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It's time for some sushiii! This week Keith challenged the Food Babies to eat 300 pieces of sushi with some help from the guys! Do you think they can stomach it?🍣
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Sandy Hart, Assistant General Manager
Voravit "Tom" Pilansri, Sushi Chef
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Comments 80
Eli Blinderman
Eli Blinderman 6 hours ago
Eugene once again taking a video from good to great 😍
Mako Gibson
Mako Gibson 7 hours ago
Keith is such a mood
Jamisen 8 hours ago
eat 300 wings
Roberto Trejo
Roberto Trejo 15 hours ago
Ned:this is the greatest day of my life Me:aren't you a father
Alexa Mandes
Alexa Mandes 18 hours ago
Who was the guy with Miles? 😍
Natalia Govor
Natalia Govor 18 hours ago
How can YB eat so much and still stay skinny ?! I'm jelous 😪😆
Sonia Wan
Sonia Wan 20 hours ago
I love how full-Keith is like a drunk Keith XD
avi villaflor
they should have renamed this: *keith getting high on sushi for longer than 15 minutes*
Gabriella Agatha
No one: Literally no one: Not even squirrel: Eugene: HoW mAnY sPaNks YoU cAN taKe? Me:ouf... Ki- (no not gonna continue it) 😫🤣
Tom Patrick
Tom Patrick Day ago
Ugh i wanna work for you guys so bad😭😭😭
Isabella Fecarotta
I kinda feel bad for Alex because no one cares when she hits her goals but everyone loves when YB does. But like no hate to YB because a girl can really eat😂
Danielle Mijares
I can’t even eat 1 sushi without gagging 😂
Julia Rain Andrade
Incorrect try guys quotes: "my favorite is tuna because it's red and rEd RyMeS wItH nEd"
why is keith so obsessed w yb...awk to watch
Kayla A
Kayla A Day ago
YB seems like she has a crush on keith.
Emily Waldo
Emily Waldo Day ago
How many did YB actually eat? She definitely ate more with Alex sneaking those extra pieces haha
k t
k t Day ago
This episode is so funny, interesting how there’s the Dumster a Dudes/Cleanup Crew. Also, YAY EUGNENE
Selin Gürel
Selin Gürel Day ago
Damn wish I liked sushi 🍣🤭
Depresso Espresso
The thing is- I’ve probably eaten over 80 pieces of sushi in one sitting- and still being able to eat more-
Philip Vista
Philip Vista 2 days ago
I never thought someone could look this sad while eating sushi. SUSHI.
Kaitlin Loughran
Kaitlin Loughran 2 days ago
I like how Zach is completely fine
LoveGuru 2 days ago
Zach: eUgEne yOuR A bOsS Eugene: damn right ima boss!
sean li
sean li 3 days ago
300 isn’t enough. Hand the plates over.
Katherine Palance
and I thought I was cool for eating 24 pieces of sushi in 3rd grade
TessTime 3 days ago
25 bowls of Cabbage and Noodles
Maia Stenger
Maia Stenger 3 days ago
Wait. Did they film this the same day they did the spicy noodle challenge?
Maia Stenger
Maia Stenger 3 days ago
They are wearing the same clothes.
Boca 3 days ago
my favorite quote of anything 16:30 "I dressed like a sushi today" YB is awesome xd
CupcakePig 3 days ago
i wanna be like keith, getting drunk from food
Thanich Im
Thanich Im 3 days ago
Next time Steam buns ?
Declan Chang
Declan Chang 3 days ago
The try guys : so much rice. Asians: that's cute
cherialle 3 days ago
bruh i’ll beat all of them
M J 3 days ago
I see Jonathan! Hahaha
OrdinaryCreox 3 days ago
Jasmine Yeomans-Hughes
Why don't you eat Keith, he would be tasty.
Sophie Ang
Sophie Ang 4 days ago
no off but this looks like shit sushi, like tuna is not supposed to be that colour
Hannah M
Hannah M 3 days ago
Sophie Ang u spelled color wrong
TeenageNymphet 4 days ago
I want sushi sooooo bad
Ysblyn Frnndz
Ysblyn Frnndz 4 days ago
Alex have been annoying to every video they had with her lol
The Back Wheel
The Back Wheel 4 days ago
Ned stoped at 69 😏
Clare 4 days ago
Could I throw a challenge? Get good spirits ... how many? you choose but many many different spirits the better. Taste them and decide which one you like the best.
Emma and Leone
Emma and Leone 4 days ago
Keith in the opening: crossing his chopsticks in the shape of the cross Me yelling at the screen: "NO KEITH DON'T DO THAT! YOU'RE SENTENCING SOMEONE TO DEATH! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?!?!?!?!?"
Being stuck in quarantine has led me to watch other people eat food I can’t eat rn 🥵
Apathy Atlas
Apathy Atlas 4 days ago
Keith’s voice just gets lower and lower lol
Hanabira Sakura
Hanabira Sakura 4 days ago
19:32 Keith used stare into your soul.
Emmanuel Fatoki Fatoki
food babies and try guys should try Nigerian food
aszialove 4 days ago
I'm so down for the Dominatrix idea Eugene had lmao
Quindlyn 5 days ago
*cough* my dad and i would destroy you guys *cough* im sorry
Kristina Imshaite
11:01 YB and Alex look so exhausted. As if they just ran a 5k. I wish to be tired from too much sushi. That is the goal.
Brittany Harper
Brittany Harper 5 days ago
If I'm the only one that thinks this than that's fine but i think Jonathan is gorgeous!
Jason Noe
Jason Noe 5 days ago
When Eugene says song instead of piece 😢
Kylie Jean Frakes
Mojito and sushi....best meal ever!
Echko Filipovich
Echko Filipovich 5 days ago
Johnny G
Johnny G 5 days ago
keith and yb are banging
Johnny G
Johnny G 5 days ago
i can confirm YB’s throat is small
Johnny G
Johnny G 5 days ago
I can confirm YB’s throat is “small”
Adam Gosselin
Adam Gosselin 5 days ago
Keith you suck you only 6 left to have eaten them all
Jocelyn Bloomer
Jocelyn Bloomer 5 days ago
I miss sushi over lockdown
Ivana Tang
Ivana Tang 5 days ago
Leon Jefferson
Leon Jefferson 5 days ago
A- = F
Zofia Anderson-Kita
Keith is a little scary in this😂😂😂
outcast 5 days ago
my craving r crying fucking corona 🥺😭
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu 6 days ago
25 is a lot of sushi? Please
Shachar Tzadok
Shachar Tzadok 6 days ago
0:37 Why did I immediately think about that scene where Jamal and Ruby try to eat sushi to impress Monse's two friends in Brentwood😂😂
Tablo 13
Tablo 13 5 days ago
Shachar Tzadok cause it’s similar....
keith is so precious oml
archaic chaotic
archaic chaotic 6 days ago
*assistant to the general manager?*
TheToxicZombie 6 days ago
there's always gonna be something so funny about the way Keith just becomes progressively melty as he eats
Emily B
Emily B 6 days ago
Niharika Sehgal
Niharika Sehgal 6 days ago
I can do it 😬
Lily Dancer
Lily Dancer 6 days ago
Ned is my favourite
Catalina The human
She really juat kept givinh jer sushi
Elli Rpona
Elli Rpona 7 days ago
I wish I was Keith...getting high asf off of food 🤣 goals
Jac Knight
Jac Knight 7 days ago
im in quarantine and i want sushi SO BAD 😭
Alyssa Goodmanson
Holy mercury poisoning
Milca Serrati
Milca Serrati 7 days ago
It's one am and I'm watching people eat food Do I want to continue? *Yes*
Mariya Milusheva
Mariya Milusheva 7 days ago
So, correct me if I'm wrong: They ate a **** tonne of food. YB is max. 50 KG (maybe 55 but that's stretching it). There is no freaking way she stays as thin as she is if she doesn't throw up the food she downs like that. I'm judging all of this based on her instagram photos. Like I said, please correct me if I'm wrong but no matter how much you work out you can not be that skinny and fit if you eat as much as that. No freaking way...
Alyssa Recto
Alyssa Recto 6 days ago
My bestfriend is thinner than YB and she eats a lot. It is possible.
similistic murfur
Matt Stonie would wreck y’all XD love y’all! Also anyone notice at the end the same sound in Buzzfeed Unsolved, I suffer ptsd from supernatural activities in the seriesXD
Vedant M
Vedant M 7 days ago
Alex, u a sore loser
m1985dr 7 days ago
I hate you all a little bit, because I want to be in that challenge sooooo baaaad! (Sushi is my favorite food!)
joseph graziadei
joseph graziadei 7 days ago
whats the sushi called with the tuna and salmon?
ThisisGabeHere 7 days ago
I watched all the mukbang ones in a row and I'm so full and haven't eatin
Logi Fencer
Logi Fencer 7 days ago
Zach is annoying
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