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Thank you for watching me try 25 bright life hacks against stress by 5 minute crafts!
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Trying 25 BRIGHT LIFE HACKS AGAINST STRESS: ruvid.net/video/video-hF-Lk_pkSGU.html
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Jun 23, 2019




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Natasha Arevalo
Natasha Arevalo 12 days ago
I love you kis 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Olaya Blanco
Olaya Blanco 14 days ago
Good job
Olaya Blanco
Olaya Blanco 14 days ago
Jaylen Bolling
Jaylen Bolling 17 days ago
Voodoo I'm bored at so I can call the police on
Miroslav Sokolović
Why do u chos the virdest pichors why?
Chloe Rossi
Chloe Rossi 22 days ago
I like the pianting
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia 28 days ago
rinoa roblox
rinoa roblox Month ago
Do a gummy vs real
Joe Parton
Joe Parton Month ago
My dad:tis very dangerous wen u use a knife Me:ok? Next day Dad:here use this knife Me:wa WHAT!
Mamta Gautam
Mamta Gautam Month ago
Play with fire to blackpink Fire to bts 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ShamimAra Begum
ShamimAra Begum Month ago
FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Erika Lipinszki
Erika Lipinszki Month ago
Gos u idiet no foncejs
Aydan Tran
Aydan Tran Month ago
All your girl good girl Robby all so good 😊
Michelle Been
Michelle Been Month ago
Is your name really
Michelle Been
Michelle Been Month ago
Is your name really Robbie
Edy Butkowski
Edy Butkowski Month ago
What is your natural hair color
Hifza Zain
Hifza Zain Month ago
you need jaldi to make the egg
Nightmare luinor
Storm @hotmail.com
Gatchaplayer Noob
I'm paralyzed where are my feelings I no longer feel things I know I should
Scarlett De la cruz
Why does robby go to the derset then he ends up getting lost-. _.
geometry dash king
geometry dash king 2 months ago
Bruh you don't have windows 10 bUrh bruhBURh
Alyssa Salazar
Alyssa Salazar 2 months ago
Ziyah Wongsoredjo
Ziyah Wongsoredjo 2 months ago
Faiza Salmaan
Faiza Salmaan 2 months ago
you said that you were going to do 25 but you only did 07
unfiltered kedi
unfiltered kedi 2 months ago
Who else enjoys robby' hacks 💖
Elena 2 months ago
Anyone here in 2020??
LEPDX RBLX 2 months ago
I tried asmr soap carving with a razor and sliced my finger and no I didn’t cut it off I just kinda cut it really bad and lost a lil but of feeling In ma finger also I took so long to type this with my sliced finger :(
danet reyes
danet reyes 2 months ago
Bath bombs are made of the same material as chalk so you can draw on sidewalks with Bath bombs
Michelle Guevarra
Michelle Guevarra 3 months ago
I won over a P for anything and then please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@
Alex Flores jr
Alex Flores jr 3 months ago
You wasting my time
Tobby stop eating bathbombs
Ashlii Barrios
Ashlii Barrios 3 months ago
That Pokemon just appeared
andy yang
andy yang 3 months ago
ROBBY ROBBY!!!!!!! | •
Serious Black
Serious Black 3 months ago
I. Damn. Did
Nerusha Majoos
Nerusha Majoos 3 months ago
Madison Kieselmann
Madison Kieselmann 3 months ago
Me too
Isabella Floyd
Isabella Floyd 3 months ago
Lycel Paulo
Lycel Paulo 4 months ago
When tobi had a bath bomb in his knife he look diffirent for me
Lycel Paulo
Lycel Paulo 4 months ago
What a wase of comb
chaminda janaka
chaminda janaka 4 months ago
tori she is my hart
Nelly Hansen
Nelly Hansen 4 months ago
JEEPER 0519 4 months ago
Barbie you are a big big big head anchor a big meanie you should DIY you know craft more make a big bigger bigger bigger bigger Christmas tree and not do DIYs
Nilesh Thakker
Nilesh Thakker 4 months ago
SSAYEI INC 4 months ago
Robby. aaaaahhhhhhhhh
Charles Osmond
Charles Osmond 4 months ago
Why are you not posting. ????
lightingamer theman
lightingamer theman 4 months ago
0:35 good boy
Brittany Michelle L.
I love ur vids
Robogirl1021 robots cool
Not trying to be rude but you talk too much in you're vids
Julia Huff
Julia Huff 4 months ago
In part 2
Julia Huff
Julia Huff 4 months ago
Who noticed that when robby was putting down the tape the sound effects matched the beat
Olivia Weaver
Olivia Weaver 4 months ago
Cook jello
Gabrielle Dalby
Gabrielle Dalby 4 months ago
Robby: I just made jello bacon! R obbys roomates: huh who said that. Robby: JELLO BACON! Roomates: nvm
Julia Vokey
Julia Vokey 5 months ago
Julia Vokey
Julia Vokey 5 months ago
Toby the tennis ball is naked
Carlos Loera
Carlos Loera 5 months ago
Mackenzie Luepnitz
Mackenzie Luepnitz 5 months ago
Who know is song comment down below the song I willput it down there in the read more section plz do not cheat. you could use a buddy dont u want a pal yes I do yes I do
Mackenzie Luepnitz
Mackenzie Luepnitz 5 months ago
Bettle juice say my name did u get it
Heidi Falken
Heidi Falken 5 months ago
His so funny😂
Hakan Huseyin Hasan
Hakan Huseyin Hasan 5 months ago
Stress relieving more like stress forgiving
Mr Eddie Jordan
Mr Eddie Jordan 5 months ago
Teri Mcleod
Teri Mcleod 5 months ago
Hi Robby
Artistic Dragon
Artistic Dragon 5 months ago
I liked this video just because it’s funny lol
Stephen and Hallie
Stephen and Hallie 5 months ago
I’m not first I’m not last But when Robby posts I click fast
tatyana gutierrez
tatyana gutierrez 5 months ago
Do you guys know what tobby stands for | | | | | Robby +tori you welcome 😄
Emma Ilie
Emma Ilie 5 months ago
7:27 Hi computer☺😂😂
Yoko Holligan
Yoko Holligan 5 months ago
I get new combs then I chew on the bristles...I find it satisfying
Power puff fan Cutie
Robby You are so so so so so cool I am Nora nice to meet you I am Muslim ‏سلام عليكم that means hi
Tracie Fry
Tracie Fry 5 months ago
That knife has probably seen some better days
adnan Benic
adnan Benic 5 months ago
BRUH 7:31 really this pc is old why not using Windows 10
Deborah Algarin
Deborah Algarin 5 months ago
I love Robbie when he’s like hahaha I am tired of Tori is calm
Deborah Algarin
Deborah Algarin 5 months ago
I love you Tori the Bransky and Robbie. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Deborah Algarin
Deborah Algarin 5 months ago
Izzah illyana15
Izzah illyana15 5 months ago
Robby and tori good man and girl
Trinity KOLBERG 5 months ago
I'm so sorry
Trinity KOLBERG 5 months ago
Shut up
Gacha Cat
Gacha Cat 5 months ago
Can I ride
Saivanna Robinson
Saivanna Robinson 5 months ago
Oooooooo what do we know.
Javar Hamlett
Javar Hamlett 5 months ago
Javar Hamlett
Javar Hamlett 5 months ago
Erin Green
Erin Green 5 months ago
I love toris sert
Antonio Berber
Antonio Berber 5 months ago
Actually I have watch this video and it is from Sarah beauty corner but it is all right if you made a mistake.
margaux legaspi
margaux legaspi 6 months ago
ilove tori s wearing its like a drass
Debbie Simm
Debbie Simm 6 months ago
Iuhhjķđä was the house hunting for a few days before the boys
RockyIsMe 6 months ago
Every single Robby video: ahhhh I messed up
Sathyam Reddy
Sathyam Reddy 6 months ago
Like of you know JUSTIN BIEBER
Red_909 6 months ago
Was that Lonnie
Xi Li Li
Xi Li Li 6 months ago
jelllo bacon
Vicente Banuelos
Vicente Banuelos 6 months ago
Sé también yes
Miyah Rhodes
Miyah Rhodes 6 months ago
That art looks like a city
Demongaming 6 months ago
Mother Earth will complain she our home
PHILLXGT 6 months ago
U just said my name jello
cutie me
cutie me 6 months ago
Robby pls prank Tori 'cause you never ever pranked her ps: I love your videos and do 123 go pranks on her if you made a vid of pranking Tori pls😢
beagle master
beagle master 6 months ago
Who hasn't been stressed
Bella Jackson-Fleming
hell these were so satisfying
Srishti Sengupta
Srishti Sengupta 6 months ago
I ❤his crafts
Parker Michael
Parker Michael 6 months ago
If you are in a different time zone press this. 👇🏻
Robin and Caleb puppet adventure
I love your video
Rbxify 6 months ago
Him talking fast Me hearing:blebsusnsbxx
Ina Nacheva
Ina Nacheva 7 months ago
Robby: *tries to use the printer* The printer: Imma ruin this man's whole carrier
Theresa Beaton
Theresa Beaton 7 months ago
Theresa Beaton
Theresa Beaton 7 months ago
Angel does Gacha
Angel does Gacha 7 months ago
0:34 tori sounds adorableeeeee!!!!
Ramlugon Navisha
Ramlugon Navisha 7 months ago
RapidSniperr 7 months ago
~tori~ "good boy" 2019 :)
Dylants 7 months ago
Next videos