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US President Donald Trump says he plans to ban the Chinese-owned video app TikTok with Microsoft said to be in talks to take TikTok’s US operations over. US officials are currently looking into the possibility that China can access user data collected by the app. An outright ban would come as a blow to TikTok's millions of fans, but its exploding popularity has also raised red flags. The plan comes on the heels of tit-for-tat consulate closures in Houston and Chengdu. Is TikTok a threat to US national security?
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Aug 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Halmy 50 minutes ago
CorruptedRuby !
CorruptedRuby ! 6 hours ago
Next thing we know, we'll have dumb girls saying "hEY tHaT sONg iS fRoM yOUtUbe"
SAMEER MUBBU 2 days ago
Before pubb g(i don't have screen touch mobile) I am addicted of aslam rahi, naseem hijazi, inayathullah altamash and others novels kindly, all of you read this novels and enjoy a lot! telangana hyderabad india
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 2 days ago
Yay no more cringy ads and ruining good songs
Mr Stonks
Mr Stonks 3 days ago
*The only good thing trump has done* Edit: it’s almost 10 why hasn’t it been banned yet
shenzai. 3 days ago
he need to banned RUvid cause its worse here.
Kids Pattio’s
Kids Pattio’s 3 days ago
I’m sad 😭
sapna abbasi
sapna abbasi 2 days ago
Yes Cry More 😂😂😂
Neetudeka Artsy
Neetudeka Artsy 3 days ago
Not even a big deal when tiktok got banned in india lots of creator were getting emotional crazy now they are making their content on Instagram youtube a true creator doesn't care about the single platform they just care about showing their content to their fans
MåІv 4 days ago
Who care? We still can use tiktok via VPN :)
sapna abbasi
sapna abbasi 2 days ago
Nah Servers Wont Work Keep Living A Dream 😂😂😂
Cc Abberly
Cc Abberly 4 days ago
These teenagers can't vote there older siblings & parents can VOTE
亗GhostZeus亗 4 days ago
Reddit: Well We Did It Boys, Cringe It's No More
👨‍✈️: bans *TikTok* literally every teen ever: *雪花飘飘北风啸啸*
Chris D Vampfir
Chris D Vampfir 4 days ago
Yes finnaly the cringe will stop spreading
Shiva Raj Panta
Shiva Raj Panta 4 days ago
Yes tiktok is bad app because my brother also use this app my mother daily say don't use tiktok it make us bad all people and child the in nepal all are use tiktok in nepal and the nepal one people say dont use the tiktok the peoples and childs are not respoding wha this app this app makes us bad people Thank you in Nepal Kathmandu Name:Shiva Raj Panta
fioley navarrette
Do not banned tik tok nor free fire.plz trump
The Real Wild Kyle
Splatclantendo !
Splatclantendo ! 4 days ago
Man I'm gonna miss tik tok we had a good run yall rest in peace let's hope we can save tik tok #savetiktok
sapna abbasi
sapna abbasi 2 days ago
fake russian
fake russian 2 days ago
Amirah Adara
Amirah Adara 4 days ago
Already found solution to this problem. If you don't want yours to get banned contact *@Flexible_tech* on Instagram his going to help you out.. he can fix it. You can still use tiktok in the United States.. both Tiktok and WeChat
gallery of kaylee Tucker
Orange self
Alex7nder 5 days ago
Braciana Trevino
Braciana Trevino 5 days ago
sapna abbasi
sapna abbasi 2 days ago
Trump is The Best 😁😁😁
Ayden 5 days ago
Omg no tik tok 😱😭
Amirah Adara
Amirah Adara 4 days ago
Already found solution to this problem. If you don't want yours to get banned contact *@Flexible_tech* on Instagram his going to help you out.. he can fix it. You can still use tiktok in the United States.. both Tiktok and WeChat
Adam Andru
Adam Andru 5 days ago
Thank god I hate tiktok
Es Pr
Es Pr 5 days ago
Trump has a china tick 😱😱 ridiculous
Mii Entertainment
All the news outlets blow up over a TicTok ban... But they're not blowing up over two officers getting shot point blank in their car... Cities being burnt to rubbish... Hatred and chaos..... Wow... Oh yeah you do it for the views I forgot. 🤯
All for Fun
All for Fun 5 days ago
Trump's revenge of Tik Tok user prank on his June 20, 2020. Trump will do maximum damage if he loses his re-election to make sure Biden takes over a big mess.
Epicdudegreg 5 days ago
Not trump. But the FBI forcing trump to ban it.
Dino957 5 days ago
Well it's banned now
Sylvia Wilson
Sylvia Wilson 6 days ago
My TikTok account is finally unbanned with the help of p.hack__ on Instagram
亗GhostZeus亗 5 days ago
LeafySyrup 6 days ago
Yesss I've been waiting for this moment to come >:3
Benjamin Strider
Benjamin Strider 6 days ago
I hate trump
亗GhostZeus亗 5 days ago
Cha Cha Real Smooth
Bruh this is so sad alexa play despacito this app called [Clock sound] Is now illegal because of a racist orange and now all the [Clock sound]ers are flying south to RUvid.
Ava Mai
Ava Mai 7 days ago
Trump is a .... CHEESESTRING
Merly Balog-as
Merly Balog-as 7 days ago
Hundo James
Hundo James 8 days ago
I’m begging the government to ban this app. It poisons the minds of our youth.
Samarys Loureily Dipini Rosa
Don’t ban tick tok😭😭😭😭😭
亗GhostZeus亗 5 days ago
@Tremberr Reddit moment
Tremberr 7 days ago
Yes ban tiktok yes!!!
Grace Jacobs
Grace Jacobs 8 days ago
Trump doesn’t understand that tictok made people stop from killing them self idc what people say but frick trump
Zayan 101
Zayan 101 5 days ago
Cry Harder 😂😂😂
Me Me
Me Me 7 days ago
Lol cry kid
Unclę Slix العم سليكس
Thats good
Rabin Bala
Rabin Bala 8 days ago
Tik tok and indea pliz
Kuladorx _
Kuladorx _ 9 days ago
If TikTok gets banned, does that mean that Vine might come back to life?
DewSplatGum 9 days ago
I don't hate TikTok, I hate its community.
Gregory Fuller
Gregory Fuller 9 days ago
Trump u see u
This Is A Great Name
I wish it was banned in the whole world.
Nancy perez Ortuz
Nancy perez Ortuz 11 days ago
He can't ban Tik Tok
Gajendra kumar
Gajendra kumar 12 days ago
India is healing After #tiktok ban, my all good wishes to the US .
roblox girl
roblox girl 12 days ago
please no
Raja Zahid Ali Bhutto
Jis ko sell tik tok account chaheya 5.lack followars Tak wo rabta Kary. on WhatsApp ..03..11..88.. 52.. 32.1 jis ko Lena ho to sms Kary falto log nahi
gacha idiot boy
gacha idiot boy 14 days ago
Bro I agree Tim tok is a spooky place what does not care about suicide videos ..
LeoPeo 14 days ago
Finally india banned tiktok now America too will they finally find a cure for cancer yay
dupersameRB - roblox
Gustavox Casagrande
Finally something good in 2020
Betty Boop
Betty Boop 16 days ago
Good thing I’m Canadian
Emily Andre
Emily Andre 17 days ago
All thanks to *Spyware8* on !G he got me unban he's the best hacker✅✅✅
Emily Andre
Emily Andre 17 days ago
All thanks to *Spyware8* on !G he got me unban he's the best hacker💯💯✅✅
Eveholycross 17 days ago
Good, who needs ShitTok anyway.
Anthony j lopez
Anthony j lopez 18 days ago
Then just don’t put information china is not smart enough to make it to where you have to add your info
wissem zerrouki
wissem zerrouki 18 days ago
Still isn't banned
FiveCoin 19 days ago
Trump is finally doing something good for once, but it still won't make me change from Biden to Trump.
dreboygaming61YT 19 days ago
What caused Trump to want to stop Tik Tok from being in the United States? Does anyone remember the fiasco of a Trump rally in Tulsa? It was said that most of the seats for the kickoff were reserved for people who actually released their seats prior to the convention. Those were young people who use Tik Tok and are referred as K-poppers, etc. Prior to that situation, there was no comments about Tok Tok. China basically has laughed at Trump for demanding the sale of part of a Chinese company to a U.S. company. The reason from Trump and his enablers is information is being stolen by the Chinese. Why we never heard of this prior to Tulsa? More lies from this administration and more lies from William Barr. I'm not defending China but I know a hit job when I see one. China has declared parts of Tok Tok as intellectual property of China. The portions of the program that makes it profitable can not be sold.
Yiğit Aşık
Yiğit Aşık 19 days ago
Trump has finally made a good thing
Laurent Duport
Laurent Duport 20 days ago
kingston hammerton
kingston hammerton 20 days ago
Oh NO anyway
bridget o.
bridget o. 20 days ago
Banned? _Nice._ Trump done right!
꧁ゼブス• ᏃᎬᏙᏚᏚᏚ꧂
**Trump Ban Tik Tok** Girls : pls don't delete it Boys who doesn't downloaded it : :>
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar 21 day ago
Tik tok dont ban
i don't get the joke
Dude, ikr the wall but this? Trump is destroying some of teenagers lives😐😤🤦🏼‍♂️
Emmanuel Joseph
Emmanuel Joseph 22 days ago
I can strongly recommend you guys to *spy_cr4ck* on iG he’s a pro
benghui1988 22 days ago
Tiktok should leave American and let American tiktok lovers hate Donald Trump and vote him out !
?0-_-Agatha_ Pearl_XØXØ-_-1¿
Great thing I'm in filipino
Jim Khan
Jim Khan 22 days ago
Is he also banning tic tac, before he starts kissing girls?
Mas Emas
Mas Emas 22 days ago
Tik tok gets banned Me : Uhhh what's tik tok ?
its_ koki
its_ koki 23 days ago
The thumbnail doe😂
johnson Ella
johnson Ella 23 days ago
After so many stress someone recommended *SOFT_TOOLS* on IG and he did the job brilliantly
johnson Ella
johnson Ella 23 days ago
After so many stress someone recommended *SOFT_TOOLS* on IG and he did the job brilliantly
Thuan Lam
Thuan Lam 23 days ago
The U.S is hurting itself in trade war with China. China won't back down, won't yield. The U.S stop usiing what its needs is just like stop eating food to supply energy to its body.
The Cow Twins
The Cow Twins 24 days ago
What did tik tok even do to him?!
Oswin bricks
Oswin bricks 22 days ago
• Łîttłê X Dêmøñ • people hate him no matter what but if you understood what tik tok is then maybe you’d take this actually seriously you flipping baboon!
The Cow Twins
The Cow Twins 23 days ago
sapna abbasi for real it’s making some people hate him
sapna abbasi
sapna abbasi 23 days ago
@The Cow Twins lol
The Cow Twins
The Cow Twins 23 days ago
sapna abbasi well it’s not trying to make my life great again
sapna abbasi
sapna abbasi 23 days ago
He his Trying To Take Down This Cancer To Make America and The Entire World Great Again! and Not Gonna Lie Hes Doing a Really Good Job!
Sapphire_bear 26 days ago
I want tiktok back! I’m one of the unlucky people.. I have the app still and I have so many notifications, but the fact I can’t enter it is upsetting my followers might wonder where I am. I am scared to quickly go there and tell them.. cuz I don’t know what’ll happen if I do that.
Roderick Abes
Roderick Abes 27 days ago
Good job Trump on getting more hate
Dr.SoonToBe 27 days ago
I’ll kind of miss tiktok but it’s already banned in India so... Yaya
uber channel
uber channel 27 days ago
Trump just lost a lot of teen girls' votes... oh wait, teens can't vote.
Dustyy ツ
Dustyy ツ 4 days ago
@T. J Music to my ears!
T. J
T. J 4 days ago
@Gabi Rivera Sunday Night probably
DOC 5 days ago
@Gabi Rivera this sunday
Dustyy ツ
Dustyy ツ 20 days ago
@Gabi Rivera Not sure... Wait you weren't asking me nvm
Gabi Rivera
Gabi Rivera 20 days ago
Trump is gonna ban TikTok or nah???
Napoleon II
Napoleon II 28 days ago
JZpeda 28 days ago
Best thing Trump ever done so far
Doodio Butt
Doodio Butt 28 days ago
Tiktok being banned Tiktokers:crying Everybody else:cha cha real smooth
tani - chan8902
tani - chan8902 28 days ago
Like yes tik tok
Bruce Southgate
Bruce Southgate 29 days ago
If Drump bands tik Tok he will lose a lot a lot of people in America so
Easton Bamat
Easton Bamat 29 days ago
Lazy Lulu
Lazy Lulu 13 days ago
いやよる 29 days ago
Trump nice!!!!
among us fan
among us fan Month ago
Bye bye tic tok, I'd hated wait no I despised you, you were not only annoying you were insufferable
Sara's World
Sara's World Month ago
But we not banning tik tok🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sara's World
Sara's World Month ago
He say that BC we make in frount of him in tik tok
10k subs without videos challenge Shish
I hate tiktok but for the people that love tik tok i want to say something u can use some apps like "north vpn i think" Where you can make it look like you're in china but u are in US the language will remain in English so you can still use tik tok
I Am Not American.. Why Am I Here.. Oh Yeah I Hate Tik Tok
alex UWU
alex UWU Month ago
Wow 😡😑
NEXT ban Snapchat and facebook live people kill themselves,kill others and the abuse is enough.
Hobey Dator16 17
The only thing that Trump Did Good So Far Based On My Knowledge.
Gioni Month ago
Hope they ban it
Rose Montegrande
Should ban tiktok a long time ago many children especially at the age of 12 or below are seeing sexual explicit content and are a major concern in the country or maybe in the world
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Month ago
This is just BS
Lazy Lulu
Lazy Lulu 13 days ago
No your BS
yas finally
CAS CB Month ago
The only good thing trump has done so far
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