Try Not To Say WOW Challenge... (IMPOSSIBLE) w/ Gloom

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Today Gloom & I try not to say WOW to these amazing & oddly satisfying photos. Challenge accepted... and failed.
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Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 100
It’s Lauren here
It’s Lauren here 43 minutes ago
Carmelle Corpuz
Carmelle Corpuz 12 hours ago
Gloom: “I’ll give you a wow Lauren Lauren: “ooh thank you” I thought she was gonna say “thx I won’t give you one though”👁👄👁
Courtney Roos
Courtney Roos 4 days ago
Me: looks at Lauren's hair Ad: Purple hair Me again: Lauren made that ad
the flower one is easy to do and I do it all the time when I am baking
Lynne Richardson
Lynne Richardson 7 days ago
I like your hair
Reem ElKaouakibi
Reem ElKaouakibi 7 days ago
Video:the whole point of this is not to say wow Kassie and Lauren: W O W OoOOoOooOOo S U C H W O W (1 hour later) W O W S O C O O L W O A H
Daniel Prime
Daniel Prime 7 days ago
Its ice duuuuh
Becca Hanson
Becca Hanson 10 days ago
Have you heard of the huge magic cow in Fablehaven? It's name is Viola
Belle 10 days ago
That was only posted in 2016, so Monster Moo should be alive and well.
Belle 10 days ago
Apart, funny. Together, knee-slapping duo.
Nyah's world
Nyah's world 11 days ago
I went to a library before and i saw a sunbeam snake
Mikaylie Cvijeticanin
“it’s like the galaxy and deep ocean I’m afraid of both” -LaurenZside Me: your hair, logo,intro,outro and merch are all galaxy themed
Sherry Hardy
Sherry Hardy 13 days ago
I know what is in that big hole in the lake, dRaGoN cIvIlIzAtIoN
RoseTyler Collins
RoseTyler Collins 13 days ago
I don’t know if any of you watched LDshadowlady but her house in x life 1:26
Kassidy Terte
Kassidy Terte 14 days ago
Renuka Roche
Renuka Roche 14 days ago
So many ohh in the video 🤣
crisle wolf
crisle wolf 15 days ago
why are you saying wow but your sring not to 😳
crisle wolf
crisle wolf 15 days ago
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa # i didn't say wow
chestypants78 15 days ago
12:22 Omg someone is stalking me and put me on the news 😓😓😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😲😲😲😲😨😨😨😨😨😖😖😖
Deal with It :}
Deal with It :} 16 days ago
Ah. Cassie is how I found u :o
Kiara Dixon
Kiara Dixon 16 days ago
Sotp. Saging. Stop saying bad words
Kiara Dixon
Kiara Dixon 16 days ago
I want to watch your videos to make the kids I'm a kid because I'm a kid
Karika McBride
Karika McBride 16 days ago
Vegans everywhere When they show the big cow: Awwwww so cute When they talked about eating it:😭😢😖😣😫😩🥺☹️🙁😔😟😱😨😥😥😰🤢🤮😵
Helana Hanna
Helana Hanna 16 days ago
Who came for the thumbnail
Gacha Twilight Gurl
My first impression of the 5th picture was “so cool!” And then I thought the tresses look like cauliflower. 😂🙂
Marilyn Vasquez
Marilyn Vasquez 17 days ago
Hi 😊 I am mrliyn
Hoodie Masky
Hoodie Masky 17 days ago
as someone who is allergic to lavender, my first thought was nice smells like death
Rye Eckler
Rye Eckler 18 days ago
That’s not flower I think that is Clay and then they put flour around it
The_artsy1 18 days ago
Hope Air
Hope Air 19 days ago
Lauren lost
Susanna & miriam
Susanna & miriam 19 days ago
OMG MY FAVORITE ANIMAL IS A COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Cubero
Brandon Cubero 19 days ago
wiz khalifa
Lynxcasade88 20 days ago
1:10 me looking at that field being allergic to lavender and has hay fever 💀💀💀
LittleWashy 20 days ago
Does anyone else get anxiety from “satisfying” things like soup cutting and asmr. Just me ok I’m so lonely
Legit Holly-rose YT
I'm allergic to lavender. I saw the first one and literally flinched 😂
GrabYoPopcorn 20 days ago
If I walked through that lavender field, I would lose the ability to breathe.
S Lacamell
S Lacamell 21 day ago
3:33 that part makes me think of dragon fruit like the inside of a dragon fruit and I really just want to jump off into that I'll probably big my bones I don't care
BARBIE HM 21 day ago
Do more videos with Kassie/gloom
My Name
My Name 22 days ago
I didn’t get satisfied all I do is not talk
Maja Kohut
Maja Kohut 22 days ago
Kassie and lauren:. It's irredecent Me: screaming that the snake is holographic
Terabeak Draws
Terabeak Draws 22 days ago
🤣 I got the til tok ad before the vid started and the first thing that I heard was...... *WOW*
Ñikî Ñät UwU
Ñikî Ñät UwU 22 days ago
She says wow like a LOT!! 😂
Ñikî Ñät UwU
Ñikî Ñät UwU 22 days ago
I mean cassy
ashanti souisa
ashanti souisa 23 days ago
13:37 the planets belly button 😂😂
Maddie 23 days ago
The snow birds look like dragon fruit seeds
LiLande IsTrash
LiLande IsTrash 23 days ago
How dare Lauren say snails are gross! Unsub! /j
Shy Wilson
Shy Wilson 23 days ago
plz do try not to say OoOo
Chanel Deckford
Chanel Deckford 23 days ago
I love you Lauren
Chanel Deckford
Chanel Deckford 23 days ago
llama girl
llama girl 24 days ago
i have never touched snow and the burgect white brown and yellowey thing looks great i lobe messing up things!
llama girl
llama girl 24 days ago
eeeew lavander blugh!
Wolfie 24 days ago
Me: *Is getting trypophobia from the bubbles in the bottle and putting my hand over the screen to block it from my view* Them: Wowww I wanna do that
Samantha Rivelli
Samantha Rivelli 24 days ago
for the really cool pie in the beginning, instead of ruining the whole thing i would just make one hole with my finger before anyone could take a picture.
Amelia Friia-LaRussa
Finally Two of my favorite RUvidrs put together Yes
S̶a̶d̶i̶e̶ 24 days ago
This is more like *_To say wow, or not to say wow._*
Pearl Storm
Pearl Storm 24 days ago
i would subscribe to lauren IF SHE DIDN’T DO GACHA.
nadine swilam
nadine swilam 24 days ago
she sad in 1:04 at the vidio
nadine swilam
nadine swilam 24 days ago
kassie she sad wow😐
nic james
nic james 24 days ago
Blah blah black Sheep
for the Rubix cube in a jar they probably cut out the 2 walls that arent facing the camera
Living at the Ledge
Wow Lauren first time you did your hair lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂
Aarya Paul
Aarya Paul 25 days ago
Im just gonna randomly say. My leg is a lot of pain I think I stretched my tissue or somethin
Jennifer Weller
Jennifer Weller 25 days ago
We used to do the thing with flour as part of a game. You put a sweet on top and take turns cutting areas of the flour away. Whoever makes the sweet fall then had to retriever it using only their mouths :) x
• YummyWaffles •
*says wow as soon as sees video* I think I lost...
-Daisy Gacha-
-Daisy Gacha- 25 days ago
Lauren: nature is beautiful! me: *goes back to her tik tok that says- is that a tree? it’s just so DISGUSTING i’m going back inside 😂😂😂😂
Jada Wolff
Jada Wolff 25 days ago
Gloom: it’s sharp Lauren:it’s soft Me:it’s water
MessiGameing 25 days ago
This is how many times they said wow with out noticing V
Hard Chong
Hard Chong 25 days ago
Mochi the diva dog
Mochi the diva dog 26 days ago
Cassie Azzie and Lauren give me life. They need to make a video of all three of them that would make me literally cry
Kimchi Lange
Kimchi Lange 26 days ago
Lauren: I love Iridescent things Me: Honey that’s Holo not iridescent
It's Meh
It's Meh 26 days ago
For the Rubrics cube jar! The way they did it is, before they heated up the neck of the jar and sealed it they put in the rubrics cube and then they sealed it. I saw the same thing in a science museum in Balboa Park.
Jessica Legg
Jessica Legg 26 days ago
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy 26 days ago
The huge cow’s name is Nickers
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy 26 days ago
Shradicle Games
Shradicle Games 26 days ago
0:58 wonder if anyone else thought that was ldshadowlady's one life season 3 house irl. If you SOMEHOW find this comment youre a legend
dylan plamondon
dylan plamondon 27 days ago
That is ldshadowlady's house in lavender land aka one life season
Kitty cubs
Kitty cubs 27 days ago
I have a pet snail 🐌 🐌 🐌
SimplyBella 27 days ago
Kassie said “wow” like 20 times without noticing lol.
Queen bee of cringe
Me when they see the sunbeam snake- that snake on flick
Haley Kantor
Haley Kantor 28 days ago
It's a HOLO SNAKE!!!!!
_DxskTillDxwn _
_DxskTillDxwn _ 28 days ago
The hole in the lake was actually man-made. They made it so rain doesn't make floods. Just a fun fact 😘
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Random Internet Person aka Abby
I sneezed and my dog left my room TvT
olivia Tsai
olivia Tsai 28 days ago
Search up a baby snail their tiny,cute...Or snails cute eating, snails cute babies
Greg Macready
Greg Macready 28 days ago
"I'm afraid of both" me to Lauren me to.
Madisyn Kotzke
Madisyn Kotzke 28 days ago
i love you both❤❤❤❤❤❤❤your the bests youtubers❤❤❤❤❤❤
indira arnold freire
Lauren “who’s right?” Trick question I am always right
tye smith
tye smith 29 days ago
1 me and Casey are hard to impress
Moo doo Ivy
Moo doo Ivy 29 days ago
flat water= Tsunami
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 29 days ago
That horse is bring abused as an equestrian i can say that that is animal abuse
Danielle Schrader
Danielle Schrader 29 days ago
Bich I got it off the muscle you want to fight and tussle and to my mm mm mm mm
iigoldenmilkii 29 days ago
I don’t like how Lauren’s channel died but I’m still there to be her viewer..
Soft Cloud
Soft Cloud 29 days ago
8 month late gang-
C S-C 29 days ago
can I just say.. Kassie’s hair is looking fffiiiiiinnnneeee!!!!
Chilly Canya321
Chilly Canya321 29 days ago
that irradecant snake is called a garter snake, btw love your vids ❤
Narwhal Crafts
Narwhal Crafts Month ago
To get the Rubik’s cube in the jar, someone had to take apart the cube and put it back together inside the jar
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Month ago
Lilac Rose
Lilac Rose Month ago
I want Lauren, Kassie, and Azzy to do a reaction collab. THAT WOULD BE BOMB
Kristi Bridgman
Kristi Bridgman Month ago
Cassie said whoa
LittleMissSunset Hartley
I live in north of France :3
A C Month ago
it looks like snak skin
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