Try Not To Say WOW Challenge... (IMPOSSIBLE) w/ Gloom

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Today Gloom & I try not to say WOW to these amazing & oddly satisfying photos. Challenge accepted... and failed.
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Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 2 239
Karma Kid
Karma Kid Day ago
Dis vid triggered my OCD so bad ahhhhhhhhgg 😫
Atlanta K
Atlanta K Day ago
Keep up the good work Lauren luv ur vids
Ali Lads
Ali Lads Day ago
Looks like a perfect painting of a tree🖼🏡
Kensie Rinehart
Title try not to say wowww Kassie do you think it's a wow?
UnicornSparkle Cupcake
I said wow to all of them lol
Mary Keith
Mary Keith 2 days ago
but it is wine
Lilly Germany
Lilly Germany 2 days ago
I never said wow (out loud)
Jolanda Holder
Jolanda Holder 2 days ago
Cassie said: ''I Didn't say WOW I said oh baby''. Did anybody else BUT Me catch that?!
Laurie Everette
Laurie Everette 3 days ago
If i ran through that I would have rashes over me EVERWHERE :cause I'm allergic to lavender if you never knew
Emma Nemet
Emma Nemet 3 days ago
the 2 one they both said wow like 10 times
Geraint Williams
Geraint Williams 3 days ago
"Untouched water" 🤦‍♀️
Yiwen Dong
Yiwen Dong 3 days ago
I sub and liked also Ring the bell
Abigail Nelson
Abigail Nelson 3 days ago
Dont eat the puffer fish it poisons you will die
Crystal 3 days ago
kasie said wow two time we started the video
Halima Ahmed
Halima Ahmed 4 days ago
why is lauren wearing air pods even tho there is no sound?
shycake .a
shycake .a 4 days ago
Did you know Gloom stands for partial or total darkness?
Just Me Here
Just Me Here 4 days ago
10:30 nah mate that was just an artistic caterpillar comin thru the neighborhood 😎😎😎
Hannah Farr
Hannah Farr 5 days ago
Kassie sings amazing
Ana Cabral
Ana Cabral 5 days ago
XD you guys said wow like 30065 times
Morgan Milroy
Morgan Milroy 5 days ago
Morgan Milroy
Morgan Milroy 5 days ago
i am at school and i am dowing french right now
Arlene Lopez
Arlene Lopez 6 days ago
Oh I love untouched snow it’s so Pretty I hate it when people ruin it or step in it it’s so sad 😞
xXsunflowerXx 7 days ago
BTW the hole in the lake is a spillhole so if the water rises to high the water will go down into the spillhole so it does not flood!!!
Beanie Club
Beanie Club 8 days ago
Den laren sayed ur giving it a wow Ur just suppose to say wow okie something Deserves a wow you just say wow ok like Just say wOW don’t say that’s a wow say wow
Beanie Club
Beanie Club 8 days ago
When gloom sayed wow she sayed this is a wow I think u should Just say wow
Beanie Club
Beanie Club 8 days ago
Robin Billiu
Robin Billiu 8 days ago
I would want to jump inside the flower field and ruin it
Nessa & Kenna
Nessa & Kenna 8 days ago
Kassie “im hard to get impressed “. Kassie (every pic) “oooooo wow i like this”
XXBloodAbby XX
XXBloodAbby XX 8 days ago
the lavender field my sis would die she is alergect to lavender
Nichole Goodrich
Nichole Goodrich 8 days ago
6:25 I thought that it was a plate on the mug
Aiden Eclipse
Aiden Eclipse 8 days ago
I love how Lauren just literally put Kassie's singing on her intro. 😂
Amber Cabbell
Amber Cabbell 9 days ago
Amber Cabbell
Amber Cabbell 9 days ago
Cassie:]I'm giving it a wow me:you said it!!
Amber Cabbell
Amber Cabbell 9 days ago
Ahhhhhh kassie:merely cassie
CyberVlogs 1
CyberVlogs 1 9 days ago
Did any one else realize Lauren cussed after gloom said I would pit my whole face in that?
Callum Hallon
Callum Hallon 9 days ago
Hi I love both of yours videos :P
Stephanie Banna
Stephanie Banna 9 days ago
When the dog was jumping kassie said wow after Like if you heard that 👇🏻
Steven Meng
Steven Meng 9 days ago
1:43 llluminati is the you
Michele Clark
Michele Clark 10 days ago
The crow one looks like tadpole eggs ;3
Becky Ham
Becky Ham 10 days ago
Do a try not to say aww
Xx_DemonEclipse_xX 10 days ago
Kassie: "I didn't say wow, but i said.. oh baby.. Oh baby" Me: Does that count? Also Lauren said wow on the second one. Kassie gave it a wow.
KittyCatGaming 10 days ago
I would be so bad at this
Yellow Acid
Yellow Acid 10 days ago
I had a pet snail before
JJ Johnson
JJ Johnson 11 days ago
Cheese fish
JJ Johnson
JJ Johnson 11 days ago
Hand over the snake
May Hinton
May Hinton 11 days ago
number of wows said Kassie: 7 Lauren: 12 Me: 0 I'm the hardes one to inpress I know you may think its a lie that I didn't say the *word* but I really dont say that *word* alot .-.
Emilie Greninger
Emilie Greninger 11 days ago
Gloom and Lauren: we just want to mess everything up Me: NOOOOO save the beauty!!!!!
Ivy Williams
Ivy Williams 11 days ago
11:10 no wonder toriel likes snails
[ I t̲̅ z _ M v F o̸ Z y ]
They said *wow* like *50* times in the *intro*
Jonathon Hawk
Jonathon Hawk 12 days ago
Omg heyyyyyy kassie
PEYTON RAMSEY 12 days ago
They said “wow” 21 times. And also I love the shirt Kassie is wearing 😍
Leigh Lasley
Leigh Lasley 12 days ago
It's not bones, it's flexible cartilage. Thank you Google.
AnGrY PoMeRaNiAn
AnGrY PoMeRaNiAn 12 days ago
6:35 i saw a plate too
Bethy’s EO
Bethy’s EO 12 days ago
At 7:47 that hit different lol 😂
Lee Wood
Lee Wood 13 days ago
Lauren: I feel like I haven’t been saying wow lately Two seconds ago: I’ll give that a wow
Bernard Flynn
Bernard Flynn 13 days ago
The lavender would set of my alergies
Zamary Rosario
Zamary Rosario 13 days ago
This is so weird to watch.If you agree like IT! 👇🏼
banana daycare
banana daycare 13 days ago
All wows for me
Lone-Wolf03 14 days ago
LOL!! Just google it and Monster moo should still be alive!! So cute!! My friend Alex would love him/her!
Lunar 3clips
Lunar 3clips 14 days ago
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