Try To Eat In 1 Second Challenge (Speed Eating) | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

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Content featured:
Eating banana in 1 second Lol 😆 😮🍌
Drinking a whole water bottle in 1 second
guy eats watermelon in one second...
Eating 17 Mcdonalds Hash Browns in 1 Minute
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Try To Eat This In 1 Second Challenge (Speed Eating) | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food


Published on


Feb 14, 2019




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Comments 15 171
REACT 7 months ago
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James Littles
James Littles 15 days ago
Let me be in your show
Justin Veras
Justin Veras 15 days ago
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez 16 days ago
Mike Morina wjyeusy
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez 16 days ago
REACT sjhsus
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez 16 days ago
REACT suusyzy
BaD OpS 8 hours ago
Why does it look that you can eat a melon piece in 0.1 seconds
Ananya Chattarjee
Ananya Chattarjee 15 hours ago
I can do the hash browns challenge
Brittney the coolgirl
I can Do the water Bottle
Frostbite Floofle
Frostbite Floofle 18 hours ago
I would practically *i n h a l e* everything
Raluca Serban
13:13 i would've gave her at least 17 years old i am 14 and our class doesn't look like this at all
Nevia Cornelisa
Jordan she is so pretty. She's a little bit looks like Mary Queen in the movie.
soaps 19 hours ago
View Eater
View Eater Day ago
Lol we’re pretty much just watching people eat ice cream
Leighferd Games
Basically mukbang
Jeremy Mejos
Jeremy Mejos Day ago
The chicken nuggets eater is matt stonie is it?
_your_lovely_ keith_
Eric: I feel like this is for people who went outside in the summer Chloe: You didn’t go outside in the summer? Eric: I like reading..
Ignacio Koen
Ignacio Koen Day ago
Did any body notice Matt stonie had one hash brown left
Jeremy Mejos
Jeremy Mejos Day ago
Jeremy Mejos
Jeremy Mejos Day ago
Karson Cripe
Karson Cripe Day ago
eric i have a cavity too
asim kazmi
asim kazmi 2 days ago
Eric : I did *woOSh* Also Eric : and then i did *wOoOosH*
M4MOAMMER 2 days ago
He sound like conner 2:24 Detroit become human
Mike Sisk
Mike Sisk 2 days ago
TTanie Boo
TTanie Boo 2 days ago
Should've brang in Jordan or Tori haha, they would've demolished it lmao
TTanie Boo
TTanie Boo 2 days ago
Should've not* should've got Tori instead
kawaii Chan_plays
Hm...I can eat so fast but......if you gave me a cake I would just put my whole face in it..
Erica Tham
Erica Tham 3 days ago
Not being mean to anyone here but i kind of think i would win every round cause i tried all of this with my friends and sisters
Silv3rt3arz :D
Silv3rt3arz :D 3 days ago
i can do the hashbrown challenge ;) I LOVE HASHBROWNS
Etn_ Dom
Etn_ Dom 3 days ago
11:03 = my friend 11:10 = me
jessi Warren
jessi Warren 3 days ago
9:48 when your mom walks in while your eating in your room
Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul
Who was the guy with the whole watermelon?
Tofu Day ago
@Zero Gacha why do you even bother commenting if you dont know
Zero Gacha
Zero Gacha 3 days ago
Montre Sangouthai
The blue shirt guy sounds exactly like dokoztas
Бегенч Шамырадов
You should've called Tori
White Roses
White Roses 4 days ago
Fastest I’ve ever drank a water bottle is 11 seconds
Aira Sophia Santos
- TheWorstAnimations -
I sometimes swallow my ice cream. weird right?
Someone Day ago
@Denvely Games same
Denvely Games
Denvely Games 4 days ago
- TheWorstAnimations - bruh I bite the Ice cream that’s not weird right?
Marie Cannon
Marie Cannon 5 days ago
I am 11 I can squeeze it and drink the water fast
issayuwu 4 days ago
me too ;-;
Robin Bulo
Robin Bulo 5 days ago
9:53 watermelon left the chat
kavinda gunathilaka
I went whoosh and it went whoosh 😂🤣
M Hope
M Hope 6 days ago
I was expecting chanyol’s video for the water challenge lol 😂
Haya's Mom
Haya's Mom 23 hours ago
Omg sameeee Chanyeol was the only person i could think of 🤣🤣
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten 6 days ago
Jaxon and Will were just taking their sweet tie witht he icecream XD
Natasha Steil
Natasha Steil 6 days ago
I ship jaxon and will together like so bad
Grace Kim
Grace Kim 6 days ago
3:57 he doesn't want his mom to check cuz he's a weed if you know what I mean
Guinevere Armstrong
chiKi baby
chiKi baby 6 days ago
Can u pick me i eat my food fast like numnumnumnum
chiKi baby
chiKi baby 6 days ago
I can eat that ice cream in 1s
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten 6 days ago
That's a little dramatic. There is no possible way to eat it in *1* second :|
blenderman 6 days ago
chiKi baby I can eat ice cream in 0000000000.1 second
Rodolfo Penaloza
Rodolfo Penaloza 6 days ago
Its making me hungry
Jesper sørensen
Jesper sørensen 7 days ago
Not For enything but im pretty much bette than them to eating fast
No Name
No Name 7 days ago
2:45 her face 😏
Tina Misek
Tina Misek 7 days ago
If younread this the dhdhdndjd
Fadi Ellahib
Fadi Ellahib 7 days ago
How can a black person not like watermalen
No Name
No Name 7 days ago
Fadi Ellahib watermelon*
PuRe Dxsigns
PuRe Dxsigns 7 days ago
Jaxon: I saw this video where Will: WHAT KIND OF VIDEOS ARE YOU WATCHING
Bianca Meneses
Bianca Meneses 7 days ago
When Chloe was eating the hash browns she was like throwing up and spitting them out
MonsterBlox Playz
But water melon is nasty
MonsterBlox Playz
And I drink to much water in LIFE stay dehydrated
MonsterBlox Playz
I Luv ice cream and dont one of you say BANANA IS NASTY ITS SWEET AND DELICIOUS
Loopy Lily
Loopy Lily 7 days ago
MonsterBlox Playz banana is nasty :)
عبوصي الحرموطي
هلة والله بالعرب
عبوصي الحرموطي
عبوصي الحرموطي
Jlxs12 * 😂😂😂
M4MOAMMER 2 days ago
Jlxs12 *
Jlxs12 * 7 days ago
عبوصي الحرموطي 😂✋🏻
김지은 7 days ago
Prince Eshmael Tahil
Loopy Lily
Loopy Lily 7 days ago
Prince Eshmael Tahil you: 🤡🤡🤡
noone2019 8 days ago
They are eating banana like straight ppl
Victor Ceniceros
Victor Ceniceros 8 days ago
12 min,when she tells them to stop eating 😂😂😂😂 that girls face 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lil Miea
Lil Miea 8 days ago
Told ya, i love these dude 7:59
Lil Miea
Lil Miea 8 days ago
Dirty minded! 5:46
Lil Miea
Lil Miea 8 days ago
Love this dudes😂😂😂5:14
Lil Miea
Lil Miea 8 days ago
3:43 If you understand, then keep watching
mark brown
mark brown 8 days ago
the one where the guy ate the watermelon was so hilarious 🤣 I literally rolled of my bid crying laughing
Deanna Moreno
Deanna Moreno 8 days ago
I drank a bottle of in water 44 seconds
Cash Mills
Cash Mills 8 days ago
bruh look at this dude
Deanna Moreno
Deanna Moreno 8 days ago
I drank a bottle of in water 44 seconds
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