Trump: Iran Appears to Be Standing Down After Missile Strikes

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President Trump said Iran appears to be refraining from additional strikes against U.S. targets, calling it a “good thing” for both nations and the world.
“Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned,” Trump said in an address from the Grand Foyer in the White House.
“The American people should be extremely grateful and happy. No Americans were harmed” in the attacks, Trump said.
Iran on Wednesday fired missiles at airbases jointly used by the U.S. and Iraq in retaliation for the killing of General Qassem Soleimani, roiling financial markets and disrupting air traffic but causing no casualties. Trump said Iran appears to be refraining from additional attacks.
With no Americans killed, expectations of an immediate escalation in the oil-exporting region appeared to recede. Though retribution had been expected for the deadly drone strike, Iraq said it had received verbal notice from the Iranians prior to the strikes. A U.S. official said the Iranians were likely aiming to miss.
Airlines changed routes to avoid the conflict zone, and the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority restricted flights over the Persian Gulf.
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Jan 8, 2020




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Comments 303
So no ww3 then??
@ 36.17 😂😂😂😂
Jimmy L Needham
Jimmy L Needham Month ago
jT03 jR
jT03 jR Month ago
Well Said & Well Done! May Yahweh Bless this Life, Through Jesus Christ, Eternally!
Mark James
Mark James Month ago
And why on Earth is he moving and shifting like that? And the cadence of his voice? Wtf
Mark James
Mark James Month ago
What the hell kind of entrance was that? And what's even more odd, is that no one is this comment section said anything about it. The hell is happening to this world?
Tabitha Brennan
Tabitha Brennan Month ago
Of course he's standing down he knows he screwed up. But Iran's not standing down, Iran said they are going to get us were it hurts. That means we the people are going to be the sacrifice.
Baxxr Month ago
Tabitha Brennan they lie to their people to avoid war.
Kodi G
Kodi G Month ago
TRUMP 2024
THE FBI Month ago
I wanted war🙄
Tiger Pisces
Tiger Pisces Month ago
The two LDSh*th€€£s Sen Mike Lee & Mitt Rummy are signaling they will vote for impeachment. Lee just said Trump has gone rogue and leading USA down a path of undeclared war. I heard nothing to indicate that? I fact it looks like more of do nothing bs we’ve seen for several months. Iran has a clear pathway to Nukes. Exactomundo the way Pakistan, India & NoKo Nukes. All I heard was a campaign speech no strategy about what happens if Iran kills a auto test dummy? If Gangstas did a drive by shooting and missed they would see at least a few gun felony charges. I wasn’t aware you can shoot a dozen missiles at another country and everyone yawns?
John Paradise
John Paradise Month ago
You really couldn't cut this down to the right length?
Jam _
Jam _ Month ago
soooo does this mean theres gonna be no war anymore?
peppa pig hardcore shitting skittles
Jam _ I don’t know I hope not I in nyc
Manny blaze
Manny blaze Month ago
Trump 2020!!!! Love this guy
Ravenne Hiro XV
Ravenne Hiro XV Month ago
His body language while speaking is so gay. #shaketotheleft #shaketotheright
robin's hood
robin's hood Month ago
I kno huh
Zabrouchi1 Zabrouchi2
Georges Bush destroyed Iraq, Barrak Obama destroyed lybia, Donald Trump destroyed Iran. What else?
Jay Month ago
Freeman Month ago
"IRAN" is real Super power ...
Mick G
Mick G Month ago
Those Military people in the background are thinking "why the fuck am I stood here listening to this idiot"......
SFbayKID Month ago
TRUMP 2020
Legend 361
Legend 361 Month ago
Liberals: But I wanted WWIII so Trump can look bad reeeeee!!!
peppa pig hardcore shitting skittles
So it ain’t gonna happen? :(
Saloom Month ago
Hassan Mubasher
Hassan Mubasher Month ago
Assmericans! 😁😁Even if No Damage was done,it does Symbolises a Slap & Kick in the Ass of UAssA from the Entire Region Later. 😁😁 "Cost of Thine Arrogance Thou shalt not Understand"
Pam Graham
Pam Graham Month ago
Iran call his bluff now he is backing down ...lol
Young Boy
Young Boy Month ago
@arp arp you're*
arp arp
arp arp Month ago
Your trolling. There's no way your that stupid. Its impossible
Railrunner 23
Railrunner 23 Month ago
I like how most of the people hating on Americans in the comments have wierd ass names.
Linda I. Brown
Linda I. Brown Month ago
Biblically, Ishmael was never cursed but blessed, but these devil terrorist are hell bent on killing infidels as they call us! I applaud President Trump who has the backbone to deal with the times we live in. It was pass due time to clean up our own backyard; and in doing so, he is draining the America swamp creatures in the deep state both the democratic as well as the rinos in the Republican parties. America first! If we apply the oxygen mask to other nations first without applying the mask to our face first - we can’t be the Good Samaritan that God has ordain us to be. Prayers up for President Trump, his family and the entire cabinet members and especially our military guys and gals and those left behind to hold the home fronts together while their loves ones defend our honor. God Bless America!
luke dawson
luke dawson Month ago
More wars for Israel. Do any of you really believe that the guy they just assassinated had anything to do with US deaths? It's a bad joke that you lot believe this crap. This has got Zionist fingerprints all over it and you lot can't seem to grasp that.
Kevin Wade
Kevin Wade Month ago
He absolutely had American blood on his hands along with many others...Do you honestly think he was focused on peace in the Middle East or globally?
AV Torres
AV Torres Month ago
He is lying through his teeth right now. He can't even speak properly. He's slurring his words. He's high as shit right now.
Debra Cyrus
Debra Cyrus Month ago
It is not time for WW3 get over it!
robin's hood
robin's hood Month ago
You said here as now fk yeah
Whitesepulchre Month ago
amanijan Month ago
I wish I could slap u in your face
Debra Cyrus
Debra Cyrus Month ago
God bless America, President Trump, our Brave Soldiers, and May you mercy be apparent to those who know you could have destroyed us all along time ago! Place a headgear of angels around us and may your will be done!
Freeman Month ago
Death to America
Noah Westt
Noah Westt Month ago
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
AcidBot66 Month ago
I knew Americans wouldn't dare to face a nation who can defend itself and would invariably back off! The 20 years quagmire been literally spanked by Taliban Goat Herders transformed America into a hit and run coward!
AcidBot66 Month ago
@Pat Murphy "Americans would mind seeing that no lives were lost" Let me clarify your vision about Iranian strategy even I can clearly see: 1- Fire some missiles intentionally off target to make Americans believe tensions have gone down. 2- Tell the Iranian people the assassins have been hit and the Iranian regime is stronger than the aggressors 3- Organize all the militias sympathetic to the Iranians and hit the assassins hard with a blow that will make Americans desire they have never been born. I would recommend all Americans to build an underground bunker and stay there for some years, just in case!
AcidBot66 Month ago
@Pat Murphy "If we look weak to some after this," Look? Give me a break! 20 years been spanked by Tribal Goat Herders armed with little more than rusted AK47s in a conflict with no end in sight is a little more than just an appearance of weakness, it is literally weakness!
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy Month ago
AcidBot66 possibly, but life is tangible, reputation is not. If we look weak to some after this, I don’t think any Americans would mind seeing that no lives were lost
AcidBot66 Month ago
@Pat Murphy To recover the reputation lost Americans would have to beat the Goat Herders first!
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy Month ago
Iran’s most influential general dead, 0 casualties at American bases, yes I’ll take that “draw”
Ryan Jonas
Ryan Jonas Month ago
God bless America and god bless our president!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
Hangover Chilly
Hangover Chilly Month ago
While they ramp up their terror activity right behind your back. Can these people really be this stupid or are they just playing us (obviously both in either case)?
Ugly Truth
Ugly Truth Month ago
35:59 lol. He finally said why he messed peaceful Middle East in the 90's
Pouya Nejati
Pouya Nejati Month ago
Iranians dont want war. Brainwashed retards want it. Iranians want peace and global economy not isolation. Sanctions will just harm the people not the goverment.
Ali G
Ali G Month ago
Trump knows how many troops killed last night but he didn't say to americans cuz he can't stand against Tehran now... Over 80 troops killed last night...
Ali G so did your media lie about the plane that was shot down? Looks like Iranian and other Islamic media told lies.
Ali G yes in USA we know our media lies to us. Your media lies to you as well if you don’t think they are willing to lie to you then you will be deceived by whatever they say and believe whatever they want you to believe
outlawfly Month ago
​@Justanothervoice123 It's confirmed that dozens of missiles hit their targets and only 4 of them missed, the missle/air defense systems utterly failed to intercept them, just like the ones in Saudi oil fields that was attacked. Yeah so much for preparedness, get off your high horses. This just shows how vunerable US bases are in the region to Iranian missle attacks.
Ali G
Ali G Month ago
@Justanothervoice123 Our media does not tell lie but Trump and press in America tell lie to their people.
Ali G Iran gave advanced warnings, military was on high alert and prepared for this attack, most missiles didn’t even reach targets I understand were your coming from but it’s highly unlikely that’s the case . Who told you that?
Wolfgang Von Zubaz
He ran on an anti-war platform even though the media wasn't paying attention, or spun it the opposite way. He hasn't started any wars, and he won't. Which can't be said of the previous two presidents. Hell, Obama destroyed Libya ... for what I still don't know
gregaj7 Month ago
Libya was one of the nations that did not have a Rothschild-controlled central Bank for that land.
Movses Shaginyan
Trump2020 Love this president, the haters all said he is trigger happy and unpredictable. Well they were halfway right, they all predicated he would start WW3 but boy where they wrong. However he is trying his best to avoid it and in the process he is still getting Ws. We got their top general and they got a firework show put on by their army. 🇺🇲 #MAGA #KAG
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Month ago
He withdrew Troops last year, emboldening the Turks, Syrians and Iranians , showing the military cowardice he is so infamous for.
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Month ago
@Adam Karelius , The only piece Trump wants is of chocolate cake and one of his daughters.
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Month ago
@Adam Karelius , And Trump's saber rattling appears to have resulted in the downing of the Ukrainian airliner near Tehran, killing 167 Ukrainians and Canadians. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft was a bad idea.
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew Month ago
@Adam Karelius , And now has put 4500 service men and women in harms way, and countless American foreign service officers, aide workers, and American civilians traveling the region.
Adam Karelius
Adam Karelius Month ago
Ann van de Kew Then he avoided more Americans to be targeted for murder and more American assets to be targeted by killing the #1 terrorist think tank, then the Iranians backed down - the coward.
Ali G
Ali G Month ago
There's no military response from the best army...Hilariously Trump said no soldier hurt.Trump's liar...Over 80 troops killed in Iraq and he is scared!
Noel Blake
Noel Blake Month ago
To sum it up Trump said he's pussy
Common Sense, Politics!
Of course they are standing down. As with Texas that says, "Don't Mess with Texas", so goes for the USA. Iran doesn't want to be eniovated,
Dabigbawse Bawse
Common Sense, Politics! Yup, it’s meth
Common Sense, Politics!
No, just a God loving AMERICAN!
Dabigbawse Bawse
You must do meth or something
Common Sense, Politics!
"Iran doesn't want to be wiped off the Earth, so they thought better of their situation, and stopped. I would hope President Trump would give then a very grim message, something like, "One more attack, and there will be a problem"!
Azizah El
Azizah El Month ago
I think Trump may need oxygen his breathing he may need to see a doctor ijs🤷🏽‍♀️
Rudy B
Rudy B Month ago
Trump for 2020..... much Love
Roderick Billings
Trump the admitted pussy grabber molested teenage girls with his pedophile buddy Jeffrey Epstein!
Rohit Thaosen
Rohit Thaosen Month ago
Finally someone punched some sense into this idiot.
Vince Simon
Vince Simon Month ago
The Democrats didn't even know how to talk during all this. Because all of the things they've been talkin about over the last 10 plus years have made absolutely no sense. The first time something halfway serious comes around they are speechless
v94zx Month ago
good thing trump backed down and wont retaliate
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson Month ago
@Arturas Ustinovas The Iraqi news is reporting 80 America dead in the attack I wonder how long Trump can keep that a secret from the American public -- hopefully past November 3rd ( for his sake)
Arturas Ustinovas
@Legend 361 usa is going to give iran now hugs n kisses via b52😂🤣🤣😂
Arturas Ustinovas
@Legend 361 I was thinking I may wake up to ww3 not America licking Iran's ass 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
Arturas Ustinovas
@Legend 361 licky licky licky lick 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂
Yousef Kassem
Yousef Kassem Month ago
Trump for 2020
Shmurda Hat
Shmurda Hat Month ago
Trump 2020
Vince Simon
Vince Simon Month ago
BigBola90 Month ago
Humans are barbaric
SeaTato Month ago
Thank god he didn't use military retaliation since no one was killed, we killed their best general and they lost money sending missiles at us
Just Livin
Just Livin Month ago
Ali G you get your news from iran?
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson Month ago
@SeaTato The US Government kept 911 a secret and that was over 5000 dead and with hundreds of eyewitnesses that never witnessed a plane hit the buildings and also people got video of a large light gray colored military plane circling the area when the building were detonated then building number 7 was detonated and video of white flashes can be seen through the windows as the explosives went off identical to what was reported at the twin towers
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson Month ago
@Ali G That's probably true and more commercial Airliners will be attacked and Trump will say it was not done by the Iranians and its now under investigation. Trump is not a good liar
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson Month ago
15 missiles strike small US Military bases and there are no injuries ??? The news coming out of that region states that there was 80 American's killed in the attack and Trump knows it that's why he's being coy about answering the question and stating that it's now being investigated Whenever the US Government uses the words:" now being investigated " that means they don't want to admit to the truth -- just like all the Commercial Airliners that are now going to be blown up by the Iranians -- the US Government ran media will state that all these plane crashes are NOT A retaliation by the IRANIANS and these crashes are now being investigated
Ali G
Ali G Month ago
@Gaming with Suave Wtf wrong with u? Lol
JT Collins
JT Collins Month ago
i thought donald trump was going to drag united states into another war and start WW3 the democrats said oh wait... what? what happened
peppa pig hardcore shitting skittles
So is ww3 gonna happen I’m so fucking confused??
Roderick Billings
@ihave35cents Trump wins immoral dumbfuck masquerading as a world leader prize.
ihave35cents Month ago
Trump wins again
Legend 361
Legend 361 Month ago
The Dems wished Americans would of died just so they could come out and say this is all Trumps fault.
Railrunner 23
Railrunner 23 Month ago
@Dabigbawse Bawse Bots these days I swear lol
Mike Master
Mike Master Month ago
Trump and all of the vultures behind him are crying and he is saying missiles didn't harm our soldiers. lol, lol , Yeah sure.
Dabigbawse Bawse
Pat Murphy yea, maybe Iran doesn’t have the machinery to go head to head with America in a conventional war, but they definitely have something that is just as if not even more powerful. Like their prime minister said, “military weapons do not rule the world, people do”
Dabigbawse Bawse
Pat Murphy what did I say that wasn’t true? We do fund the militia more than the education system and there are a lot of idiots here. 🤨
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy Month ago
Dabigbawse Bawse lol I’m not even a trump supporter it’s just asinine to believe let’s say 200 million dollars in damages is going to register as a loss from this hopefully short conflict. Also bringing up someone else’s intelligence to discredit their argument is so flattering!
Dabigbawse Bawse
outlawfly most of the trump supporters never got into a fist fight, nevermind war.
G Sterling
G Sterling Month ago
Marxocrats thought they could help bring down Trump because he killed a terrorist to protect Americans. Instead, as usual, they make him stronger.
MR. SAMSUNG Month ago
TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!
Huawei Y6
Huawei Y6 Month ago
I would really appreciate knowing how the generals behind him would reply to an alien invation, they look so holywoody,😂😂😂
Dabigbawse Bawse
Huawei Y6 they deadass do 😭
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder Month ago
ISIS is fucking terrible people
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