Try Not To Laugh Challenge #39 - PROP TART!

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Today's Try Not To Laugh twist comes from one of YOU! Someone commented and suggested we let the person in the hot seat choose which props everyone had to use to make them laugh, and to call it Prop Tart, SO WE DID!
Punch that bell icon so you'll know when we add a new episode and leave your Try Not To Laugh suggestions in the comments, and we just may use yours like we used Vaibhav's!
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Feb 4, 2020




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Comments 100
AnimaFurry07 11 hours ago
8:15-8:33 People in the background: What kind of drugs are you ON!?!!?!
Orange Vampire
Orange Vampire 2 days ago
17:52 Oops *is mid TNTL binge #2*
Kai Yost
Kai Yost 2 days ago
i need an entire video of just tommy's voice work like what the heck man he's so good
Stephen MacPhail
Stephen MacPhail 3 days ago
key to success, Tomey Bo narration.
A Voice Crying Out
When Shayne said "Padme?" I was expecting "You're my favorite pizza place."
Nathan Hagihara
Nathan Hagihara 3 days ago
Me watching this in 2021: I appreciate how COVID-safe and sanitary Noah's bit at the end was.
Eleanor Wagus
Eleanor Wagus 4 days ago
Courtney: *Yeets Book* Noah: *O , O* Noahs Soul: *And Now Is My Time To Exit*
Noah Dorn
Noah Dorn 10 days ago
Damien's bits actually are killing me omg!
Minorin 13 days ago
I’m reading the comments and every time I read one that scene is either about to play or is
Penelope Treece
Penelope Treece 14 days ago
diego cordeiro
diego cordeiro 14 days ago
as a brazilian i say hello
Star Potato
Star Potato 14 days ago
“YOU DID A BAD THING!” “ i think.”
Kyle Murtagh
Kyle Murtagh 17 days ago
The line-up for this video is the smosh A-Team by a mile.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 17 days ago
More like try to laugh... do people actually find this stuff funny 🤣🤣
Hi 19 days ago
They are so funny
VapeGoat 19 days ago
Olivia is less like a comedian and more like a torturer who's given us Stockholm syndrome and left us kind of delirious from confusion
Rachel 20 days ago
I have two bad knees A mood, good sir
Pete Cohen
Pete Cohen 21 day ago
That’s Tommy’s donkyson
Jaydon Davis
Jaydon Davis 21 day ago
Really thought Shane was going to pull out the “you’re my favorite pizza place” when I saw the phone
Logan Page
Logan Page 22 days ago
“He’s my donkey son and I’m gonna ride him” “Yuck”
The Tupuhi
The Tupuhi 24 days ago
9:32that’s exactly what we all were thinking 😂
KAMILA CASAS 25 days ago
Tommy said el gas mask
Shrimpy Asaad
Shrimpy Asaad 25 days ago
Courtney actually had pretty solid technique on that roundhouse kick
Finneas 26 days ago
8:16 Don’t mind me just making myself a timestamp
Chan Ishot
Chan Ishot 27 days ago
I’m sorry it had me cackling when they mentioned BTS cause I like them ghkajfjajf
frabicho 28 days ago
hello from Brasil courtney
Ben Velezy
Ben Velezy 28 days ago
Legend says that Noah is still going to another Starbucks.
sam pettey
sam pettey 29 days ago
8:00 some top notch physical comedy
Robert Phelps
Robert Phelps 29 days ago
I didn't click. Don't ask why or i'll have to tell you. Okay fine, it's because I was too busy leaving this comment. I clicked a different video from smosh instead.
Bird_Seedy Month ago
Jerica Deachan
Jerica Deachan Month ago
Is anyone else dying to know what Olivia was going to say at Noah getting spat on??
_Smol_Potato_ Month ago
" Hi!!... My FoOd Is PlAsTiC, aNd I oNlY pOoP bLoUd" ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)(☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Griffin White
Griffin White Month ago
damien made the first edition of dream merch
Rylee G
Rylee G Month ago
Best cast members: Shayne Courtney Olivia Tommy Kimmy
Aaron Vaughn
Aaron Vaughn Month ago
I come back for “bam bam boom boom” about once a month
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Month ago
I didn't click
Noah Brodersen
Noah Brodersen Month ago
Noah Brodersen
Noah Brodersen Month ago
I left this for myself, don’t like My comment please i do not require attention
Legion, We are many
8:15 cures depression.
zxcvbnm Month ago
Noah in the intro: O_O
mullallylally Month ago
Tommy and shayne funniest fuckers going
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Month ago
honeycomb x
honeycomb x Month ago
pietra Month ago
damien's got moves tho
Jacklyn Paul
Jacklyn Paul Month ago
It’s crazy how I thought I woulda used a blues clues theme when Damien picked the notebook, then Courtney actually did later!!! Crazy!!!💚😂😂😂😂
AJ Estur
AJ Estur Month ago
It's wonderful that they take suggestions from the viewers to keep things fresh.
Jonah Barber
Jonah Barber Month ago
Moira Dunaway
Moira Dunaway Month ago
Y’all it’s 4 in the morning and my nose is bleeding bc I laughed so hard but I gotta be quiet.
Devin Doublestein
Thanks for the serotonin, guys. Rock on.
Bearry Month ago
Bro I was eating candy and I laughed and candy went up my nose I’ve never felt more pain in my life
Jules schoenefuhs
Jules schoenefuhs 2 months ago
Tommy is a vibe
Aj smith
Aj smith 2 months ago
This is my favorite TNTL episode!
Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh 2 months ago
Shayne running around on an arm shrieking in a high pitch voice * *chef's kiss* * content
daniisaurushax 2 months ago
"because my body pillow...is all..messed up"
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres 2 months ago
The “now this is pod racing”killed me
Shripp Shropp
Shripp Shropp 2 months ago
Olivia: Jesse Tommy: Jenny Damien: Jackie Shayne: Joseph Noah: Justin Courtney: Jordan
Emily Coval
Emily Coval 2 months ago
The rope 😂 My friend and I did a prop costume improve in high school theatre and I got rope banned from the prop list because I said ‘mommy, mommy, look! I figured out how to make daddy’s necklace!’ And then proceeded to sing ‘over, under, round and round till your feet don’t touch the ground’ while making a noose. My (70 y/o) theatre teacher screeched and gawked at me the rest of the scene 😂
Some Peanuts
Some Peanuts 2 months ago
11:20 I thought that was some random French dialect
Cris naka
Cris naka 2 months ago
Hi from brazil ❤️
Metacorb 2 months ago
Vaibhav Gupta be like : Ohh yeah baby thats right. its me
Vick Rice
Vick Rice 2 months ago
This really was Tommy’s episode, just everything from his own skits to his help in other’s skits to his reaction during his turn. He is usually funny but jeez this episode was amazing for him
Johnny Souza
Johnny Souza 2 months ago
Hello from Brazil!
glendaDUB 2 months ago
Little weird Trisha needs to make multiple comebacks! And would also make a great addition to a spelling bee-kini wax contestant 😚
Adam Salomon
Adam Salomon 2 months ago
Everyone Spit: "Like A Roof Leak" Shaynes: "Like A Waterfall" 😂💦
Night owl
Night owl 2 months ago
Do this with Gus Jonson
Swift 2 months ago
I wanna see the guy or gal who came up with this video idea in the comment section If u see his or her comment make sure to like it so we can all show our support
TheBigWeebyBOi [:
TheBigWeebyBOi [: 2 months ago
*My food is plasticc*
teo. 2 months ago
you did a bad thing...I think?
rhy tj
rhy tj 2 months ago
I would have made a deathnote reference with maniacal laughter and weiting the bowling pin inti the book and make it hang himself muhahahhahahahahha
dingusbat blues
dingusbat blues 2 months ago
Bruh she went back into the thing and said "I farted" 4:18
Charlie Howard
Charlie Howard 2 months ago
i'm in love with tommy already and god this fit just sealed the deal
Logan Reece
Logan Reece 2 months ago
I love bts
Logan Reece
Logan Reece 2 months ago
I lobe BTS
I drink bleach
I drink bleach 2 months ago
For the little weird Trisha, me and my friends made an entire story about “BLOUD”
Savage_ Try_66
Savage_ Try_66 2 months ago
I had my headphones blasted and it didn’t sound that loud until the book slam lol also we need more of mar in the videos
Benton A. James
Benton A. James 2 months ago
This was such a refreshing change in pace, thank you!
VioCheckups 2 months ago
*You did a bad thing... I Think...*
Luke Kingston
Luke Kingston 2 months ago
“I’m little Jeffrey gonna seppuku” damn that’s dark😂
Originalname.mp4 2 months ago
0:15 was that them before 2014?
Cassidy Grant
Cassidy Grant 2 months ago
Bet i have binge watched all the try not to laughs many times
iMasterPheonix 2 months ago
Courtney’s is literally just a child in an adult body-
Sabrina Deitrick
Sabrina Deitrick 2 months ago
I specifically came back to this video after watching Star Wars for the first time to appreciate the pod racing joke
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 2 months ago
Shayne and Tommy are funny guys and also really cute.
kayden innit
kayden innit 2 months ago
Xia Tiye
Xia Tiye 2 months ago
is it just me or did anyone notice the leg at 16:16
Luc Animates001
Luc Animates001 2 months ago
We will never know who Ruben was talking to!
Erick Garza
Erick Garza 2 months ago
Courtney knowing runescape makes me happy
Galaxy Dog901
Galaxy Dog901 2 months ago
At 7:41 is my favorite
Kylie Roth
Kylie Roth 2 months ago
I’ve never laughed this hard at an episode
Parducho, Sean Frederick F.
Damien cannot make water fountains
That Wrestling Show
That Wrestling Show 2 months ago
Last night I had a dream about a museum
Nat 13
Nat 13 3 months ago
Why would a plane full of only virgins have a baby in it?
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