Truth behind Monica and C-Murda's "love story" | Master P and C's girlfriend call Monica out!

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Aug 23, 2020




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Empressive Month ago
Correction: Monica's song Street Symphony was also inspired by C-Murder (Corey). She had several songs dedicated to him. Also I stand with Master P and I understand his frustration. The main goal right now is finding the real person who killed Steve Thomas. Also Corey and Mac need to be released.
Dirty Duval Dawg
Dirty Duval Dawg 12 days ago
@jdawgmusik 💯
jdawgmusik 12 days ago
Dirty Duval Dawg fax bro . I be so tired of people just speaking like they know some shit
Dirty Duval Dawg
Dirty Duval Dawg 12 days ago
@ALI Chambliss You can't charge the owner or the bouncer if somebody gets in with a fake ID
ALI Chambliss
ALI Chambliss 12 days ago
Someone other then Corey need to be charged like the owner or the bouncer at the door
Dirty Duval Dawg
Dirty Duval Dawg 12 days ago
@ALI Chambliss How you know he didn't have a fake ID?
shadesofpink 14 hours ago
None of them ladies gonna get him. He’s going to get out and find himself another 16 yr old. 🙄
Lionel Bailey
Lionel Bailey 15 hours ago
Give the homie a fair shake !!! Truth be told, a mind is something serious. Every human on earth thought that the " Juice " was and probably still is guilty of a crime, however, the glove didn't fit... !!! The bouncer that testified that the homie shot someone was never collaborated by any real evidence as to, in order to establish that homie shot someone and give the bouncer dude any credibility, they had to establish that homie in fact had "the weapon" that killed the kid (R.I.P) in his possession. In order to establish homie had the pipe in his possession, they had to produce fingerprints and/or gun powder residue from homie to show that he possessed it. These are necessary elements of murder. The gun and the person who shot the gun. Without the gun there is a reason to doubt homie committed murder. This falls under the new rule exception on post because Louisiana required 10-2 and that was old and now Louisiana requires 12-0 the new rule of law. #headsup
Bernadette Hawkins
I feel his pain!
OIAI'O Foster
She's Soo Talented.
Acacia’s Tarot
Monica it’s ok to be single and be a great woman... As soon as she leaves one relationship she’s on to the next!!! It’s possible she may be the toxic one 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sheila 2 days ago
No one can speak for Monica but Monica period.
Nikki Hamilton
Nikki Hamilton 3 days ago
Mike Derby
Mike Derby 3 days ago
Master p tryed to change his brothers life by turning him and silk in the rap game,what they chose to do with their life after they turned famous and rich is on them not P!!!!
Alanne Whitt
Alanne Whitt 4 days ago
I feel P. But Monica is NOT the one you should be upset with. Be mad at your brother.
Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson 5 days ago
I am not mad at P
Kou 6 days ago
Master P Ain’t Fw C Murder Fr He Left Him To Suffer 💯
Justin De'Anthony
Kim is white?
devine faith
devine faith 7 days ago
P is so right! Before C was locked-up he lived with his grandmother. I feel ya P! People need not blaming or expecting too MUCH FROM P!
BixbyLBC 7 days ago
Monica and her bad boys 😏
Kymberly Stallworth
Whewww I felt that hurt MasterP 😔
Cause Effect
Cause Effect 9 days ago
ppl really and truly need to stop assuming and acting like this age differences between couples is not a regular and reoccurring thing. it has always existed. it always will. younger women are usually (5) years ahead of their male counterparts and the older men are usually less mature than their female counterparts. yes, it may be that one is looking for a guardian/protector, leader, provider, experienced lover😍 and the other is looking for someone they can protect, lead, provide for, who may be more agreeable...😏😎. it usually balances out. let ppl love who they love -within reason! no one is promoting pedophilia.
Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis 9 days ago
Please, I mean no offense. Our situation is dire, and I'm sharing this wherever I can. PRAYERS are welcomed! Thank you. I'd really appreciate it if you would share our campaign or donate to our GoFundMe, and keep us in prayer. www.gofundme.com/f/lost-our-house-to-fire?+share-sheet
Toya 10 days ago
This case had me so upset. It just show that the folks can do anything to us and get away with it. He is innocent. Free cmurder
Nicole Jackson
Nicole Jackson 11 days ago
She's wasting her time.
Kng Tch
Kng Tch 11 days ago
Free C Murda aka Corey Miller No Limit forever Tru Records
Yetunde Oshati
Yetunde Oshati 11 days ago
If the roles were reversed, I doubt C-Murder would even glance in Monica’s direction.
Anela Claiborne
Anela Claiborne 12 days ago
Oh and K is Not T
Anela Claiborne
Anela Claiborne 12 days ago
I feel like P and C Murda Im good do send for me I got somebody I been seeing all this time while in Prison
Anela Claiborne
Anela Claiborne 12 days ago
This Tea be swinging to and fro now
Mekeisa Smith
Mekeisa Smith 13 days ago
Coming from a person who has served a lengthy prison term, whoever is there for you and accepting the most calls, filling up the most bags, shooting the most flicks and letters and books and magazines get the most smoke blown up the ass. Unfortunately when you are an inmate, finessing and kissing ass becomes a hard practiced art and skill to a inmate.
Antonio Jackson
Antonio Jackson 13 days ago
C Murder brought that on himself! Fuck Monica and Kim Kardashian.
Antonio Jackson
Antonio Jackson 13 days ago
These sisters love bad boys!
king esseen
king esseen 13 days ago
I remember back in the day seeing Monica in D.A.R.P. Studios with C- Murder & Mr. Serv-On and thinking "Really?..."
Vee Dizzle
Vee Dizzle 13 days ago
I think master p was hurt about his ungrateful brother !!!!
Judith 13 days ago
How the hell can a corrupt judicial system in Louisiana?, get away with such an atrocity. Slavery and slave catcher era has returned to Louisiana. Bullshit justice.
Audra Clark
Audra Clark 15 days ago
They must pray! Trust no man. I bin the powers of darkness keeping him in jail. I loose the Angles of God 2 realest him . In the name of Jesus Amen.
nathaniel levi esque
the ways the mfs think got me rolling my eyes how could you do some fucked up thing to someone because of their race and that kkk dude is ugly as hell inside and out
Stacy Foreva
Stacy Foreva 16 days ago
Did I miss something, why does it seem like master don't want his lol brother out, no matter what all they have going on the man got life with no posibility of parole I can't believe master would question his lol brothers freedom the other scenario I could think of that he has something to say about it is because he knows his lIL brother and he knows it feels strongly about him getting out and committing another serious crime or go out and get his self killed or get himself in something in the streets that is going to have to involve himself and he don't want to go back to that life style could be the reasons he was crying from the sounds of his voice
Ora Austin
Ora Austin 16 days ago
Wow, is all I can say... from all angles!! 🙄🙄🙄
Treasure Washington
Nobody knows if she gonna get back together with him just because she’s helping him out. That’s their business time will tell. As far as making it public that she has been visiting him and supporting him throughout the years only those two know because that’s THEIR BUSINESS!! He did tell her to live her life and guess what she did. It would’ve been selfish of him if he told her to not live life and have her own children knowing he already had his. Sometimes if you love something or someone you have to let them go if it’s meant they/it would eventually come back.
torringtons toughest man
Master p spent more on getting Obama elected than his brother free. Obama isn't a African American he is a democrook who made millions off his presidency. While African Americans starved
torringtons toughest man
Cmurda is the realest rapper ever. Forever tru not like his bros.
torringtons toughest man
All you have to do to find innocent black men in prison is look at Kamala Harris. She has Convicted many African Americans that are innocent
Pleasure Is Mine
Pleasure Is Mine 18 days ago
What ever happens. I hope they get married! They'd make a good couple! Let that my nigga C party first Monica before you get in yo feelings
SKYLER BRI 20 days ago
Kim just trynna get him out so they ma can go with him 😂
Dafne Noel
Dafne Noel 21 day ago
I feel Master P on everything he said.💘💘💘 Monica need to focus on her kid's and being heal from her Divorce. 👫🏿👭🏿🙏🏿
ari don
ari don 21 day ago
This is just wierd af! My first is in the feds rt now. I wish i fucking would. He cool but its not my business 2 kids later. Let everyone else do it. Love em though
Trinity Bradford
Trinity Bradford 21 day ago
She was not 16 she was 18 😒🙄
Taurus Goddess
Taurus Goddess 22 days ago
mammy struggle love hood syndome at its finest pathetic
Karen’s SPF
Karen’s SPF 22 days ago
Maybe I missed it but you didn’t mention her Oldest son, the one that’s a grown man
Shreen Gayle
Shreen Gayle 22 days ago
Totally agree with Master P.
Mya Ebanks
Mya Ebanks 22 days ago
thats new orleans niggas for ya smh
Tamar Hope
Tamar Hope 22 days ago
The most important thing to do is stick TOGETHER.🤝👩‍🏫
tmptheville 22 days ago
P' is Right...
shutupmoron 22 days ago
Why is R.Kelly in jail? Monica just got divorced she needs to sit down, take a break. She seem like she has to have dick 24/7 to be happy. She keep choosing the wrong guys. So common sense would tell her she needs to reevaluate her ability to judge the character in the guys she dates. This woman is making herself look thirsty. She wasn't publicly petitioning to help Corey the whole time she was with Shannon, why now? He may be innocent but trying to free a man who dated you when you were a minor is a HORRIBLE example for her daughter. Corey is old, and she wants to be with him after he was locked up with dudes for over 10 years? This will be the 3rd dude she brings around her sons. She should consider being a lesbian.
Benny Shallah
Benny Shallah 22 days ago
master p's brother was killed in 1990...then he dedicated his life to helping his remaining 2 brothers..he made them both millionaires..and c-murder keeps putting P down. C-murder was 31 years old still in the projects everyday, hanging with a criminal gang that was murdering people left and right, and he even had his own unit in the projects. He didnt do the murder, but his friend did. He doesnt want to be a snitch because the street code is important to him. I mean cmon..P warned him throughout his life to stay out the streets, stay out the clubs, but he didnt listen. C-Murder stole money from P several times, but P forgave him...P even gave him his own label..I mean Cmon now..P lost 1 brother to the streets, and another to the pen..and hes the bad guy for not glorifying the thug life?
Benny Shallah
Benny Shallah 22 days ago
cMURDER didnt kill that boy, one of his friends did. The person who killed the boy may be dead now himself since its been 18 years and he was a street guy. The police charged cmurder because the way the law works is..If u break into a house with somebody, even if u stayed in the car U get charged too..Same with murder....C CAME INTO the club w/ the murder & left w/ him...and will not snitch on him. So of course they charged him. I hope he gets out, but i dont see how under those circumstances
Kween ofJ.A.C.z
Kween ofJ.A.C.z 23 days ago
I hate Monica pit herself in that position....and P is right.....all this could've been done.... She has had several relationships and although he may have told her to move on amd she never really did. I think it's a little unfair of her to come step on another woman's toes who ofcourse may have been used.....but I'm in total agreement with P. Don't start disrespecting the people who really have been in the mud trying to make things move. Corey is very disrespectful ungrateful and needs to be mad at himself.... This is a hot mess. Monica that boy ain't yours. He for the streetz.
jordan watts
jordan watts 23 days ago
C murder ain't getting out..and l dont feel sorry for him..had all that money,had a chance to make somethin out of his life..some brothas kill their self working trying to make it..C Murder had it made..just too ignorant to appreciate it
Lashonda Carter
Lashonda Carter 24 days ago
She never got to be with him . The way she wants to be so she will always love him
John Batiste
John Batiste 25 days ago
Y’all really hating on Monica fa who she love,sad.
Lovely Life
Lovely Life 25 days ago
Monica just has bad taste . Simple .
Superior Tax Services
That man just wants to get out! Period. Who could be mad at him for his actions? He’s innocent....I definitely understand where master p is coming from though
Ricky Diamond
Ricky Diamond 26 days ago
@inductivepleasure By no means am I justifying C-Murder either I would never justify a grown man messing around with a teen girl, but the dumb ass R.Kelly stans that are trying to compare the two is what I'm calling out, what C-Murder did with Monica is VASTLY different to what R.Kelly has spent decades doing, that does not make it better but you can't sit here and try to pretend like it's another black man being fucked over by the system when he did some sick shit in the first place. C-Murder is sitting in jail for a different crime compared to R.Kelly who is sitting in jail for his crimes against children and yes a teen girl is a child and all of you trying to defend R.Kelly even though you know all the stories are sick as fuck and should be sitting in jail with him.
Always A Beautiful Day
Monica still don’t know her worth and she’s near 40 yrs old, 🤦‍♀️... smh!!!
Arnedia Webb
Arnedia Webb 26 days ago
It’s nice to hear the stories, but only the ones involved know the truth. Opinions for clout is not the way.
Stephanie Hodges
Stephanie Hodges 26 days ago
Lots of people get life because they were Stupid and hanging out with other who do commit murder so what do the time.I don't feel sorry for him period
Stephanie Hodges
Stephanie Hodges 26 days ago
I don't think it's going to Happen he is not getting out
Stephanie Hodges
Stephanie Hodges 26 days ago
I don't think it's going to Happen he is not getting out
Yvonne Harris-Nutall
Kare Burton
Kare Burton 27 days ago
Therapy lived in the limelight. In it all though I see Love and glad to witness real conversations.
Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown 27 days ago
Don't do it!
Leslie Galloway
Leslie Galloway 27 days ago
First true love 🤦🏽 I guess so if you're a 16 year old with a grown man. Dude 6 years older and a nigga 10 years older. So the first grown man she was with before C-Murder...where was her mama?
Jmpmom jmpmom
Jmpmom jmpmom 27 days ago
Monica is crazy if she thinks its gonna be all roses if he gets out. 1st of all hes been locked up for 19yeara plus. He is definitely institutionalized ! That right there will be hard enough. As for the other woman/ women. When a man is in prison. He will take whatever and who he can get to help him and make his time go faster. Whether its with visits or money. Trust me been there done that. Wont ever do it again!!! Being in prison can make you extremely selfish. In this situation it really goes to show. After all these years monica is still doing for this man and he is carrying on with other women making them feel like they are the ONE. If monica is thinking anything more then a friendship from him I can guarantee you she will be the one getting hurt!!
Sankofa 27 days ago
I learned a helluva lot about his situation.
Donna Crews
Donna Crews 28 days ago
I also stand with Master P.
Donna Crews
Donna Crews 28 days ago
Monica needs to slow down and found out where this man's heart is .
Nancy Fischer
Nancy Fischer 28 days ago
Let me say this Master P is upset that his brother is not giving him recognition and MONICA came in and has the weight to do what he’s been trying to do for decades‼️‼️‼️ LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING MONICA BEEN TALKING TO C ass‼️ She never left him and the wife speaking on it she didn’t know because she wasn’t supposed to THEY MAD MONICA HAD THAT WEIGHT. Monica did her what she was supposed to do‼️As C told her mfkers just mad she pulling more strings 💁🏾‍♀️
JassyUnlimited 28 days ago
This is just another example of us fighting tooth and nail for men who wouldn't do the same for us.
S J 28 days ago
That’s right master P You work hard and you help a lot of people so I know for a fact you will help your own family first 💯
Tacobella jr
Tacobella jr 29 days ago
if they are in the Louisiana state penitentiary... that fucked up place will not let them go or try to not let them go. My uncle has served 60 years of his life for a murder he did not commit and it's sad.. many guys in there arent being set free because this is how they make their money. literally, they KNOW he did not commit it.. even my uncle who told on him knows he didn't. but they don't care.
Angela Brown
Angela Brown 29 days ago
Wow what's everybody going to stay if Donald Trump does give him clemency are you still going to call him racist the man is done Criminal Justice Reform he's put opportunity zones he started the first step Act done more for black people in 3 years than Barako done in his whole f****** life so I'm anxious I wonder if C-Murder would get out of jail and say oh f*** Trump he's racist I don't f****** think so I think he would actually appreciate him and shake his f****** hand I get tired of hearing it Donald Trump is not f****** racist
MsJay 29 days ago
Monica ... baby , it isn’t worth it . That man more then likely has a prison gf or been taking that pipe . Leave it alone . He gonna come out and farther more children and have a man on the side
Nicole Walker
Nicole Walker 29 days ago
I wish Monica go sit down some damn where. Leave this wanna be thug hood girl stuff alone.
@Therealjjpccd 29 days ago
I'm glad you broke this down
Free Reign
Free Reign 29 days ago
21:09Damn, P went in👀
Sheresa Brown
Sheresa Brown Month ago
Kim isn’t white
C Murder you was taking off the street but still wanted to be street. Your lost.
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Month ago
Correction the kardashians are not “white people” however Kendall & Kylie part of their heritage is Caucasian
nicole Graham
nicole Graham Month ago
monica need to do some soul searching to find out why she looking for problematic men. he might not have committed that murder but he still aint making proper decisions. i hope this dont turn out bad for monica and she wind up getting her feelings hurt.
Meagan Hunter
Meagan Hunter Month ago
Monica live your life girl if you are happy with Mr.Miller and he happy with you that’s all that matters 😘
Patrice Sneed
Patrice Sneed Month ago
I understand exactly where P. is coming from. Family is always the first to get kicked down. Going thru the same thing. Stand your ground MASTER P. I KNOW THAT SHIT HURTS.
Thelma Grayer
Thelma Grayer Month ago
First off, I love Master P because he is a realist. Should C-Murder be in jail for a crime he didn't commit?!? NO... no one should. Master P is hurt and I feel his pain!!! This man has helped so many people including his brother, and it seems if though they have basically split in his face. Spending millions to help them be their best. Some didn't have a leg to stand on but P made it happen!!! I totally understand his frustration. But with P's big heart, when the pain subsides, he will help his brother again. I like Monica as well but she need to understand that families have disagreements but they sticks together. One thing for sure, thinking C-Murder is going to be faithful to you once he comes home????!!!..... not saying that it is impossible but I would love to see it!
Janice Green
Janice Green Month ago
Ashley Riley
Ashley Riley Month ago
What young girl you know is gonna ride out a life sentence? Especially one of her caliber? He told her to move on. She did. Doesn't mean that she didn't ask carry a torch. Soul ties are a mf. You can be in different relationships and STILL carry soul ties to other ppl. Also was she was supposed to disrespect her relationships by openly supporting Corey?
liam ymmud
liam ymmud Month ago
Good video!!
7D life Adventure
So he posting Monica a ride or die but meanwhile a lady claiming him lol ok then
MJ Phelps
MJ Phelps Month ago
Chile the other woman look like Monica lol
Amber Brewster
Amber Brewster Month ago
Good video!!
Lex J
Lex J Month ago
Jefferson Parrish ain’t no joke
Boss Lady
Boss Lady Month ago
It’s great that Monica is still standing by Corey. She has to understand that Corey is not the same person he use to be when she was 16. She also has to understand that at 16 she didn’t know what true love was. She has to know that she’s not his only girl. Maybe his number 1 girl but not the only one. Monica seems to be genuine. I pray she don’t get heart broken.
The Crew / We Stay Gucci
Girl you still going strong 💪🏾
Leyana Presy
Leyana Presy Month ago
Damn it's crazy to think celebs go through this mess too...
Leyana Presy
Leyana Presy Month ago
Yes messy indeed. He playing both of them and finessing all of his resources to his advantage. The man wants to be FREE!
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