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Ello Everyone! Thanks for tuning back to the channel. Please enjoy this brand new video I got for ya =)
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 60
Ιωάννα Τσιντογιάννη
Δεν γέλασα
Mila and friends
Mila and friends 5 months ago
this does not help. me
Markus Malino
Markus Malino 7 months ago
Crina Vacarciuc
Crina Vacarciuc 9 months ago
WTF lol
Kristina M.
Kristina M. 9 months ago
Lost at evil laugh of the little girl
John J
John J 10 months ago
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 10 months ago
John J Hoooooooohooo
Zetz Gabriel
Zetz Gabriel 10 months ago
80% dialogs and 20% actions... Disnaik
Oliver Goulding-Smith
Oliver Goulding-Smith 10 months ago
13:40 can I get a huyeah
LÊ QUỐC TÚ 10 months ago
LÊ QUỐC TÚ 10 months ago
LÊ QUỐC TÚ 10 months ago
don't use TIKTOK
Kaariz Lamar
Kaariz Lamar 10 months ago
Sound like piggg..... 😂😂😂
CRAZY OLD MAN 10 months ago
Thats funny keep up the good work i got a small unnoticed youtube channel myself
CRAZY OLD MAN 10 months ago
@ROBERT GARRISON thank you so much
CRAZY OLD MAN 10 months ago
Ok thanks
ROBERT GARRISON 10 months ago
Ill checkout your channel
Gaige Clever
Gaige Clever 10 months ago
2:15 what does he have in his mouth?
Elouise Wilson
Elouise Wilson 10 months ago
12:32 is so cute
James Reviews
James Reviews 10 months ago
Bruh the girl one the first one needs a glass of water
bryan sevilla
bryan sevilla 10 months ago
Pumpkin pie
Molly summerrock
Molly summerrock 10 months ago
5:28 one of the kids reminds me of one of my best friends who is a male (he is in captain America suit)
Phookie Johnny Trinh
Phookie Johnny Trinh 10 months ago
Jaikeerat Marwa
Jaikeerat Marwa 10 months ago
For the first one what were we meant to laugh at. Her laugh or the “ actual joke”
Nellerkilller 12
Nellerkilller 12 10 months ago
vine is dead
Legendary Stick
Legendary Stick 10 months ago
9:44 Do you realise he does the woah?!😂😂😂
knoeiable 10 months ago
lol is lol backwards
Ежже Мля
Ежже Мля 10 months ago
Ким кыргыз?????
amoung us
amoung us 10 months ago
not funny
Petar Oreskovic
Petar Oreskovic 10 months ago
2:59 hahahahahhahaah
LX_ gaming
LX_ gaming 10 months ago
what is the girl her name at 4:30
Monique Dermody
Monique Dermody 10 months ago
LOL the fact that kid screamed when he sqest the sun screen
Dominic Winkels
Dominic Winkels 10 months ago
more like a try to laugh challenge. I would have lost that.
Michelle Dicker
Michelle Dicker 10 months ago
The joke isn't funny but the beginning is funny
Unit_Tank 10 months ago
4:18 white people always be going to investigate
Shadow Trap Films
Shadow Trap Films 10 months ago
4:44 this is me on,a daily bases along with my other friends at school
I’m Cat
I’m Cat 10 months ago
1:56 Omg why just why
suulztv 10 months ago
Suicidal Animal
Suicidal Animal 10 months ago
Maybe I'm too tired to laugh or maybe this is not funny at all.
James Reviews
James Reviews 10 months ago
Try not to laughs aren't funny. They used to be
Smartmalec 10 months ago
0:49 sounds like a combination of another famous vine
GracedChip 10 months ago
Am I the only one concerned for the girl at 4:09? Like I thought her friend would pop out and scare her but there's nothing there....What is that from? I'd really like to know the rest of the story there....
Cory Clark
Cory Clark 10 months ago
you cant see the floor by the bed or the light switch. its staged. theres a person by the bed moving the door and also someone operating the light switch.
Shadow Man
Shadow Man 10 months ago
7:03-7:59 some how that actually blew my mind
Shadow Man
Shadow Man 10 months ago
1:05 this is actually impressive
David Robertson
David Robertson 10 months ago
Why is there a seal in the room with her??
Gábor Erőss
Gábor Erőss 10 months ago
What's happenin at 10:10?
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 10 months ago
Riot_S3miF3aR 10 months ago
Who laughs like that
Poopoo Lamadingdong
Poopoo Lamadingdong 10 months ago
I laugh (mikoocheeshairy
Sally Reyna
Sally Reyna 10 months ago
1rotzy 10 months ago
I had been in a car accident pretty recently, and this video really cheered me up. Thanks for the help 🙏 😊
1rotzy 10 months ago
Econo I’m fine, everything is alright. Send the prayers to the women that was sandwiched between two cars. While she is okay the insurance companies are probably going to go after her.
Subbing To Whoever Subs To Me
May god be with you. Sending prayers your way🙏
Obese Monkey
Obese Monkey 10 months ago
14:34 she really screwed up
love Rose
love Rose 10 months ago
Was concerned that it was supposed to be an English accent...
DANIEL WHITE 10 months ago
The T
The T 10 months ago
Who not watching on full screen and reading comments??? ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ( gifting my next 20 subscribers)for you
Dea M
Dea M 10 months ago
Trainz eld78
Trainz eld78 10 months ago
Who asked you for likes?
_Wami 10 months ago
I saw you once at a soap cutting video lmao
Yinghua Zhang
Yinghua Zhang 10 months ago
I subscribed !
Jessica• •
Jessica• • 10 months ago
The T subscribed
BigNewGames 10 months ago
OMG i laughed and coughed so hard (mikoochieshairy) almost spit out my coffee.
Subbing To Whoever Subs To Me
@Funny Vines hi
Funny Vines
Funny Vines 10 months ago
deep singh
deep singh 10 months ago
6:06 o no I'm father of many mosquitos. 😆😆😆😊😊😊😊
christian ramos
christian ramos 10 months ago
I love the first part
Rosie Vasquez
Rosie Vasquez 10 months ago
Haha Funny 😆
Funny Vines
Funny Vines 10 months ago
Thanks Luna!
StNick 72
StNick 72 10 months ago
Can you respond because I am below 1000 vewier
Funny Vines
Funny Vines 10 months ago
Yes I can!!
mohammde :-D
mohammde :-D 10 months ago
Bruh lol
Joe Skipper
Joe Skipper 10 months ago
Funny Vines
Funny Vines 10 months ago
Hey Joe! What's up?
Waleed the pro gamer
Waleed the pro gamer 10 months ago
And I am second
Waleed the pro gamer
Waleed the pro gamer 10 months ago
I love these vids
Funny Vines
Funny Vines 10 months ago
Glad you do!
Jessica• •
Jessica• • 10 months ago
It’s says 2 seconds only
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