Trump spoke to George Floyd's family, addresses protests and violence | USA TODAY

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At an event at the White House, President Trump is asked about demonstrations over George Floyd's death, and his conversation with Floyd's family.
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Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested Friday, days after video circulated of him holding his knee to Floyd's neck for at least eight minutes before Floyd died. Floyd's family released a statement following the arrest, calling it a "welcome but overdue step on the road to justice."
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May 29, 2020




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Comments 80
Joe Tighe
Joe Tighe 2 days ago
The Press Wrote: "The illustrious president has continued during the last week to make a fool of himself and to mortify and shame the intelligent people of this great nation." His weak, wishy-washy, namby-pamby efforts, imbecile in matter, disgusting in manner, have made us the laughing stock of the whole world. The European powers will despise us because we have no better material out of which to make a President" -- (The Illinois Salem Advocate) "the deepest disgrace that the crushing indignation of a whole people can inflict." -- (The Brooklyn Eagle) "The president may live a hundred years without having so good a chance to die." -- The New York Tribune "As to the politics of Washington, the most striking thing is the absence of personal loyalty to the President. It does not exist. He has no admirers, no enthusiastic supporters, none to bet on his head. If a Republican convention were to be held to-morrow, he would not get the vote of a State." -- Richard Henry Dana This is what they wrote about President Lincoln 1860-1864.
Tre Cool
Tre Cool 4 days ago
Remember when people killed each other with hockey sticks and it turned out that the protests were partially fueled by a Russian troll farm?
Roza Roza
Roza Roza 5 days ago
Those people who smashed statues and smashed shops. Deprive of their American citizenship. And send them to your historical homeland! There they will live with their nationality.
lorelye :D yay
lorelye :D yay 5 days ago
KJER ERRT 5 days ago
the americans get on their knees so easily, my respect for this country is no more. russia would conquer america, it's like a piece of cake.
KJER ERRT 5 days ago
this floyd guy was a thug, a criminal with a long record. if he were white no one would give a damn. america is full of hypocrisy and double standards.
Jass _ Life
Jass _ Life 7 days ago
That’s slow asf like “when the looting starts the shooting starts who says that”
Arham Gul
Arham Gul 8 days ago
Is it me or does it look like he's reading off something
TYTAY N1UM 6 days ago
Thought the exact same thing, was looking to see if any other comments agreed. His eyes stay down there long enough, plus the pauses in between. Weird.
Persian Empire
Persian Empire 9 days ago
The question should be asked of those who know political science, not those like Trump who know nothing about politics... .
Persian Empire
Persian Empire 9 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Qn0gXMbjumg.html 💥🔶🔷🔶🔷💥👉🏻
Jon-El Capitan K
Jon-El Capitan K 9 days ago
Good Questions - STUPID ANSWERS
Denis Shepelev
Denis Shepelev 9 days ago
Sims Simms
Sims Simms 11 days ago
Trumps sad
Abagail Wilkerson
Abagail Wilkerson 12 days ago
love how he just *interrupts*
the kekambas
the kekambas 13 days ago
the GOP had nothing to do with anything that happened in Minneapolis, that's Omar's district and it's run by Democrats....none of which were fired or asked to resign. see the difference?
mafi 13 days ago
George Floyd no justice no peacce
mafi 13 days ago
I don't believe TRUMP I go with obama
Kawaii shadow
Kawaii shadow 13 days ago
Brandon Greenslade
Brandon Greenslade 14 days ago
More white peoples get killed each year
Naro Kurdish
Naro Kurdish 15 days ago
Who played gta sa know this police like who you know tennpeny and pullasky and cj was george we are hummans ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Toetie _B_L_O_O
Toetie _B_L_O_O 15 days ago
Ohhh itthh thattth now 💦
voldemort 15 days ago
I wonder what obama would say about this
facemelter 15 days ago
What is happening right now is not right. Not all cops are bad. Not all whites are racists. A proper investigation should be done on all those cops who are suspects of illegal racist activities and they should be punished abiding "THE LAW'.
Tony Furz
Tony Furz 16 days ago
Trump you’re doing a great job. 2020##
шикізат අමු
short Film made a year ago. You could least indirect experience. ruvid.net/video/video-VlvXqyIF1wY.html
Allison Marty
Allison Marty 17 days ago
1:25 Ang galeng ng president ng America😆😃
DexterF 19 days ago
God, I saw that idiot Biden on an ad asking for votes. He won’t win
YASH DARAWADE 19 days ago
Trump tataya
Ivan Carrillo 831
Ivan Carrillo 831 20 days ago
This is America .
안 두선
안 두선 20 days ago
Referring to Elizabeth Warren in a tweet as Pocahontas was a nice racist touch to show how well he understands racism.
sheik DE
sheik DE 20 days ago
Trump wants to become a friend with the criminals family?
MrKratosndante 20 days ago
this man make the white man is superior than others... george floyd death is definitely has something to do with him
Słëépÿ Łäsàgne
What does he mean by the police have done a great job they have done a shitty job!!
J1 Robinson
J1 Robinson 20 days ago
He gets on my nerves
lots andlots
lots andlots 21 day ago
MRaya 21 day ago
Crime rates aren’t down at ALL. Idk what he’s talking about but I do like trump and I am a supporter but crimes are rising. Before all this shit started they said the USA crimes for murder and assault have doubled since 2019 and 2020. The world is progressively getting violent. People are losing their shit for some reason lol.
Thomas Lilley
Thomas Lilley 12 days ago
The thing is, I don’t like trump at all. But when I say that people call me an antifa soyboy and shit. They don’t even believe it’s possible to be centre lol
巨人の肩 21 day ago
Now he knows what it means and continues. Can you see?
m guevara
m guevara 21 day ago
So just cuz he was on video. Got buried in a gold casket. What about Breonna Taylor she was an EMT, she actually helped people not point a gun at them.
Yvette Myers
Yvette Myers 22 days ago
Public snuff films those who filmed did nothing their sickos
Rip Van
Rip Van 22 days ago
Police officers know who to handle in a certain manner and who not to handle in a certain manner. This is not necessarily innate, even racist, but due to the spectrum they are allowed to misbehave within. Officers have been informed on who and who not to misbehave towards. If you see certain people being mistreated routinely, then you can more likely than not say that it is OK by the police officer's bosses for the police within that district to behave in that manner towards that particular group of people. Otherwise, the officer would be reprimanded, fired or jailed. Thus, for some citizens there is a no holds barred approach, whereas for others there is a no holds at all approach. These bosses have for sure delineated which people belong in which category before releasing the police officer, the attack dog, on the public and onto the streets. That dog now knows who to bite and who not to bite. So, if a specific group routinely gets the "business" from the police, then it has been settled by the mayor, the prosecutor, the attorney general, the governor, the US senator, even sometimes the White House, that that group of people can be mishandled. Proof: In past recent times, and still rarely, does a police officer goe to jail when the right people are singled out for physical abuse or death. The take home message for the non- White masses is to forget about the individual police. Instead, focus on punishing the cop's bosses. If the bosses get that work, then the police officer will AUTOMATICALLY fall in line! The police' officer's bosses will make sure that he or she get it right going foreward.
Lokesh Singh
Lokesh Singh 22 days ago
You're failed Mr. Trump and your law and order is not in your hand, you are killer of morality and moral policing. Your police is killer of humanity. How does your society are surviving under this one sided mankind killing startgy. Anyways try to develop humanity.
milthon mtz
milthon mtz 23 days ago
From mexico we hope a best situation for our neigbor usa,
Beth Clark
Beth Clark 23 days ago
Bethany is a victim of police brutality and cps abuse
Cutoverlion395 23 days ago
thats what he always says about everything i dont know where it came from but i will use it cause it sounds good he also is lying through his teeth about floyds death and that the police do such a great job crime rates way down lmao just alot of looting rioting and stealing the last question he never even talked about a message to black americans cause he cant he always moves to other reporters everytime a question like that comes up
lost4gott3n 23 days ago
hmm the strikes here against Mr. President Trump have me so confused... the man spoke of how terrible the circumstance was and how much he disagreed with how Mr. Floyd was treated and spoke Truth about there being "Good individuals" protesting, and that there were "bad individuals" protesting.... he could not have been more accurate... the Truth is the only way to speak and he done that,,,, so discouraging to see the negative here...
Keith Allen
Keith Allen 23 days ago
A criminal on meth and fentanyl! Home invasions with guns.The new cops were afraid of him.Wait the victims of floyd will tell the real story.AS ARE CITIES BANKRUPT.groups during coronavirus are murders.
Keith Allen
Keith Allen 23 days ago
I think the news hides the criminal past.Their partners in starting the riots.Every show is a political ad.The rich feel safe.The smart rich left or had jets to get out.
Keith Allen
Keith Allen 23 days ago
Nyc had a blackout.Spanish groups began protecting thier stores.Black guys began grouping on corners.I was in harlem.Poor people in cities use blackouts or hurricanes.YOUR GETTING MORE HURRICANES.HOME INVASION.
Alex 23 days ago
Donald Trump promised to send in the Military to prevent African-Americans from exercising their 1st Amendment Rights. Not that he would know anything about the Constitution. Donald J Trump was the 3rd President in history to be Impeached for ABUSE OF POWER and Obstruction of Congress. That wasn't long ago..
VIKRAM SAHU 23 days ago
Change name from white House to president House..
David Walker
David Walker 23 days ago
Trump looks very tore up about George.
money team
money team 23 days ago
1 off the most dangerous man Alive
Mari Vern
Mari Vern 23 days ago
money team why?
timmy 23 days ago
the Democrats killed Floyd
theWolverine 24 days ago
wow, I didn't hear Trump spoke to Floyd's family, most of the mainstream media says he's a racist, so you wouldn't know
Studios 17
Studios 17 24 days ago
Trump is hands down the worst presidant. Screw him he said the cure to Covid is to drink bleach. Like WTF
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster 24 days ago
Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
lady o
lady o 25 days ago
It took him speaking to Floyd family AFTER he saw Biden did it. Trump i see you. You don't get no brownie points from me and im sure a lot of folks. Little too late sorry😒
snitch bitch
snitch bitch 24 days ago
George realizing he got away with robbing a pregnant woman at gunpoint:🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻
DOJA FOX 25 days ago
How anout disbsnding pice department yhat give cops promotion and raise of pay for killing people.
Vladimir Karazhey
Vladimir Karazhey 25 days ago
you have to stop the terror that was activated by George Floyd's murder because I know where this situation leads to... Here is one of hundreds exemples what happens when brainwashed people are looking for "justice, equality and freedom": en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itamar_attack
Juan Quevedo
Juan Quevedo 25 days ago
Since you got on the president's eat on the White House you have make America bad but you always saying let's make America great but the only thing you have done to the USA is f*** it up and sorry to say like that in excuse my language you see the news can you see a lot of people is against you now a lot of people who voted for you is regretting it and you know it if you don't got nothing else to say positive keep it to yourself you always hated exit games and blacks what are has you see Mexicans and black people working construction and you barely see white people
Juan Quevedo
Juan Quevedo 25 days ago
You see Trump a lot of people hate you now you think you can win the president thanks again it's not going to happen you see the whole wide world is it against you
Ben Different
Ben Different 25 days ago
Eeger Ray
Eeger Ray 25 days ago
No good people they destroyed the town.
mukarji 25 days ago
I vote for this man again next time.
no zz
no zz 25 days ago
i saw a braehler microfone from germany- konference technics
Justice Scale
Justice Scale 25 days ago
Be realistic no one likes brutality or encourage it against white black or even animals.but using it for political benefits is a low act . People been killed in like many countries because of religion trying to genocide other religions millions of people got killed or kicked out of their land were are humans rights that is discrimination no? We heard no voice stop using this for political pay back respect and justice to all
Jonathan Liggins
Jonathan Liggins 26 days ago
I cringe every time he speaks!
Lydia Williams
Lydia Williams 26 days ago
This pathetic number 45 that sits in the office is the worst pathetic human being I’ve ever seen in my life it is very sad that he is the way he is but believe you me he will get his day that’s a promise
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood 26 days ago
Heres a quote" your grandfathers done the same where are they now "waiting to be judged now that's a bloody quote.
Festus H98
Festus H98 26 days ago
Trump is not fit to be president....period
Loved One
Loved One 26 days ago
We are waiting for the last question asked Trump! What can you say to the black community who is frustrated? He sounds like a 2nd grader. My daughter can run this country better then him and she’s 5.😔
love nhzwill
love nhzwill 26 days ago
He heard it growing up from daddy and grand daddy...and he didn't know holding the bible up was he same pose as Hitler...this man lie like a rug
Kevin A
Kevin A 16 days ago
Have you even seen the picture or the hitler salute? They’re not even close. He’s holding up a bible, not saluting hitler
Nicole Kipyegon
Nicole Kipyegon 26 days ago
Why are you asking me .ask SHHHH-SHYNAAA
marcum exe
marcum exe 26 days ago
I hate when those being interviewed say: "THANKS FOR HAVING ME" first they sound pathetic, second, you're not talking to your mother..
where did ten's hair go
I like how u sound so confident in ur answer when it actually sounds like a 3 year old trying to make sense of an adult situation 😂
Caleb Santiago
Caleb Santiago 23 days ago
Didnt know a sign of respect was pathetic?
Dr Fill
Dr Fill 26 days ago
New Vision
New Vision 27 days ago
What those racist bastards need is their own planet and they can take this moron with them.
New Vision
New Vision 27 days ago
I don’t understand why folks get upset at this guy. Don’t be upset You voted for him. Now you know not because you have a lil bit of money it makes you smart.
Dsutphin91 Ds
Dsutphin91 Ds 27 days ago
Lmao media headlines next day: "Trump calls for innocent protesters to get shot"
Isaac Le Epicz Gamerz
There not innocent protestors there rioters .
Un bon chat Un buen gato
But seriously, a gun store owner killed a loser looter. He probably saved you guys from them obtaining those guns.
Sherri Freeman-Lewis
That's bullshit him making the statement that there are all these good woman and men police officers in our system I call absolute Freaking Bullshit there are so many dirty ass cops out here in this world that I say there are dirty bad people also but when u are a police officer and u take a oath and u receive that badge to protect and serve for the people then u need to make damn sure that's what u r going to be doing. And not only that but a lot of these police officers take advantage and use and abuse the fact that they are police officers so because they are with the law that they can get away with all this evil vindictive shit that they are doing. Just because they are in uniform does not make them untouchable and above the law they all should be treated like anyone else when they do wrong!
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