Trying $3 Pumpkin Decorating Kits! w/ iJustine!

Rosanna Pansino
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These turned out so funny!
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Funny Pumpkin Decorating #Kits! There was a witch, unicorn, llama, black cat, spider, and more!
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Oct 16, 2019




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Comments 3 223
Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino Month ago
This video was so much fun to make! What was your favorite pumpkin that we made? Are you dressing up for halloween?🎃🎃🎃👻
Lovely GachaBlox
Lovely GachaBlox 9 days ago
I'm gonna be my own monster I could draw
K.A.G The Hunter
K.A.G The Hunter 12 days ago
Krishna Patel
Krishna Patel 23 days ago
Loma. And. The. Spadrs
Monika Liberska
Monika Liberska Month ago
My FAV pumpkin was the spider!
Tammy Llewellyn
Tammy Llewellyn Month ago
For Halloween I’m gonna be a dead school girl
Fear The Skeleton
Fear The Skeleton 8 hours ago
ro: *mentions hokus pokus* me: STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!
Adam Martin
Adam Martin 8 hours ago
Dec.9 Katniss Everdeen
Angeline Maria
Angeline Maria 7 days ago
Is there even anything in this kit? INclUdeS EVerYThiNG YOu NeEd!!!1!1!!!
Desirée Crevier
Desirée Crevier 11 days ago
I love the unicorn the best.
Anne Laramie
Anne Laramie 13 days ago
Sally from nightmare before Christmas
CID NOTARY 13 days ago
Do more found do or found don’t pls 😻
Hope Roland
Hope Roland 16 days ago
I watch Hocus Pocus and also the cat's name is Binx
mary wiltrout
mary wiltrout 19 days ago
Ever Anderson
Ever Anderson 19 days ago
I love Hocus Pocus!
Chickennugget lover 673954
Mia Sacks
Mia Sacks 22 days ago
THE LLAMA😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maya Moon626
Maya Moon626 22 days ago
I like the cat
grness 23 days ago
ITS BINX !!!!!!
Megan K 2
Megan K 2 23 days ago
I love Hocus Pocus it's one of my favorites
Susan Goldberg
Susan Goldberg 24 days ago
that hat looks like aflat piece of paper
• _ Marionie _ •
Black Cats Are The Cutest ;^;
TheUnwantedTranny Jay
Too short to get on her own chair
Audrey 28 days ago
Omgggg you guys should build the hogwarts legos in a video
Loli Fernandez Martinez
Loli Fernandez Martinez
I súper love Harry Potter!😍💖
Liz Ayelet
Liz Ayelet 29 days ago
Jynx? His name is Thackery Binx🥺
Dream Crafters
Dream Crafters Month ago
When Ro said she was going to cut the stem off the second time, She broke the stem off the pumpkin, no more hat for the witch, I literally choked on my tea😂😹😜🤓😋😝
Furious Limster
Furious Limster Month ago
I was a devil and my brother was a old man
Savanna White
Savanna White Month ago
To: You kno the cat off hocus pocus? Jinx? Me: It’s Binx 😬🥺
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson Month ago
You guys are the best collab
cats in boats
cats in boats Month ago
If there was no colored print it would be 1 dollar I agree Justine lol
Aoife Bakunin
Aoife Bakunin Month ago
The frenetic energy these two have around each other is hilarious
M I'm still a piece of garbage
Then u see jestin and rosanna on the news
Chuggy Gaming
Chuggy Gaming Month ago
4:45 Justines scared of knifes *has a machete*
Coconudi Benvenuti
my favorite pumpkin was the loma that is not how you spell it but ya
kiran butt
kiran butt Month ago
I am becoming a unicorn
David Foster
David Foster Month ago
I love Hocus Pocus every Halloween me and my family watch it
Kai Rogers
Kai Rogers Month ago
when you said,hows your lama, I thought you said, how's your mama!!!!!
Giggles 2019
Giggles 2019 Month ago
I was Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
Aatif Malik
Aatif Malik Month ago
i love when Justine and Ro collab
LunaPotter Month ago
Yasssss Harry Potter!!! Where is my HUFFLEPUFF GANG 💖🤪🦡!! If u are reading this what house are u / pls do the quiz with u and Justine
Jackie Heroux Food Reviews
Love your vids, and Justine is awesome. You guys remind me of Lucy and Ethel cause things don’t always go according to plan in your vids together, lolol You are awesome! Hope Husky and the dogs are good! With love from 🇨🇦😊😎
Tracy Millsaps
Tracy Millsaps Month ago
I am planing to be a crazy cat lady
Gacha Twins
Gacha Twins Month ago
I’m gonna be a attic fox
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