Try Not To Laugh Challenge #50 - Mystery Boxes!

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It’s the Try Not To Laugh challenge you know and love with a mystery box twist!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit 6 months ago
EPISODE 50?!?!?!? 🎉❤️
Benji908 13 days ago
Yes but no
Zyanid Warfare
Zyanid Warfare Month ago
Episode 69 needs to be vulgar humor and age restricted
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Month ago
Can we all just stop and talk about Ian's commitment at the start of the episode
Panda x Øzzy
Panda x Øzzy Month ago
Alright... That music you played @3:30 is absolutely amazing! Very well done! ❤❤
Cubjay123 4 months ago
1st view!!!
Ethan Murphy
Ethan Murphy 23 hours ago
I feel bad for Ian he’s so old
Christian Delvalle
Random red alert 3 soundtrack 😂😂😂
theweyrd 3 days ago
I miss Damien’s beard..
Mason Hembrough
Mason Hembrough 4 days ago
FYI that is not a pilot jacket thats a US Navy service coat
Natali Jusko
Natali Jusko 5 days ago
1:15 did Courtney say bungee gum
Captain Pinkbeard
Everytime I see Tommy in one of these i'm just like "Oh this is gonna be a really funny one"
Beau Albright
Beau Albright 10 days ago
Definitely like the mystery box challenges
Isaac Morrison
Isaac Morrison 10 days ago
Wow, Ian predicted the sea shanty thing
gabbyl._diaz 10 days ago
Is nobody gonna talk about how ian looks like the way he did in the old smosh days?
1Beardrinks2beers 11 days ago
with the harmonica instead of water maybe they finally can break Gus Johnson if they invite him again
Bryce Strife
Bryce Strife 13 days ago
Love.... You guys! Thanks for the laughs
Vivian Young
Vivian Young 13 days ago
Is it just me or does it look like Ian got significantly younger??
Super Mario Michael
Super Mario Michael
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 15 days ago
YOOOOOOO, Ian is the most talentless person on the whole team and he thinks hes SO funny when he really isn't
Mr.Positive 15 days ago
I get such a gay vibe from Tommy
shayla monson
shayla monson 16 days ago
i guess you could say ian got the birdbox
vicky plays roblox
vicky plays roblox 16 days ago
no...uh...mydogcant talk shane legit skipped a breath
Kangarooster 17 days ago
Ian is better at subtle things like the "WHAT" and the cough at the end of his bits.
Kangarooster 17 days ago
I got Damian's reference. Hopefully he was using it as a reference and not his own bit.
Kangarooster 17 days ago
Why is Ian such a child lmao.
Couch Time
Couch Time 17 days ago
I lost my shit when Shayne became the jester 😂
Dawnsk Gardner
Dawnsk Gardner 18 days ago
In Courtney's segment, was anyone else expecting Damien to make a Dream Daddy reference by saying he was goth and a true gentleman?
Perestrelo 18 days ago
No one: Ian: 👁‍🗨 _ 👁‍🗨
dxmrcus 20 days ago
Just realized damien looks like johnny depp
Beware the bat0
Beware the bat0 20 days ago
Shane's faces just kills me 🤣
Rosemary Moreland
Rosemary Moreland 26 days ago
A girl: does your dog to this? Me: wha- Her: no my dog doesn’t talk Him: laughs and walks away Me: nice video I love this part :o
zimmypostsonyoutubenow !
why does ian look more like he is in 2006 than in 2020 lol
Jay Collings
Jay Collings 29 days ago
Ian's hair is back omg lol
Kyson Van Dyke
Kyson Van Dyke 29 days ago
Was that a reference to that old berries and cream starburst commercial? Nobody ever remembers that 🤣
Azrin South
Azrin South Month ago
Oh Courtney, an awakening. +10
Spicy McGee
Spicy McGee Month ago
Olivia went hard in this one
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Month ago
twfilms_ Month ago
appreciate the fact that ian did nothing but blink for 3 minutes straight.
HACK3D PANDA Month ago
Ian Looks Like He Got A Time Machine In Looked In The Year 2020 in regretted it but now he is in this episode
{_ Øčęåñ_Ėÿēš _}
8:23 Olivia really went 🤩 yes please
desdemona l
desdemona l Month ago
2:12, 5:51, 13:20 wtf, 16:27 reddit karma, 17:40 botw score,
EQUALITY thank you
Amazing 🌹
Hyuna Young
Hyuna Young Month ago
I love how the phone isn't a phone anymore. It's just, your my favorite pizza place.
Miravo Month ago
Anyone else notice that shayne’s piano bit actually has some cool moments? 😂Also 18:26 gave me halo vibes
Septic Spooks
Septic Spooks Month ago
I want to know where Damien got his shirt it is so dang cute its one of my fav animal crossing characters
Your so funny 🤣 Your jokes are making my kidney problem worse their THAT funny
Tessa Leeds
Tessa Leeds Month ago
Literally the whole intro Ian froze
The Great Amida
The Great Amida Month ago
delacruise666 2 months ago
Ngl, Shane’s ability to keep his head still during his Cup Head bit was shocking.
Ineffable Trashcan
Ineffable Trashcan 2 months ago
Damien with the Tony Stark facial hair. It looks really good.
Marc Sergio G. Ilagan II
16:30 Why does this remind me of BowserVids?
Albinus Adeodatus
Albinus Adeodatus 2 months ago
The existence of the 1812 Overture in this just made me start giggling during Damien's skit as I was also thinking about ProZD... "Tchaikovsky no..." "Tchaikovsky YES"
Liz 2 months ago
Shane should use that blonde braided wig, be Terry Bogard from Final Fight, go out to Tommy (in the chair) and ask wtf why didnt I win most smashable bro?!😂
Edward Scruggs
Edward Scruggs 2 months ago
It's just not the same without the water :(
abady813 2 months ago
9:28 I’m crying 😂💔
Tessa 2 months ago
Someone said that pancake booty Courtney was funny this time. Let's see it.
Char Kahler
Char Kahler 2 months ago
lol ian looks like a 5 year old from 1994 made a wish on that machine from big and got transported into 2020 with the same clothes and haircut
Malia G
Malia G 2 months ago
Expect for u Greg.... U did amazing
Sean Edgar
Sean Edgar 2 months ago
*teleports behind you* ............ too slow
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 2 months ago
What are you doing, Ian???
Jasmin Relorcasa
Jasmin Relorcasa 2 months ago
the reddit karma thing was so funny
Gianski 2 months ago
Damien singing on the piano kinda looks like Rex Orange County on piano
aria 2 months ago
i watched this
ashrbz 2 months ago
Ian's big ear bit was ten times funnier than it should've been only bc he had a Homestar Runner voice.
LiddytheWeeb 2 months ago
I love that Shane could've easily played audio from the game but chose to sing it instead
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 2 months ago
The next Time Ian freezes in time, can post-prod please put a digital scrolling text sign above his head that displays his thoughts?
Yolkcicle 2 months ago
did anyone notice at 20:57, the same music that dream uses for sad times is played??
Gary Shandling
Gary Shandling 2 months ago
Broke my heart a little when I saw how different Smosh has become hope they’re both doing great still
Famous orange Famous orange
All that over there she laughed
emil de rijke
emil de rijke 2 months ago
like it better with water
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor 2 months ago
8:02 sassy leg infantry is now taking female recruits.
Aarushi Jha
Aarushi Jha 3 months ago
Guys cats have three fingers😂😂
Aarushi Jha
Aarushi Jha 3 months ago
6:46-6:51 the harmonica and the piano tones kinda match
avi cohen
avi cohen 3 months ago
21:44 is that the start of Piano Man? LOL
Mihaela Dulic
Mihaela Dulic 3 months ago
That Virginia Wolf me unable to breathe how much I laughed
John_12349 3 months ago
17:26 just think snoring but worse.....BIRD NOISES
Rxse_ Bud
Rxse_ Bud 3 months ago
The real Shayne is in a basement hmmm... TIME TO MAKE A YANDERE! DAMIEN x Shayne on Wattpad! >:D just kidding haha unless...
Imani 3 months ago
Ian at the mystery unbox,
ابو عصام abo esam
just kick out ian
Teh Empra
Teh Empra 3 months ago
I wll never know but at the start, was that fucking Red Alert 3 Japan soundtrack?
Roman DeGiobbi
Roman DeGiobbi 3 months ago
The water was so much better
Voiculeț Andrei
Voiculeț Andrei 3 months ago
This episode si so cool
Enrique Medina
Enrique Medina 3 months ago
The Stare Ian give at the beginning made me rethinks my entire life
Adam Iskandar
Adam Iskandar 3 months ago
Franny worldxo
Franny worldxo 3 months ago
11:28 why is the beauty and the beast song playing
Liam 3238
Liam 3238 3 months ago
18:32 I’ve played breath of the wild and Shaynes impression was pretty accurate
eric is better
eric is better 3 months ago
If Ian doesn’t stop ominously standing there I might have to take him to Brazil
Banana SWAMP
Banana SWAMP 3 months ago
21:30 it's piano man he definently did it on purpose
Nico Di Angelo
Nico Di Angelo 3 months ago
6:53 Sangwoo?
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 3 months ago
Tyler Joseph Schommer
1:13 Okay, that's not a resistance band, that's a 3 person water balloon launcher
eldiablo1000 3 months ago
Twoooooooo fishes...! Tommy killin it!
Melody Mallett
Melody Mallett 3 months ago
Is it just me or is Ian fading away
nob sushi
nob sushi 3 months ago
i'm so sorry but i've avoided making this comment for so long and i just can't anymore... why the fuck is olivia even on this show? she is consistently unfunny and just incredibly cringe inducing every time i see her.
Flitz Smith
Flitz Smith 3 months ago
4:09 the plot twist
Donovan Stephens
Donovan Stephens 3 months ago
What's with the harmonica?
Leah 3 months ago
damien looks really hot with a beard....
amazon 3 months ago
Dude, Damien was channeling Onyx the Fortuitous so well at 15:55 without even saying 'idunno' at all!
That Kid
That Kid 3 months ago
Ian stuck in time is my fav
Sarah DeFord
Sarah DeFord 3 months ago
Ian looks like a kindergartener from 2003 in this
da dingus
da dingus 3 months ago
da dingus
da dingus 3 months ago
da dingus
da dingus 3 months ago
da dingus
da dingus 3 months ago
da dingus
da dingus 3 months ago
da dingus
da dingus 3 months ago
name name
name name 3 months ago
17:50 hehe
Rose Hauff
Rose Hauff 4 months ago
Y'all aren't gonna acknowledge how fucking terrifying it is that Ian did not move for 3 minutes straight
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