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May 8, 2019




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Comments 1 030
UNICORN Month ago
Крутые бонусы до 100$ по промокоду FUNNYLAND на сайте bit.ly/2IIBJfO
Donkey Hot
Donkey Hot 2 days ago
UNICORN а как ещё с мошенниками разговаривать?
честный патриот России
пидрило, треклист давай!
Sideshowspike 17 days ago
Why did you pin... an ad. Also, what does funny mean, pray tell?
Darth Bender
Darth Bender 20 days ago
Поддерживаю оратора выше, а именно : пидрило, треклист давай!
Mitch Roda
Mitch Roda 3 hours ago
Gray_jetdonkey 6 hours ago
Do you even know what funny means?
Ralph Bongay
Ralph Bongay 6 hours ago
2:00 wtf is that?
Herr Professor
Herr Professor 8 hours ago
4:41 song pls?!
Michal Vašťák
Michal Vašťák 10 hours ago
8:33 song please?
Master Chief
Master Chief 11 hours ago
How the hell, is a bunch of people doing back flips funny????????????????????????????
Rien Ji San
Rien Ji San 11 hours ago
I just can't hold it for the ICECREAM boy song
Rita Rossweise
Rita Rossweise 12 hours ago
7:27 Poor girl😂😂😂😂😂
Mate 01160116
Mate 01160116 12 hours ago
4:44 song pls
Johnny Worker
Johnny Worker 14 hours ago
where is "11:23" this place located?
Dominik Nikolić
Dominik Nikolić 15 hours ago
song at 5:33
Κώστας Dim
Κώστας Dim 15 hours ago
5:34 around my age, talented, kinda cool and beautifull. Hey girl my name is Constantine I lice in Athens, Greece. Found me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Theleomaster 17 hours ago
i think it was try not to laugh chalenge ?
Mick Winters
Mick Winters 17 hours ago
Well done, loved it, well edited:)
Rebelsoul 20 hours ago
0:40 the MuMu Punch 1:15 Roflmao
Kholiz Dx
Kholiz Dx 20 hours ago
11:16 name song bro ?
desolate titan
desolate titan 21 hour ago
This was supposed to be a try not to laugh video. Wtf is up with the last 10 minutes
Caleb Cheah
Caleb Cheah 22 hours ago
geez they think this is funny
Not a random Guy
Why do you call this funny
Christian Boyer
it trailed off a little there.....
Jns Bldz
Jns Bldz Day ago
Iscriviti a TDK Frozyer97
1:58 = "Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!" = ATTACK ON TITAN OP.
exonalt Day ago
9:37 warframe players gotcha the reference
The Mirror
The Mirror Day ago
Okay we know who it is by and who wrote it already!!!
Gr33nGuy5 Day ago
Where was the funny stuff?
muntanga ko
muntanga ko Day ago
I lost in the lazy cat part AHAHA! Lol
can someone tell me the part im ment to laugh at ...tagline defo says it all..i defo didnt laugh
Milton N
Milton N Day ago
these were not funny videos
DJ mc'CK
DJ mc'CK Day ago
Lucas Siia
Lucas Siia Day ago
du elendiger
Joanna Jasnoch
7:19 song?😏
Voidm Leek
Voidm Leek Day ago
0:31. It's me
Juhexek Day ago
9:37 love that music from Warframe :D
Andiko Junior
That not funny
jan Lukas
jan Lukas Day ago
6:15 Noone: Really Noone: Garfield:
Drum Ape
Drum Ape Day ago
I tried. I didn't laugh. What's the prize?
Levando Day ago
What's the name od the song in 4:14
jeddie Gaming
9:55 Her phone drop into the water😆😆
Agra Day ago
9:58:music ??
Paul M
Paul M Day ago
9:15 What!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul M
Paul M Day ago
3:53 i loved it that song reminds me of my ex....way back in 1996.
anee yadav
anee yadav Day ago
it will be great if u name it like a boss compilation
bethanee soeung
These are more like 'The Boss' videos than try not to laugh. Can you try better next time?
Kennard Lin
Kennard Lin Day ago
At1:16 the "smoke" is cotton
5:33 ah that girl got talent plus eh she kinda cute and around my age sooooo 🙄
nurgat th
nurgat th Day ago
1:04 music ??
Game Hacks
Game Hacks 2 days ago
14:30 Father of the year
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony 2 days ago
The roller coaster simulator with the kid in the laundry basket was pure genius!
hans müller
hans müller 2 days ago
5:34 Sadly she is Born to late. It was just a few Years ago that this awesome shit was trend.
maxim iamartino
maxim iamartino 2 days ago
7.54 name song
German Herrezuelo
Donkey Hot
Donkey Hot 2 days ago
Кто-то мошенникам продался... 1х бет платят хорошо, да?
worst video on yt
SerenityPlus 2 days ago
dude 1/4 of this vid was funny clips and 3/4 of the vid was a like a boss comp
shakal615234 2 days ago
3:29 music name please
Cristian Roth
Cristian Roth 2 days ago
Some of them, like the surfer and the homemade rollercoaster, were impressive, not funny. The rest are more cringy than funny. If this means funny, I'd better be sad and cold like the Hound. Try again
so many old memes
peter nation
peter nation 2 days ago
Why the fucking cool parkour and backflips are funny?
Márton Miholina
Márton Miholina 2 days ago
Try To laugh challenge*
domi 0055
domi 0055 2 days ago
5:35 song plz
Skorbio 2 days ago
some arent funny they are just better for like a boss compilations or awesome momments or humans are cool or whatever he probably messed up his upload
Blaze The Blazer
Blaze The Blazer 3 days ago
4:29 "Oh, shit!" 🤣
1:04 Gotta Go Fast!
saygmanz 3 days ago
5:00 the cat when it got outside: where the fuck I am?
Aim Me Senpai
Aim Me Senpai 3 days ago
why did i even recommend this to someone. the first was good then became sht
sand bottel
sand bottel 3 days ago
WTf it's been 12 years I didn't hear this song 10:25 I can't remember the name of singer I know he is Cuban so pls guys I need just name to song, thx in advance
Ian Wolvaardt
Ian Wolvaardt 3 days ago
Don't pay no never mind to the haters, I liked the first half a lot.
Bob 3 days ago
Did you even try to make this funny?
Raj chaurasiya
Raj chaurasiya 3 days ago
14.50 luckiest girl
Dr Dhawal Wadaskar
I used to watch funny videos on RUvid with a straight face. I laughed out aloud though I was alone watching this video. Some of them were very weird but funny...girl eating ice cream :))))
NowAndThen Arft
NowAndThen Arft 3 days ago
Tittle of the song @1:04
Spl3do 3 days ago
Rise Against - Give It All
Andro Laius
Andro Laius 3 days ago
why do we have to laugh over the hot things?
Dgisch 3 days ago
What is this garbage
PANI SEPTIAN 3 days ago
3:14 what the song?
Iván Melo
Iván Melo 3 days ago
9:38 We all lift together intensifies
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker 3 days ago
I thought is was supposed to be funny videos? Lmao I mean there's some in here but it's mostly people doing cool things
ياسر الشمري
song in 8:30
keep calm and be cool
4:00 sounds like iron man balasters
Hemant Chauhan
Hemant Chauhan 3 days ago
OMG...what a trick u applied to give your child a ride free of cost.
Satyajeet Sarkar
Satyajeet Sarkar 3 days ago
Wasn't funny from the halfway. But the kid in 15:30 was cute and adorable "I'm falling down".
Venus Bob
Venus Bob 3 days ago
9:38 warframe
CL-Motech 3 days ago
when comes the funny scene
G. R.
G. R. 4 days ago
99 44/100 percent pure! pure bull shit
Logan Walker
Logan Walker 4 days ago
3:11 somaone is fan of vanoss (ffs) why
Lispan 2 days ago
What does an owl and my favourite song have in common???(btw if you ask me this clip doesnt make any sense)
Daniil Wulf
Daniil Wulf 4 days ago
yea yea wow suuuuper funny kappa
Sven Proffet
Sven Proffet 4 days ago
5:35 music?
Ashriel Rodriguez
Ashriel Rodriguez 23 hours ago
Im blue
Suleyman Goncaoglu
16:00 bizim tosuncuk bulundu(!) (arka sağda)
Norbert Társi
Norbert Társi 4 days ago
It wasn't funny
BIGGA RISK 4 days ago
why is a try not laugh challenge its not
grimfear AMVs 強
wtf am i watching this
zombi7u7 5 days ago
1:03 music?
Haro Makak
Haro Makak 5 days ago
When should I laugh?? Video ends
Valerie 5 days ago
there is nothing funny lmao
Kylee Strange
Kylee Strange 5 days ago
Can someone show me what’s funny in this video
Fucimanusmaster `
The pants were hilarious.
Vince Schröder
Vince Schröder 5 days ago
That's why fathers are irreplaceable. . .14:29
Dylan YouKnow
Dylan YouKnow 5 days ago
Half this kuk ain't even funny.. Wist of time
Ur mom gay Ur mom
Spelling mistake: kuk Spelling correction:stuff Spelling mistake:wist Spelling correction: waste You’re welcome
Aiden Thompson
Aiden Thompson 5 days ago
This is the least funny compilation I've ever seen
Vojin Jovanovic
Vojin Jovanovic 5 days ago
This is not funny
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