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The Try Wives got their futures read by a psychic and some of these predictions are WILD! Which ones do you think will come true?! 🔮
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Aug 24, 2019




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Comments 80
Kashika Gokhale
Wait when did Zach get married?
brynnmariee9 .
and she got a cat 7 months later
Blake OwU
Blake OwU 2 days ago
Becky is a babysoul confirmed
tvcharleytown 2 days ago
I did a reading of the Medicine Woman Tarot cards for myself. It came up "Cosmic Dancer on the Edge of Time". A month later I tried it again after shuffling and shuffling the cards. Got the same reading. It kind of freaked me out and I put them away for now.
Marina Silveira Silveira
The getting a cat thing wasn’t wrong!!!
That lady that guessed Becky and Keith would get a cat in 6 months or so was pretty close 👀 I love Alfred 😌❤️
PonoccaKay 3 days ago
So Keith and Becky got a cat, Alfred, and she said 6 months. Close, I guess
Sudharma Dwadasi
Sudharma Dwadasi 4 days ago
And they didn't get the cats. I'm disappointed.
Fred Carrot
Fred Carrot 4 days ago
Try significant others wine time!
Melissa Rehmeier
Melissa Rehmeier 5 days ago
The thing about little kids being able to tell about their past life, freaks me out!! 😬
Ana Villatoro
Ana Villatoro 5 days ago
Soooo... is baby Wes having a brother/sister this year!?
Pénélope Solomon
And six seven months later she got a kitty keith
Sammi Chan
Sammi Chan 6 days ago
Watching this during quarantine and thinking about Alfred!!
Chloe Barnes
Chloe Barnes 6 days ago
becky: i don’t think jumanji is real me in quarantine: the world is now jumanji😩
Broadway obsessed Zsider
Guru Great
Guru Great 7 days ago
Where is matt
franny panny
franny panny 8 days ago
its all a trick eugenes wife iS the wine in tryguys wine time 💅💅💅
Samantha Turri
Samantha Turri 9 days ago
"You can't be child actors" "SHIT"
Night Eyes
Night Eyes 9 days ago
I love that Maggie is still included in these episodes even though she and Zach aren't married. 🤍
Adam Girie
Adam Girie 10 days ago
The real question is whu are they so pretty
Amy Scholl
Amy Scholl 10 days ago
finally becky got that cat
Allison Daily
Allison Daily 11 days ago
The try wives videos are my absolute favorite videos to watch
Dogs And songs
Dogs And songs 11 days ago
Fun. I have no belief in this stuff it is clearly just random but everyone is diffrent
Broadway obsessed Zsider
Kyla Nicole xx
Kyla Nicole xx 11 days ago
i love how they include maggie already ❤ hope she and zach will be together until the end!
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay 11 days ago
Stardust crusaders time
Lexi Sarette
Lexi Sarette 11 days ago
More Try Wives!
Maë DM
Maë DM 11 days ago
wait. the Madam Pimena said Becky would get a cat in six months...They got a cat last month ? It is one or two months off but I mean ?????
Meggles Flair
Meggles Flair 11 days ago
Took them like 8 months to get a cat. 6 cups + 2 kids= 8 months?
L Lock
L Lock 12 days ago
16:31 Ariel said it would be her dissision and she pulls the queen of swords; that means she's in power to choose when she will so not sure the other card was needed but maybe given the lockdown it will happen anyway :)
Jessica Abrahams
Jessica Abrahams 12 days ago
Becky and Keith got a cat in late April
{Evan_ studios}
{Evan_ studios} 12 days ago
The try wives:get it on the first time They try guys: wut
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow 13 days ago
Soooooooo . . . I'm wondering. What IS Becky's career? Job?
Shona Palmer
Shona Palmer 13 days ago
Everytime they did Try Wives Wine Time, I would always be disappointed at Becky's negative energy. She already has a resting bitch face and her being sarcastic really doesn't help at all, it just made her look rude. Everytime she opens her mouth, I cringed
Letsgoseethings 11 days ago
damn, that's harsh :(
Isabelle Vazquez
Isabelle Vazquez 13 days ago
Honestly the try wife's should have there own RUvid channel or something it would be funny
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 13 days ago
I feel like wes is such a perfect person living a perfect life which somehow will trigger his psychic ability
Roshani Harripersaud
no one : *ariel picking cards that define her sons future* “i sEe bOoBiEs”
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 13 days ago
Maggie is so precious 🥺
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 13 days ago
It’s been 8 months and Becky isn’t pregnant!!
PopyStella T.
PopyStella T. 13 days ago
Did Becky get a cat?
Guillermo Hernandez
Does anyone know what Tarot deck are they using? Is it the Ride-white?
The fur Flock
The fur Flock 13 days ago
She was only 2 months off of when Becky and Keith would get a cat!!
just a bisexual asian girl
how did she know that Becky soul get a cat?
Emily Conover
Emily Conover 15 days ago
I love the try wives! And I love TWWT... please, make more. I need a break from the guys faces.
lemon girl
lemon girl 15 days ago
Tarot cards: You will get a cat six months from now About eight months later: Keith and Becky got a cat.
ria ghai
ria ghai 15 days ago
Beaky and Keith got a cat 8 months later....
Ardhana Pradipta
Ardhana Pradipta 16 days ago
becky still doesnt have a cat
Kai-Riin Kanarbik
Kai-Riin Kanarbik 14 days ago
Ardhana Pradipta she has, they got one 3 weeks ago
Ella Saul
Ella Saul 16 days ago
Well becky doesn't have a cat and ariel isn't pregnant so llllliiiiiieeeeesssss!!!!!
Nana Tan
Nana Tan 16 days ago
Omg Becky did get a cat within those 06 months!
sophie Spigno
sophie Spigno 16 days ago
Update Becky and Keith have their cat
Emily 16 days ago
Becky got her cat! Just a few months off!
Debarati dhar
Debarati dhar 16 days ago
Love how she had an idol of goddess Lakshmi, she is the goddesses of money.
Melis Gürbüs
Melis Gürbüs 17 days ago
Tarot fallarının üstünde neden kader çarkı yazıyor. Niye Türkçe
I love jin
I love jin 17 days ago
bro i’m wearing a shirt with the sun card on it 😳😳
Natalia Bazan
Natalia Bazan 17 days ago
ok but im from Perú and i can tell zach is super super white 🖐🏻
carlos ortiz
carlos ortiz 18 days ago
Did Becky get her kitty kieth! ??
Inexplicable 16 days ago
Yep! Alfred!
Elizabeth Schuyler
Elizabeth Schuyler 18 days ago
carlos ortiz Yeah, they got a cat pretty recently i think which is pretty close
Brendan Hammond
Brendan Hammond 18 days ago
Anyone here read tarot? I do.
Jana Lukic
Jana Lukic 19 days ago
She was close with the cat thing i think it was actualy like 7 Months
Audrey Dupuis
Audrey Dupuis 19 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the cat thing for Becky was so accurate
Katarzyna Wala
Katarzyna Wala 19 days ago
So... 8 months past. Ariel, is Wes going to have a sibling soon? Becky got a cat little later than 6 months
The what What
The what What 19 days ago
Pseudoscience bullshit
Little bk
Little bk 19 days ago
It's been 8 months now. Has Becky gotten her cat yet?
Inexplicable 16 days ago
cam. 19 days ago
zeldaindisguise 20 days ago
Becky and Keith have their cat now! It wasn't exactly 6 months, but two months more isn't so far off.
Iona TB
Iona TB 21 day ago
it took 8 months for Keith and Becky to get a cat I guess it was close
C Williams
C Williams 21 day ago
Still waiting for Kitty-Keith to appear
Tamara 19 days ago
They got a cat few days ago
Torie Barrett
Torie Barrett 21 day ago
Ariel: I got a reading at that buzzfeed Christmas party Maggie: oh I got a reading in Peru 😂😂 welp
avacadoes 22 days ago
maggie is sooo pretty
Charity Weigant
Charity Weigant 22 days ago
We need an updated version to see if anything came true. :)
Tamara 19 days ago
Yeah,cat happened for Keith and Becky 😂
Kenna Owen
Kenna Owen 22 days ago
i mean the reading for when they got a cat was close. keith and becky got a cat 8 months after this video was posted soooo
sydney mcbride
sydney mcbride 22 days ago
Lol none of that happened
Inexplicable 16 days ago
Keith and Becky got their cat!
Hkz 8221
Hkz 8221 22 days ago
Idk why but Maggie looks like J-hope.
Laila _
Laila _ 22 days ago
Keith literally JUST got a cat!
Kristóf Wéber
Kristóf Wéber 22 days ago
Okay, Becky dont have a cat now, it's been over 6 months
Apocrypha93 22 days ago
I’m 8 months after this and Becky has a cat now, p.s. anyone who sees this, hope you guys are healthy in this corona pandemic🙏🏻
laihlah schmid
laihlah schmid 22 days ago
“Ask them who they were before they were born” My sister is 3....
Areej Obaid
Areej Obaid 22 days ago
i have a crush on Maggie but they're all so charming
Kelsey Jackson
Kelsey Jackson 22 days ago
Where’s Eugenes bf.
Natalya Doria
Natalya Doria 23 days ago
Oh my God it's been around 6 months and Becky and Keith did get a cat!!!!
Purple Li
Purple Li 23 days ago
So is Ariel preggo now? And did Becky get that cat or cats?
Natalya Doria
Natalya Doria 23 days ago
Yeah dude! Becky got her cat! His name is Alfred and he has an insta.
rosette 24 days ago
proud to say, the cat has come
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