Trump welcomes LSU Tigers to the White House

CBS News
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President Trump welcomed the 2019 college football national champions, the Louisiana State University Tigers, to the White House on Friday. Watch his remarks.

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Jan 17, 2020




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Hai Long
Hai Long 11 days ago
Fast but not in a hurry
CAPO 14 days ago
I love trump he is a funny guy
Sukahnya Johnson
Sukahnya Johnson 17 days ago
Get the gat
pablo pedro
pablo pedro 18 days ago
I love trump and the stands went crazy when he came to the game contrary to what the media said.
Susanne Härtl
Susanne Härtl 22 days ago
poor fellows
Sol 23 days ago
Hahahaha! Oh! How silly of Donald! He thought he would be getting the Heisman! Haha oh donald, you never fail to get a laugh. -bill, age 65
#ad 25 days ago
did this guy just say no to the president? 2:07
Max Stone
Max Stone 25 days ago
14:04. Got to love um!
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz 26 days ago
If the 49ers win Super Bowl, Hopefully no one shows up to meet Fat Trump.
Sheki Sheki
Sheki Sheki 27 days ago
Tomorrov at tree oclock give hundred +tventy ,+13 iova your blood because the child need in future blood he iş organik
Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 27 days ago
Love you trump...americans go and vote for trump2020...he is doing really good stuff for u guys....
Whut Now!
Whut Now! 27 days ago
Whole team not there???
The Lyon And the Ox
Go Tigers, go Trump! 🇺🇸
Duck_hunter924 Gamer
“We’ve had some bad ones” facts (Obama)
Neal Conway
Neal Conway 22 days ago
We had the most worst inappropriate president in the history of the United States. Facts: (trump) If he was a good president then they wouldn’t trying to impeach him. Hey. I wonder what he’s going to feed the football champions this time. Papa John’s pizza?
Corey Callais
Corey Callais 28 days ago
He singled Chase out. What a racist
Frankie A
Frankie A 28 days ago
Best POTUS ever!! Thank God for this great man!!! 2020 is a shoe in!!
Mike Koscielniak
Mike Koscielniak 28 days ago
If the Buckeyes weren't robbed by bad and (paid off) officiating, they'd be up there!
Nate Churboy
Nate Churboy 29 days ago
This man Trump is FUNNY lol
Erik Rudolph
Erik Rudolph 29 days ago
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 29 days ago
Erik Rudolph lol cry more
Karyn Snyder
Karyn Snyder 29 days ago
The most authentic, entertaining and competent president in my 60 years.
Jordan Whitfield
Jordan Whitfield 29 days ago
good one huh hmmm i doubt that
A Lopez
A Lopez 29 days ago
The president has told the truth for the first time. He called himself a SonOfaBitch. TRUE that.
Frankie A
Frankie A 28 days ago
Haters gonna hate... hahaha.. Trump train all the way, feels great!!!
Patrick Hatcherson
Patrick Hatcherson 28 days ago
A Lopez lol
Kristian Silva
Kristian Silva 29 days ago
You can tell this team was forced to see Trump. Smh I feel bad for them
Kristian Silva
Kristian Silva 28 days ago
Bryan Halstead aint nobody in their right mind want to see trump. They just didnt want their names to be out all over the news before the draft combine. And potentially ruin their draft stock for refusing to see him.
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 29 days ago
Kristian Silva lol no they weren’t, stop whining
Julian Velasquez
Julian Velasquez 29 days ago
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 29 days ago
Julian Velasquez Lol and means absolutely nothing, keep crying tho bud 😆
Ahlam Ahlam
Ahlam Ahlam 29 days ago
U.s.a Islamic
childeharold Month ago
Why does Donald Trump look like he’s the coach of the Louisiana Tigers?
Ty Thomas Boxing Training
Delete this video immediately it shows Trump being respected and worshipped
Ty Thomas Boxing Training
I'm so triggered right now
Ty Thomas Boxing Training
@Tu Alexander good point 👌
Tu Alexander
Tu Alexander Month ago
Ty Thomas Boxing Training he is a doof
Western_African _King
Our president sooo entertaining
Western_African _King
Lmaooo he’s going to be sooo RICH 🤩we’re looking at money
Tu Alexander
Tu Alexander Month ago
Western_African _King Donald trump is a doof
SherryAdcox Month ago
So happy for LSU. It looks like the players are enjoying this.
paolo cvgns
paolo cvgns Month ago
I love..letterally love..to see Tom Brady in the future as offensive coordinator of that young man there
Phil Barneby
Phil Barneby Month ago
Trump 2020 ain’t no brakes on this train!!
Jarvis Sullivan
Jarvis Sullivan Month ago
I wonder if Trump feed LSU Tigers McDonald's like he did Clemson
Ron Gonsalves
Ron Gonsalves 28 days ago
Does it really matter!?! Come on! If the man breaths through his nose instead of his mouth people will complain about it.
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 29 days ago
Jarvis Sullivan Really doesn’t matter what he serves we know y’all will find a way to cry about it lol
William Smith
William Smith 29 days ago
thats what Clemson wanted ..
pumps0333 29 days ago
Jarvis Sullivan only reason why he did that was because it was during the government shutdown otherwise he would’ve given them a nice fancy dinner
King Buse
King Buse Month ago
I love this
BreeZ Place
BreeZ Place Month ago
I don’t care who the president is, if I get invited I’d go to the White House and would be PUMPED to go to the Oval Office
T-Money Month ago
You can tell some of the players aren’t happy to be up there with our President lol Def those two black dudes up there...on the right...smh...
Skienterprises Inc.
Great remarks!
Seth Watson
Seth Watson Month ago
Much respect for LSU going to the White House and doing this! Man I love this country! ❤️🏈
kenneth pearson
kenneth pearson Month ago
Did CBS crop the borders of this shot enough. I think I see too many people laghing and enjoying themselves in the presence of Trump. How dar you!
Man Spider
Man Spider Month ago
California for Trump 2020!
Last to Leave
Last to Leave Month ago
You: trickle down economics sucks Big Biz: not true. I’m willing to give you $1000 per month You: No, thanks Big Biz: Well, we tried 🤷‍♂️ #LetitTrickle #learnedhelplessnessdisorder #freedomdividend #Yang2020
Czee 20
Czee 20 Month ago
respect for LSU y'all inspire many like me to go out there and chase theirs😤‼️ Joe Burrow looking forward to see you in the NFL doubt my team can snag you as we say goodbye and move on from a legend in Philip Rivers but you'll be gonebefore 6th pick. Nonetheless good luck wherever you land except against us.
King Charles
King Charles Month ago
This convinced me to vote for Trump in 2020 👌🏻
Andy Ayala
Andy Ayala Month ago
Libs complain not a single LGBTBBQRSTUVD in the LSU team
Daniela Souza
Daniela Souza Month ago
Every time I see Trump as president ....I think “ mannnnn it is a joke”
Arihant Agarwal
Arihant Agarwal Month ago
How does he know all those numbers? He’s not reading it off anywhere
shrubsangry 29 days ago
He's reading a teleprompter lmao. How can you not see he's clearly reading
King Charles
King Charles Month ago
The guy knows his football
Dymond Ruiz
Dymond Ruiz Month ago
I was at lsu yesterday!!😁😁
Jake MacHine
Jake MacHine Month ago
The greatest POTUS in generations. If only the Trump haters would open their eyes.
Cedric Dapomon
Cedric Dapomon Month ago
It’s also a good football analyst, luv u POTUS 45 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
REPit ITOWN Month ago
Any podium he gets on he looks and sounds like he’s at a Comedy Central roast🤣
Christopher Colon
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Sam Month ago
No way I'd show up there.
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead 29 days ago
Sam You’re not important enough to even be invited lol so no one cares
USA is Number 1
USA is Number 1 Month ago
The GOAT! I love Trump.
The Free Raven
The Free Raven Month ago
Burrow's reward for playing so great will be being Drafted by the Cincinatti Bengals.... LOL poor guy
I don’t even like Trump but this is just cool to see
Neal Conway
Neal Conway 22 days ago
I really feel sorry for the orange guy than like him
Jacob 23 days ago
TripleAceProductions He’s freaking hilarious and a great guy. You can’t deny it.
Tu Alexander
Tu Alexander Month ago
I don’t like to watch this cuz this guy is a more
bob sagget
bob sagget Month ago
take the redpill
Riqo 1K
Riqo 1K Month ago
I know right
Lou Ann McJimsey
Damn I love Donald Trump!❤️
Tu Alexander
Tu Alexander Month ago
Lou Ann McJimsey booooo
Ranaldo Thomas
Ranaldo Thomas Month ago
Lil weezy ana lol
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
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