori
Crystal Stonefish
Crystal Stonefish 11 days ago
Merry Christmas Robby👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👞👟👟👟👞
Bp Kafle
Bp Kafle 11 days ago
I am new to your channel and I love it
Evie Baldoria
Evie Baldoria 12 days ago
he is so funny
Shin'eye DAVIS
Shin'eye DAVIS 13 days ago
Shohana & Sadia Uddin
The one with the blow torch and the comes ( hair brush??) is actually satisfying
iamerika 14 days ago
😝 😂 lol
destiny linn
destiny linn 14 days ago
Another way to put water and soap in a bag and just play with it
Rylea Bomz
Rylea Bomz 15 days ago
have you been stressed
Qiong Liu
Qiong Liu 15 days ago
no offense but I like pineapple on pizza with ham.
hello darkness my old friend
9:06 i thought he was gona get his blowtorch lol
Katy Haworth
Katy Haworth 17 days ago
When ever I hear Robbys voice I wonder if he has a blocked noise 😂😂😂😂 Love your voice though
Sumtotal ANZ
Sumtotal ANZ 5 days ago
Katy Haworth no moose I like moose’s milk eygdgdgbgsgsggsfsygsgwt
Gabrielle Tucker
Gabrielle Tucker 17 days ago
Tarah Lagaly
Tarah Lagaly 18 days ago
the most cringy person...EVER
diana 13lopez
diana 13lopez 18 days ago
Nononononononononnonononononononononononononononnononnonono nononononononononononononononnonononoononononnonononononnononnon nononnononnonononononnnononononnonnonononnononononono onnonononnoononononnonono
Maria Luisa Jimenez
It hurts me that you don't flip your eggs
Yo boy 2 Chill
Yo boy 2 Chill 18 days ago
Kelly P
Kelly P 19 days ago
The Jell-o one is more like a 5 hour craft
Teddy Pentz
Teddy Pentz 19 days ago
Ya know,looking back at robby’s Blonde hair is weird. It’s been a while.
Katie Hepburn
Katie Hepburn 19 days ago
robby you are so funny
Tim Stoodley
Tim Stoodley 20 days ago
Pretty epic
Brayden Miller
Brayden Miller 21 day ago
The first hack would work if u put it closer
Yaki Dale
Yaki Dale 23 days ago
You should of used all colers
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