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It's that time of the year! We bring you the first edition of The Best of the Year beginning with the funniest viral videos of the year! Please enjoy this funny video and tune in next time for the next edition!
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Dec 26, 2019




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Comments 100
Malek Nass
Malek Nass 2 days ago
when you realize hes 4ft 5 24:12
derek mitchell
derek mitchell 3 days ago
Wasn't that funny..
wasntlee 11 days ago
Sarah Elo
Sarah Elo 15 days ago
“Russia interfered in our election, 100%” FBI and new doc reports showing it was all a hoax: “let me stop you right there”
FRANK Smith 20 days ago
A cute blonde girl going crazy shaving her nice eyebrows!?,pretty stupid. I would never do that. Wonder how long it'll take for a human eyebrow to regrow? Usually people shave around their face, legs and bellybutton.
Rick Therrien
Rick Therrien Month ago
How did they get that wrench 🔧 off??
Gala Snipez
Gala Snipez Month ago
Peege Clarke
Peege Clarke Month ago
nothing funny here
JD3 HD Month ago
Not funny. Didn’t laugh
JD3 HD Month ago
I don’t know what is funny any more
Callen Maes
Callen Maes Month ago
10:45 oh so my moms texting strangers now
Gabriel Donovan
Gabriel Donovan Month ago
11:37 you know dude isn’t getting no head with that tooth😭👋
Chris A. Martínez
Stupid TikTok, driving us crazy.
Josiah Harrison
Josiah Harrison Month ago
Aobzy Month ago
Not funny 😒
bob wazoski
bob wazoski Month ago
13:38 Jesus has been reborn
Skyz Ofwonderz
Skyz Ofwonderz Month ago
HMMM.. That cat walking in looks EXACTLY like mine I just got, shes same color, very fluffy like that and the owner looks just like her! Hmmm its at 4:16
Āñīîňą Month ago
6:35 me at *dentist*
J-D Sadowski
J-D Sadowski Month ago
Barely any funny moments. Waste of time
Humgin1234 Month ago
HoPiC RevelutionZz
12:27 bruh
ben mikesell
ben mikesell 2 months ago
The dude at 24:00 is everything I find annoying in a person
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson 2 months ago
What is happening at the 3:23 mark? It sounds like someone crying while making a sandwich.
Iceio 2 months ago
Did the dude smell coke?
Starriat Club
Starriat Club 2 months ago
6:47 bruh XDDDDD
KandC182 2 months ago
It’s just a b. Get over it
Joel Polanco
Joel Polanco 2 months ago
19:50 whys he watching victorious
Lauren Lauren
Lauren Lauren 2 months ago
whos the mattew dude shes talking about at 4:45??
River Neubauer
River Neubauer 2 months ago
the girl in the thumbnail looks like if Voldemort grew a nose, became transgender, and got a skincare routine
Umme Habiba
Umme Habiba 2 months ago
Am I soulless or just sad?
Aamria 2 months ago
29:10 .......... that is so McOld ...... the other old one is people who try to order a whopper and then giggle =)
MetalicDroid 3 months ago
this is all fun and games but i aint playing where can i get one of those chairs
DabaDead 3 months ago
there was one funny part.
Mary Zuniga
Mary Zuniga 3 months ago
Jake Frost
Jake Frost 3 months ago
the dude that is talking about big foot is for sure on coke.........
Ja've Faith
Ja've Faith 3 months ago
Okay but I want to spend thanksgiving with that guy. My mom made me cry cause she wasn’t listening to me about my theories
Kalynee Reisch
Kalynee Reisch 3 months ago
Lol 😂
Melody Rodriguez
Melody Rodriguez 3 months ago
6:39 that thing said "weeeeeeeee" lmao
Melody Rodriguez
Melody Rodriguez 3 months ago
I was just thinking about 5:31 a few days ago lol. I love ittt!
Sienna Martinig
Sienna Martinig 3 months ago
So are we gonna ignore the fact that at 42:59 the background conversation was ‘why can’t ghosts have babies 👶 ‘ 😂
historynerdness over9000
Is no one going to talk about that doggo that was taught a life lesson and then had a existential crisis, or the doggo husky that liked to chomp . Dogs are odd specimens, they're great. 🐕
Squishy Dog 4
Squishy Dog 4 4 months ago
19:08 is this real ? 😱
mac ygffgug
mac ygffgug 4 months ago
broo when the little girl hit jer i the face and said achewww like she was trying to cover it up
APRO 4 months ago
I Love this!
APRO 4 months ago
1:36 Good job from grandma😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SourCream_YT 4 months ago
Watched all of it didn’t laugh once 😶
First World Problems
10 minutes in and I haven’t laughed yet. Time to leave the video
Chantelope Wolfie
Chantelope Wolfie 4 months ago
A McMedium McSprite 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I diedddddddddddddd
Chantelope Wolfie
Chantelope Wolfie 4 months ago
I need to get me one of dem rubber chickens
Latarsha Hall
Latarsha Hall 5 months ago
We gonna ignore the guy that shoved a cat down his pants and why did the cat look ok with it
historynerdness over9000
Cats are odd liquids, if they fits they sits . No logic, no reason , only cat.
Kysore The Lord
Kysore The Lord 5 months ago
Puke faces and jokes with vomit isn't funny...
Dakota Flores
Dakota Flores 5 months ago
2:17 that was awesome lmao
Bazooka Llama Productions
calling 911 actually brings cops to ur house whether its an emergency or not. and if its not a real emergency, theyll fine you for wasting their time.
Zeb Dawson
Zeb Dawson 5 months ago
That was obviously one of the friends that answered. He was literally giggling while he said “911, what’s your emergency?”
Bazooka Llama Productions
15:30 why you gotta do him like that? not cool at all.
Gabriel Pickett
Gabriel Pickett 5 months ago
5:25 the only questoin i have is how much beer does this guy drink
Summer Steele
Summer Steele 5 months ago
Mike Who Cheese Hairy Had me dead!!
ALCINDO R ALMEIDA 5 months ago
Alex Hamato
Alex Hamato 5 months ago
30:06 This is the world's apex predator.
Zoe Sauvageau
Zoe Sauvageau 5 months ago
At around 5:57 does anyone else think “you was at the club, bottoms up when I first met you”? Only the people who get it immediately get to associate with me 😂
jellus box
jellus box 5 months ago
3:26 that's not funny.... Someone feed that kid
DvM 777
DvM 777 5 months ago
These were more stupid than funny
Sam Jaramillo
Sam Jaramillo 5 months ago
Oh god I felt bad for the smelling salts guy. Been there. Done that. Life gets real very quickly....
Mariyat6F Of Adopt Me
43:54 OMG
Anicya Galindo
Anicya Galindo 5 months ago
Happy to see a successful Senior Tarp Run👏 we had someone fall in between the tarps my year
Olivia Pinsard
Olivia Pinsard 5 months ago
So funny
Armand Grenier
Armand Grenier 5 months ago
@47:14 The f'n birds 😄😂😆
Binck Jansen
Binck Jansen 5 months ago
It’s called a landing gear you bum num
IX 5 months ago
These are called memes not vines
Beef Stew
Beef Stew 5 months ago
Dude with the wax 😂😂😂😂
Tilly Petry
Tilly Petry 5 months ago
30:48 oh my, I need to do this why my boyfriend. That looks like so much fun!
Bobby Burnette
Bobby Burnette 5 months ago
did verbalase just speak at 43:57 bruh
Pauldamo 5 months ago
7:29 he said put your finger in ice to shrink it,metal will shrink with cold,heat expands metal.
trick351 5 months ago
43:23 looks more like The Tiger King than “daddy” 😳🤢🤮
Skelly Gang
Skelly Gang 5 months ago
10:22 LOL
drew pane
drew pane 6 months ago
1.47 briefcase wanker 🤣
Koolkid-gm 6 months ago
Koolkid-gm 6 months ago
Lmao the singing lessons. 😆
aleesha binette
aleesha binette 6 months ago
that person talking about aliens should talk to my dad lol
historynerdness over9000
I would talk to both , interesting views.
Emily 6 months ago
13:34 that Legit looks like Michael Jackson😂😂😂😂
Hilarious Baby
Hilarious Baby 6 months ago
Can not stop laughing
Jeon_ _Bliss
Jeon_ _Bliss 6 months ago
The first one was attractive before she shaved off her eyebrows like a dumbass now she anit getting no men and gonna be drawning on eyebrows does the rest of her life
Toby O'Neil
Toby O'Neil 5 months ago
Yeah guy, imma 100% sure she didnt actually do that.
Laurie Lewis
Laurie Lewis 6 months ago
I don't dop that on thanksgiving
Laurie Lewis
Laurie Lewis 6 months ago
Haha very funnyyyyyy!
Logans Lego Reviews
Logans Lego Reviews 6 months ago
32:49 is that the guy from titans????
NOAH GIBSON 6 months ago
That girls voice and laugh at 29:09 is so annoying.
Rdawg Deejays
Rdawg Deejays 6 months ago
Joshua Sebo
Joshua Sebo 6 months ago
The long haired brunette in the third video is beautiful
Naomi Vajda
Naomi Vajda 6 months ago
5:31 if my friend did this to me I would do 2 things, one grab my friends laptop and destroy it and two.......kiss my crush 😍
Gismo 6 months ago
Whats the magic trick @14:06?
Clown S
Clown S 6 months ago
the first one is my brothers friend
Michael 6 months ago
The guys in the speedos...yum
My Future History
My Future History 6 months ago
Mostly CRINGE!
karl otto
karl otto 6 months ago
2 many tooo shorted vines ;//
The Podcast Guy
The Podcast Guy 5 months ago
Tiktok not vine
Wifi Krueger
Wifi Krueger 6 months ago
19:07 when console plebs find out about type c
Fade Beast
Fade Beast 6 months ago
To the 900 people who disliked this you dont know what quality content is
Wifi Krueger
Wifi Krueger 6 months ago
12:56 maybe don't be fat and go outside for once lol
Crystal Kirby
Crystal Kirby 6 months ago
19:55 - you're on an airbus 319, or 320/21. it's the hydraulic pressure going from one engine to the other.
Useshd Dgnj
Useshd Dgnj 6 months ago
WikWikLMU 6 months ago
19:38 HIS LAUGH hiiihihihihhihaheihdiehaefrgthyujtr
clever name
clever name 6 months ago
Ross Smith's grandma is a great sport.
Mr. DT
Mr. DT 6 months ago
12:29 is what you’re here for. 😂😂😂
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