Try Guys Roleplay 118 ASMR Triggers To Help You ~Relax~ (UNCUT)

The Try Guys
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An ~*oh so relaxing*~ ASMR roleplay compilation to help you sleep. Put it on while you drift away...
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Will Witwer & Elliot Dickerhoof
The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.
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Editor - Devlin McCluskey
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Editor - Elliot Dickerhoof
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Mar 7, 2019

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Comments 9 033
Annika Tsang
Annika Tsang 5 hours ago
That poor teddy bear
Kamri Rose
Kamri Rose 7 hours ago
i’m done. they are good at everything lmao
Qhostly Ghost
Qhostly Ghost 14 hours ago
Zach is a horrible doctor
HeartOn OldBench
HeartOn OldBench 16 hours ago
Tbh Ned’s was the scariest for me
Cookie Cookies
Cookie Cookies 18 hours ago
Some one make korndiddy fan fiction with Brenda and doctor korndiddy
Legit Pro
Legit Pro Day ago
its so weird when one earbud doesnt work properly
Emily Heald
Emily Heald Day ago
In surgery with no anesthetic Zach- you must be in a great deal of discomfort
Devon Leybold
We get it Ned you’re a dad 😂
minni ladd
minni ladd Day ago
I love that the green screen is a just a circle
Dog,Turtle,Horse Lover4Life
I skipped ned's because it was getting too creepy 👺🤣
TazTaz 2 days ago
cardi *BEE*
RandoCommando 2 days ago
This should be in my playlist by now lmao
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
I am fucking sleep deprived right now Doesnt help I watched their sleep driving video My headphone wire makes a mustache
Vanessa Ramos
Vanessa Ramos 2 days ago
Eugene is soooooooo cute when he is talking about Pokémon.❤️😍😘
Mark Henne
Mark Henne 2 days ago
The third one made me feel unsafe for Jessica
Nicole Louise
Nicole Louise 2 days ago
Keith sounds like fucking Smaug
Angela Contreras-Murillo
No Zach, no.
Marissa Mendez
Marissa Mendez 2 days ago
aNtS oN a lOg?! Oh yUm
Loki Studios
Loki Studios 2 days ago
Eugene’s is so charming
Gabby YT h
Gabby YT h 2 days ago
When Keith said oh Jessica I was laughing for like a minute
jung hoseok
jung hoseok 2 days ago
gotta admit.. i didn't think they'll make it relaxing but ut was pretty good. the laughings at the background tho..lol
Jayme G
Jayme G 3 days ago
Brian timestamp: 34:46 God why
Jayme G
Jayme G 3 days ago
Professor Keith seems like he’s either going to murder me or do me and I don’t know which one I am more concerned about. Nobody: Keith: chokes on honeycomb
Amanda Thrasher
Amanda Thrasher 3 days ago
1) Ugh ads 2) Ned was awesome 3) Zach terrified me and triggered my ptsd :( 4) Thank the gods Keith cracked me up so much! 5) I was seriously enthralled by Eugene's story!
Black Rosè
Black Rosè 3 days ago
Oh my ghad I literally fell asleep halfway of watching this😂😂😂😂😂
BangTan_Fan 2004
BangTan_Fan 2004 3 days ago
You know what’s funny?? They’re not half bad!!! (I’m still cringing though)
Irelynd Henry
Irelynd Henry 3 days ago
26:19 made me laugh so hard “Oh, Jessica” *loud “pffffft” in the back*
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 3 days ago
Of course the asian gets the pokemon topic 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂
Hyungwon's Pink Hair
Malachi Mikaelson
Well Keith is probably great at seducing beck into something
Malachi Mikaelson
Ryan Amaro
Ryan Amaro 3 days ago
Keith is literally having orgasms while eating a fucking apple LMAO 😂
mwahforbuteraa 3 days ago
Eww ads..
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose 3 days ago
*_”welcome to daddy asmr”_* me: _i need to rethink my actions_
Eat.my.shorts 3 days ago
You should do try guys try to make all their own clothes
Kari Schwantes
Kari Schwantes 3 days ago
Ned's made me uncomfortable... Also, I just realised there is a baby in that crib...
Selene 4 days ago
I need more of keith ASMR
Emily Chang
Emily Chang 4 days ago
Even after 3 months, the intro still gives me tingles💗
Galactic Fox_80871
Eugene’s gloves match with the greenscreen oh and his hat
r a m í r e z
r a m í r e z 4 days ago
Why does Keith sound like Spiderus from miss spider’s sunny patch kids?
StarBurstTale :3
StarBurstTale :3 4 days ago
Ned: This rubber duck feels very interesting... *It’s rubber* Me: No duh 😂👌🏻
qatherine 4 days ago
Why does Keith sound like the candy crush guy everytime you achieve something 😂"oh yum"
Elise 26
Elise 26 4 days ago
Eugene's gloves 😂
Theonlyjellyiwillputinmybelly Ouma
32:06 Bottled Water
Gaming Lizerd
Gaming Lizerd 5 days ago
Im not going to sleep to this( maybe ) but it did make me smile 😁. Thx Try Guys! You cheered me up from a rough day.
Gaming Lizerd
Gaming Lizerd 5 days ago
Keith low-key sounds like the buzz feed guy who did surgery on the teddy bear 😂
Hopefully Gacha
Hopefully Gacha 5 days ago
My rating on this ASMR Ned-regular ASMR Zach-Agressive ASMR Keith-told loud ASMR Eugene-Weird ASMR
fizziestix 5 days ago
Mary Krubsack
Mary Krubsack 5 days ago
I sure hope everyone listens to this in headphones for the best effect.
Olivia Amelie
Olivia Amelie 5 days ago
Ok but Eugene’s was actually really good
Taetae purple You
Why does keith sounds like a disney villian? I’m deaddd lmao 😂
Friend Squad / Sister Squad
Imagine having Keith as your teacher, He may act really weird but you wouldent need to do any work!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ teacher.
kateflieshigh 6 days ago
I needed this
Cyera Watkins
Cyera Watkins 6 days ago
17:40 but that was my favorite t-shirt
Alexis Goodchild
Alexis Goodchild 6 days ago
If me dad talked to me like that I would die lmao 😂
Julia Rearden
Julia Rearden 6 days ago
Julia Rearden
Julia Rearden 6 days ago
26:19 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Julia Rearden
Julia Rearden 6 days ago
for keith's asmr u could hear the other try guys laughing in the backround lmao when he said Cardi B i literally died lol
Livy The Unicorn
Livy The Unicorn 6 days ago
I have that exact same sylveon plush
Livy The Unicorn
Livy The Unicorn 6 days ago
Ned 0:01-11:24 Zach 11:25-24:15 Keith 24:16-39:26 Eugene 39:27-54:24 Outro 54:25-54:35
Luka Bird
Luka Bird 6 days ago
Me dying of luaghter but also actually reacting to tons of the triggers🥴
Jack Batchelor
Jack Batchelor 7 days ago
How am I meant to relax when there are 7 midroll ads?
Basically Just Erin
I can’t be the only one that actually enjoyed Keiths lmao. I normally hate eating asmr but something about his I actually enjoyed
ok but Ned's role-play gave me the most tingles I've had in a WHILE
Hanna Edwards
Hanna Edwards 7 days ago
I heard Zach giggling when Keith said cardi b
Miranda Hermon
Miranda Hermon 7 days ago
oH jEsSiCa what a SNACC
v s
v s 7 days ago
*the brain boners are out of control*
ED TALK 8 days ago
Mad Sweetie
Mad Sweetie 8 days ago
Me: **expects Eugene to be like the pro asmr guy** Eugene: **wears an entire Ash costume with a pikachu and has the entire eeveeloution and has detective pikachu as background** welcome- Me: Eugene... Honey...
Mad Sweetie
Mad Sweetie 8 days ago
Keith: **bites on a fried chicken** Me: I swear to god its 12 am and I'm getting hungry
Mad Sweetie
Mad Sweetie 8 days ago
Eugene: h- Me: I love you Ned: A- Me: I love you Keith: M- Me: I love you Zach: L- Me: I love you.
joon enthusiast
joon enthusiast 8 days ago
why the hell does keith sound like a pedophile though?😂
AbbsolutelyNot 8 days ago
*TIME STAMPS* 👁👄👁 *Ned:* 0:12 *Zach:* 11:29 *Keith:* 24:23 *Eugene:* 39:31
Ruben Mendoza
Ruben Mendoza 8 days ago
Is nobody going to mention the fact that Eugene's was just a giant ad to put Jolteon in the Detective Pikachu movie?
Septic Folfer
Septic Folfer 9 days ago
42:14 was magical
Courtney Ray
Courtney Ray 9 days ago
Keith :"I am so excited" Me: ohohohhhh no 😒
BlueFireSapphire 9 days ago
36:49 I can't with Keith
BlueFireSapphire 9 days ago
"ASMR isn't sexual" Ned: "Hello, welcome to Daddy ASMR."
Luke James
Luke James 9 days ago
Eugene: *has green on his gloves and hat* Green Screen: *iS tHaT GrEeN i SeE?*
Lia Sznajder
Lia Sznajder 10 days ago
dr. korndiddy: "you are nervous, why would you be nervous?" me: "jeez i dont know doctor. i mean, you are *THE BEST* at what you are doing" dr. korndiddy: **putting on a GLOVE wrong**
The Vintagette Boy
The Vintagette Boy 10 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Like ACTUALLY NO ONE: Keith: *gasps* BRIANNN YOU BAD BOY
Emily M
Emily M 10 days ago
Is it bad that I fell asleep to this?
Tomboy Crazy
Tomboy Crazy 10 days ago
Am I the only one who can imagine a bunch of students shuffling and and nervously and uncomfortably watching Keith sexually eat food
Tomboy Crazy
Tomboy Crazy 10 days ago
But imagine Zach as your doctor and Keith as your professor. It would've fucking hilarious
Tomboy Crazy
Tomboy Crazy 10 days ago
"Your temperature is very bubbly" 😂😂😂
Tomboy Crazy
Tomboy Crazy 10 days ago
All the comments are about Keith's and I'm not up to Keith's yet and now I'm scared
Tomboy Crazy
Tomboy Crazy 10 days ago
Ok I don't want to be mean but I was reading the description and one of the editors is called Elliot Dickerhoof?
Aptscorpian32 10 days ago
When Keith was naming I was thinking what if he named me and he did my name is Anthony
Naya Jade
Naya Jade 10 days ago
I really don't like asmr. Like I really despise it...this is the only acception.
Jay Guevara
Jay Guevara 10 days ago
This was so uncomfortable with beats on💀
Daku Kalieos
Daku Kalieos 11 days ago
Ned- I know you’ve had a long day of learning Me- *home after exams* yeah, sounds about right Also yes, I know that I am late
TinaChrisRocks 11 days ago
I don't think this man's ever been to medical school (I really loved the "This mic cost $8000 so if I ruin it I'm totally fucked" comment)
Katelen 11 days ago
Oh my god why did Zach use a drill as a trigger???
ruthie 11 days ago
“thats fun” i shat myself
Xiaoqing Lu
Xiaoqing Lu 11 days ago
I actually love ASMR and idk if this is a blessing or a curse.
Camille Tournie
Camille Tournie 12 days ago
AWFUL GUYS Seriously I'm so disappointed I was excited and all but ... what's even the point of trying to do it right but putting 162 ADS ?!! It's like the only rule in asmr, give us respect for fuck sake
goodness for goodness sake
ok so Ned is the best then Keith then Eugene and zack doesn't know what the heck he is doing
Alexandria Ransom
Alexandria Ransom 13 days ago
ASMR professor Keith could be a weird fetish 😶 lol
Lani O0
Lani O0 13 days ago
I appreciate that the whoooole video is asmr instead of constant yelling like some people
Carlie Bank
Carlie Bank 13 days ago
Ooooh Jesica
Snek_Makes_Edits 13 days ago
oOOoOoOoOh jEsSiCa.... *insert try guys dying of laughter*
GalaxyCat101 55
GalaxyCat101 55 13 days ago
I love how they are trying so hard not to ruin it and laugh 😂
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