Try Guys Try Sexy Vs Traditional Halloween Costumes

The Try Guys
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It's that time of year again! The #TryGuys are here to wish you the spoopiest #Halloween! 🎃👻💀
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 100
Jade Preusch
Jade Preusch Day ago
How tall is miles!!??
Jen Huffine
Jen Huffine 3 days ago
Zach pushing the IT mask up And complaining is one of my favorite parts.
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott 5 days ago
My halloween is having a sleepover with my friends and watching a mildly scary movie, like coraline.
Abigail Lozano
Abigail Lozano 6 days ago
"Paint me like one of your French squirrels" Phat gus from mark rober anyone?😂
JuMixBoox 8 days ago
I low key want to buy all the sexy costumes to try them on. I feel like none of them are size inclusive at all or could even remotely be worn by me publicly without getting me arrested, sports bra or not. It sounds hilarious.
JuMixBoox 8 days ago
Miles looks like a straight up giant.
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki 8 days ago
Ok but I...actually want to buy that Buzz Lightyear *sexy* costume...yeah.
Noone: Literally noone: Ned: *wears his beard over his nose*
shruti 12 days ago
9:13 zach : I only have great ideas. I don't know why you're surprised! Flashback to him taking a sip of vanilla extract without a recipe S1E1
Far0ut 16 days ago
the guys talking about minecraft was such a dad moment
Meredith Rollins
Meredith Rollins 20 days ago
Should have left the dicks!!
Nadia Bonn
Nadia Bonn 27 days ago
Ned: that is CLUTCH!
Attempts at Cosplay
Miles religiously calling Ned “Dad” makes 2020 manageable
Haniyfa Larkins
Haniyfa Larkins Month ago
Tony Stark would definitely wear the sexy iron man costume, that he made....to be battle ready lol.
Xx_YaoiChip_xX Month ago
Try Guys: "Never once has a finally disappointed." Me: Looks over to the Anime weebs* 👀
Jerry Sanchez
Jerry Sanchez Month ago
"Keith if you were my cousin I'd still let you fuck me" is a huge and underated compliment. Keith rocked the hell out of that dragon costume
Christopher Pham
"I don't feel like I scream iron man..." "You don't even scream sexy" "That's insulting"
Alana Dyer
Alana Dyer Month ago
Eugene is my spirit animal
Addison Pursell
Addison Pursell Month ago
The Starbucks cup at 12:17....perfection. Props to whoever added that. 😃
Nadia Bonn
Nadia Bonn 27 days ago
Prob YB she’s a genius
Tex Month ago
zach sounded like every reddie shipper dragging it dsaljdsaljaslknd
8888zod Month ago
i've been in a tunnel of their content for 2 weeks straight
Dj Aloke
Dj Aloke Month ago
Keith "how skinny do I have to be for this!?" *cuts to Zach*
Tap Month ago
11:28 SPN fans are crying here
Isabelle Berger
Isabelle Berger Month ago
Correction neds children will see this
lupus et matrem
lupus et matrem Month ago
Afros aren't exclusive to any 1 group of people, its dependent on the angle that the hair follicle grows
Gorbon Month ago
I want the uncensored video haha
shoup luci
shoup luci Month ago
"I don't feel like I scream iron man..." "You don't even scream sexy" "That's insulting"
Liam Armstrong
Liam Armstrong 2 months ago
Any one notice how he said he’s fighting a turtle it’s not a turtle it’s a crab
Violet Dagger
Violet Dagger 2 months ago
Keith: *in the Pennywise costume* Imagine being in a mirror maze with this thing. Me: *seen Chapter Two* Did he predict the future?
Nishki Usui
Nishki Usui 2 months ago
This should just be men’s costume vs women’s costume
Silvana Mezzano
Silvana Mezzano 2 months ago
6:34 keith predicted the mirror maze scene on it part 2
Bryndot 2 months ago
When you grew up in the same county as rachel dolezal... its high key embarrassing
Kaylinn Abram
Kaylinn Abram 2 months ago
9:07 = Gooba
In The Moonlight
In The Moonlight 2 months ago
okay okay okay i know this is NOT the point of the video but all those pics of eugene’s previous halloween costumes they showed at the beginning of the video have me :000 they’re all so GOOD!!!
Ginger Psycho
Ginger Psycho 2 months ago
Wondering if Eugene does cosplay with his boyfriend
Ari Lopez
Ari Lopez 2 months ago
The try guys will never be cancled
Marissa Nicholson
Marissa Nicholson 2 months ago
What a simpler time
Charlotte Koch
Charlotte Koch 2 months ago
Keith makes me scream laugh every time I cannot even
Marisa Donnelly
Marisa Donnelly 2 months ago
I *deeply* agree with Eugene's sentiment about store bought costumes
Abi Raji
Abi Raji 2 months ago
i want to be Eugene when i grow up
Lemme Talk Bout This
Video: 7:11 Me, recognizing the tune: _I DIDN'T MAKE THOSE PEOPLE DANCE-_
Deenika Raveendran
Deenika Raveendran 2 months ago
Didn't lele pons wore the sexy buzzlight year costume this year???
alicia v
alicia v 2 months ago
Lele pons wore the buzz lightyear costume 2020 omg 🤦‍♀️
black sheep98
black sheep98 2 months ago
Keith was a surprisingly scary as it monster.
Taylor Bradley
Taylor Bradley 2 months ago
"Paint me like one of your french squirrels" *everyone claps*
The Robot Devil
The Robot Devil 2 months ago
Wait, is MC hammer pennywise?
Shooney 2 months ago
the finale of this was still more satisfying than the actual end of GoT
Shaira Lopez
Shaira Lopez 2 months ago
12:55 🤣🤣🤣
Nezra Moon
Nezra Moon 2 months ago
Wow, Miles is tall
Anuja Patil
Anuja Patil 2 months ago
So Zach likes Cats (movie) but not It
CaleyWarrior101 2 months ago
The upside of being a cosplayer is I always have a Halloween costume
Veronica Núñez
Veronica Núñez 2 months ago
Try guys try minecraft for the first time?
lizzardsthename 2 months ago
Omllll Keith looks like Austin Powers in that buzz light year costuuuuumeee 🤣🤣🤣
Madison Heilman
Madison Heilman 3 months ago
I would wear the afro to school :)
Vyaneyy Ramos
Vyaneyy Ramos 3 months ago
This is my #1 favorite youtube channel to watch. Always makes me laugh. You guys are amazing ❤️
Pagie Morgan
Pagie Morgan 3 months ago
The “IT”one looks like a trash bag
Asiya Bachchan
Asiya Bachchan 3 months ago
Zach and keith should have worn pennywise mask and their glasses on top of it lol, that would have been funnier
Asiya Bachchan
Asiya Bachchan 3 months ago
@ 4:05 that was the funniest part of the video. Imagine buzz saying that in the actual movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Niara Stephenson
Niara Stephenson 3 months ago
Omg it's been exactly a year since this video 😱😂❤️💖💓
__cow boy__
__cow boy__ 3 months ago
“you can keep your phone in there” “your pants” “you can keep your molly in there” “you can, woah woah woah”
Mini Ryou
Mini Ryou 3 months ago
That last clip with Keith tho hahahaha
Joshua Olgin
Joshua Olgin 3 months ago
Play Captain America says avengers assemble
Cheesy-LPS 3 months ago
Keith: Minecraft is like legos but with shooting people *well yes, but actually no*
Jessica Bob
Jessica Bob 3 months ago
I'm sad that they haven't played minecraft yet
Night Crusher
Night Crusher 3 months ago
A wise man once said “ I’M A PUFFY MAN “
Brianna Laskai
Brianna Laskai 3 months ago
Please do a video playing minecraft. Pretty please.
Molly G
Molly G 3 months ago
Notice how most of the costumes are sexy=girls costume and normal=guys costume
Tyler Black
Tyler Black 3 months ago
Im disappointed Zach didnt say: “Im not battle ready.... but I AM Bed ready”
Michele Cituk
Michele Cituk 3 months ago
Keith as IT ☠💀☠💀
MK_the_Maniac 3 months ago
Why. Why. Does sexy pennywise exist
Tahreem Mahnaz
Tahreem Mahnaz 3 months ago
More more more
Logan Logan
Logan Logan 3 months ago
‘you look like you’re at a space s3x club in futurama or something’ i-
Carolina Beltran
Carolina Beltran 3 months ago
I cringe when they try to say something about Minecraft💀
Ericka Cruz
Ericka Cruz 3 months ago
Zach when he said “is this a real backpack?” Looked so cute 😂
Jillian M
Jillian M 3 months ago
Zach's "It" rant was EVERYTHING.
celeste Madrigal
celeste Madrigal 3 months ago
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki 3 months ago
9:38 Try guys being totally confused about Minecraft..... The gist is a world made of blocks and you have to kill the ender dragon to win. Love y’alls vids btw
Harin Lee
Harin Lee 3 months ago
Keith gives hisoka vibes in the pennywise costume
labj143 3 months ago
I like that the sexy costumes have bags.
Marin Lee
Marin Lee 3 months ago
Here’s a joke that people say in Minecraft “Never waste your diamonds on a hoe.” That’s what the literally mean though. It’s up to you on how you interpret that.
Gabby Lopez
Gabby Lopez 3 months ago
This video is freaking hilarious! Had me dying!!
Elizabeth Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett 3 months ago
For the sexy bob Ross costume it said happy tree painter
Zoe Torbett
Zoe Torbett 3 months ago
Anyone else notice they blur everyone's junk except Eugene's??
Vivian Godwin
Vivian Godwin 3 months ago
Is no one going to talk about how amazing Kieth's voice acting was! Thrilling!
Leviathan Lamothe
Leviathan Lamothe 3 months ago
Keith with messy hair is very cute.
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown 3 months ago
Halloween idea: anime girl comment down below other ideas
Greeshma B Nandakumar
the only company where the bosses strip in front of the employees to make sure the employees don't starve ;)
Cate Borowsky
Cate Borowsky 3 months ago
“paint me like one of your French squirrels” is such an underrated line
Silent Lion
Silent Lion 3 months ago
I take Halloween very seriously as well Eugene, I know how you feel
L 3 months ago
Ned: My child will see this one day. Also Ned: DoEs ThE bUtT lOoK gOoD.
Allyson Walker
Allyson Walker 3 months ago
no, wes. hes not fighting a turtle. jesus christ
Rising MC
Rising MC 4 months ago
I haven’t seen game of thrones either....
Cassandra H.S.
Cassandra H.S. 4 months ago
"Never has a finale disappointed us." This line did NOT age well.
delor b
delor b 2 months ago
That was a joke. They had already seen the GoT finale.
Pikit 31
Pikit 31 4 months ago
The crew should have more spin offs! 🤩
Elle Bassa
Elle Bassa 4 months ago
pennywise just no
RockstarWarriorRock 4 months ago
I'm amazed they still made this video after already knowing they would probably not make money after buying these costumes.
Livi ig
Livi ig 4 months ago
Thank ya'll for giving Eugene most of the sexy outfits adlsjdkf
Caroline Farrell
Caroline Farrell 4 months ago
EUGENE! Where did you get a full on Rita costume?
Abby McLain
Abby McLain 4 months ago
I... find Keith very hot in this thumbnail. Which is new.
DarkSpiritMorrigan 4 months ago
OH...my gods. Eugene as Rufio is everything good in the world. Whatever else happens in this video, THAT is my takeaway.
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