Try Not To Laugh Challenge #38 w/ Tom Lennon

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Tom Lennon and Ghostmates Director Jack Henry Robbins are here to try and make is LAUGH!
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Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 100
Its.SeanJerry 9 hours ago
11:45 your welcome
rOsStAfArIaNSHU 23 hours ago
this might be the best tntl
K 4439
K 4439 Day ago
Courtney kinda fine
Mrs_someone 2 days ago
Michele Hall
Michele Hall 2 days ago
My friend is name is Hannah baker
Zachary camaj
Zachary camaj 2 days ago
Someone should have did the new boot goofin bit from reno 911
King JaxsonX
King JaxsonX 5 days ago
Probably was not a good idea to watch this while watching water
rein braams
rein braams 6 days ago
17:35 does anybody know what that white thing is?
Kendahl Stafford
Kendahl Stafford 4 days ago
its called an otomatone!
Cross 6 days ago
Wasn’t Tom Lennon principal Novak in Santa Clarita diet?
Aileen Larson
Aileen Larson 7 days ago
Why no censor at 15:51?
Charity Brimah
Charity Brimah 8 days ago
Did anyone see Ian pit stains 😂😂
Caroline Finke
Caroline Finke 8 days ago
"You're watching Spike TV at 1AM, you're DEFINITELY a 13-year-old-boy"
Frank Parent
Frank Parent 8 days ago
There is literally not one time I have NOT laughed with Shayne's bits!
Remember when smosh was actually good......yeah me either
Siaan Timoney
Siaan Timoney 7 days ago
Don’t fucking watch it then. You are one of those people that purposely just wants to leave a negative comment on something they don’t like when they could clearly stop wasting their time and only watch things they do like
Gardy Key
Gardy Key 9 days ago
I think they all laugh at Ian because he holds all the power. Or they just feel bad lmao
Iordan Chis
Iordan Chis 10 days ago
I'm new here, so please forgive me, but I have to say it right of the bat. She's cute AF! Back to the show Simon.
Nova 11 days ago
what the thing called that Jack is holding when Courtney is trying to make him laugh?
Nova 8 days ago
Quade Nelson sorry😂
Quade Nelson
Quade Nelson 9 days ago
Had an anurism reading this one
Imitator36 11 days ago
20:08 Freaking love this XD I've watched it 20 times now
just here
just here 11 days ago
9:03 shane looks like every tik tok lesbian
Bryan Marcum
Bryan Marcum 11 days ago
what pocket tshirt does shane have on??? it looks very comfortable and I want one.
Frank Mariahazy Jr
Frank Mariahazy Jr 12 days ago
Wasn't there a "Brick" joke in here? I feel like it was removed and replaced with the last Damian bit.
Yamato Ayabe
Yamato Ayabe 12 days ago
I'm impressed how Damien catched all of the weapons by the handles
Raging Overwatch
Raging Overwatch 13 days ago
17 Again.. the nostalgia..
Joshua Lloyd
Joshua Lloyd 13 days ago
He should've opened up for the plane
Ionicxz 14 days ago
I can't tell you how much I was hoping for a Balls of Fury reference
Chef Ginger
Chef Ginger 14 days ago
The 13 Reasons Why joke Shayne did is top notch.
Nyxx01 14 days ago
If you pause on 9:47 it looks like it says Dance instead of Prince on Jack’s t-shirt 😂
KillerX Panda
KillerX Panda 15 days ago
Idk why sudden loud jokes are so funny
Keaton Castillo
Keaton Castillo 15 days ago
"Its all trolls" Lol no dude...its a bad movie.
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan 15 days ago
19:11 fail?? but he spit the water out lmao are you guys okay? first the no bleep then the wrong thing lmao
hecc mcgee
hecc mcgee 16 days ago
So do Ian and Anthony not exist in smosh anymore. Them as a duo I mean
Dark Parzival
Dark Parzival 16 days ago
Reno 911!!!
Amber Barnard
Amber Barnard 17 days ago
Holy shit, they dropped the F bomb and forgot to bleep it 🤣
justakidontheweb 18 days ago
15:50 they forgot to censor the f word there
Connor Stratton
Connor Stratton 18 days ago
The Hannah baker one was class 😂
Michael Gatlin
Michael Gatlin 19 days ago
They forgot to censor and f-bomb qnd im all for it
cecep chaerudin
cecep chaerudin 19 days ago
Cloudy._. Days
Cloudy._. Days 19 days ago
WOt dId I jUsT wAtCh-
Okay Boomer
Okay Boomer 19 days ago
I want him to bite into a frosted pink donut
Dailydoseofrandomness J
Tom Lennon was also in Reno 911, it’s kinda like if the office and cops had a baby
AffableAussie 20 days ago
18:50 how was that a fail? I mean seriously
Josiah Sage
Josiah Sage 20 days ago
He looks like LA Ron Swanson
The Fandom Queen
The Fandom Queen 20 days ago
Who else had zero clue that Tom Lennon wrote Night at the Museum?
Izzy Breakiron
Izzy Breakiron 20 days ago
Emily Breland
Emily Breland 21 day ago
17:31 what is that white music note thing, I must have one
Satansoo 21 day ago
I literally can’t watch the beginning. Tom is 100% a comedy legend. And that was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen. I’d have jumped out of my skin. I can’t believe nobody else in the comments is talking about this. He’s gunna be thinking about this while he tries to go to sleep for decades.
Jackson Keim
Jackson Keim 22 days ago
This video was so morbid.
Victoria Law
Victoria Law 22 days ago
chaunskiez 23 days ago
Tom is like RDJr but older
lillith 23 days ago
ron swanson looks a little different here
Moontide .backup
Moontide .backup 24 days ago
Damiens voice range is extremely impressive
Andy Mahoney
Andy Mahoney 24 days ago
real video starts at 1:31
Adam Kreuz
Adam Kreuz 24 days ago
why does the picture of prince on jack's shirt look like Cameron Boyce
Low quality clips
Low quality clips 24 days ago
Is anyone gonna bring up the fact that Ian is wearing a playboy shirt?
your mom69
your mom69 25 days ago
9:02 weird al
Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans 25 days ago
Ian’s too many plans joke has so much Courtney energy
Taylah Muller
Taylah Muller 25 days ago
Courtney and the guy in the denam jacket would make a cewt couple
hxllowedqrim_ 25 days ago
3:23 the way Damien said "mhn mhh" just gets me for some reason 🤣
Technically Petra
Technically Petra 25 days ago
Doctor: you have 22 minutes to live. Me:
Trelawn Richards
Trelawn Richards 26 days ago
Ian spit water and it still counted as a fail
Marissa Figueroa
Marissa Figueroa 26 days ago
I would climb jack like an old oak tree ✨🌳🧚🏼‍♀️
JACK MORRISON 26 days ago
I don’t find Courtney very funny sometimes
Brooklyn Rogers
Brooklyn Rogers 26 days ago
love you all im feeling way better
Gabriele Fornezza
Gabriele Fornezza 26 days ago
When tom lennon is the real life rappresentation of Hello Neighbour character
GodzillaFan 2017
GodzillaFan 2017 27 days ago
Paul Blart?
Connor 27 days ago
Girls can be funny, just not this one.
Aidan Silber
Aidan Silber 27 days ago
Is he the guy from Reno 911?
Bjorn Scribben
Bjorn Scribben 27 days ago
is the older guy gay? im getting weird closet vibes
abigail m. walker
abigail m. walker 27 days ago
YO WHAT UP DUDE * violent coughing* hits different now
anonymous 27 days ago
Fariha N
Fariha N 27 days ago
20:43 spüts
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller 27 days ago
They should have game grumps on it
Ethan Michalski
Ethan Michalski 28 days ago
You forgot to bleep our Shane in the judge act
lil peep is fucking dead
Vaishali Arora
Vaishali Arora 28 days ago
One of my fav episodes ❤️
Jonny's World of Music
You should get Captain Sparklez on try not to laugh... The ultimate challenge
rishin roy
rishin roy 28 days ago
4:42 Sebastian Vettel!!!???
Colt Wenta
Colt Wenta 28 days ago
Shaynes coughing hit differently in current day
Victoria England
Victoria England 28 days ago
TW!!! the suicide joke wasn’t really funny.. it’s a serious tooic and yes, it was supposed to be light hearted but hannah baker actually killed herself..
mjmleafs 29 days ago
they forgot to bleep an f bomb haha
val k
val k 29 days ago
Mental illness or suicide are not things to joke about sorry
Benjamin Fagan
Benjamin Fagan 29 days ago
Try not to leave with Anthony Padilla
allison marie
allison marie Month ago
the movie was released on my birthday 🥳
Seth Allison
Seth Allison Month ago
This was the best TNTL love Tom Lennon got to watch 17 Again with him best part. Also love the dark humor.
Adeline Wiseman
Adeline Wiseman Month ago
Why does the guy with the mustache look so much like Ron from Parks and Rec
Trevor G
Trevor G Month ago
Courtney is literally the cutest
InsaniT Studios
InsaniT Studios Month ago
15:50 did they not censor it or did he say something else
თათია ძაბირაძე
tom lennon would be a great tony stark like if you agree
Cameron Hammer
Cameron Hammer Month ago
18:36 how the fuck was this a fail he spat it out
Austin Gibbons
Austin Gibbons Month ago
Oh hey Greg
Flippy Fliqpy
Flippy Fliqpy Month ago
when i was showering and i was watching this when my mom came in to use the restroom as soon as she did the thing was like "eWw SiCk" pErFeCt TiMiNg!
joe Morris
joe Morris Month ago
11:00 this made me laugh
Kyrah Wan
Kyrah Wan Month ago
you used 13 reasons why hannah baker
Kelly Month ago
I would have come out in a cloak and sword and made a reference from 17 again
Cole Miller
Cole Miller Month ago
His wet spot🤣
quixxen Month ago
18:52 why is that a fail?? he laughed
Nick Fletcher.
Nick Fletcher. Month ago
I love how as soon as Shane said eight reasons one of the guys just automatically knew where the joke was going
Rosie baker
Rosie baker Month ago
My surname is baker lol
Jack Beyer
Jack Beyer Month ago
My name is jack 😐😢😂
Darling Month ago
No not the 13 reasons why joke gd Shane
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